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IN LIGHT OF SHADOW is an original superhero rpg set in modern day New York City. Will you fight for the side of justice, shoulder to shoulder with the Legends, or are you planning world domination with the devious Syndicate? Not a super? Do you work for the government or are you jut an innocent bystander. No matter what you are, we hope you join us.
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7/10/2012 PLOT UPDATE NO 1

Legends: 5-1
Syndicate: 4-2
Rogue: 2-4
Government 1-1
Civilian 0-0
*In need of more government agents and female syndicate/legends*


”Isn’t it kind of stupid to use one of your girlfriends to avenge the other?”
--James Donovan to Yakov Myshkin (First Steps)





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 'Cause They Say It's Dangerous, ;; Cassadee
Posted: Feb 28 2012, 05:53 AM


I Love You So, That's What You'll'll tell me baby, baby, please don't go away.Central Park was a place that most people avoided when it came to being there at night. There had been a good number of incidents there in the 70s, into the 80s, and even the 90s. And while there was a decline of crime in the late 90s and early 2000s, the park still had a bad reputation, causing people to steer clear of it the moment the sun began to set. Paul, however, wasn't one of those people who went out of his way to not go through the park. For some reason the threat of being raped never crossed his mind, and thanks to his own natural defenses he never worried about being held up for money. And so after getting off work far later than he had intended, but how could he complain with the amount he made in tips from that bit of extra time, Paul decided to make his walk quicker and go through the park...that and he planned on clearing his head. The silence would have unnerved most, along with the park being completely desolate, but Paul was never bothered by the dark. The emptiness on the other hand, was a little unsettling to him. He was never the biggest fan of being alone. 'You're a grown man, a walk through the park alone is nothing.' He thought to himself, beginning to hum to fill the silence that surrounded him. He wasn't worried that there was someone out there waiting to do something. In fact, the thought that he was utterly alone bothered him more than the thought of their being someone intending to harm him. For a moment Paul found himself hoping that someone would break the silence, his humming only serving to remind him that there was no one else there to tell him to stop. Why did he walk through the park again? 'Oh right, to clear your head. Good thinking Paul.' He chuckled to himself. The sudden sound of movement would break Paul from his thoughts, causing his eyes to quickly scan about in hopes of seeing another person. "Hello?" Paul called through the darkness, quickly laughing at himself and the sound of unsurety in his voice. "Way to make it sound like you're a part of a horror movie." He muttered to himself, albeit he was still loud enough to be heard if there was someone else close by. It didn't matter who might have been there, Paul would have been glad to see a homeless person asking for money if that meant assurance in knowing he wasn't utterly alone. Now the question became whether or not he would wait for an answer. For all Paul knew it could have been some random squirrel digger through a trashcan that made noise. But, he had all night right? It wasn't like he had a job that required him to get up early in the morning...
Tagged Cass! Outfit This! Words 485 Notes At Night! *GASP*
Posted: Feb 28 2012, 03:53 PM


I SPEAK FAST AND I'M NOT GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF SO LISTEN CAREFULLY TO EVERY SINGLE WORD I SAYIt had been a very long day at work for Cassadee. Normally she could deal with her obnoxious customers, but today wasn’t the case. It was as if Cassadee wore a very obvious ‘please bitch at me, I deserve it’ tag along her name tag. She really had a sense of wanting to punch something the entire eight hours she was working. She supposed it was her own fault but then again some people are just nasty and she chose a nasty day to go to work. Not bothering taking the bus back to the D’Amico abode she teleported right into her room after imagining her nice warm bed with the black comforter and ocean blue, lime green, and red pillows. She landed right on her bed and kicked out her feet to fall into what she sometimes thought was a cloud up in heaven. What? Her bed was very comfortable to her—it was no big deal. Cassadee took deep breaths trying to shake off her aggression that she held in. ‘Customer’s always right. Ha, yeah okay.’ She really hated that policy. Customers sucked most of the time. Sometimes you’d get the nice little ol’ ladies who call you sweet in the kind ‘you-remind-me-when-I-was-younger’ type of way. Nope, today was filled will asshats, dipwads, and d-bags galore. ‘Only a few more months, I’ll have enough money by then.’ She thought pursing her lips and closing her eyes trying to calm herself. ‘Why don’t you steal the money from banks? You’re in and out—even if you did trip an alarm you can be all the way in England by then.’ She thought about it but shook her head. Opening her eyes she sat up and stared in the mirror. She looked really tired and felt it, but all the same she felt the need to go out and get rid of the myriad of emotions she was feeling. “I steal objects, not money. Regardless, you idiot…You know you want to shake off that habit.” She said staring at her reflection. Sometimes she wondered why she didn’t steal money from banks. Maybe it was the fact that she thought of it as traceable…she didn’t exactly know. Maybe it was the sense of morals she had left from the Jenkins. She really missed them and still hated Christmas. She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath. She heard her door creak open a bit and she jumped off her bed and stood in her fighting stance. Her foster parents were still out of town. Who the hell could be in the apartment? Oh if it was a robber, they were going to get the crap beaten out of them and get their ear bitched off.A small mew was heard when Cassadee’s cat Spooky slipped in through the crack door. Cassadee relaxed instantly and stared at the fur ball. “What the hell, Spooky?” She murmured as the cat went between her legs rubbing his sides against her. Squatting down, she pet her cat for a moment before he ran and jumped up on her dresser knocking over the locked box that held her wig and mask. “Stupid cat.” She murmured softly before picking up the box and placing it on her bed. She stared at the wooden box for a few moments; her fingers traced the small cloud she etched into it when she was bored one day. “I take that back, Spooks. You’re pretty decent. Thanks for giving me the idea.” Cassadee chuckled before taking her key necklace from around her neck off and opening the box. She walked to her closet and took out her costume. It wasn’t anything special just an outfit she put together. It wasn’t entirely stealthy because she never felt the need to be stealthy, but it was cute—at least she thought it to be.It was a white button down shirt that was a little big on her but really comfortable to wear, along with jean shorts and stockings. It was freezing outside but she still wore shorts because well… they were very easy to move in. Sometimes she felt that jeans were too constricting and she wasn’t one to wear an ‘onesie’ like other female supers would. At least some of her legs needed to be covered. She completed the look with simple low-top converse in black. She began to get changed out of her uniform into the other of a different cause. Although she didn’t put on her mask or wig she grabbed a small bag and placed the two in there. She didn’t feel the need to entirely mask her identity yet, she wasn’t going to do anything big until she heard a scream in the night… or possibly see something she really liked in a window of some sort of shop. She slung her bag over her shoulder and across her body before she began to picture central park. It was going to take her a while to focus her mind on the place. It was kind of far from where she now stood and it had been a while since she had last been there. It was tough and normally when she did teleport to place that she wasn’t completely familiar with she would teleport herself into a body of water in the area she was focusing or she would teleport above the land a few feet only to fall on her ass. Sure the pain would subside but it was really pretty pathetic making your entrance by falling. It was truly no bueno. She tried her best though, and well teleporting to central park caused her to stumble forward a bit coming in contact with a tree. She quickly hugged it to gain her balance but snapped a few sticks her way there. ‘Smooth entrance, Cass.’ She rolled her eyes before pushing away from the tree and dusting herself off a bit. ‘You’d think with the several years you’ve been using your powers you’d—’She heard a voice call out. She closed her eyes tightly and clenched her jaw hearing the word ‘fuck’ being thrown in her head over and over again. Panicked Cassadee wanted to teleport out but she couldn’t keep her mind focused enough and couldn’t bring herself to do it. She opened her eyes and saw a figure. She assumed it was a guy because the voice did sound masculine in nature. “Uh… Hi?” She walked closer to the figure, unafraid. Ha, the guy could be part of the Syndicate and kill her… Oh well, although she does cherish her semi-not-so-great life she would accept the fact that may have been her time to go. That doesn’t entirely mean she wouldn’t go without a fight, though. When she was right in front of the guy she could finally see him better. ‘He looks like a civilian.’ she thought giving him a look over. ‘Nothing extremely creepy about him, he looks like an average Joe. Though that doesn’t exactly mean he’s not dangerous. Kinda cute though.’ She inwardly shrugged and cleared her throat before she spoke.