Welcome to Landing In London! A brand new rpg set in London, England. Feel free to look around and contact any of the staff or post in the c-box if you have any questions.

London, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. The capital city, with the most international visitors of anywhere in the world and a whopping forty-three universities, there's plenty to do around here.

This is an advanced RPG with a 300 word count! Please make sure to register with proper capitalization. (i.e. John Smith)

January 8, 2011

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 Watt, Naomi
Naomi Watt
Posted: Feb 25 2012, 06:20 AM

Live to be Happy
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Group: Native
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Member No.: 16
Joined: 25-February 12

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Open my eyes
I realize
This is my perfect day

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Nickname/s | Naomi is fine
DOB | May 6th
Age | 22
Sexuality |Polyamorous Heterosexual
Occupation | Vogue UK Intern
Financial Status | Wealthy
Currently Living |Penthouse
Face Claim | Susan Coffey
Member Title | Live to be Happy
User Group | Naitive

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Likes |
  • Good food
  • Alcohol
  • Parties
  • Sex
  • People
  • Interesting Styles
  • Horror Movies
  • Hanging out
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
Dislikes |
  • Her parents
  • Dating
  • Windowless rooms
  • Cheese
  • Big dogs
  • Being interrupted
  • Being judged
  • Classrooms
  • History
  • Dolls
Flaws |
  • Selfish
  • Flashy
  • Entitled
  • Lazy
  • Spoilt
Strengths |
  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Accepting
  • Witty
  • Intelligent
Fears |
  • Claustrophobic (Small spaces)
  • Arachnophobia (Spiders)
  • Tokophobia (Pregnancy)
Goals/ dreams |
  • Find long-term lovers
  • Have the perfect penthouse
  • Get her parents off her back
  • Watch every horror movie ever
  • See the world
  • Become a supportive person
Overall Personality |

Naomi is not an inherently bad person. She often has good intentions that just get forgotten because she is so focused on herself. She was raised to think that she was better than everyone else, that she mattered more than anything. While she has rebelled against this idea and understands that who her father is has no bearing on her as a person, some of it still colours her. So, you have a gamble if you invest a lot in her. Will she remember something that hurts you? There isn't any grantee she will, but she will always apologize and try to make it up to you. Dating her is even more dangerous, because she will never love just you, and you need to learn to accept that fact, or you will be miserable.
One thing that Naomi strives to be a good friend and lover, she wants to be the responsible, supportive person people want beside them. She just doesn’t know how, and tends to forget her dream and go to parties, get drunk, have sex and enjoy people in the moment. She finds this exiting and freeing and will love you when you are there. Maybe she will love you after, but it’s not likely. Naomi isn’t awkward after sex, if you work with her she’ll give you the same greeting as before and a smile. To her, they are encounters. Moments of joy that should be remember fondly and let be- even if you are her lover again she treats every time as a new adventure. She carries this philosophy into every part of her life- Naomi doesn’t hold a grudge. Sure, she’ll make fun of her boss or some guy at a party, but never out of malice.
Naomi is not the girl you go to for advice or support. If you need to forget yourself, or are strapped for cash or hell, just want a night out then she is your girl. She treats her friends well- she likes spending time with them, and she likes expensive things, so to her she just pays for her friends as well. Money means nothing to her, its only value is getting her what she wants and as far as she can tell it will always be there for her. So she takes her friends on trips, shopping sprees, expensive dinners and anything else that pops into her mind. The energy doesn’t die with her, she’ll keep you going till the wee hours of the morning then she’ll happily fall asleep beside you as though it was the most natural thing in the world. A dose of Naomi might be exactly what you need.

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Birthplace | London, England
Mother | Danice Watt, Socialite
Father | Daniel Watt, High-Profile Businessman
Siblings | None
Children | None
Relationship Status | Single
Pets | Marbles the white ferret
Overall history |

Naomi is the only daughter of the well know and well respected Daniel Watt. A business man who's known to have a finger in every profitable pot he has a spotless reputation- he married and beautiful and personable socialite who aged with the grace of good wine and his daughter, his one and only child, has always been the model of a child. Quiet, clean and well behaved she never caused a fuss and could go to high end functions and no one would have known there was a child there. A fancy penthouse in London, expensive private schools and anything else her father could drop into her lap was Naomi's childhood.

