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 Ward #29 [8/6/17], P.A. #1 Con. - AJ Flare & Robert Saints
Posted: Jul 31 2017, 10:50 PM


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The scene opens in the Carribean Islands nearly two months ago. A couple is in one of the hotel beach huts. A Brunette woman lays on the bed, wearing a red two piece bikini. A male sits at the foot of the bed, wearing black shorts and a white tank top, massaging the woman's bare feet.

"So who was on the phone?"

The woman looks a little confused.

"What do you mean?"

She shifts her feet letting out a chuckle.

"Quit, that tickles."

Kris let's go of her feet and looks at his wife.

"Relax, Abby... I'm not jealous. Just curious. You never told me who was on the phone before I walked back to you earlier."

Abby gives some thought to his question, then nods as she recalls.

"Right... just Kelly."

Kris gives a slight nod.

"What'd you two girls talk about?"

"Nosey much?"

Kris chuckles and shrugs.

"I'm just kidding. She was telling me about Christy's new company and asked if I was going to join it."

Kris gives a slight nod.

"So back to work after the honeymoon then?"

"Possibly, but not in Christy's company."

Kris cocks an eyebrow.

"What have you got against my Aunt?"


Kris chuckles.

"I'm joking... I get it, you don't want her to give you favoritism, and when she obviously won't knowing her... you don't want people to think she did. I get it."


"You know you well, babe. Back to LAW, it is then?"

"How the heck..."

"Like I said..."

"Yea, yea."

Kris walks around to the side of the bed giving Abby a kiss on the lips. As he starts to sit down on the side of the bed, his cell phone begins going off on the end table. He looks over at the phone then back to Abby. She chuckles and waves her hand.

"Go ahead."

Kris picks the phone up, pushing the button he puts it up to his ear.

"I don't know who this is, but this really isn't a good..."

Kris looks intrigued as he hears the other end.


Abby sits up, not a name she expected to hear. Kris lets Eli speak on the other end before giving a nod.

"Yea, I'm very surprised to be hearing from you, that's putting it mildly."

Eli speaks on the other end as Kris listens before responding.

"Job offer? With you? I don't know I mean..."

Kris nods.

"It's a lot to get over."

Kris listens again and nods once more.

"I'm sure you are ready to explain that to me."

He glances over to Abby before saying the next part.

"But like I was going to say, not really a good time... I'm on my honeymoon."

Kris looks a little surprised but nods.

"Thank you, I guess. Look I'll meet up with you when I get back, alright?"

Eli seems to respond as Kris listens again.

"Sounds good, see you then. By the way, how'd you get my number?"

Kris waits a moment but doesn't seem to be getting a response.


Seems Eli has already hung up as Kris shrugs and puts his phone back down.

"What was that about?"

"Seems I might be getting a job too when we get back."

"About time, I been your sugar mama for too long you know?"

Kris looks over to his smiling wife.

"Very funny."

"Seriously though, with Eli?"

"Seems like."

"Are you sure you can trust him... I mean what about what he did with Alyssa?"

Kris nods.

"He asked to be given a chance to explain that when we meet up."

He shrugs waving it off.

"But forget that, we'll deal with potential work when we get home. This is our honeymoon... it's time we started acting like it."

Abby chuckles and waves him on.

"Come on, then."

Kris leans over caressing and kissing Abby as the scene fades out.

user posted image

It's late evening as Kris Chaos stands on the sidewalk outside a large unknown building at this time. Wearing black jeans and a black trench coat over a black shirt he stands with his head down and his hands in his pockets.

"So it's on all your minds. Who am I? Who am I really? I'm more than just Eli's muscle, right? I'm not Eli's bitch... as some might try to say."

He chuckles shaking his head.

"Me, I'm a man who has lived in shadows his whole career."

Looking up he raises up his hands slightly in his jacket pockets.

"Fitting get-up, ya think? That's not why I wear it... because I will not be in those shadows anymore, not here. I am the bastard son of a true bastard, both literally and figuratively. Bastard he might be, but he was also a 5x World Champion and Hall of Famer. His sister, who would obviously be my Aunt by technicality... she's a two-time world champion in her own right and held the Women's Championship for 398 Days, in a company that defended it every 30 days at the least... say what you want. Hall of Famer in her own right. Then there's my new wife. Undoubtedly the greatest to ever step foot in the company's Women's Division. Don't take my word for it, I'm not biased... the facts are there. Oh and yes, Hall of Famer as well."

