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 Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith
Posted: Apr 16 2012, 08:58 PM

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Group: Time Lady
Posts: 13
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Joined: 16-April 12


Jenny Smith
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Jenny, G.I. Jane, Generated Anomaly, Soldier

Date of birth & age

July 24th, 6012, New Byzantine Calendar - physical age; approx. 18 or 19 years old. True age - a little around one year old.


Running Traveling the galaxy, doing odd jobs when necessary, searching for the Doctor


On a slightly ratty, rather small but certainly trustworthy spaceship


Straight (a bit bi-curious, though)


Welcome to my life
Jenny is a fairly petite woman; she stands at a mere 5'2" and weighs not even 120 pounds. With her platina blond, shoulder-blade length hair and big, innocent blue eyes, she looks like a cute girl belonging on a school, worrying about boys (not that she would need to) and homework rather than... Well, whatever she is doing at the moment. She's slender, but with curves in all the right places - curves that, are especially in the breast-department, hard to miss.

Not that the way she dresses helps much - she prefers a tight-fit, and while she doesn't really discriminate between pants, skirts and dresses, pants are her favorite, accompanied by a shirt or tank top. As a memento of her father she too has a coat - long enough to reach down to halfway her shins, beige coloured and flared slightly over her hips. A second 'hommage' to her father is the fact she wears Converses half the time. There's a practical side to that too, though - they are indeed splendid for running.

Though she is slightly familiar with it, Jenny doesn't bother with make-up. It's a hassle, it doesn't necessarily make her look a lot better, and frankly - mascara gets itchy after time, lipstick/-gloss smudges and leaves stains, and eye shadow? Well, not her thing either. Same goes for jewelry - it's distracting and can betray your position in multiple ways. Regardless of that, she does have her ears pierced and on occasion wears earrings and/or a necklace.

She values practical things, though - cargo pants aren't a strange occurence on her, nor are combat boots. One of her indulgences are high-heeled boots, but she doesn't wear them too often if there's even a chance of running, even if they don't particularly bother her while running.

Jenny is... Jenny. She is the kind of person you need to meet to 'get'. For one, she is energetic. And that's an understatement. She has her moments of tranquil serenity, but they're fairly rare. Most of the time she's bouncing around, and talking. Talking is something she's good at, and has always been. Has more than enough practice, too. It's a reason she frequently annoys people. She seldom stops, be it talking or moving. In addition to being hyper she's always happy - obnoxiously so. Granted, she has her sad(der) moments, but she prefers to have them when she's alone.

Quirky is another word that applies to Jenny, as are honest (to a fault, almost), clever (well... Very intelligent would be more accurate) and bold. Modesty is alright, but if there's one thing Jenny isn't, it's shy. She has no qualms whatsoever with speaking to strangers or groups. This might have to do with her 'programming' too - command is something she knows literally since her first breath. And small and non-threatening as she looks, she knows how to put some weight and authority behind her words if she wants to. On the other hand, taking orders is something she can do to - she was a soldier, after all.

A few things are important to her: honesty, loyalty, respect and trust. Jenny trusts rather easily; it isn't that she is naive, but she still has faith in people. Then again, there is trust and trust. She doesn't tell her secrets to everyone she 'trusts' - only a few select people might be eligible to that information. Another thing that matters is loyalty. She's a soldier at heart(s); you don't betray your people. She doesn't expect people to always be unwaveringly loyal, but once you have picked a side, you better stick with it. Betrayal truly is something Jenny doesn't like. As for honesty... It's important to her. She doesn't judge that fast or easy, and if she's being honest, she expects the same in return. She understands white lies and she understands the need to ignore the truth in important cases, but in the end the truth always wins out, and she is in favor of seeing that happen before major damage is done.

That isn't what you see on daily basis. Basically, Jenny is an energetic, happy-go-lucky person with an insatiable thirst and lust for life that thoroughly enjoys all the big and small things. She's utterly friendly, caring beyond belief (at least beyond what you would expect for a girl that looks like she's about only 18/19 years old) and eager to help people. She is brilliant and determined, fairly military-minded and certainly goal-orientated, and not afraid of a challenge - either rising to one or being one. She is capable of violence, but like her father prefers the non-violent way of doing things. Still, she can do bad things. Running is something she loves dearly and does often. Flirting is another thing she does frequently and 'automatically' - all part of her cheerful charm. And she loves bananas, somehow.

However, she is lonely and lost - she seemingly died in front of her fathers eyes, and while she did survive and traveled the galaxy looking for him, she never really made good friends. She doesn't entirely know how either. In a way, Jenny is socially handicapped: all she knows is the way of soldiers, of camaraderie in an army. Making small talk and friends isn't something she has learned when she was a kid. Never having had a childhood, there are certain social skills she simply does not have. On the other hand, being just a year old, having traveled the galaxy isn't enough to give her life experience yet. In that regard, she truly still is a child, enraptured by life in all its varying forms. She's looking for her father, but he has all of time and space to travel through - put briefly, Jenny has no clue how to find him. That ties into her insecurity. She hides it well, most of the time, but she's young and quite new to the world. There is no slow process of getting used to it; she was thrown in headfirst, with no back-up or manual available. She doubts herself frequently, not knowing what the hell she is doing or why. It isn't even conscious, but she searches not only for her father, but also for approval.

