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 Nanoha 2010
Posted: Dec 2 2010, 04:32 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 74
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-January 09

Because it's a Nanoha RPG and it started in 2010. Geddit?

Setting Info:

You are a team of cadet mages drawn from various schools or fast-tracked into the mage corps through the Time Space Administration Bureau's special recruitment and training programmes for promising youngsters. Whatever the case, you have recently been promoted to full mage status and passed your Rank D examinations. Yay, aren't you proud of yourselves? Anyway, that's the starting point for the game.

The Nanoha universe is essentially a world of multiple parallel dimensions, some of which are more dangerous than others, and most with varying levels of technology. Most notable among these universes is the one that contains the world of Mid Childa, the headquarters of the Time Space Administration Bureau that polices the dimensions.

The other notable dimension is our home: Earth. Non-Administrated World No. 97.

The following links will provide you with all the resources you need generally to create your character:

On the TSAB
On Magic
On the Magic Systems
On Devices

The Character Sheet

Name: Name.

Age: Age.

Civilian Appearance: What you look like when not in uniform.

Personality: What kind of person you are.

History: How you came to work for the Time Space Administration Bureau.


Device Name: The name of your Intelligent Device.

Device Type: Since you are D-Rank mages, your devices are standard-issue Storage Devices.

Device Appearance: The device usually takes the shape of a weapon or other tool.

Magic System: Which magic system you are a practitioner of.

Spells Known: Descriptions are helpful but not necessary.


Barrier Jacket Appearance: What you look like in uniform, if it is substantially different from your civilian appearance (most people are).
Posted: Dec 2 2010, 06:57 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 63
Member No.: 6
Joined: 3-January 09

Name: Leo Hart

Age: 19

Civilian Appearance:
user posted image

Personality: Hard working and attentive to detail, but only when he wants to be. He can bounce from diligent to lazy in a heartbeat, usually taking on tasks with little importance or meaning with very little seriousness. He's educated, a fast thinker and a problem solver, but he usually doesn't show it, preferring to go unnoticed for the most part. He's sarcastic and crude, often to the most inappropriate people and rarely fakes enthusiasm for a person or task he doesn't (yet) care for. He doesn't give respect instantly, nor does he expect it. Everyone has to earn his respect, and he has to earn theirs.

History: Leo grew up in a rich, sophisticated family that were deep in their planet's political affairs. Having everything he wanted, Leo grew bored and dissatisfied with his company, and ventured out into the world to find more interesting things to do. His adventures with the poor were the most fun Leo ever had, and soon he would spend all his time playing with the street urchins and giving the poor money in exchange for favours. He met a girl on the streets, and the two became close friends, soon becoming intimate. But it was not meant to be...

Leo's parents found out about his activities and forbid him to visiting his friends or love. Leo bargained, begged and pleaded for weeks to be allowed to visit, but his parents were stubborn, and refused to budge. Disappointed with his family, and high society in general, Leo disobeyed his parentsí wishes and continued to see his friends and love anyway. All was well, until his family retaliated by having all the street urchins and poor thrown into jail or exhaled. Enraged that his friends and love had been treated so poorly, Leo stole his family's device, and used his status and a generous amount of force to break his friends and love out of jail. While his friends escaped, Leo and his love ran away, and consequently were hunted by the Hart family.

Eventually Leo was captured by the TSAB, and as punishment, and a way to make him more disciplined, Leo's parents gave him over to the TSAB as a prisoner of sorts. Leo never found out what became of his love, but he was determined to find out. Leo already searched his home planet to find nothing, and now his search has expanded to the galaxy. What better way to explore?


Device Name: Alpha & Omega

Device Type: Storage Device

Device Appearance:

[spoiler=Weapon]user posted image[/spoiler]

Magic System: Belkin

Spells Known:

1. Circle Blade
Leo spins around and slashes with his swords, creating a circle of energy around him.

2. Virtue
Leo slashes with his swords, creating waves of energy that explode when they hit something.

3. Fire & Ice
Leo splits into two, each carrying a sword with different magical properties (not specifically fire and ice).

4. Brave Blade
Leo collects the energy generated from battle to charge up his blades and focus the energy into a concentrated slash with double the normal attack range.

5. Outmanoeuvre
While defending against attacks, Leo can outflank the enemy and attack them while they're attacking him.

Barrier Jacket Appearance:
[spoiler=Barrier Jacket]user posted image[/spoiler]
Posted: Dec 2 2010, 10:45 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 39
Member No.: 8
Joined: 4-January 09

The Character Sheet

Name: Alexandria

Age: 18

Civilian Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Cold and aloof, she does not like to make friends, the closest she will get to people is as an associate or a work partner.

Alex never really knew her parents, as her early memories are of being in various foster homes, she basically spent her childhood being shuffled through various foster familys, the reason was that none of her potential parents really understood what made her tick, in their mind little girls should act like little girls, not stone statues, as a result she never really developed socially, nor saw the need to. By the age of 16 she had been with 9 different familys. But then it all changed as she caught the interest of the TSAB as a potential Mage, she was recruited into their program, and, at the age of 18, two years later, she finally passed her D-rank exam. She is still yet to make a true friend.


