Keep the Magic Secret is an active BBC Merlin rp created October 22nd 2008. We follow the stories of the young Merlin and Arthur.

King Uther's mad; Morgana's missing and Merlin's keeping a deadly secret that threatens to rip a hole in the foundations of life at Camelot itself. But with druids rising against them; the Old Religion firmly back in full power and Kilgarrah roaming the skies above, how long will secrets last and will the world Albion has come to know crumble under the drumming of war?

Join as a Canon or an Original and join in a world of magic, danger, romance and so much more. With so many twists and turns, you'll find a story for everyone.

AU since series one. Check out our full plot for more information.

Enjoy and just don't forget to: KEEP THE MAGIC SECRET.

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 Who's Who, Members and their Characters
Merlin Myrddin
Posted: Dec 31 2009, 01:05 PM

Arthur's Manservant
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member directory !

Say hello to our wonderful members. Here is the complete list of the KTMS family including the names of all their characters.
If you haven't been added and should have, let me know here or through PM and I'll add you immediately. smile.gif

Ali right here is
Betheine Greene
Clare Byrne
Cynuise Gylle

Brandy right here is
Mirabelle Lovell

Cal right here is
Calvin Cat

Char right here is
Kadeligh Sewell

Charlie right here is
Evaine Aylwin

Ciena right here is
Ciena Malvinius

Claire right here is
Alys Achard

Dante right here is
Aoilbhe Nc Lochlainn

Dave right here is
Elissa Vuronia

Emmy right here is
Elynor verch Hywel

Hannah right here is
Lily Culnor

Jamie right here is
Alec Clare

Jenn right here is
Adella Blackwood
Cai ap Breunor

Kate right here is
Lucan Byrne
Mary ap Cyneric

Keylee right here is
Sive Wright

Liv right here is
Lavina Aoccoth

Lou right here is
Gwenfyar-Teirbron Mawr

May right here is
Evelyn Gael

Marty right here is
Arthur Pendragon

Meg right here is
Grace Maher
Guy de Brose

Mikayla right here is
Alvarr Morr
Merlin Myrddin
Risn ni Ragin

Raine right here is
Seraphin Merwin

Randa right here is
Freya Nyneve

Rolo right here is
Kathleen Woodroofe

Rusty right here is
Morgause le Fey

Sarah right here is
Lucius Stark
Ruar Lochlainn

Stephanie right here is
Gwen Thomas
Rhia Lusk

Sukie right here is
Balin le Savage
Brigid ni Paor
Darach mac Braigh
Eunan Byrne
Morgana le Fey
Taliesin ap Cyneric
Taran Lusk
Tristan Kernow

Tracey right here is
Edward Roberts
Gaius Corwin
Kilgarrah (Dragon)

Vee right here is
Aidan Vastal
Edwin Farral
Elaisse Lusk
Erina Creston
Rowana Harvey

Whit right here is
Celta Meiru

Wicked right here is
Uther Pendragon


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