Jenny's history doesn't start with the traditional 'she was born then and then to him and her'. Jenny's history instead starts at a visit of The Tenth Doctor to the planet Messaline on July 24th, 6012. Moments after his arrival, a sample of skin and DNA was taken from him - forcefully. From this sample a generated anomaly was created in the progenation machine: a pretty, cheerful young woman, blond and blue-eyed. The Doctor's daughter.

Straight out of the machine, the young woman was armed and thrown into the war going on on Messaline. One of her first acts was blowing up a tunnel to secure the way to the human part of the underground tunnels, accidentally trapping Martha Jones on the other side, with their enemy the Hath. On their way back to 'base', Donna was the one to name Jenny, distilling the name from generated anomaly. The Doctor still seemed to resent her, kept her at a safe distance. And so Jenny started to see Donna as some surrogate mother and friend, especially after she was imprisoned with both the Doctor and Donna because she was from 'pacifist stock'. In that cell, Donna proved that Jenny had two hearts and thus truly was the Doctor's daughter, but still the Time Lord rejected her, claiming she was only an echo. Only the fading of her smile was an indication how much that comment hurt the impressionable young woman. Still, getting out was in all their benefit, and so she employed her soldier training and feminine wiles to seduce the guard into kissing her, stealing his pistol at the same time.

The escape led to a chase through the tunnels in an effort to get to the Source before the humans would - through hidden tunnels, knocking people unconscious (after a brief yet angry speech from the Doctor) and, even later, serious, heartfelt speed about killing and choices, she refrained from killing general Cobb despite the fact she had a clean shot. She bought just enough time for the Doctor and Donna to disable the laser grid and get through, but she was just too late, and thus had to resort to a different approach: athletics. Miraculously, it worked and she went through unscathed.

As they ran on to the temple, Jenny was offered the possibility to accompany the Doctor and Donna after their adventure ended. She was thrilled with it, positively excited. The running, the close calls, the sudden discoveries (the war that lasted so many generations technically lasted just seven days...). That didn't last long, though - they found the Source. A beautiful garden in the original spaceship, holding a globe with a gas in it... The Source. A terraforming gas. The stand off was tense, the Doctor saved the day and the planet, and then the general tried to shoot him... To which Jenny reacted by jumping in front of him, catching the bullet meant for the Doctor. A bullet that killed her.

Left behind to be buried by Hath and humans, with the regards she deserved, she woke up a day or so later, healed by the terraforming gas that healed and restored environments (and, apparently, created Time Ladies) back to full health. No longer fitting in on Messaline and eager to find her dad and 'mom', as she started to see Donna, back, she took off, stealing a shuttle to go travel space.

That's when the fun part started. For about eleven months she traveled around, 'hitchhiking' her way through space looking for the Doctor. She was told contradicting stories, heard about a blue box and how he had saved yet another civilization, defeated yet another terrible beast and, as always, there were a ginger and a lot of running involved. Most of the stories were old, almost folklore and myth, but Jenny knew better. She tried to follow in her fathers footsteps, but frankly, a lone, blond girl couldn't do that much. She tried so very hard, and made a difference, but on much smaller scale than the Doctor. After a while and a lucky solution to a problem, she earned enough money to buy her own spacecraft. It was a bit ratty, it rattled in places it shouldn't rattle and the engine had many different sounds it could produce, but with some effort it flew true. And so she continued her search for her only friends and family, when a strange something on her horizon drew her attention. It was... Off, making her feel wobbly in the knees and a very bad feeling in her gut, but it seemed gravity also did its thing with it - she was unable to alter her course and instead got sucked into it.

It turned out to be a rift in space and time, for as far as Jenny could figure it out. She ended up rather close to Earth, which is where she parked her spaceship once she got her bearings a little. Well, crash landed her spaceship, more like. The only good thing about it was that she knew the Doctor had a soft spot for Earth - until she had a lead, this was as good a place as any to try and find him.

"Oi!" The blond stood there, hands on her hips, head tilted ever so lightly, eyes tracking the young fellow that had just picked her pockets. She genuinely couldn't believe it had happened. Okay, perhaps she drew a little attention, being all gawky in this new place, this town, but still. How dared he pick her pockets. With a grin on her face, Jenny took off, running after the tug that though he had gotten away from the harmless girl. His loot was odd and maybe not worth a thing, but it had been easy to do. That was the exact moment he heard swift but light footfalls behind him. A quick peek over his shoulder brought the blond in focus, running after him. And she was fast. Little did he know Jenny had a lot of practice when it came to running. And she liked it. Boy, did she like running.

It didn't take too long for her to close the gap. "Oi," she repeated, the word, as always, bringing a few pleasant memories of Donna back. "I'd like my stuff back, if it so pleases you," she told the young man, amiable grin plastered on her face as she ran alongside him, not (yet) bothering to tackle him or pin him against a wall. Jenny knew she could, but she rather didn't. Violence was bad - she had learned that lesson. Stuck to it with almost religious belief, too. She hadn't killed a single thing since... Well, ever. Okay, perhaps a few flies. And there was that rat-snake like alien vermin. But they were poisonous and very unfriendly, and threatening a kid. Jenny had to admit, she didn't like it, and she had made it as quick and painless as possible, even if it was vermin. Who knew if vermin had feelings? She didn't.

