Keep the Magic Secret is an active BBC Merlin rp created October 22nd 2008. We follow the stories of the young Merlin and Arthur.

King Uther's mad; Morgana's missing and Merlin's keeping a deadly secret that threatens to rip a hole in the foundations of life at Camelot itself. But with druids rising against them; the Old Religion firmly back in full power and Kilgarrah roaming the skies above, how long will secrets last and will the world Albion has come to know crumble under the drumming of war?

Join as a Canon or an Original and join in a world of magic, danger, romance and so much more. With so many twists and turns, you'll find a story for everyone.

AU since series one. Check out our full plot for more information.

Enjoy and just don't forget to: KEEP THE MAGIC SECRET.

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Our rules and site information; such as plot and timelines.

This should be your first stop! Enjoy!

Documentations FAQ Plot Rules
21 7 May 15 2012, 12:24 AM
In: Last PostNewbie Guide
By: Merlin Myrddin
The Census
Everything you need to create a character is found here.

Application TemplateCanons Powers Pending
92 80 Jun 28 2012, 11:56 AM
In: Last PostNimueh Aleines
By: Nimueh-Aleines
The Royal Decrees
Staff notes and announcements can be found here!

21 38 Jul 18 2012, 08:33 PM
In: Last PostMoving News
By: Merlin Myrddin
The Royal Court
Have a suggestion or question about the site? Please post it here and we'll try and help as best we can!


18 103 Jun 25 2012, 11:40 AM
In: Last PostMoving Host
By: Merlin Myrddin
If you're not going to be around for a while, let us know in here. We'll miss you!
275 892 Jul 5 2012, 04:30 PM
In: Last PostHolidays!
By: Merlin Myrddin

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Extra Character stuff.
Everything character related that didn't fit into the Census.

BiosCharacter Requests Family Tree's Useful Info
9 106 Jun 6 2012, 06:15 AM
In: Last PostDruid Allies
By: Simeon Tucker

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Dark and vast, the Dungeons are a maze below the great Castle of Camelot. More than wretched souls lurk below the ground though, what secrets could the Pendragon's be hiding? Could it really be magic beneath the very heart of the realm?
4 35 Jan 26 2012, 09:22 AM
In: Last PostLight in the Dark
By: Kilgarrah
Dining Room
Whether grand feasts and balls or where the Royal family take their meals. The dining room is a great hall, wide and spacious. Behind the dining room are the large Kitchens where servants by the dozen rush back and forth to cook worthy meals to set before the King. And the entrance to the larger ballroom, when feasts require dancing and music and more room.
5 100 Feb 28 2012, 04:00 AM
In: Last PostFeast of the Moon
By: Morgause le Fey
Throne Room
The throne room is the heart of the castle. Three large thrones sit on the platform. The King centre with his Son to the right and the Lady Morgana to his left. This is where the court gathers for meetings and where civilians can gain council with their King.

Beware... This is also where judgement is held.
1 4 Mar 3 2011, 03:45 PM
In: Last PostMade of this
By: Morgana le Fey
The Room of Records
Here is where Geoffrey of Monmouth works. It is a library and source of all knowledge in Camelot. Books on wars, strategies for fighting, books in all lessons that the sons and daughters of noblemen are required to learn... and even the myths and legends can be found in this dusty room.
1 2 Aug 1 2011, 08:38 PM
In: Last PostDust Meeting
By: Aidan Vastel
Like the Dungeons below it, the corridors are a winding and breezy maze through the castle. Scurrying servants, marching Knights and noble men walk these halls. Learn your paths; it's easy to get lost.
21 266 Sep 12 2011, 05:04 PM
In: Last PostCareless
By: Rowena Harvey
Sleeping Quarters
The living quarters of all of the castle's residents can be found here. Each on different floors and wings and each as vast and luxurious as can be offered in Camelot. Only the best as befitting of Kings... Should be fortunate enough to be granted a night in the hospitality of the Pendragon's.
13 140 Oct 25 2011, 01:55 PM
In: Last PostThese dreams are dangerous
By: Merlin Myrddin

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The Courtyard
The courtyard is always bustling with life and is just inside the wall that separates the castle and its grounds from the towns closest to it. It is overlooked by the grand balcony that resides over the throne room. Here too is where executions and other punishments are held.
17 224 Jul 21 2012, 10:43 PM
In: Last PostKilgarrah's Sweet Revenge!
By: Alvarr Morr
Luscious green lawns stretch right around the castle, occasionally trees and blooms decorate the otherwise bare land here. Here used to be the playing grounds for Arthur and Morgana.