“Why are you out in central park at night? And don’t give me that, ‘I should be asking you the same thing’, shit. ‘Cause let’s face it, that line’s over used.” She smirked a little before stretching a bit to keep her guard up. She let her hands fall and rest on her hips. It wasn’t as if Cassadee always stood like that, but she felt comfortable in the stance. It may have been the fact that she always figured it to be a ‘super’ type of stance or something. She really didn’t know, but she liked it. “I’m Cassadee by the way and no I’m not going to attack and or maul you—unless you attack first, then I might possibly kick your ass.”It was no big deal introducing herself. It wasn’t as if she had told him her last name and address. That would just be an invite for bad things to happen. Then again if she was smart enough and thought things though she probably wouldn’t be standing in front of him anymore and would have probably hauled ass out of there. Cassadee wasn’t a coward though and she sure liked doing reckless things, most of the time. “You look pretty harmless,” she added as an afterthought going back to nearly check him out in a way that she shouldn’t be. “Then again, a man eating koala bear looks pretty harmless just as well.” What? ‘A man eating…wtf!?’ Quickly she cleared her throat. She wasn’t sure where the fuck that came from but bounced back quick from that word vomit that came out of her mouth, “They exist, google it.” She could no longer hold in her laughter and she turned to the side and started to laugh at herself. “Yeah, I’m really not good with witty banter. And I just made a complete and utter idiot of myself. I deserve a gold star.” Shaking her head, Cassadee grinned a little goofily at the man who she still figured was probably harmless. TAGGED FOR Paul / 1 5 2 0 WORDS / NOTES I went a bit crazy with the word count, you seriously don't have to match it :P. / OUTFIT.NICK @ ATF & CAUTION 2.0
Posted: Mar 2 2012, 03:07 AM


I Love You So, That's What You'll'll tell me baby, baby, please don't go away.As if in acknowledgement to his need to not feel utterly alone, the rustling sounds of movement his direction. Paul found himself tensing slightly. Where only moments ago he had hoped for any form of life to greet him, now that his mind was no longer in freakout mode it moved to a more reasonable standpoint. And this new state of mind said that the likelihood of a 'nice' person walking through central park late at night wasn't very high. But he was a man, and one who had some very interesting abilities that could be put into good use should the potential rapist making all of the noise attempt to mug him. 'Seriously Paul, chill out. It's not like men are targeted that often by serial killers.' And for all he knew the person making all the noise could have really been just some poor homeless guy looking for a place to sleep and a few dollars to borrow. Out of all of the things his mind had prepared him to see once the stranger came into focus, a five foot five red haired girl was not what he had expected and Paul soon found himself grinning like a child at his silly thought from earlier. Paul was so relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with psychos that he didn't even begin to question how odd it was to see a girl out here by herself. That was until she spoke up and Paul lifted his brow in response to her question, a slight laugh following her comment of him not asking her the same question back. "Well I was heading home, and thought a walk through central park would be a good way to relax and clear my head." He responded honestly, seeing no real need to lie. "There a reason you're walking around in central park wearing shorts this late?" Paul grinned "And I didn't ask you the same thing.""I'm Paul," He offered his name after receiving hers "and I'm not a potential rapist or anything, just a bartender walking home so no need to feel like you gotta kick my ass." He felt the need to add, but after saying it out loud he realized just how awkward it sounded and laughed slightly. Thankfully she didn't immediately run away and try to call the cops about some random creeper in central park, although her calling him harmless wasn't exactly accurate he'd take that over something that could potentially have him arrested. And then she said something Paul would have never been able to prepare himself to hear, and he had to stop and replay her words in his mind to make sure he had heard her correctly."A man...eating a koala?" Oh the grin that grew onto Paul's face, his body soon beginning to shake from the laughter he couldn't hold in. "Wait, seriously? Is that on the internet? Cause I have to see that if it is." He laughed, uncertain if she'd just been fucking with him or not, if she wasn't he had to see it. Running a hand though his head he smiled at her. "You just made me laugh the hardest I have all week, you deserve a gold star for that alone." He grinned. "But seriously, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night, you gotta know it's supposed to be dangerous for girls.""And you've gotta be cold..." He said looking her over, not a single article of her clothing looked like it could be keeping her the least bit warm. And at that moment Paul realized that his simple walk through the park wasn't about to be over any time soon. He couldn't exactly leave a girl who barely looked like she was in her early twenties wearing shorts in a park that was known to have bad endings for lone women. "You alone out here?" He asked, lifting his brow and looking around. If she had someone with her he wouldn't feel as concerned, but from the looks of it she had about just as much company as he did.
