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Title: [intro]hello hi!i'm new here!
Description: this is about me!^__^

KimMie_ChuLia - May 11, 2007 11:36 AM (GMT)
age:17 turning 18 this year.
dob: 23.11
location: in front of my computer~XD
favorite super junior member: Mr.Kim HeeChul

my real name is camelia and i'm 17 this year[turning 18]XD.i started to love SuJu last year.[shortly after i love DBSK!LOL!].then i bought their album!man!i was so happy! was like er.*thinking*having my trial at that time!thank goodness i got good results.LOL!the 1st Mv i watched was obviously U.^___^they are just so cool in that video!then,till now i just love them~~and also love them for their acting!!COOL!!they act!so funny!!!they have talents!*celebrates*i can't wait for their 2nd album!

about my username::ahahahahaha.
Camelia+Kim HeeChul=KimMie_ChuLia.XD my friend helped me!^___^
i hope we all can be good friends!XD
anyone who has Friendster here can add me!XD

thanx so much!!LOL!
i'm too hyper right now.ignore my hyperness!XD

you all can read all about me in my FS.XD

shredoftears - May 12, 2007 02:31 AM (GMT)
Hey there! I'm Crissa from Singapore. Enjoy your stay here! :clap:

thisgrl - May 15, 2007 02:20 AM (GMT)

how are yah hunn? My name is PANG! I'm 18! LoL, anyways.. awesome choice of username, very unique! Anywyas, hopefully you have fun here, post lots and stay activeeeee! Everyone here is awesome so don't be shy and if you need anything, just ask around!

RiNoA24 - May 16, 2007 04:29 PM (GMT)
nice to meet u..
i'm mei yiing,18 from malaysia...
my favourite member is sung min!!
weLcome !!! :)

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