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Lady of the Cats @ 08-28-17 15:04
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Posted by Mephz - 08-7-17 20:52 - 6 comments

wanted to give this server a go, set up the haks and managed to join the starting zone then however I get booted. Do I need to register or something? Am I missing a step?

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 Returning Players
Posted by Lady of the Cats - 03-16-17 16:56 - 0 comments
Hello and welcome back!

If you log on with your account and find no characters, please PM me and I'll go back into the archives to return your characters. No problem!!

But we're also using linux so your acco more
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Posted by Lady of the Cats - 12-12-16 20:47 - 5 comments

Come watch some features of Kissmet. Our promotional video of the server.

Director: the Keeper
Filmmaker: Darksorcerer more
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 GoG cdkey
Posted by Lady of the Cats - 07-31-16 21:47 - 0 comments
I see players trying to log in and get booted off. This is not against you at all but we have GoG CD keys banned. If you have one, you will not get in game. I'm sorry. Way to get in game is to email GoG and request a new cdkey... or post on this more
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 NEW IP ADDRESS and How to Quick Connect
Posted by Lady of the Cats - 01-24-16 06:08 - 1 comments

Kissmet is moving to a new server.
All databases and servervaults and other important folders/files will be transferred more
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Posted by Lady of the Cats - 12-13-15 22:27 - 25 comments
It is with sad news that I received this email today:

"I'm sorry to have to tell you that the building where the server is housed is closing at the end of January. So there is about 5 or 6 weeks before the Kissmet server will end more
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 Windowed Mode and Log Rotation Script
Posted by Negatis - 08-25-15 21:05 - 3 comments
So since Keeper keeps forgetting, here's instructions.

Windowed Mode:

In nwn.ini, under [Display Options], set FullScreen to 0 and add/change the following: AllowWindowedMode=1


Firs more
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 Glitches with the game itself
Posted by Lady of the Cats - 02-7-15 04:40 - 0 comments
If you're having issues with textures, or seeing things, or not seeing things.... there could be a few reasons.

1) try downloading the critical rebuild

2) remove everything from your over ride folder and bak folder. You can more
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 Neverwinter Nights Client Extender (NWNCX)
Posted by no appointment necessary - 09-8-14 22:44 - 0 comments
The Neverwinter Nights Client Extender is a set of files that modifies the player more
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Posted by Lady of the Cats - 05-7-14 17:51 - 3 comments
Kissmet will soon be converting to Project Q! This will enhance and even offer Kissmet exciting things to make your time enjoyable for all.

When you first use the Updater for version 9 more
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