Toward the right side of the castle, are the training grounds for Knights and not far from that the competition platform where jousts and fights are held.
The water supply for Camelot can be found on the left side of the castle. It is locked tight and only a few have permission to access it.
36 484 Feb 7 2012, 07:16 PM
In: Last PostRespite
By: Kadeligh Sewell
The Court Physician's Chambers
Gaius, a Free Man of Camelot as named by the King, lives here within the castle walls, named court physician of Camelot he is a servant primarily to the King but works to secure the health of all of Camelot's citizens. A man with a kind heart, he does whatever he can even for those who cannot afford his services.
13 113 May 23 2012, 07:37 AM
In: Last PostDiscover & Dismay
By: Gaius Corwin
The Stables
The Royal horses are kept near to the castle. The Knights and high noblemen who live in the castle keep their horses here too. They are given the best care by men trained and paid well to keep the occupants of these stables fit and healthy and ready for battle.
14 136 Mar 11 2012, 12:54 AM
In: Last PostLooking for a spy (open)
By: Morgause le Fey

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Town Square
The town square is the beyond the walls of the castle. Everything from cloth to jewels to farming goods can be found here amongst market stalls. Theives, traders, nobles and peasents walk the market daily and there is usually trouble right around the corner.

You can also find the main water pump for the upper city here.
59 698 Jun 5 2012, 03:24 PM
In: Last PostBread and gold
By: Lily Culnor
For those that can afford the larger and better built houses closer to the castle and market, here is where you home does lie.
38 514 Nov 8 2011, 04:42 PM
In: Last PostSurprise, Surprise![Alec]
By: Mirabelle Lovell
Long, gravel covered streets that wind around Camelot's city are lit by high torches. By day the vibrant and well lived streets are full of energy and playing children. By Knight they are patrolled by Knights and con-men.
22 191 May 21 2012, 08:23 PM
In: Last PostFull Circle
By: Kadeligh Sewell
The Golden Arrow Inn and Guestrooms
The Golden Arrow Inn is the largest of the three pubs in Camelot. It boasts a dozen guest rooms, and sleeping quarters for the tavern girls. The only inn in the upper city, the Arrow is home to the nobler folk of Camelot and holds a heavy price for the 'accommodations' it offers: Whether it is ale, a room or a woman.
71 1,038 Jun 23 2012, 09:59 PM
In: Last PostMorgause Rents A Room (open)
By: Lily Culnor
The church has a higher role in Camelot now that the pagan gods and their Druids have been firmly thrust from Camelot's hearth. So whether you are here to visit a lost one in the grave or the crypt, or just to bare your soul to the waiting Priest, the Chapel takes up a large space in the upper town and is hard to miss.
18 210 Feb 4 2012, 05:48 AM
In: Last PostTired and Alone
By: Lucius Stark

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Talon's pub
Not known for its good hygiene or well brewed ale, the Talon is home to crooks and poor men alike. Unlike the other two pubs, the Talon has no rooms to hire but everything behind the grubby bar is as cheap as can be.
17 146 Feb 27 2012, 04:23 AM
In: Last PostWanting A Better Look (clos...
By: Morgause le Fey
The dirty, narrow streets lead into the lower city of Camelot, toward the homes of the poorer folk. These streets are never safe as Knights rarely patrol this far into town. The criminals of Camelot rule this part of town.
15 156 Jul 30 2012, 01:39 AM
In: Last PostOh hell no!
By: Lucius Stark
The Rising Sun
This pub is also frequented by the criminals and low life of Camelot. Be careful of your belongings, you can be sure the man next to you is a thief. The rooms here are cheaper than at the Arrow but the quality is terrible.
11 119 Jun 28 2012, 11:10 PM
In: Last PostFate
By: Lily Culnor
Not everyone can afford a good home but as long as you have a roof over your head, things are not too bad. These houses arent guarded by Knights however and the streets are dangerous. Be careful who you befriend in the lower streets of Camelot.
5 52 Apr 16 2012, 08:31 PM
In: Last PostLong time Coming
By: Betheine Greene

