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 ShowDown [10/5/17], Tag: w/ Alessandro vs The Order
Posted: Oct 11 2017, 09:35 PM


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Posted: Oct 11 2017, 10:02 PM


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"Christy Chaos & Alessandro Quagliaterre. EWE Hall of Famers, a combined 5x EWE Undisputed Champions. Together again, for one night only."

"Aye reorynion lick nuw oawter!"

Christy looks over at Alessandro and forces a smile. She then looks over and notices a baseball bat laying against the wall. Making a gesture towards the bat she looks at Alessandro.

"Can I smack you over the head with that?"

Alessandro's mouth drops agape.

"Eye knuwo wii jave ar chacce pisstury, pit wiioar portnuurs roohoot naow. Waeye duhoo jew wahunte tru peetruhay miye peefour thhuhe mmutch evon sttaorts?"

She quickly shakes her head.

"No, I mean... I've seen it in movies, you hit someone hard enough over the head, they become normal again."

"Jew dohont phtink Eyeham knoremole?"

"Well to be fair you've never..." {Trailing off as she looks at him, before waving it off.}

"Forget it."

Alessandro shrugs.

"So one night only, we reunite... granted it doesn't have to be one night only, if you take me up on my offer."

"Jew Riley onete mii tu joyen farygown?"

"Of course. Phase Two, Cross-Fed."

"Whut dhoo phhe otthurs phhink? Whurt abeowet Chack?"

"He especially does, he told me to ask you as soon as he found out I was coming here, even though I was already planning on it."

"Bhut Jew jist jhoynud dem lahast wuheeek."

"Honey, that's why I said I deserve an oscar. That was all an act... I was part of that group... before it even had a name."

Alessandro nods, putting it all into consideration.

"You keep thinking about that, for now." {Turning to look at the camera.}

"Now I must address our opponents on ShowDown. I know on paper these guys may expect to have a clear cut advantage. They are a team, a unit... and we are just randomly thrown together."

Christy looks to Alessandro and smirks as she shakes her head and looks back to the camera.

"We may not of asked for this match, but we are certainly no strangers. I don't even mean the fact we used to work for the same company, that we just know OF eachother from there. It's deeper than that. Style & Pride... Bed n Breakfast..."

"Wii dun sayd bat won."

Christy smirks and nods.

"Yes I know... but also there was The Industry."

"Cat Phurcing Q bhall."

Christy shrugs.

"The point is, we have a history... we know eachother quite well. We may not have a fancy little name like you boys, but it's not going to stop us from getting the job done, like we usually do. Gary, Phantom... The Order as you are collectively known. The thoughts and illusions that you are favorites, that you have the advantage, because you are a true team... you can forget about that, you're the underdogs, despite being an actual team. Nevermind the fact my partner could probably beat the two of you in a handicap without me after all his history with you idiots."

"Jew Nahoe Eye Cuhood thuhey chuck pick..."

Christy cuts him off by putting her hand up.

"Slow down. You had your turn... well Finn did for you, by the way love that he had to bring up my loss to his sister..."


"Point is, this is my turn now." Alessandro shrugs while Christy turns back and goes back to work.

"Speaking of that last match, I do find it funny my opponent last time claimed she would be the Order to tame my Chaos... and now I'm facing a team who actually does call themselves The Order. How bout that for a bit of irony?" {Chuckles and shakes head.}

"Don't expect the same result, however. I mean seriously, these two have been here for nearly two years. You're getting pretty close there, boys... and you have absolutely nothing to show for it. I heard of bad runs, I've lived them, but when I look over your failures, its not even usually that close."

She shakes her head.

"Doesn't it grind your gears to know that people come in here and accomplish more in 2 months than you have in almost 2 years? I know it would infuriate me, but really you have only yourselves to blame. You have to elevate yourselves. You are given a great chance right now to do that... a 2x World Champion that is my partner. Big enough right there, with just what you know. If you knew what the two of has have both done all together... you would know how even bigger of an accomplishment knocking us off would be."

"Dhont chaoke thuhey cuhant du mat."

"I know they can't. They can try as they please, but they won't. It would be a big feet is all I am saying... one that could turn their luck around. Just of course, it's not going to happen. I mean taking a closer look at these two... well I won't get into the team manager stealing his name from an actual great from another sport, nothing he or his team can even remotely relate to." {Rolling her eyes before waving it off.}

"The actual team here, though. First off Gary Black just reminds me of someone else with his name. Someone else who I have beaten before, but I'm not going to insult them. Looking at you, it would be a slap in their face to compare you two. I may have beaten him, but he's still much better than you from what I can see. But The Souless King shouldn't be mocked, what is wrong with me? I can't mock you, you're the Souless King... you're Blackout... you're a creepy rich goth. You're so threatening and dangerous, despite the fact you have better luck knocking out weak and untrained crew workers than actual trained competitors."

She chuckles and shakes her head.

"I've seen the type so many times before. So big and bad, so intimidating, or at least they try to be... by taking out the weak to send their message. These people are nothing more than cowards and so is Gary. You can't get the job done in the ring against a real athlete and you expect someone to worry about you taking out someone who isn't even capable. Hell from what I gather, I wouldn't even be surprised if you had to pay him off to pretend like you did it. I mean seriously, you couldn't even beat Harvey Lux and you expect anyone to buy any of that?"

She sighs shaking her head as Alessandro mimmicks her for no reason, which she doesn't notice.

"Whatever, I'll give the benefit of the doubt I guess. At least, I'll try to. I mean he is under the false assumption that I've been here before, which can only mean he has prepared for the wrong opponent. This is only the 3rd match I will have had in this company. Sorry Gary, not everybody can sign nearly 2 years ago and still hardly be noteworthy. That's you and your buddy's schtick, not mine." {Gives a soft wink.}

"Speaking of, then you have Phantom... The real cliche'. This big giant monster that should worry little ol me. I mean he towers me, nearly two feet taller, while weighing three of me. That should geniunly worry me, right? I mean he can snap me in half in a matter of seconds... but then, he couldn't seem to do that to Kat, could he?"

She rolls her eyes.

"Kat is nothing to mock, but for someone your size it proves my point. It's not about how big you are, buddy. If you don't have to talent to back it up... you may as well be a little kitten. Which you practically are. But see, I don't even want to go over your failures one by one... I don't want to sit here and trash the two of you, becaue quite frankly you do a good job of doing that to yourselves. I rather talk about myself. Despite what Gary seemed to mistake, this is only my 3rd match in this company. I have an even record and with the help of my long time friend here..."

"Whut? Nuhot Alray Freynds."

She ignores that and keeps talking.

"I am about to increase it to 2 and 1. Hats off to Elena, though. My only defeat in this company belongs to her and her great efforts. It shall remain that way for awhile. I vow to that. I'm certainly not dropping to a couple jokes like you clowns. Either one of us could beat you both in a handicap... you guys are aware of that, right? The fact that we're together, though. That just spells disaster for the both of you. Come hard, come fast... but you will fall all the same. In the end the only thing really left to say..."


Christy chuckles and shakes her head.

"You really had to bring that one back, huh?"

She shrugs before looking back to the camera.

"Gary Black... Blackout... The Souless King... Phantom... The Killing Machine... The Order... I don't care about any of that, it doesn't matter what you two want to be called. Come ShowDown you'll be only one thing... Just two more..."


Christy cocks an eyebrow for a moment before throwing her hands up.

"Whatever, it's Bedtime then."

"Eye dunte oneuih hoe tu schlip."

Christy throws her arms up and walks out.

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