She extended her hand and with a gentle touch took hold of his wrist, prying his hand open with her other hand to extricate her belongings. Most wasn't that important - a banana, jojo, a few toys for cats (her father had shown her they truly were multi-functional and always handy to have around), a few pieces of string, an almost finished roll of 61st century duct tape and, most important, the 'keys' to her 'ship. Crashed or not, she preferred to keep the keys on her. "Thank you," she answered the surprised bloke with a grin. "Maybe you should go find another job. Or hobby, whatever the reason is you're doing this. One day it might end bad and nobody deserves to die," she told him earnestly before slowing to a walk, returning the varying items back to the pockets they belonged to. Even if it was just a small thing, she again was proud of herself, like every single time she solved something peacefully without any foul words or actions. All she needed now was her father and her life would be just perfect... And very interesting.

Georgia Moffett

Member group
Time Lady

Race and powers/skills
Time Lady;; Although created with the DNA of only one parent, she is Gallifreyan - a Time Lady, and thus possesses the same physiology as the Time Lords. This means, among other things, two hearts, she is far more resilient than a regular human, has better senses, reflexes and agility, a core temperature of sixty degrees Fahrenheit, needs an hour or two of sleep at most and can quite likely regenerate, if someone would walk her through the process. As of yet untested, there is a high chance that Jenny does have the ability to regenerate, but it is latent, lingering deep in her genes.

Generated Anomaly As Jenny wasn't born but rather created from a machine, she came to life as a fully grown woman, pre-progammed and 'trained' as a soldier. Jenny thus is very proficient with weapons, even if she doens't use them much anymore, well versed in tactics, strategy and other applicable skills, such as basic knowledge about engineering driving/flying most types of known vehicles.

The Roleplayer
My name's Rahjin (well, here at least), I live in the GMT +1 timezone, I think. Clocks are wonky - luckily time is fluid here xD Anyway, same time as Evy. I'm twenty years old, RPing six to eight - lost count a while back. Found the site through an aff on I think Unstitched Time, but not sure. Err, contact is best through PM, if asked nicely I might just give my AIM or MSN address - aka, I'd rather not put it here, but ask and you shall receive.
Posted: Apr 21 2012, 05:35 PM

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Group: Administrator
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Joined: 5-February 12

What I clearly get is that you love her!

I'm just some iffy about things, you won't have to change her app or anything, I'd just like you to know that I thought a few seconds about that and maybe you'll see that I'm right (or not) and work with that:

- After being only one year old don't you think she's a little bit naive? Especially when she trusts easily, always believes in honesty etc. Honesty and morale don't always work out in reality and I'm sure that Jenny is/will be shaped by that.
- I really like that you said "She doesn't expect people to always be unwaveringly loyal, but once you have picked a side, you better stick with it", that's pretty good worded
- Does she always flirt, like... in casual conversations, or does she usually only flirt when needed? (Also kind of... is she interested in sex/love?)
- Does she have a tendency to see the world in a black/white morality?
- Mary Sue! I'm not calling her that, but I feel in your description she's close to it. Jack always recommends running a char through the Litmus Test. I believe that you're an experienced rper and soon after rping you start to acknowledge the flaws that are inevitable.

You're free to go and rp now, I won't keep you anymore. Jack might add something and maybe you'll have to change something then so I'll leave the app here, but you grasped her, so go and have fun! : )
Jenny Smith
Posted: Apr 21 2012, 10:04 PM

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Group: Time Lady
Posts: 13
Member No.: 67
Joined: 16-April 12

Thanks smile.gif

- As for her 'naivety'; yes, she's young, and bordering on being naive, but she was also born with all the knowledge of twenty-something generations of war, if I'm correct, immediately ready to participate in said war as a soldier - that should at least ease off a little of her naivety. I just see I didn't put it in the app, thought I had done that xD She does still easily 'trusts' people - maybe not with her deepest secrets, but isn't really distrustful at all.

- She casually 'flirts' with everyone, but then more as a side-effect of her cheery attitude. She isn't averse to pulling some feminine wiles and seduction techniques if the need for it arises, though.

- Interesting question. I honestly haven't given it much thought, yet. I think that, after her creation, she did see the world rather black and white. People good, Hath bad, that sort of stuff, but after talking with the Doctor, Donna, Martha and seeing the Hath as they released the terraforming gas, I think she knows there is more than just black and white, and she'll try to see the grey areas too, although when a situation resembles that of the war she was born into, she might just find it very easy to slip back into black-and-white views of the conflict.

- And you have a point - part of the problem is her characterization in the single ep she's been in; not much weaknesses are as of yet known. And I'm bad at thinking of 'em/putting them in app, but she'll have flaws. I'm aware she'll go Mary Sue rather easily if I'm not careful in RPing her.
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