Tagged Cass! Outfit This! Words 689 Notes Short x.x I'm Sorry T.T
Posted: Mar 2 2012, 05:01 PM


I SPEAK FAST AND I'M NOT GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF SO LISTEN CAREFULLY TO EVERY SINGLE WORD I SAYCassadee looked down at her attire. Well, damn… what the hell would she tell him? ‘I’m a hooker.’ Yeah no, that wasn’t cool. Though it was pretty funny. Oh if only she had the balls to say that she was a hooker. It sure would go down in her journal as one of the most memorable lies that she has told anyone. She continued to stare at her shorts and dusted them off a bit. “Well...” She pursed her lips, “I was bored.” Okay, so what if he thinks she’s stupid. It didn’t really matter all that much to her. She’d probably never see the guy again anyway. “AND for your information, I am wearing stockings with ‘em… see?” She bent down to lift her knee highs a little more so they were over her knew and to her mid-thigh. “Shorts, I find, are easier to well… move in. You know, if I have to make a quick getaway.” She nodded once as if that was final. She grinned at his grin though, “You’ve got yourself a nice smile.”In fact he had nice everythings. He had passed all her requirements in finding a guy attractive: pull-able hair…what she thought was pretty eyes (it was a little dark to tell but she was sure he had them)…taller than her…nice features…check, check, check and check. Though he seemed like he was in his late twenties so she thought against it, but he was still nice to look at. Why do I always think of guys like this? I think I need some help. Regardless she was sure that although she found this guy named Paul attractive that nothing was going to occur. She didn’t seem to mind all that much just as long as she could stare at him. 'Creeper.''Oh sh’up, you know he’s very attractive. Its his fault, it’s his genes.''Technically it’s his parents fault.''Fuck you, Cassadee stop trying to one up yourself!'She inwardly cleared her head of her complete nonsense. “It’s nice to meet you, Paul. Even if it’s late and in central park you don’t really seem that much of a creeper. I think you’re too hot to be a creeper.” Laying it on thick Cassadee shrugged. “I need to work on my bluntness, forgive me.” Like any sensible person she laughed at herself. She was pretty sure he knew he was attractive, most guys were well aware. She shook off the idea of kicking his ass. She doubted that’d occur anyway. Though she shouldn’t trust some dude’s word for it…she was still ready and willing if she had to.Her face felt very hot at his laughter. The sound of it was very cute yet he was laughing at her…but it was expected. She also began to laugh. She thought about how psychotic it’d be to hear laughter coming from inside central park, then she laughed some more. Oh it would be hysterical to have the cops called on them.“I think it’s on the internet. It has to be if I said something. I knew about it from somewhere if it slipped out of my mouth so well.” She reassured him, “I’ll google it just as well and if I have given you false information, I’m sorry but fuck that was pretty fucking awesome. I’m glad I made you laugh.”She paused wondering why a girl would be out at night if not to be a super. She could easily tell him the the super thing or that she was a hooker but decided against it. “I’m not an ordinary girl. And come to think of it I am a little cold, but I don’t usually think about it. I’m used to it I usually go out at night so, yeah.” She left it at that before looking at her finger nails. Her nail polish was chipping and she pursed her lips. “I need to repaint my nails.” She said randomly before hearing his last question. “Oh.”She laughed looking around to see if there was anyone else around them. She saw a bum sleeping on a bench a several yards away. “Well, there’s a bum over there and as you know, you are standing in front of me so nope I’m not alone out here… I’m sure there’s other people around as well because there are usually some people on the street at night. This is New York, the city that never sleeps. Jeez you’d think a bartender would know that.” She gave him a playful smile before putting her hands behind her head and stretched a bit. “You really don’t need to worry about me.”Well, he didn’t. There was no need for it. She could handle herself.TAGGED FOR Paul / 7 8 9 WORDS / NOTES why does a girl go out to central park at night? o.o lmfao / OUTFIT.NICK @ ATF & CAUTION 2.0
Posted: Mar 6 2012, 05:55 PM


