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 Shimizu Ren
Posted: Jan 19 2009, 08:48 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 12
Member No.: 9
Joined: 19-January 09

Name: Shimizu Ren
Age: 14
Height: 4”6’
Weight: 102lb
Occupation\Schooling: Middle school year two, (8th Grade)
Location: Yamanashi prefecture, Japan

D-Power appearance: Onyx with violet-jade screen border and main buttons, with a clip on the black strap at the top of the same color as the buttons. The display button just off of the screen that turns the holo-screen on and off is a navy color that seems to clash with the rest of the color scheme in order to make it easier to find as it seems.
user posted image

Appearance-(Pics available when I get to a scanner…)
Hair: Brown and just short of medium length, kind of spiky, close to that of Kamui from X. | Skin: Fare | Eyes: Red | Accessories: A silver earring shaped somewhat like a snowflake held by a chain that runs through his ear instead of the pin that most earrings have. Also a belt that holds his card case and his D-Power.

Real World: When in the real world he has two looks, at school he’s in a typical top and pants uniform, colored black with navy blue stitching and buttons. He wears it with the neck open and with a white shirt underneath. When Casual he wears a light cool pine green long sleeved shirt with a neko face on the left chest, blue jeans, and soft comfortable sneakers made for running around in.

Digital World: In the digital world he wears s loose fitting red tee with a black symbol on the front that resembles an eye, nice soft red cotton pants with a black stripe down the sides, and black cotton elbow pads. He wears the same shoes in the digital world as he does in the real world.

Personality/Blood type (using Nomi’s theory): Type O- | He’s a very energetic and young hearted guy, a real child at heart but when the time comes for it he can be uncharacteristically serious and level headed. He’s an anime fan that has lots of plushies and one; his favorite, is a teddy bear that is quite old but very soft, he’s a total fan boy but the way he goes about it isn’t the typical fat sweaty fan boy way but more of the squeaky energetic fangirlish way. Friends be warned, he will glomp.

Background History: Before he was given his digivice his days consisted of going to school, then taking the yamanote line to hang out in the city, one of his favorites was and still is Shibuya. After hanging out with maybe a friend or shopping then he would simply head home, read a book after doing his homework then head to bed. If he didn’t go to the city then he’d go to a friend’s house and watch anime while playing one of many TCG’s that he knows.

Registration Story:
Ren was on the stairs heading down to get his shoes, school was over and he was heading over to Koji’s to watch his new ‘Jungre de Ikou’ video and play ‘Digimon: Battle Card.’ Presently something fell form the top of the stair well, a piece of paper drifting down in the air that caught a current and flew into Ren’s face. The random object hitting him in the face caught him so off guard that he fell down the last three steps. “Ouch…” he exclaimed simply as he sat up on an elbow and rubbed the back of his head, and at the same time the thing that hit him landed on his belly. He looked at it disbelievingly when he saw that it was a digimon card.

“What’s this?” he asked to the air, he looked around and up the middle of the stairwell but after a while when no one came looking for it he decided to keep it. Though he couldn’t tell how good it was, the card had no words on it, it was official, he could tell that much, but it had no name and no effect, it looked like a digiegg but that was all there was to it. He ran the rest of the way down to his locker and took out a little box that held his cards and his reader, he set the reader for test and swiped the card, the numbers on the screen went haywire and then blinked off. The black and purple device that almost resembled a calculator wasn’t working anymore. Ren’s eyes were wide with disbelief, “Dang, this was my favorite one! This must be why someone threw the card away, man…” he griped and threw the card in the box and shut the lid. The screen on the scanner glowed strangely, it was only for a few seconds, though he never knew this with the box closed and in his arms as he ran to his friends house.

Later that night Ren was home, finished with his homework and messing around on his desk, he had the box open and all his cards out, the box was on the floor and the broken scanner laid next to the digiegg card on the edge of the table while the rest of the table was taken up by his whole card collection either laid out or in little stacks. He was examining every little detail and trying to build a great deck for the next day, he had a rematch because he had lost the game. He was desperate to make sure that he stacked the cards in his favor for the next time he faced Koji and his Metal Digi deck. There was a small ding and Ren looked at his bedside clock, it was getting pretty late so he got ready and went to bed, leaving his things all out on the table, it was a hot night so he left his door open and opened the window for a draft. Finally he gave the scanner and card one last glance and got into bed.

