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Welcome to Not Like The Movies, a semi-literate rpg set in Bayridge, Massachusetts. In this city, there's plenty of gossip around every corner, just make sure it's ic! Please register your character's First and Last name in all lowercase, and make sure to read the rules and plot before you join. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your time here at nltm!

It's now September, 2012 for the citizens of Bayridge, so threads in the classrooms/schools are currently open as well as the bathroom wall! have fun!

important note: PLEASE refrain from registering any more college freshmen, high school seniors and zeta delta pi nu's! there are far more of these than any other group, and we've now had to put a ban on them until ratios even up! -- july 11th

also, please refrain from making any more [M] threads at this time! we've noticed that there have been way too many lately, and are now issuing a temporary banon them so the site doesn't look like a giant porno. if you need to, remember, you can always do a time skip and keep it PG13! -- july 15th

september, 2012

The setting currently in September, therefore the summer is has now come to an end, and students finally get to start off a brand new year at school! there aren't really any more parties being thrown at the moment, unless they'de by college frats and soros, except for the "before school starts" parties. School starts on the 6th of September, and high school students are let out at 3pm, so keep that in mind when threadding or in the icc!



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 Overdosed in confidence ., Colin&Leilani.
Leilani Xeno Rivera
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 05:29 PM


The field was full of buff, sweaty jocks that were training hard out for the next weeks game against the rival school. Of course, Leilani could tell exactly which one of them was her best friend, even more so than the few siblings she had on the team, Colin. He was goofing off again for the second time this session, and the redhead couldn't help but roll her bright green eyes in distaste. Sure, he wanted to get into the best College possible for his Football career but he wasn't going to get very far if he continued on the road he was going. The team was due to finish practice about ten minutes ago, but Lani didn't mind waiting for her best friend, she could get her own personal revenge later on.

She never dressed up for anyone, let alone her best friend, so her skinny jeans and British flag cropped tee were the usual attire that she wore, and she also had her board with her as well, it was the quickest way to get anywhere fast and easily. She looked up and waved to Colin once she realized practice was over, and the two could hang out like they did most afternoons when she wasn't working and he wasn't playing sport, which were becoming less and less. She did miss the presence of her best friend, but she always knew he'd make time for her. "Hey Col. How was training?" Her brows raised in curiosity as he approached her.
Colin Joseph Tenney
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 08:54 PM


i'm gonna find a way-- to let you have your way with me --Colin was being his typical self at training, not taking it too seruously, mainly because he was done in with his work out in the morning. In fact he knew that training was meant to be done half an hour ago but the coach was sick of Colin's disrespect and made them all do more then they had planned. He knew that would upset most of his team mates but he didn't care as he was having a good time training which was something no-one else seemed to have. He looked over to see his childhood best friend waiting for him, he knew that she knew who he was as he was the only one having a laugh at here. Colin simply srugged as the coach started to give him into trouble again.Finally the Coach was just tired of seeing Colin and decided to end training there and he knew that he wouldn't be dropped because despite him goofing about, he still showed that he was the best corner back in the team. So his spot was pretty much safe and he knew it, others would have to fight for their spots but he didn't really care about that. He walked up to her as she did wave him over, he knew that with all the stuff he has had to do with a little bit of fame that he got, they hadn't realy spend that much time with each other which was said because she was about the only person who knew that he wasn't a total asshole that he acted like. He knew that people wouldn't believe her if she told anyone what he was really like but it was nice for someone to know about. "Well you know me, Lani, I am always trying to find the fun in training but the coach doesn't seem to enjoy that. Luckily I am good or I would likely be kicked off the team" He laughed as he sat down next to her. "So why do I have to honor of your company, Lani?" He smiled as he waited for her repsonse.TBC LEILANI; NOTES: SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG, BEEN BUSY LOL.made by marv @ atf
Leilani Xeno Rivera
Posted: Feb 11 2012, 09:59 PM


If Lani and Colin hadnt of been best friends from the sand box, she doubted that she would have ever put up with as much as she did from him. Colin never really acted the wyatt he did around her with others. She got to see another totally different side of Colin that others didn't even think existed. Leilani smiled as the rest of the team seemed to glare his way; he had obviously delayed the ending of their training because of his cocky attitude once again. It only made the girl smile even more as he approached her, and he sat down nonchalantly next to her, as of nothing ha happened.

And in his eyes, nothing probably had happened. He was a really good football player and everything, but if he kept treating his team mates the way he did, Colin wouldn't get very far at all. Of course Lani would always be there for him whether or not people around him were, because that was what best friends were for. Her green eyes sparked with her amused thoughts as he sat down. "Considering that I'm the only girl that will stand your presence for longer than a few hours, your lucky to have me." The red head grinned at Colin cheekily.

