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 Monday Night Chaos #212 [5/2/16], MITB Qualifier Street Fight - Khaos
Posted: May 3 2016, 11:16 PM


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Posted: May 3 2016, 11:17 PM


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{The Cameras open staring at the floor. Slowly the camera comes up, revealing a face shot of Roman Reigns.}

Roman: Yea I know... I know. I don't want to hear it. This is expected of me, this is cliche', save it for someone who cares.

{He slowly shakes his head, along with shaking the camera to illustrate his point more.}

Roman: Believe me, I don't. Why should I? I got my ass kicked by Alessandro... I got my ass kicked more by Khaos afterwards. The same man who put Seth on the shelf.

{Roman clutches his fist, slowly shaking his head.}

Roman: Khaos, boy I don't know who the hell you think you are. This is getting old. You continue to dig yourself in my business. You must WANT me to hurt you. You cost me the Rumble... I'm surprised you didn't cost me the Tag Team Championships.

{He slowly shakes his head.}

Roman: But, you did the next best thing... you costed me my partner, instead. You continue to come after me, like last week after Alessandro had already put a hurting on my ass.

{He shakes his head again with a sigh.}

Roman: But you keep on coming after me, for what? Because Michael told you to? Take it from someone who knows, you shouldn't always listen to him. You shouldn't trust that man. The moment one thing doesn't go his way, he will turn his back on you. That's why he has you coming after me... he told you me and Seth turned our backs on him right? I speared his ass in half, and he hasn't appeared on Chaos since.

{Roman chuckles about that little fact.}

Roman: Here's the reality though, Khaos. We didn't turn on him... he blamed us, for Dean turning on us... he blamed us, because Dean's actions were the final nail in the Industry's coffin... because obviously we weren't going to just stand there and take Jensen's Sh*t. If that's such a crime, then consider me guilty... make me pay Khaos... if you can.

{He tights his fist up looking at it.}

Roman: Obviously this is about far more than a Money in the Bank Qualifier... that is just a door prize. When me and you go to war in that Street Fight. I get to finally pluck the thorn out of my side, once and for all. I get to dish out Justice to the same man who put my partner on the shelf.

{He slowly shakes his head before giving one slight nod.}

Roman: You're going to regret that, Khaos. You going to rue the day you ever crossed my path. Unlike you these last few attempts... I'm going to FINISH you off. Then I will be the one going to WrestleMania... I will be in Money in the Bank.

{He chuckles rubbing his chin.}

Roman: I haven't thought much about getting that briefcase... really I don't care if I get it or not. If I'm in that match, I can assure you all, it will not be to become Mr. Money in the Bank.... it will be merely to see to it personally, a certain someone else doesn't. I know how bad he wants it. He is hell bent on winning that match, and has been bold enough to threaten both the Champion and the #1 contender, that he's going to cash-in the same night he wins it.

{He chuckles again shaking his head.}

Roman: I got news for ya Dean... if I qualify... you can forget about even TOUCHING that briefcase. You thought I was done with you at The Rumble? You thought I did enough? I told you... I'm going to continue to hold you back... I win this match, you can forget about winning Money in the Bank... I'm going to PERSONALLY ruin those chances for you. I may not be Mr. Money in the Bank... but I can guarantee you... neither will Dean Ambrose.

{He chuckles again nodding his head.}

Roman: Khaos... consider that an added bonus for whooping your ass tonight. I'm going to put an end to you once and for all... and I'm going to once again HOLD Dean Back, at WrestleMania.

{He pulls the camera in close before shouting into it.}


{He drops the camera and just like that, the scene cuts.}
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