Nothing was perfect- the perfect little girl almost never saw her parents. Her father was never home for more than a weekend, he was always flying to some destination or another for business or a foreign mistress. He made no secret of it to his wife, who didn't care because she married him for the life style he'd provide her. She had a boyfriend of her own- as long as both knew they could work together to keep it quiet and live their secret lives with out disturbing the perfect surface one. Naomi's mother lived her life at high-end parties and occasionally trip on her own, leaving the her daughter to be raised by the endless stream of ever changing nannies.

Naomi was never cruel to the women who took care of her- she was just exuberant. He would paint the walls or run around playing with her dog and knock things over. Her parents only knew the face of their perfect child, and so assumed whatever nanny was in charge was the problem and fired them. She was a good natured hellion and the nannies who lasted more than a weekend adored her. She behaved herself in school, but never did any work. Her father paid for her marks while she focused on things she enjoyed. They expected her to be her mother, a socialite who never had to work in her life.

After high school she knew she didn't want to be her mother, so asked her father to find her a job. He used his connections to get her an internship at one of his friends wife's friends magazine. For a girl who never had to work for anything she pulled up her socks. Sure, she always appeared like she had nothing to do and was relaxing, but she relished in actually having to work to keep what she had. Sure, all the money she made was blown on shopping trips and alcohol; her father paid for her apartment and food and anything else she asked for. He was convinced this was a faze.

Naomi got into her partying habits in her second year of high school. She met a boy who brought her to his brothers party and she had the time of her life. She really got into it the music, the drinking and the people. There were people she knew but not really, lovers she'd had that she'd never see again. Sure, she had a pregnancy scare or two- but lady luck was her guardian and she made it through with out major scandal so her parents didn't know about this secret life she lived. Eventually they found out- and as long as she was well behaved in the public eye she could do anything she wanted and he'd keep supporting her life style.

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Hello! My name is Neff. And I am eighteen. I have been Rping formost of my life. You may also know me as no one
It was a rainy and somewhat miserable Sunday afternoon. The rain had been falling since Friday and the cafe had been filled since then. People liked a warm coffee and comfortable chairs when the day was cold and unpleasant, Liam didn't mind the extra demand. With so many people he didn't have time to let himself sink into thought- which when the day was grey was also often grey and made him slightly miserable for a few days. He made espressos and lattes and ground ice and beans and smiled at pretty girls when they thanked him and giggled. Giggling girls were an ego boost, even if he had no interest in them. His morning had been non-stop and he loved it, feeling in rather good spirits as he drew a smile in chocolate on the whip cream of a little girls hot chocolate. He brought it to her and she grinned when she saw it and thanked him.

Liam had been working here for as long as he could clean tables. His father owned the store, and they lived above it in the smallish two bedroom apartment. His room had once been the office, but now they had sectioned off a small part of the living room to act as the office. The downstairs had been painted in the resent month, a darker shade of reddish brown that made everything seem cleaner and more comfortable to sit in for longer periods of time. There had been one NYU student with thick rimmed glasses and Johnny Depp-esc facial hair who’d been sitting at the small table near the fire on his little red netbook all day. There was a small collection of white mugs from all his coffee- which was less than his actual consumption because every time Liam got a chance he’d go over and clean them up.

He was the only one working today apart from a local Spanish guitarist who was sitting on the small stage near the window. They often let small, undiscovered musicians play for free during the day and had a little stand for them to sell their cds. The free music was nice and it helped get people noticed. Today his father had something to take care of and the other employee who worked there occasionally was visiting her grandmother in Texas, so Liam had, basically, an all day shift. He returned to his place behind the counter and began cleaning the equipment. The small bell over the door rang and the sound of pouring rain from out the door made him look up, he smiled at the person,
“Welcome to The Music Room.” He greeted, turning back to the almost cream steamer. He didn’t like the idea of using unclean equipment, even if no one would know.


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Posted: Feb 25 2012, 05:29 PM

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Group: Admin
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