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 Money in the Bank [8/20/17], Hardcore Championship - Jimmy Havoc
Posted: Aug 19 2017, 06:20 PM


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Posted: Aug 19 2017, 06:20 PM


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Name: Dean Ambrose
Handler: Jay
HomeTown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Theme: "Retaliation" by CFO$
Allies: Me, Myself, & Irene
Enemies: n/a

Career Record
(Not Dean's, Not Mine, Mine AS Dean)

Win: 25
Lose: 14
Draw: 02

Singles Record
Win: 22
Lose: 12
Draw: 01

Tag Record
Win: 03
Lose: 02
Draw: 01

Current: 1 Consecutive Defeat
Best: 10 Consecutive Victories
Worst: 4 Consecutive Defeats

WWE 17 Record
Win: 00
Lose: 00
Draw: 00

Singles Record
Win: 00
Lose: 00
Draw: 00

Tag Record
Win: 00
Lose: 00
Draw: 00

Current: n/a
Best: n/a
Worst: n/a

Date: 8/20/17
Event: WWE Money in the Bank
Opponent(s): Jimmy Havoc
Stipulation: Hardcore Match
At Stake: WWE Hardcore Championship
(Same Story)
1x EWE All American Champion -FINAL-
1x EWE International Champion -FINAL-
Longest Reigning EWE International Champion -139 Days-

EWE Superstar of the Week (6/24/15)
EWE Superstar of the Month (June 2015)
EWE Superstar of the Week (8/3/15)
EWE Superstar of the Week (10/21/15)
EWE Superstar of the Week (10/28/15)
EWE Superstar of the Month (October 2015)
EWE Superstar of the Month (November 2015)
EWE Superstar of the Month (March 2016)

2014 EWE King of Xtreme Quarter Finalist
2015 EWE King of Xtreme Finalist

Adam Rose
Alessandro Quagliaterre
Android 18
Benjamin Ryan
Big E
Bray Wyatt (x2)
Cliff Morgan
Corey Graves
Damien Sandow (x3)
Drew McIntyre (x2)
Erick Rowan (x2)
Heath Slater (x2)
Jack Michaels
Jinder Mahal
Joker Eli
Kelsi Parr (x2)
Leo Kat (x2)
Leon Cashmere
Luke Harper
Tate Jaxson
Thunder Dragon
White Tiger

It has been quite some time since I have done this. Excluding what may of happened within this Fed in the past, is obviously irrelevant. The last time this Dean was in action, was May 29th 2016 on the EWE's Final Pay Per View, WrestleMania 12. He had a failed attempt at becoming the 2016 Mr. Money in the Bank, which would of been a moot match to win anyways, as stated it was the final event in the company's history. That not withstanding, it is the last real event THIS Dean Ambrose had taken place in. Now he has come back to his roots, though. Forget Extreme Wrestling Entertainment where half the opponents the world... the other half only those who was there knows. This is the big dance, everybody knows everybody... or so, that's how it should work... is it really though? This can be played one of two ways... I can respect the history, but shit on someone else by stealing credit for what they have done before me... or I can ignore it, which others might see as the actual form of shitting on them. I do not know the history of this particular place, or my own character within this place... I only know my own history with this character... that is obviously, the easier path to run with. Yea I broke the wall there by the way, I tend to do that in a recap sometimes, deal with it. Back to the point at hand, Jimmy Havoc won't have to deal with that, but he will have to deal with Dean Ambrose... a Hardcore Match for the vacant Hardcore Championship. Hell of a way to get started I'll admit... and while some would be offended that they are the opening match, new or not... I find it to be quite the opposite as will be addressed in the promo you are about to view. That all aside enough messing around, let's get to business... lets get Money in the Bank set off the right way... Jimmy Havoc... MEET DEAN AMBROSE.

-SCENE ONE: All I want for Christmas-

[- The cameras fade in on a dark alley in the midst of St. Louis. It is ominous how quiet the scene at first, but that silence is soon broken when a singing voice is heard. -]

Dean Ambrose(Singing) "I just want you for my own."

[- The voice is recognizable, but he still can not be seen, only heard. -]

Dean Ambrose(Singing) "More than you could ever know."

