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DragonsLanding is a traditional canon Dragonriders of Pern play-by-email group. We have been writing together as a club since 2003 and continue to grow and evolve. DragonsLanding focuses on Bitra Weyr, a newly established Weyr that was planted in the Western Continent by the funds of Bitra Hold in the Northern Continent. The Western Continent is wild and untamable, as the Bitra dragonriders are coming to find, and everyone is wondering who really calls the shots? The Weyrleader or the Bitra Lord Holder?

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 DragonsLanding, presents Bitra Weyr
  Posted: Jan 16 2014, 05:34 PM


Group: Admin
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-Bitra Weyr History-
Welcome to 9th Pass Pern. It's Turn 20 and things are going well across Pern. The Southern Continent rests safely in the capable hands of the dragonriders of FireHeart Weyr and Southern Weyr, and with expert grubbing techniques they have little to worry about from Thread. The North, as well, has prospered through the last Interval and into the 9th Pass and with all of the Weyrs' Queens clutching at full capacity, the Weyrs are filled to the brim. With the North scattered with multiple Weyrs, Holds, Crafthalls, and Cotholds the Northern Conclave decided to explore the unknown Western Continent in an order to ease the strain on their resources.

Sent to the Western Continent was an expedition of dragonriders- among them a Queen and a full fighting Wing consisting of dragonriders from different Weyrs across Pern. The West turned out to be nothing like the Northern home from which most of the riders were accustomed. The climate lush, greenery abounding every where, becoming an even bigger target for Thread. The weather is taciturn and hostile, pouring rain one moment, and blazing, dry heat the next. Much like a desert, the days are wearily warm and the nights chillingly cool. To top it all off, the Western Continent hosts a volcano that, while far enough away to cause true harm to the Weyr, it is still close enough to worry the Weyr's economy and resources.

The atmosphere created by the volcano has also affected Threadfall. There is no"wintery reprieve" from the deadly menace as the volcano keeps the atmosphere heated. If anything the heat aggravates the silver strands and Falls have been reported to fall heavier in the West than ever experienced in the North.

With these problems and more facing the dragonriders, the Northern Conclave quickly realized the strain that this new venture would put on their resources and finances and so they quickly dropped support for the expedition and returned to their daily lives. Left abandoned, the new Weyr in the West was
approached by Bitra Hold with a proposition. After their tithes were sent to Benden, Bitra Hold would send their left over resources (crafters, candidates, food, etc) to the Weyr in the West in exchange for exclusive transport privileges, and a trade of the precious jewels and minerals that are being mined out of the Western Continent.

Once the North found out about the deal that had been struck between Bitra Hold and the new Weyr, gossip spread like wildfire across Pern about the newest Weyr on Pern- Bitra Weyr. Now Bitra Weyr fights to succeed in a wild, unknown land while receiving support from a Hold a continent away.

Club Info
[x] established May 20th, 2003
[x] Original 5 dragon colors
[x] Girls Impress Gold, Green, and blue
[x] Men Impress Bronze, Brown, Blue and Green
[x] averages 10-15 members
[x] Open rank and no requirements!
Posted: Jan 23 2015, 05:13 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 37
Member No.: 1
Joined: 15-January 14

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