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Welcome to Not Like The Movies, a semi-literate rpg set in Bayridge, Massachusetts. In this city, there's plenty of gossip around every corner, just make sure it's ic! Please register your character's First and Last name in all lowercase, and make sure to read the rules and plot before you join. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your time here at nltm!

It's now September, 2012 for the citizens of Bayridge, so threads in the classrooms/schools are currently open as well as the bathroom wall! have fun!

important note: PLEASE refrain from registering any more college freshmen, high school seniors and zeta delta pi nu's! there are far more of these than any other group, and we've now had to put a ban on them until ratios even up! -- july 11th

also, please refrain from making any more [M] threads at this time! we've noticed that there have been way too many lately, and are now issuing a temporary banon them so the site doesn't look like a giant porno. if you need to, remember, you can always do a time skip and keep it PG13! -- july 15th

september, 2012

The setting currently in September, therefore the summer is has now come to an end, and students finally get to start off a brand new year at school! there aren't really any more parties being thrown at the moment, unless they'de by college frats and soros, except for the "before school starts" parties. School starts on the 6th of September, and high school students are let out at 3pm, so keep that in mind when threadding or in the icc!



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 +Your Going To Be the one That Saves Me+, Tag;; Zabine
Hunter James Spearing
Posted: Feb 9 2012, 03:36 AM


I Just Came To Say Hello Hunter had to get out of his dorm. He had finished his homework, and had been playing his guitar but he just couldn`t get into it this night. He sat on his bed wearing a red hoodie, with a white V-neck underneath and some darkwash jeans. He sighed and had come to the conclusion that he needed a change in scenery to get those creative juices flowing. He looked at the clock and noticed it was around 6. He decided he`d go find an empty classroom and start jamming out in there.He picked up his acoustic guitar and wandered down to the arts Hall. He figured that would be the most empty place after classes and he needed some silence. He found an empty class room that was unlocked and walked in. He moved the teachers chair back from behind the desk and sat down on it. He was hoping he wouldn`t get in trouble for being there. He grabbed his guitar pick and began to play `Wonderwall`by oasis. once he reached the chorus he began to sing the words to the song.created by kay of caution and sds
Zabine Morrison-Welsh
Posted: Feb 9 2012, 01:20 PM


Not good enough... Zabine furiously threw her pencil across the room, breaking its tip. It's well passed studio time but she didn't cared, it's her 8th sketch but she was still unpleased with it. She looked out the window, now resembling more and more like color B97 on her Copic color wheel, and that's when it hit her, she had just spent 5 hours in the studio, 3 of which were spent alone. She decided it was far too late (and far too creepy) to still be in the school building. The setting sun created a silhouette of her, unhinging her assigned sketch desk and gathering all the scattered pencils placing them inside a brown suede pencil case. She put on her shoes and made her way out of the classroom.

As she walked down the dark hallways, somewhere between pottery studio three and music theory room, she started hearing what she thought was the sound of guitar playing from one of the empty classrooms. Well, shit... she mumbled, on her mind were playing scenes from all the various school themed horror movies, not good, she thought. Zabine fastened her pace, but she felt as if the source of the sound was actually a class in front of her, right beside the staircase she needed to go down on. Curious, she stopped in front of the class, feeling like she recognized the song, she stood there for a few seconds, gathering her courage, she gulped as her hand touched the cold stainless steel handle and peeked in.

She let out a sigh of relief when she found there actually was a boy inside–who she think was a few years younger than her, she couldn't really tell. She gained cleared her throat and said It's a bit late, don't you think? You almost gave me a heart attack, I thought you were a ghost!

Hunter James Spearing
Posted: Feb 9 2012, 04:48 PM


I Just Came To Say Hello This was what Hunter needed. Some silence and a change in scenery. Hunter was getting right into it, strumming and singing 'Wonderwall'. As he was singing he heard a voice and this made him stop and look towards who had spoke. Hunters stomach dropped. He still wasn't sure he was allowed to be in here and he really didn't feel like getting into trouble right now. "Uhh, yeah I know sorry about that." He looked at the person more closely and noticed that she wasn't a teacher he had seen but he wasn't going to take any chances. He sat in the chair the guitar still in his hands, not sure exactly what to do. "I just needed to get out of my dorm for abit.... I'm not in trouble am i?" He was sure she wasn't a teacher now but he wasn't one to take chances, at least not right now.created by kay of caution and sds
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