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Welcome to Monachikos Weyr. This is a non-canon Dragonriders of Pern roleplaying site, open to any new members. For guests wishing to advertise, we have a guest friendly advertising board. Affiliates are also available.
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 Lesson Plan
Posted: Mar 22 2012, 03:39 pm

Mercenary Artist
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Group: Administrators
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Joined: 21 Mar 2012

Weyrling Lessons
Weyrlings are not required to post in all of these lessons in order to graduate. However, those that participate in lessons earn marks for them, and a weyrling must be posted IC at least once every (OOC) month. After six OOC months, the weyrling graduates and is placed in a wing. Weyrlingmasters are responsible for keeping track of who has posted for the month, as well as offering an IC lesson of their choice. All weyrlings of clutching females (often including veins, just in case) MUST post in the first IC Queen Lesson. All weyrlings of shades and golds MUST post in both IC Queen lessons. These will be hosted as needed by someone with a graduated goldrider or shaderider. The bottom list is the OOC information a weyrlingmaster should ask for each month along with a lesson or post.

    Possible Lessons
||: Basic Care
||: Getting to Know Your Dragon
||: Getting to Know Your Fellow Weyrlings
||: Dragon Anatomy
||: Advanced Strength Training
||: Riding Straps
||: Strength Training
||: Flight
||: Advanced Flight
||: Firestone / Flamethrowers
||: Advanced Flaming
||: Mating Flights
||: Betweening
||: Advanced Betweening
||: Wing Placement
||: Weyr Government
||: Practice Threadfall

    Queen Lessons
||: One | Clutching Dragon Basics
||: Two | Running a Weyr
Posted: Jun 18 2014, 10:38 am

Mercenary Artist
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Group: Administrators
Posts: 131
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Joined: 21 Mar 2012

OOC Information
Each month the Weyrlingmaster must ask for the following information from the weyrlings to fill out the lists. It is required from the weyrlings that they provide this information every month.

    First Month
||: Preferred Weyrling Lessons

This month simply state which lessons you are most interested in posting in, either from the suggested list above or ones you think of yourself.

    Second Month
||: Rider's Name
||: Rider's Craft
||: Rider's Rank(s)
||: Rider's Height
||: Rider's Build
||: Rider's Hair Color
||: Rider's Eye Color
||: Pet's Name
||: Pet's Species
||: Pet's Rank
||: Pet's Base Color HEX

This month please provide all of this information for the lists and the Directory.

    Third Month
||: Dragon's Name
||: Dragon's Length
||: Dragon's Height
||: Dragon's Wingspan
||: Dragon's Build
||: Dragon's Pattern

This month please provide this information for the lists and the Directory.

    Fourth Month
||: Strap Colors

This month please decide on the strap colors your dragon will wear upon graduation.

    Fifth Month
||: Rider and Dragon Strengths
||: Rider and Dragon Weaknesses

This month consider what your rider and dragon are good at and what they are bad at. Consider their use to the Weyr in the future.

    Sixth Month
||: Wing Choice

In preparation for graduation, select a wing for your soon-to-be fully fledged dragonrider pair.
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