[- Still no sign of where the voice is coming from, but it can be heard. -]

Dean Ambrose(Singing) "Make my wish come true."

[- Finally Dean steps out of the shadows into the dim light, now exposed to the camera. -]

Dean Ambrose(Singing) "All I want for Christmas..."

[- He gives a smirk to the camera. -]

Dean Ambrose(Singing) "Is You."

[- Brushing a hand through his short hair he gives a slight chuckle. -]

Dean Ambrose "I know... it's August. I've not completely fallen off the reservation. Money in the Bank may be in August... but it's Christmas to me, and all I want... is that Hardcore Championship."

~That's not True, We want more than that.~

Dean Ambrose "All I want right now at least. Do I want that WWE World Championship at some point? OBVIOUSLY."

~Not to mention the Universal.~

Dean Ambrose "No, that Championship is an ugly piece of trash, not even I could redeem."

[- After the slight disagreement with himself, he shakes his head -]

Dean Ambrose "The point is... My first match or first match back, depending who you ask and I have been given a championship match... how can I argue with that?"

~The Hardcore Championship to boot.~

Dean Ambrose "A Championship that is right up my alley. My environment... my World. Yes, Money in the Bank will be Christmas."

~Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, though.~

[- Dean nods in agreement. -]

Dean Ambrose "Before I get into that, though. I need to set something straight. Something Jimmy needs to know... Marty needs to know... and any other body laid in front of me, needs to know."

~That they will be BROKEN and SHATTERED!~

Dean Ambrose "That too. What you all need to realize, get in your skulls before I bash it in of course. Everything you know about me... everything you THINK you know about Dean Ambrose... yea I know it's in there, you have these thoughts stored securely in your mind. You need to take it."

[- Dean mocks with his right hand holding something in his hand, then flicks it away. -]

Dean Ambrose "Get rid of it. You don't know ME. You don't know me at all. What I've done on THE Grand Stage in the past... sure it's there... but I don't care about it, why should you? Everything I may have done right HERE, in THIS Fe....Era. I don't remember it, I won't look it up... because quite frankly I DON'T CARE!"

[- He cracks his neck slightly before starting to fidget. -]

Dean Ambrose "Whatever you want to claim I did in the past here... go for it. Whatever Failures I may have had in the past... makes no bit of difference to me. Use it as you will, Just don't expect me to be a pawn in your little game. Marty, I'm talking to you. I don't care how many times you beat 'me' in the past... as far as I'm concerned, we've never even met."

~But that's not true, is it?~

Dean Ambrose "I DON'T CARE! Forget everything I did in this company... because I sure have. I don't care about my reign as WWE World Champion.... I feel like I never held it. The moment I signed... or re-signed that contract... is the moment I hit the reset button on this company. Call me cheap, call me a coward... I DON'T CARE!"

[- He pulling at his hair slightly he begins tapping his finger on his head. -]

Dean Ambrose "The fact of the matter... the former... let's call them personalities... of me, that used to be here.... they don't hold a candle to ME. So Marty... if and when we meet. I don't care how many times you THINK you've beaten me... as far as I recall... you never have."

~And he never will~

Dean Ambrose "NEVER!"

[- Shaking his head a moment he takes a breath and calms himself down. -]

Dean Ambrose "But that is for another time. I have cleared the air, now it's time to get back to the holiday spirit... back to my Christmas Present of the Hardcore Championship. Jimmy Havok will try and by my Grinch to steal it away from me, but I'm not going to let him."

~I'll slap the taste out of that green bastard!~

Dean Ambrose "I know this match is up your alley too. You are some sort of Hardcore Lunatic... That's why they did this, that's why they put us together in this match. They know it will sell tickets. We'll see if you live up to the hype, because I know I'm sure going to enjoy finding out first hand."

~He doesn't want to be known as THAT guy, though.~

Dean Ambrose "He's lucky they know him at all. The guy wouldn't even be on my radar if they hadn't put us together, I'll admit. I don't know you... I don't care to know you, other than seeing what your blood looks like."

[- He smirks slightly thinking about it, then waves it off. -]

Dean Ambrose "I have an issue with your whole spiel, though. You want us to take you seriously, that you are a real competitor, more than just a hardcore crazed bastard... but a real wrestler. How can we do that?"


