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Posted: Nov 23 2011, 07:30 AM

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narcissa charis black
pureblood. neutral. slytherin alum. marloes horst.
En stirps nobilis et gens antiquissima Black.

Narcissa canít be bothered to remember her early childhood years, and she will gladly tell you that it is because they were dull. Truthfully, dwelling on her childhood causes Narcissa great pain and anguish, for reasons she would rather not admit to herself. Growing up, Narcissa was a dainty girl, someone who was smaller than her two older sisters, and much more elegant in her actions. It was clear that she was different than both of her sisters, but not only because of their drastic physical differences. While Bellatrix and Andromeda could be seen partaking in trivial arguments, Narcissa never bothered. Her devotion and loyalty to her family began at an extremely early age, and it showed in subtle and not so subtle ways. Narcissa never spoke against her against her parents, and she never questioned the life they put before her. After all, they were her parents, and she fully believes everything they ever taught her. She never spoke against either of her sisters, and she never got in the middle of their little arguments. Though Narcissa was the youngest of her family, she was by far the most motherly. The young girl would constantly care after her two sisters, providing them with the attention they needed. If someone was sick, Narcissa was the one taking care of them.

In her teen years, Narcissa was an extremely quiet girl at school. She sat in the middle of the classroom and only spoke up when called upon. Despite believing herself to be above the majority of her schoolmates, Narcissa never went out of her way to proclaim this. If spoken to by someone lesser than her, Narcissa would gladly put that person in their place and then move on. She couldnít be bothered to prove to someone that she was better. Narcissa assumed that people just knew. The only time Narcissa made it a point to speak first was when people were bothering her sisters. No one could glance at Narcissa Black and assume that she was a fantastic dullest who could take care of herself, along with other people. They would be wrong, of course. The girl was aware that both of her sisters could take care of themselves should the need arise, but they shouldnít have to. The protective instinct was something that Narcissa was born with, and it took over without her having to do much thinking. If the girl is remembered for anything in her Hogwarts years, it will be her fierce loyalty, sharp witted tongue, and extreme prejudice.

Now that Narcissa is graduated and engaged to prominent wizard, Lucius Malfoy, and now that both of her sisters are moved on and married, most people would assume that Narcissa is selfishly looking after herself and taking care of her future. These people would be wrong. Narcissa continues to check in on her parents quite regularly and anything the need or desire of her she provides them with. She also continues to check in with her oldest sister, Bellatrix, despite Bella being old enough to take care of herself. The one sister that Narcissa no longer has any contact with is Andromeda. When her sister married Ted Tonks, a mugglborn no less, she was instantly disowned from the family, and Narcissa knew that she was never going to be able to talk to her again. It broke Narcissaís heart to feel so betrayed by her sister, but the woman doesnít blame her for following her heart Ė not that she would ever admit this out loud. Secretly, Narcissa still keeps an eye on Andromeda from very far away, and if danger were to ever face her, Narcissa cannot promise that she would stay out of it. She will never openly disown Andromeda as her sister, but she will nod her head and silently agree with her other family members speak of her sisterís disownment. When Narcissa truly thinks about it, it makes her physically sick from depression that she feels from never being able to speak with her again. It takes a great deal of self-control for Narcissa to never dwell on this fact too much, and itís a daily struggle that sheís currently winning. Despite her own internal problems, though, Narcissa continues to be extremely devoted to the family of Black.

"There is nothing I wouldn't do anymore!"

SELFLESS: One look at Narcissa and most people would assume she is an extremely selfish and materialistic person. She is always wearing expensive clothing, and is always up to date with her fashion and accessories. Narcissa appears to be vain and at times, self-centered to the core, simply because she walks with a sense of security. However, Narcissa happens to be one of the most selfless people someone could ever befriend. In public, when speaking to her family and friends, she speaks with great respect in her voice, and it is clear to people that she cares enough for them to treat them with admiration. In private, however, it extends much further than this. Her voice is always softer and filled with love and compassion. Narcissa will gladly sacrifice anything and everything to keep those she loves happy and safe, whether it be her wealth and power, or her very own life.

DETERMINED: Give Narcissa any task and she will complete it in full. Despite obstacles that have been thrown her way, Narcissa has always been able to reach her goals. In school, she studied dutifully and received high marks on most of her work, never receiving anything lower than an E on her OWLs and NEWTs. She didnít study and do well in school to impress other people. Narcissa always felt a sense of insecurity when compared to her sisters, and in order to feel better about herself she studied hard and produced magnificent grades. She has never been a girl who could multitask well, and while most people see this as a weakness, Narcissa would like to consider it somewhat of a blessing. Having a one track mind allows very little room for distractions taking away from her priority, making it rather easy and quick to complete a mission.

PETRIFIED: Narcissa is never one to back down from a duel, but she prefers to never start them. Generally speaking, she is an extremely scared and nervous woman. In no way is she paranoid, but she is extremely cautious and aware. She knows that there are people out there who would prefer her family to be dead, and it frightens her to the core. Narcissa isnít afraid to welcome death and lay down her life for a cause she believes in, or to keep someone else alive, but she is extremely afraid of other people dying. For the most part, Narcissa can keep her nervousness to herself, containing it and appearing as a strong individual, especially in the face of danger. However, it isnít difficult for a person to see the shaky hands, ever-present frown, worry lines, and shifty eyes.