A few minutes passed and he was out like a light when his scanner started to glow and flicker again, there was a strong breeze outside that blew in through the window and over his desk, scattering his cards that weren’t bound with rubber bands to the floor. And slid the digiegg card back into the scanner again, this time it glowed blue as it was swiped through and the scanner went haywire, the number stream on the front wasn’t all that was going on with it, it was sparking with static electricity, his computer monitor on the raised ledge of the desk turned on and was streaming numbers as well and even his alarm started messing around and beeping. He woke up groggily and saw what was going on, his eyes wide, he was snapped fully awake by the sight. The card stopped halfway in the scanner was now moving again, this time there was no wind pushing it, it was moving on it’s own and as it finished swiping it disappeared.

Ren rubbed his eyes, What the hell was that? he thought to himself. The scanner stopped sparking and started to glow and, it even began to grow, its shape was changing. Not only that but his computer screen, something was happening to it. He jumped out of bed to look; the scanner had finished what it was doing and stopped glowing, except for the much larger screen that seemed almost as glass as a TV screen. It had turned into a small machine, well small shouldn’t be the word, it was allot bigger than it just was, the thing was just barely small enough for his hand now, he probably couldn’t fit his fingers around it. He picked it up, it was slightly warm, and then he looked at his computer screen as another wind picked up… No not a wind, a suction, it was like someone flipped on a giant vacuum in his computer monitor, some of his cards had gotten sucked in already and he knew he was next.

He tried to scream as he was lifted off of his feet and started going into the monitor but the sound was trapped in his throat. He was griping the edge of his desk for dear life and the only thought that grabbed his mind was, Why the hell did I have to get the extra large screen for this thing!!! Damn gaming screens!!! Finally his grip gave way and he fell back into the tunnel formed in his monitor; which closed right before his eyes as he attempted again in desperation to grab onto something.

He had no idea how long he fell through that tunnel that formed in his screen, or why it was filled with so many strange lights and colors. He didn’t know when he stopped falling, almost as much as he didn’t know when he passed out. All he knew was that he was waking up, in his PJs, on the ground with something heavy on his chest. He opened his eyes with a snap to see that the weight on his chest was a little creature, it looked like a cross between a dog, a cat, and a piglet. He moved to pick it up off of his chest and noticed that, that device was still in his hand; even after he had passed out falling he hadn’t let it go.

“Hi!” said the little creature wagging its little tail smiling. The shock of this thing talking to him made Ren jump.

“Di- did you just say something?” He asked stupidly, still dumbfounded by this, what seemed to be the most vivid dream he had ever had. He looked around and noticed he was in the middle of a forest by a little lake.

“Yep, I said hi, wow you’re a quick one aren’t you,” the little creature said laughing at him. He was again amazed, not only was this thing able to talk but it was making fun of him. “I’m Dorimon! What should I call you?” the little thing asked.

Dorimon, wait, a- a DIGIMON?!? Now I know I’m dreaming. He thought to himself. “My name’s Ren,” he said flatly, holding back the questions that arose when Dorimon said his name.

“You’re my Ren, Mine! Yay, I has a Ren!” The little creature jumped around laughing. Ren smiled at it and wondered what it meant by him being ‘his Ren.’ He picked up the little machine and tried messing with the buttons, suddenly a little holographic screen appeared showing Dorimon and a few words written about him.

If it is on a straight path, this lesser type Digimon can run very far. Since they hate being domesticated, there are many that have remained wild, and they recklessly rush and tackle you when you come near, so they are dangerous. The ears that grow sharp are hard, and since they serve the function of horns, there is some damage that comes with their tackles, but if they come with speed, they cannot turn.
Metal Drop: Dorimon charges towards the enemy while spitting out grains of iron.

Ren tried to wrap his head around this, then remembered that on the digimon show the children had digimon as pets, did this mean that since they don’t like being domesticated that his partner was saying it was going to domesticate him? He shook his head and decided to just go along with it, it didn’t seem as though this would bring him any trouble. He looked around and found that his cards had fallen in here with him, he grabbed them and put them in the breast pocket of the PJs for when he found his way home.

"C'mon slow poke," Dorimon called out to him as he led Ren out to a well-trodden path through the woods quite near by to where he fell. They walked for a few minutes, still the majesty of the situation was knocking Ren for a loop, was he actually dreaming or had he fallen into any little digimon fans wish. Suddenly Dorimon jumped at him and he was able to catch him easily enough, though he did seem a bit heavy for such a tiny guy. “Look up there.” Dorimon said to a tree that seemed to grow… wait… clothes!? “Those came with you, you take, looks better! Get them now.” He said sounding like a little kid, Ren noticed that they were his favorite casuals that were hanging on the tree, including his belt with a deck case and more of his cards inside it.