Dean Ambrose "You don't even know how this world operates... you complain that you're not in the Main Event or the Money in the Bank match itself... I'll give you that. But how the HELL can you CLAIM to be a competitor or a real WRESTLER then turn around and bitch about being booked in the opening match? That that somehow makes our match not as important?"

~Tisk Tisk Tisk... He doesn't even know the Rulllleeesss.~

Dean Ambrose "The Main Event may be what brings the fans to the show and has them tune in. Any real COMPETITOR... any real WRESTLER... will tell you, the opening match is still very important to the show. Its importance isn't far behind the Main Event and main attractions... What you don't seem to understand or realize, like the complete idiot you are... WE SET THE TONE FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW."

[- Dean shakes his head, disgust on his face for his opponent's lack of understanding how the business works and yet claims he deserves to be in the prime of it. -]

Dean Ambrose "We set the table. Money in the Bank will succeed... or Fail... because of US. WE are the ones who will hook the fans in and hype them up for a wild ride after we tear the roof off right out of the gate... or WE are the ones who will send the fans packing, unable to stomach even waiting for the match they tuned in for.... because we put them to sleep."

~Such a True Student of this Game he is.~

Dean Ambrose "Don't claim to be something, you are not. Don't claim to be a real competitor... without even knowing that basic concept. Why should I be surprised, though? This is coming from the same guy who claims I am nothing like him, then turns around and calls himself Main Event Caliber."

~He is right, though, he's not anything like us.~

Dean Ambrose "We ARE nothing alike... because you're NOT Main Event Caliber material... and I am. You don't even understand the basic concepts... stick to what you know, kid. Lucky for you, this match type, is exactly that. Unlucky for you, it's against me, so still not going to be your night. I am the real pinnacle of this sport... you just don't know it yet. I have been to the promise land."

~Oh what a beautiful place it was.~

Dean Ambrose "I have been to the mountain top... No, I'm not referring to here. I hit the reset button, remember?"


Dean Ambrose "I have seen and been in the ring with talent, you would not even begin to fathom. You have shown me and the world... you would not last 5 minutes with the likes of which I have gone to War with... and a lot of times... come out on top. Again, though Jimmy... you're making that same mistake I started with... FORGET the Dean Ambrose you THINK you know... because he's not here. He left... and I have returned in his place. I'm going to show the world what Dean Ambrose is truly capable of... I'm going to set this place on fire and rise from the ashes, shattering as many skulls in the process."

~Now you're just teasing yourself.~

Dean Ambrose "It's going to be so much fun."

~Oh soooo Much Fun~

[- He smiles for a moment, then shrugs it off. -]

Dean Ambrose "You'll learn though, Jimmy... I'm going to teach you the hard way, that I'm a lot more than you realize... I'm a LOT MORE than you THINK You know. It starts with Money in the Bank... and it will continue with Marty McFly whenever he wants to step up to me as he so threatened."

~I am not scared of him.~

Dean Ambrose "NO ONE IS!"

[- He shakes his head spazzing out, but composes himself. -]

Dean Ambrose "His time will come... when I capture his prized possession and dangle it in front of him... taunting and teasing the poor bastard of what he desires... but cannot have. Let Jimmy be your lesson, Marty... let Marty be the example for the rest of you... My name might be Dean Ambrose.... but I'm NOT the man you thought I was... I'm not the man you all mock... I'm The FUTURE of this company... For now... for Money in the Bank.... I will get my Christmas Wish... it will be a Merry Christmas... and in the New Year... I'm YOUR Hardcore Champion."

~Believe THAT!~

[- Dean shakes his head at his own inner though before glaring into the camera. -]

Dean Ambrose "You don't have to believe in it.... but it's EXACTLY what's going to happen, anyway."

[- Dean walks back into the shadows, but not before kicking the nearby dumpster. A Jimmy Havoc Action Figure falls out from the tip of the dumpster onto the ground, obviously planted there. That is even more obvious when the camera focuses on it, revealing the figure not only smashed and broken with mock blood and bruises on the face, but a DA logo tattered across the chest. Zooming on that mini logo a moment the scene suddenly fades to black. -]

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