I Love You So, That's What You'll'll tell me baby, baby, please don't go away."You were...bored. So you decided to potentially put yourself in danger to not be?" Slowly Paul lifted his eyebrow at her answer, trying not to let a smile show through too much on his face. "It's not really the best idea, but I can't exactly say much myself now can I?" He would have been more serious about the situation if her words didn't remind him of something he would say, and besides he didn't want to start saying some sort of lecture, he'd gotten far too many of those in his lifetime to want to give someone else one. And if she was similar enough to him a lecture would do no good, other than making him feel like somewhat of a hypocrite. "Uh huh, is that right?"Slowly Paul's blue eyes looked down at the pair of stockings she claimed helped keep her warm as Cassadee explained her outfit. They looked thin, and from what he could tell didn't exactly reach all the way up to her shorts, leaving bare skin to deal with the cold night air. Now Paul was no stranger to women being around him and one of the most common things he found was that most of them were cold the moment the stepped outside in the winter or fall, unless they were covered from head to toe, and loved it when he offered them his jacket. Paul thanked his lucky stars that he had dressed in layers and had on a long sleeved shirt under his t-shirt to keep him warm when the thought came to him that her would offer her his jacket, a smile growing on his face from her comment. "Thanks." It wasn't the first time he'd been told he'd had a nice smile, and he doubted this would be the last. "It's nice meeting you too." Paul chuckled a bit at her bluntness but decided against saying that she wasn't exactly hard to look at herself, as odds were that would just send up all kinds of red flags. While he wouldn't go about flirting with her like he normally would, as she didn't look much older than twenty to him, she was an attractive young girl from what he could tell. She had dark hair, probably auburn or red-ish, and while he had had flings with plenty of blondes in the past Paul had found that he was more quickly drawn to women with darker hair and not your standard bleach blondes. And from what he could tell from the poor lighting in the park Cassadee had an eye shape that you didn't see everyday, and while he couldn't tell their exact color, he could only imagine that her uniqueness caught the attention of plenty of guys her age. "Eh, at least you speak your mind, some people are too afraid to say anything at all 'cause their afraid people won't like it. So I can appreciate bluntness." He grinned slightly and nodded. He'd rather someone be blunt and honest than quiet and agreeable...unless it was his twin. "Yeah? I'm gonna hold you too that, I'm searching for it the moment i get home...and if it's not real I'm totally spreading the rumor about man eating a koala anyway." Paul laughed as he joked with her. Although odds were he would tell other people about it, and in his mind it would take long before some twisted version of it would become an urban legend, the story changing from person to person. "I'm not an ordinary girl." He could only think 'Well I'm not exactly an ordinary guy,' in response to her words, although he doubted she meant it in the same way he thought. The moment Paul heard her say that she was a little cold he began to take off his jacket, just as he thought he would earlier. "Now do me a favor and put this jacket on." His words escaped him smoothly, a calm tone in his voice to relax her into not thinking much of what he was saying to make sure that she would just comply. Yes, he was using his ability of persuasion on her to get her to take it, so sue him; he'd feel bad about it later. Well, actually odds were he wouldn't feel bad about using his abilities. It wasn't like he was asking her to do something dangerous or embarrassing, and in fact he was being helpful, just going about it in a sneaky way. If his words worked like usual she wouldn't even think much of it until a few minutes later when she would question herself why she would so quickly comply to something that she might not have even wanted. "Yeah, but most of the people who are up are on the streets, not at central park." Paul let out a small sigh as he glanced over to the sleeping bum Cassadee pointed out, making him all the more uncomfortable with just walking away and letting her fend for herself. "Help me feel a little better and walk out of the park with me?' This times his words came in the form of a real request, Paul wouldn't have felt right forcing her to make choice like this. "Unless you're waiting for someone out here?" He asked, glancing around the park for a moment. At least now he could use the excuse that he was letting her use his jacket to hang around longer if she declined his offer to walk out of the park...
Tagged Cass! Outfit This! Words 921 Notes Freehand FTW!