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Other Cities
The city around Camelot castle are not the only one under King Uther's reign. Here are the other cities and villages that make up Camelot.
15 210 Feb 6 2012, 09:41 AM
In: Last PostSunlight Lullaby
By: Elaisse Lusk
Forests and Lakes
The forests are full of beasts and druids and the lakes and rivers fast paced and deep. Danger lurks around the realm but life must always go on. Come here to fish and hunt or travel to other Kingdoms.
45 385 Sep 16 2012, 07:25 PM
In: Last PostRunning scared
By: Ruar Lochlainn
Open lands
The sweeping hills, mountains and land that must be crossed to find pastures new. Britain is vast, wild and full of danger but here is where quests are started and destiny made.
14 174 Apr 22 2012, 05:33 AM
In: Last PostNowhere To Hide
By: Ruar Lochlainn
Places of Magic
The Old Religion is defeated but not yet dead. It's reach is far greater than any Mortal King's. It is the earth, the air and the sea. It is everything that ever was and ever will be. These are the places where it's Priests and Priestesses do haunt.
3 0 Feb 27 2012, 02:07 AM
In: Last PostChecking On her Sister(open...
By: Morgause le Fey
Hadrian's Wall
Inn the North of Albion a great wall was built by Roman's who long since left, to devide two regions. That wall is guarded by the best Knight's from every Kingdom south of the Wall. That guard is on the verge of collapse...
7 51 Jan 2 2011, 10:11 AM
In: Last PostThe smell of blood
By: Edward Roberts

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Eunan and his wife Clare rule over Irick. They are newly formed allies with Camelot but their truce is one of not of will but of lack of choice. Unbeknownst to Uther, Irick boasts magicians, even allowing them into the court.
31 401 Dec 26 2011, 09:52 PM
In: Last PostBuds of May
By: Rowena Harvey
Cenred's Kingdom
The ruthless King Cenred cares little for his people. He is greedy for power and more land and is an enemy of Uther's. He holds an alliance with the Old Religion and Morgause, in hopes of destroying Camelot and taking it for himself.

Ealdor lies in the realm of Cenred.
2 17 May 13 2011, 05:36 AM
In: Last PostAlways on the Move
By: Celta Meiru
Cornwall are the long standing allies with Camelot. King Marke has even been known to send his own men to become Knights of Camelot, the Duke Gorlois an example of this.

Cornwall is where Morgana's first home is located.
0 0 --
In: ----
The Theodhilds hold the Kingdom of Bernincia. It is north of the wall and has begun banishing Magic in an attempt to gain favour with King Uther. It is their hope to become allies and save itself from any battles that may occur now the Druids have started war.
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In: ----
Across the sea, the Mawr's are rulers of Brittany. They have always been allied with Irick and now must join ranks with Camelot in order to protect the country from sinking under the might of the magical world.
1 0 Jan 25 2012, 01:49 AM
In: Last PostThe Inconstant Princess
By: Gwenfyar-Teirbron Mawr
The Kingdom of Merica is led by King Bayard. His almost treaty with Camelot led him to be falsy accused of trying to murder Arthur and as such, he is bitter and resentful of the Kingdom and is once again planning battles against Uther.
0 0 --
In: ----

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Merlin and other shows
Have to share thoughts? Discuss a new spoiler or a character? Here's the place.

Just remember, put spoiler warnings in if they're needed, some people are behind on the show.

44 407 Jun 23 2012, 11:33 PM
By: Lily Culnor
General Chat
The people behind the characters. All non-Merlin related topics can be found in here.
57 534 Jul 2 2012, 11:03 PM
By: Merlin Myrddin
No one needs to be serious all the time. Join in with some silly games to pass the time.
42 2,893 Apr 6 2012, 03:55 PM
In: Last PostThe BAN
By: Merlin Myrddin
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899 16 Jul 27 2012, 10:49 PM
In: Last PostA War of Kings - Looking fo...
By: Aneira of Avaria

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