"I'm great though, since you've come back from the dead. I swear you've been avoiding me, sir." Lani grinned at him and smacked him playfully in the arm. "Now, what are you doing tonight? I'm thinking we could get something to eat or at least spend a little time together so I can be out of the house as long as possible." she bit her lip, looking to Colin. He was the only person she told about her issues with her family and how out of place she felt with all the different people there, and the neglection she felt. Being away from all of them for a whole afternoon was exactly what she needed.
Colin Joseph Tenney
Posted: Feb 12 2012, 12:37 PM


i'm gonna find a way-- to let you have your way with me --Colin and Lani grew up together so it was easy for him to be himself around her. not that cocky asshole that everyone thought he was and maybe he lived up to that name a few times because it's what people expected as he was a jock and one of the best in the football team, not many really know how hard he worked as he always goofed about. He hide the fact that he got up early to train on his own, it was so people assumed that he was talented without working at it but really he worked a lot at it. He watched tapes of his mistakes and fixed them. He knew when to push something and when not to, they had a big game and despite Colin not training the other had at least an extra 40 mins which was great for them.He knew most of the school likely hated him because of his attitude but he really didn't care. He knew a few people like his parents and Lani knew him that was fine. If people want to just look at him and see a selfish asshole jock then that is what they will get. Colin was here because it was a good school and he was going to get into a great football college on the back of his performance on the field. Colin laughed at that comment before quickly firing back. "Maybe so but they do always come back for seconds, Lani, so I must be doing something right." He couldn't help but crack a joke there.He did feel bad about not spending that much time with Lani but ever seen he was up for a national award, he has been really busy with interviews etc etc. Everyone wants to speak to sophomore superstars which was kinda annoying but still he had to do what the school wanted. "Yeah, sorry about that, been crazy busy lately but I promise that I am going to make it up to you, Lani. Maybe cheesely but my life would kinda suck without my best friend." It's true, it would suck a lot because he would have everyone thinking he was a selfish jerk but he was really an nice guy. "Well I think I can move things around to have a few hours for my best friend, Lani. I only have homework but you know what some of them are like, just say I was busy with football stuff and they give me a break on it. Sometimes being a football star has it's breaks.haha"TBC LEILANImade by marv @ atf
Leilani Xeno Rivera
Posted: Feb 17 2012, 06:47 PM


Leilani scoffed, amused at her best friends antics. If girls ever did go for Colin, they usually had to get passed Lani first if they didn't want the relationship to crash and burn. She didn't care what anyone said; if she wasn't good enough for Colin, she would let them know. Protectiveness was something Leilani had always felt for Colin, even from the sandbox years. She hated seeing him hurt, so always managed to look out for him, even if it screwed her own plans over.

"Come back for seconds? You mean so they can tell you to stay the hell away from them. You're poorly mistaken my good friend." Lani was giggling over teasing him, and it was quite amusing. Lani knew that even if he was the big tough foot ball guy she would still be able to get through to him. "Yeah you meat head, that is a little cheesy, but I have been down in the dumps as well. I missed my CeeCee." Lani grinned at the nickname she had awarded him.

Lani stood up from where they were and shrugged. She had never found school very interesting, let alone the homework side of it. She rarely did any homework, and really only did the bare minimum when she had to to pass to the next stage. "Yeah yeah mr football hero. What do you feel like doing?" She smiled, picking up her board.
Colin Joseph Tenney
Posted: Feb 19 2012, 01:39 PM


i'm gonna find a way-- to let you have your way with me --Colin really did enjoy spending time with Lani despite all the crazy stuff that has been happening since he made the football team, she was the only stable thing in his life. He would trade that for anything in the world, he knew that some of his act would annoy her but he knew that she would always stick by his side no matter what because she knew that he was nice under all the asshole stuff that he did. He didn't want people to know how nice he was because really he learnt for himself that nice guys always finish last.Colin faked looking hurt as he gave Lani some puppy dog eyes. "Hurtful." he laughed afterwards to make sure that Lani knew that he was only messing about. He knew that Lani was only messing with him, he did kinda think that maybe it wasn't the best idea to rub in his new found sex life in her face. Not really something you want to hear from your best friend that you grew up with. He smiled as she used his nickname, sure if anyone heard it, he wouldn't be happy but he didn't mind her using it when they were alone. "Awww, here me being the world worse best friend and not seeing it. I'll make it up to you, I promise from now on I will try set aside some time for my bestest friend in the whole wide world everyday. I missed you too, Lani, honestly it may look easy to be a jerk but it really hard to keep it up haha."Colin Stood up at the same time as Lani as he waited to see what she wanted to do. He knew that really he hadn't been the best friend lately but things just got really mad, really quickly that he didn't know what do with it if he was honest. He knew that he was going to make more of an effort even if Lani did tell me that it was okay because he knew that she really need him form time to time and he couldn't just ditch her for anything now. "What you want, Lani, I have to start making it up for me being a bad best fiend now don't I? I mean who is going to make sure I don't get in over my head if not you, no-one will." TBC LEILANImade by marv @ atf
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