Posted: Mar 13 2012, 07:37 AM


I SPEAK FAST AND I'M NOT GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF SO LISTEN CAREFULLY TO EVERY SINGLE WORD I SAYHis jacket. He gave her his jacket to wear. Cassadee just blinked and grabbed the jacket that was given. She stared at the outerwear for a minute or so before taking off her messenger bag and slipping it on. It felt nice, and it was still warm from Paul’s body heat. It smelled rather nice too. She slung her bag over her shoulder and looked down at the cold hard ground.She was quiet for what seemed like a few minutes but was really was a few seconds. She crossed her arms and stared at him as if semi-awestruck. ”I don’t normally take the jacket of someone I just met.” She told him looking at him oddly. “I truly am not sure why I took it but, thanks.” She shrugged figuring she’d brood on it later and that was enough. She just shook off the thought with a stretch. “Huh?” She asked, he had probably asked her something and she wasn’t completely paying attention. She heard words ‘waiting’ and ‘someone’. “Oh! No I’m not here waiting for someone. Talk about shady.” She laughed a little because it seemed funny to her. She had appeared in the park, showed her face to Paul, told him that she was here because she was bored and she thought waiting for someone in central park was shady. She turned her back on Paul and began to walk. She assumed that this was Paul’s way home by where he stood. If not, well she had just made an ass of herself but she could always blame it on the place where she was going originally.“Well, come on. If you’re going to walk me out of the park you’re going to have to keep up with me, oh knight in shiny armor.” She called slightly over her shoulder. She found Paul a little funny. He was very chivalrous in offering her his jacket and walking her out of the park. If they were to meet after this little accidental get together he would forever be known as a knight in shiny armor...Okay so maybe that’s a little too long.She’d probably try to tease him, but wouldn’t actually call him that all the time. Nicknames shouldn’t be longer than the actual name. Paul probably wouldn’t get a nickname. His name is only four letter long unless it’s spelled some weird way unlike the regular P-A-U-L that Cassadee knows. She shook off the thought and then turned to Paul. “So, the bar you work in… is there any way a nineteen could get in by passing off as a twenty one year old?” she sent a smirk his way. It wasn’t her fault. See, she did like the idea of getting into a bar and getting close to a bartender just so he could drink before legal age. She only had a year and a half anyway! “Hypothetically speaking, of course.” She added as a last thought. Well, maybe she didn’t want him to know her age but he pretty much did know. Paul didn’t seem very stupid, though he didn’t seem very dangerous either but maybe she was wrong about that. Cassadee was usually a good judge of character but she hasn’t always been right. “I mean, you know the drinking age is shit!” she began her rant, “It used to be eighteen but then they switched the drinking age with the age to vote. Talk about stupidity there.” She scoffed and then laughed. “I have younger cousins who always complain like that.” She lied pretty well and continued to walk.She was pretty curious where he lived, though she knew that he probably was more concerned with her. Damn. She had no idea where she was going to lead him…Maybe just out of the park. Well that was what he offered anyway, they’d probably part ways then. Then, Cassadee would be able to have some super powered fun.TAGGED FOR Paul / 7 8 9 WORDS / NOTES why does a girl go out to central park at night? o.o lmfao / OUTFIT.NICK @ ATF & CAUTION 2.0
Posted: Mar 15 2012, 06:22 AM


I Love You So, That's What You'll'll tell me baby, baby, please don't go away.Paul really did love his ability. Cassadee took his jacket without even putting up a fight, not that he expected her to. And even though she didn't quite understand why she had done it, going so far as to even voice the fact that she didn't know why, she simply accepted it and that was that. It was times like these that if Paul put thought into it he could realize just how frightening his powers could be. With a small simple request he had gotten her to do something that she very likely would have refused had he not used his powers. And he had barely put any effort into the request. Just imagine the horrors he could force people to do, and they would all comply without question. It was a wonder that this ability didn't go straight to Paul's head. Or perhaps it was a blessing for everyone else that Paul never thought over just how terrifying his abilities could be. "No problem. What kind of guy would I be if I just let you be cold?"Paul chuckled slightly at her shady comment. "Good, 'cause I don't think anyone who'd ask you to be in the park right now is exactly looking out for your best interest." He grinned slightly. But Cassadee didn't seem to hear a word of it as she promptly turned and began to walk away. Well, that had been unexpectedly easy. For a brief second Paul questioned himself if he had used his ability without realizing it, causing her to immediately choose to leave the park. But unlike earlier she didn't seem unsure about her actions, and so Paul pushed the thought from his mind as he fell in step behind her, moving a little faster so that he could catch up. Deep down Paul's reasons were likely a lot more selfish than chivalrous. He didn't want to be alone, and so he gladly walked with her. And he would have felt exceedingly horrible should he later found out something had happened to her."Aren't damsels supposed to be less pushy?" He joked before licking his lips and frowning slightly at their dryness. Absently out of second nature he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out chapstick, placing a good layer over his lips before smirking at her hypothetical question and returning the small tube to his pocket. "Well, hypothetically speaking, it would depend on how good of a fake id this nineteen year old had." He smirked back at her. "But, and this is of course only hypothetically speaking, it might help if you have connections." Paul admitted. He wasn't entirely against underage drinking. He had been her age once, and he would have been a liar if he ever said he didn't party and drink with the best of them before he turned twenty-one. He got it. Besides, most other countries had a lower drinking age and by now she would have been able to drink. Paul quickly laughed when Cassadee began to voice exactly what he'd been thinking. "Yeah, which is why I'm a bit more lenient. Not that I should be spreading that knowledge around or anything." He grinned."Yes, I too have younger cousins." Once again Paul found himself chuckling. He wasn't sure if she was being serious or not about the younger cousins thing, but it didn't matter to him really. "So where are you headed to after this?" He asked curiously. If Paul had been keeping good track of his time, he would have realized that the small limit on his request to her had almost run its' course, and if she thought about it she would no longer feel compelled to wear his jacket. Paul had hoped by this time she would simple continue to wear it without thought.