Device Name: Saracen

Device Type: Storage Device

Device Appearance: user posted image

Magic System: Mid-Childa

Spells Known: Descriptions are helpful but not necessary.

1.Cross-Beam Burst
Fires a continuous beam of energy from the weapon.

2. Overload
Fires 4 simultaneus shots from each of the arms repeatedly.

3. Flash-flare
Alex fires a shot that explodes on contact in a blinding flash of light, reducing anyone whos is affected's vision to none.

4. Circle of Avoidance
Casts a circle on the ground around herself which diverts incoming attacks away from her.

5. Spatial Targeting Matrix
Sends out a 'ping' of magic locating enemies within 50 metres of her.

Barrier Jacket Appearance:
user posted image
Posted: Dec 14 2010, 02:57 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 3
Member No.: 23
Joined: 3-December 10

The Character Sheet

Name: Flu Stoaner

Age: 20

Civilian Appearance: He has fair skin, mid back length dark black hair, tall, slightly muscular (toned), goatee, glasses. He wears Earth toned clothes, boots, and dresses in layers.

Personality: Flu is the type of person to avoid fighting. He would prefer to sit in the background and help those who are fighting. He always tries to see the best in people, but this usually causes him to be used by others.

History: The TSAB first noticed Flu when he was caught up with a Mage who was trying to locate the lost locia. They were not sure as to what to do with him because he seemed to be a prisoner with the Mage, but was allowed to do what he wanted. They took him to the TSAB to find out why he was with the Mage.
Flu told them that he was asked to help because he had an aptitude on casting and breaking barriers. Flu helped him because he was asked to help him. He had no idea what the Mage was planning on doing, and he was able to have food and a roof over his head for helping break and put up barriers.
The TSAB was impressed by this, but were unsure of whether to let him go. They told him that he could either spend time in the brig or help them in catching other mages and lost locia. Of course Flu said that he would help them.


Device Name: Beskyttelse

Device Type: Storage Devices

Device Appearance: 4 Bracelets, each capable of casting and sustaining different spells.

Magic System: Modern Belka

Spells Known: Descriptions are helpful but not necessary.

1. Earthen wall
Creates a protective barrier that diverts offensive spells and physical attacks around him.

2. Loss of the Forest
De-spells barriers, shields, force fields, or other protective spells. The stronger the protective spell the more mana is used and the longer it takes to de-spell.

3. Black Hole
This will put up a force field over a wide area, this field is maintained by sucking magic out of the surrounding area. The more magic in the area, the stronger the field.

4. Rodeo
Hog ties the designated target to stop them from doing anything.

5. Healing Salve
This will set up a protective circle that will use mana in the area to heal the person or object in it. Both mana and physical injuries can be healed in it.

Barrier Jacket Appearance: A Grim Reaper's robe with a black faceless mask.
Posted: Dec 21 2010, 03:04 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 74
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-January 09

Social Contract stuff that I should really have thought to tell you guys before the game started but oh well:


This has irked me for awhile and now that I am in charge we will be curbing the use of If's. The reason why is because using too many conditional actions violates the RP rules regarding OOC Knowledge; a character can react to events that happen in the game world and even think ahead because they are living, breathing, intelligent individuals. They cannot, however, have infinite prep time to plan contingencies for every single eventuality in a battle against a live opponent. Especially against a live opponent.

Therefore, unless your character is Batman (which will never happen, trust me on that), characters will no longer be allowed an infinite set of conditional actions. In fact you will not be allowed conditional actions at all except under one circumstance.

Certainly, fights would slow to a crawl if the number of real actions you could take were restricted so I will not restrict them, save by reasonableness. However, each action you take has a lesser chance of being successful than the one before it, though success is never "impossible". Actions include things like running a certain distance, jumping behind a barricade, scaling a ladder, swinging your weapon at someone, and so on.

Conditional actions are your "if he does X I do Y" type actions and essentially absolve players of any responsibility for having to think what their characters would actually do in this situation, because they can create an infinite number of responses to the situation at hand. The one circumstance in which these will be allowed is if the character does nothing and readies an action to react to what their opponent will do. Then you will be allowed one, and only one, chain of actions that are triggered when the opponent(s) in question fulfill the pre-defined trigger. This trigger can be general or specific as you please.

Oh, and just for the purpose of full disclosure, I have been ignoring most, if not all, of your If's since this game started.

Should you have any questions, concerns, complaints about any rules I impose, direct them towards me.
Posted: Dec 22 2010, 10:25 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 39
Member No.: 8
Joined: 4-January 09

Seems alright to me, and it makes the combat more interesting, rather than it ending in one massive GM post. But I just want to ask, is using an if situation in a non-combat scenario ok?

e.g. that last post I did about removing the comm device from his body, and about what she will do if it works.

If (haha) its not ok, I only posted before asking because I have limited time today for posting so Im trying to get all of mine done now.
Posted: Dec 23 2010, 03:05 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 74
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-January 09

Oh yeah, outside of battle it is probably fine.
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