Ren finally just let things go and accepted what was going on no matter whether it was a dream or not, best just to make the best of it. At this turning point he looked down at how cute the creature he was holding was, then up at how tall the tree was. “Wait, how do you expect me to climb that thing?” he asked as Dorimon laughed.

“Who said climb?” he laughed adorably, kicking all fours. He jumped down and led Ren to the tree and said, “Wait there,” and ran back a bit, then charged at the tree giving it a great head butt that shook it roughly, and made the belt and deck case fall right onto Rens head. Ren gave a howl of pain from the tremendous thud to the cranium and fell to the ground holding his crown. “Uh oh… Ren fell down ‘cause he broke his crown!” Dorimon started to sing and laugh.

After a little while they had everything out of the tree and Ren was all changed, his PJs he put in a small rucksack he found on the ground, not his but there wasn’t anyone around for a long way. It looked like he’d be stuck here quite a while, so it was time to look around, and find a good place to set up a camp for the night. It was still late afternoon where he was standing, close to twilight, and the only thing on his mind wasn’t how he’d get home, it was what he’d do in the meantime and how fun it may or may not be.

Fresh: Dodomon
In-Trianing: Dorimon
Rookie: Dorumon
Champion: Dorugamon
Ultimate: Doru Greymon
Mega/Biomerge: Dorugoramon

Current Rank: In-Training

Type: Data>Data>Data/ Vaccine>Data>Vaccine/Data>Vaccine

Health: (12.5)

Strength: 15
Defense: 10
Special: 10
Speed: 15

Stamina: (12.5)

Physical Description: CUUUUUUTE!!! Dorimon is a small digimon, the fur on his paws is white like his muzzle while the rest of him is blue. His ears in any old time are like fluffy fur, but when he’s admitted or threatened they are hard and sharp and act as horns. His tail is short and stubby and is easily noticeable protruding from his mostly round oval shaped body. His big fierce orange eyes are the cutest things about him.

Personality: Naturally rambunctious from this breeds’ instinct to hate being tamed, but counterpart to that most of the time he’s a very sweet creature. When alone with ‘his Ren’ he acts almost like a little pet, somewhere between the attitudes of a dog and cat, he loves to run around outside and hates staying in the yard, ‘boundaries’ are as much a part of his vocabulary as ‘stay.’ And of course he wouldn’t be a little digimon if the thing you heard most wasn’t “I’m hungry!”
Posted: Jan 19 2009, 09:25 AM

Admin of the Southern Gate

Group: Admin
Posts: 9,045
Member No.: 3
Joined: 3-December 08

I really like your registration and am glad to see that you are an experienced writter but there are a few problems. Most notably is an issue with your plot. In this RP we don't bounce through the digital world and real world as often as you might expect from 02. I can let this go in your approval process as long as you understand that once you begin roleplaying you'll be stuck in the digital world until as a plot development you regain entry to the real world, and then vice-versa from real world to digital.
Next, is your choice of digimon, specifically your DEX half. We're trying to avoid letting people have such things as Omnimon or Alphamon and DexDorugoramon or even Dorugoramon is kinda on that level. I can let it slide as long as you understand that your digimon is not the same as in the show and doesn't have the ability to rip out digital cores or destroy the fabric of the digital world and what not.
Last, is how you have your digi-evolutions listed. It's not really needed to list them all, just list them in your profile as ou obtain thm. I also just want to make sure that you know our rules concerning digivolving.
Posted: Jan 20 2009, 05:52 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 12
Member No.: 9
Joined: 19-January 09

I've made the necessary changes, and I removed the Dex's, I never wanted then I just thought this was going to be somewhat like it is on the original Digimon World game, where in depending on type of food, training, and potty places, your digimon digivolves into different things. Like raising it wrong will make it a viral type, compared to right being vaccine. I never seen the sows or games with him, all I knew was his names and looks in fresh and in training mode looked sooo CUTE! <3 (-^w^-) I’de never try to make something all-powerful, heck I don’t really like most of his digivolutions, they don’t look all that great, going from cute little Dorimon to that… Bahamut wannabe that his mega form is…. “Blegh” *Sour face*

I was looking to find out the rules about the plots and digivolutions, I guess I didn’t look hard enough but then again I don’t really have much time at all. I’m sorry, but could someone send me links to the parts of the site with them via PM?

Thank you.
Posted: Jan 20 2009, 06:21 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 18
Member No.: 2
Joined: 2-December 08

Not bad, not bad at all.

I'd say you're good to go with the changes made. ^_^ Let someone know if you need anymore of your questions answered and feel free to check out everyone else's profiles to see if they might hold the answers themselves.

Looking forward to seeing your adventures in the Digital World!

Make a copy of your registration in our Character Profiles Section and have fun!
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