Rubbing his hand over his mouth for a moment he gives a slight nod.

"I don't bring all that up to put anyone over, especially not myself. I'm just wanting you to truly understand the shadows that were cast over me. It was alot to live up to, don't you think? A lot of pressure... not that I couldn't handle the pressure, trust me, I could. I just didn't want to."

Shaking his head for added emphasis he continues.

"I didn't want to make my rise... just for everyone to say I was only doing it because I was living off my family name. I didn't want to bust my ass to win the World Championship... just for everyone to say I was just being pushed so they could hype me and Abby as a power couple."

He brushes a hand through his hair.

"So I left that company. It's gone now, but still, I sat and I waited. Waiting for my chance to shine, waiting for a place I can go, where those names have never even been heard of... until just now."

Making a gesture with his right hand he mocks a phone.

"That's when Eli gave me a call."

He puts his hand back down and nods.

"For that, I thank him. For that, I can make my own name. Other than him, I'm all on my own. I have his back and he has mine... but no one can claim I'm living off of my family's legacy... no one can claim I'm feeding off of my own wife's popularity. I'm going to make my OWN name... my OWN legacy."

Rubbing his hands together he keeps looking at the camera.

"And it starts on August 6th at Ward 29 when I take on AJ Flare and Randy Or...., sorry, I mean Robert Saints."

He chuckles lightly shaking his head as he sits down on the bench behind him.

"I'll get to you in a minute, Robert... believe me, I will... but first, there's AJ Flare. I could make the joke that your name sounds like the sick offspring of AJ Lee and Ric Flair."

He shutters shaking his head.

"As gross as that is... that would be an insult to both of them, wouldn't it? I've seen you in the ring kid... trust me that is a massive insult to the both of them. I've seen trash before, believe me... but you're not even that... I would be hard pressed to even call you the maggots that cover the trash."

Shaking his head slowly in disgust he continues.

"You don't impress me one bit, kid. I wish I could say there's a sliver of respect I had for you, that you could possibly win this match... but I'd be lying to you. You seem to only be effective when your opponent lets you win. Trust me, kid, that's not in my blood. Better luck next time, sport."

Rubbing his chin for a moment he thinks he wants to begin to address the other opponent.

"Then there's Robert. It's too easy to attack you. It truly is. As trash as AJ may be... at least he is his own personal trash. What does that make you? Ripped off Trash? Yea, I think your wife missed one, I'm sure you're an Apex Predator too, right? It's pathetic man... it really is. I am a lot of things, but I am my own man. I'm not The Man of Steel... I'm not The Blur... I'm not a Savior... I'm just Kris Chaos... The Real Legacy. You know all about that too though, right? I wouldn't be surprised if you have a couple buddies running around here ripping off Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibase Jr."

He stands back up sighing a little as he does.

"If you're going to come at me... at least be worth my time. I mean seriously I don't even know what to say about you, that isn't such an easy target. If I wanted to face Randy Orton... I would have signed a contract with the WWE. I am not too threatened about facing his #1 fan boy. So try as you might to hit me with an RKO... or whatever you call your finisher that is probably the exact same thing. You will fail, you will fall flat on your face. You will be exposed for the trash, that you really are."

He gives a stern shake of his head.

"I think you get it now... I'm not just here to back Eli up. I'm here to shake things up. I'm REAL. I'm not an imitation... I'm not a Joke. I'm the future of this industry. To guys like you two, I'm just simply your worst nightmare. Someone you can only wish to be in your most precious of dreams. To Puppet Master, be ready to have those strings cut, man. I'm coming. Don't even bother watching this match, unless you want to learn a little more about me. Cause who's winning... who's going to be taking your title off your hands... it's obviously not a joke like AJ Flare... it's certainly not a former member of Evolution...."

Chuckling he waves that last bit off with his hand.

"You know who I mean... It's not going to be... it's going to be Kris Chaos... The REAL LEGACY."

Kris walks off as the camera follows him for a moment before panning up to reveal the sign "North Shore Medical Center" from Salem Massachusetts. Focusing on the sign for a moment the camera pans to the black sky before fading out.
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