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 WrestleMania 12 [5/29/16], Singles Match - Angela Fortin
Posted: Jun 10 2017, 04:52 PM


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Posted: Jun 10 2017, 04:53 PM


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Here We Are... Another Big Event... another Match for my Client, Brock Lesnar. My Client should be in the Main Event of this Pay Per View. I know you think I'm bitter for saying that, but I only speak the truth. If not for Goldberg and Ceno's interference, Syd Vicious would not of won that match, and the woman never gave my client a one on one rematch. Fear I assume. Regardless of that, we will deal with another woman who bothers me. A Woman who has had her chances, had her opportunities, yet has the audacity to claim she deserves it more than My Client. Miss Fortin, you are sorely mistaken.

:: May 29th, 2016 ::

-|- The scene is set, but all we see is a wall. The camera stares at that wall for a moment or two, when the sound of a throat being cleared breaks our attention. The man that sound came from walks into the shot in front of the wall, wearing a slick suit, it's pretty obvious who it is. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "Ladies and Gentlemen."

-|- He places a hand over his chest. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "My Name, is Paul Heyman."

-|- Beaming a big grin he continues to speak. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "I am not only the manager of the first ever Miss Rumble Winner, and soon to be 2016 Miss Lady's Choice, Michelle McCool. I am also the Advocate of the Man who conquered The Streak of Streaks... The Mayor of Suplex City... The UNDEFEATED BEAST... INCARNATE... BAAAROCK.... LESNAR!!!"

-|- Right as Heyman says that last part, the wall behind him crumbles as Brock steps through. Cracking his knuckles he stands next to a beaming Heyman. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "This is a grand night... but it is also a scary night. WresteMania, is the show of shows. The grandest Stage of them All... A Spectacle like no other. My client is about to make his WrestleMania Debut here in Extreme Wrestling Entertainment... but that is not what worries me."

-|- Heyman shakes his head as Brock continues to rub his hands together. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "WrestleMania... New Orleans... Undefeated... Do you see why that concerns me? My Client ought to know better than anyone how bad this night could be with those three factors. We have to be very careful, not to let history repeat itself, in a opposite way."

-|- Lesnar shakes his head. -|-

Brock Lesnar: "It's not going to happen, Paul."

-|- Heyman looks over as Brock said that. -|-

Brock Lesnar: "I'm not going to lose tonight. I'm not worried about a little girl."

-|- Heyman chuckles and nods as he turns back to the camera. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "My client makes a great point. I don't know why I let supersticions and bad omens get me worried. Sure One Undefeated Streak may have came to an end at a WrestleMania in New Orleans... But Miss Fortin is obviously NOT... Brock Lesnar."

-|- Lesnar shakes his head as Heyman shrugs. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "My Client is right too, Miss Fortin. You really are just a little girl. A Little girl with a chip on her shoulder. A Little Girl that is tired of being held back, tired of being screwed over."

-|- Heyman shakes his head. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "I'm quoting her, of course. I disagree, of course. The only screwjob around here, the only one being held back... is my Client, and him not recieving HIS rightful shot. That's the difference between you and Brock, sweetheart. You've had your chance... twice... and you've failed to get the job done... twice. My client, he's never been given his opportunity... but I assure you, If and when he does... that one shot, is all he will need. His undefeated Record, proves that."

-|- Heyman smirks as he continues. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "You see Miss Fortin, that's the difference between you two. He really has been held back, he really has been overlooked for his rightful championship opportunity. He doesn't falsly claim to be. He doesn't claim to be screwed over. He actually was screwed over, in the Rumble. It was right there for the world to see with their own eyes... not wild conspiracy theories you have no hard evidence to back up."

-|- Heyman looks to Lesnar who cracks his neck. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "He doesn't need that, because he knows if and when his opportunity ever finally comes, EXACTLY what will happen."

Brock Lesnar: "I would Break Christy Chaos in half."

-|- Heyman nods. -|-

Brock Lesnar: "I would destroy Syd Vicious."

-|- Heyman nods again. -|-

Brock Lesnar: "I would Retire Jack Michaels."

-|- Heyman smirks nodding one more time. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "And that is exactly why he has been overlooked. That is exactly why he has not been given that chance. Because they wouldn't want that happening to any of them. They are too big of a draw for this company aren't they?"

-|- Heyman shrugs with a cocky grin on his face. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "The point is, he would take them out, either of them. It's only a matter of getting that chance, that they refuse to give him. No matter who he beats, no matter who he destroys. Like you, for example. See let me clear up something. People didn't understand why I said you was in his way, it's simple though, really. You claim to deserve a shot at that championship. Despite you've had one, you've had two. It's not our fault, you failed... it's not our fault, you claim to be screwed."

-|- Lesnar shakes his head as Heyman continues. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "That is how you are in our way, Miss Fortin. You think you deserve the opportunity before my client, and quite frankly, you are delusional. He has gone through every obstacle placed in front of him. The only reason he did not win the Rumble, is because of a sore loser attacking him, and a jealous moron distracting him. It took three people to eliminate Brock Lesnar in the Rumble Match, otherwise they would of had no other choice than to give him his deserved title shot here at WrestleMania."

-|- Lesnar sneers shaking his head. -|-

Paul E. Heyman: "Whatever the case, we'll make a point out of you. We'll teach you a lesson you deserve. We will show you that you do not deserve the next opportunity... he does."

Brock Lesnar: "Pit Viper..."

-|- Lesnar cracks his neck before clamping his hands together. -|-

Brock Lesnar: "Welcome, To Suplex City."

-|- Lesnar walks off as Heyman smirks and nods before following him as the scene fades. -|-

:: End RolePlay ::

Name: Brock Lesnar
Handler: JAY
HomeTown: Minneapolis, MN
Theme: "Next Big Thing" (Remix) by Jim Johnston
Allies: Paul Heyman
Enemies: Everyone Else
EWE Career Record
Win: 05
Lose: 00
Draw: 00

Singles Record
Win: 05
Lose: 00
Draw: 00

Tag Record
Win: 00
Lose: 00
Draw: 00

Current: 5 Consecutive Victories
Best: 5 Consecutive Victories
Worst: n/a

Date: 5/29/16
Event: WrestleMania 12
Opponent(s): Angela Fortin
Stipulation: Standard Match
At Stake: Streak

#1 Rper: x2

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