CONDESCENDING: She was raised to believe that blood is everything, and Narcissa fully believes this. When speaking to those she thinks are lesser than her, she is extremely patronizing, snobby, and rude. This is to be expected, of course. However, Narcissa often speaks like this to nearly everyone, save for her family and fiancť. The woman has a strong superiority complex, and she knows that there are certain people in this world that wouldnít be alive without her. Narcissa knows that she is important, and she isnít afraid to let people know that she knows. She would like to think that she is a perceptive person, and for the most part, she is, but not to the extent that she wishes. And she certainly isnít perceptive with strangers. Narcissa is only able to deal well with her family, usually deciphering their feelings and thoughts by simple facial expressions, body language, and pure feeling. She wonít go out of her way to put people down, but when Narcissa feels the need to remind someone that they are far beneath her she never lets the opportunity slide.

MANIPULATIVE: Given that Narcissa is extremely subtle most of the time, it makes it rather easy for her to indirectly control a situation or person. She is extremely trustworthy and reliable, and most people are aware of this and would never question Narcissa if she presents an idea as if it will be beneficiary. Narcissa doesnít often use her manipulative ways with her family members, seeing them as people that she need not control, but other people are fair game. The woman will be overly courteous to people she need something from, and she will do it in a way that seems genuine and true. Narcissa will then do things for this person, giving them anything they need or desire, going out of her way, and making it known that she is doing this person a massive favor. And once she needs something in return, Narcissa will be quick and sly by cashing in on said favors. Her underlying issue is that Narcissa needs to feel like a good person, and she does things to feel deserving of the other things that people will do for her. Of course, the bottom line is, she tricks people into doing her biding without a momentís hesitation.

RUTHLESS: Her sister, Bellatrix, is a known duelist, and one of the best. What most people donít know is that Narcissa is almost a perfect match for her oldest sister. The only thing Bella has on Cissy is that sheís a few years older, giving her a bit more practice. Narcissaís dueling is dirty, as she takes many hits below the belt, hurting a person where it truly hurts. She isnít afraid to torture and kill someone if she feels her family is being threatened in any manner. Narcissa is extremely skilled in the dark arts, her favorite curses easily being those that will burn a person inside and out. In no way does Narcissa torture and kill for fun, though. She would prefer to never curse a person, in all honesty, but your worst mistake will be underestimating her. Just like a lion with her cubs, Narcissa will rip someone apart for merely looking at her loved ones the wrong way.

PATRONUS: Grizzly bear. Narcissa tried for nearly six years to perform a patronus charm, but she had no exciting, happy memory to pull the magic from. The only thing that changed this was Lucius Malfoy. Her parents never arranged the marriage officially, but both of them were pushed into it near the end of Narcissaís last year at Hogwarts. It was six months ago when Lucius officially proposed, and Narcissa happily accepted. She fully believes that she loves the man with all of her heart, and she knows that will never change. It was two months after his proposal that she was able to successfully perform the charm, pulling her happy memory from that romantic night. Narcissa was amused when she discovered that her patronus was a grizzly bear. Itís one of the few animals that will attack anything and everything if they feel a threat, even without cold, hard facts. She finds it to be an extreme honor that this is the animal her patronus takes form in, and she also finds it to be extremely relevant.

DEMENTOR: Narcissaís worst memory will always be the day that her family officially disowned Andromeda and burned her from the family tree.

BOGGART: Fear is something that is ever-present in her life, and it is no secret to anyone that Narcissaís greatest fear is losing those she loves. Most people would assume this means that her greatest fear is that those loved ones would die. This would be wrong. Narcissa can think of no greater fear than for all of the people she loves to disown her. The proper term would be, falling from grace. Sheís always scared that she will slip up in some fashion that will disgrace her family, therefore causing her to be an extremely cautious woman. As time goes on, Narcissa expects that her greatest fear will change. The only thing that wonít chance is Narcissaís daily prayers that nothing will cause these fears to manifest into reality.

"...like she's got dung under her nose?"

Unlike her two raven haired sisters, Narcissa has always had light blonde hair that she takes extreme care of. She keeps it extremely straight and neat and always has a clip or bow decorating it. She has light blue eyes that almost resemble a gray color when sheís feeling ill. Narcissa has always been known to wear make-up, but she keeps it extremely subtle and natural, only accenting her best features. The woman stands at a mere five feet and six inches, with an extremely thin and willowy frame, weighing only one hundred and fifteen pounds. Narcissa has never had to go to extreme lengths to keep a small appearance. Her bones have always been extremely small, and she has always had a very high metabolism. In fact, she hardly eats healthy things, filling her stomach with dark chocolate for nearly every meal. Her appearance is just one more thing that causes people to underestimate her, and while most people would be annoyed by this fact, Narcissa quite enjoys it. It can be used as her greatest weapon, and she loves it. If anything, Narcissa is like a prowler in the dark, waiting to make her move.

blondie. central. lots. pm.
this template was made specifically for RN, please do not steal.
Posted: Nov 23 2011, 07:36 AM

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jk. you know i love you, and i love your characters, and i love your talent. <3 wreak havoc, bby.
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