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Posted: Mar 16 2012, 02:44 AM


I SPEAK FAST AND I'M NOT GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF SO LISTEN CAREFULLY TO EVERY SINGLE WORD I SAYWhat kind of guy would he be if he left her cold? A regular guy, she suspected. Not many guys cared enough anymore, it was a shame but Cassadee was used to it. She was never really good in the relationship department, it was sad but right now Cassadee was okay with that. It was complicated, no one got their hearts broken, and no one got pregnant or something along that line. Shaking off her stupid thought she just shrugged her shoulders not answering his rhetorical question. With her walking she began to think where she would go after this. He was just going to take her out of the park right? If he requested to walk her home she would not go for it. Paul did not need to know where she lived. Though she doubted he wanted to know. She continued to think to herself when she had heard the damsel comment. “Me? A damsel? Ha, I don’t think so dude.” She couldn’t help but to laugh at his comment. She knew he was just joking around but she found it very hysterical. She was tempted to tell him how she took down a guy who was about six foot three and looked as if he lifted weights for a living. Of course if she did go to say her story Paul would probably think she was just joking so she thought against it. “I’m not some dainty damsel, trust me. You wouldn’t want me to prove it to you.” Inwardly she frowned. Meeting Paul had thrown her off her unset schedule, but the guy seemed really nice. She just hoped that she would find someone to punch after walking with him.Actually, when she thought about it. There was something about Paul that she liked. He wasn’t like other guys she had met at night. He was nice, he wasn’t shady…He was caring, he didn’t try to throw himself at her. He was a gentleman and not a complete creeper. She could see herself meeting up with Paul again, maybe in daytime though. ’A bit more lenient?’ Okay, so maybe a night too. If he was a bartender he could bet his sweet ass that Cassadee would be at his bar asking for drinks like there was no tomorrow.“Remind me to get the name of the bar you work at.” She grinned, “I won’t tell a soul about your lenient-ness… as long as you give me all the drinks I want… Well, as long as I’m not shit faced as fuck.” She added as an afterthought. She actually jumped in glee at the idea of being served drinks at a bar. She wouldn’t have to steal drinks and since Jimmy wasn’t around anymore she really didn’t have access to the stuff unless she stole from the D'Amico’s stash. “What’s your favorite drink to make?” A random question, sure, but Cassadee was curious. She began to think of that little dance she had just set free. It was just typical of her. She was just too excited, she had to move and do a little dance. It was kind of pathetic but that was Cassadee Skylar for you, an excitable nineteen year old with semi-bad past. She was also Irish, and she did like alcohol just not drunken bastards like Andrew. With a sudden itch Cassadee moved her hand to scratch her cheek. She had to push up the sleeve of Paul’s jacket to do so. When the deed was done looked down at Paul’s jacket and wondered if it would be rude to say thanks and just give it back to him. She pursed her lips and just crossed her arms after pushing down the sleeve. She didn’t want to be rude so she just left it on. “Uh, who knows. A fight club maybe? Or maybe I’ll just go looking for trouble so I can kick some guy’s ass.” Surprising enough she basically told the truth yet chuckled at the end of her words. She was curious or not if he would believe her words or just think she was messing around. “You’re heading home, right? It’s probably been a long night with you. Who knows what type of crazy bar stories you can tell.” She was tempted to ask for him to tell her some but decided against it. That was for another time.She stared up at the sky. She wondered what bad shit could be going down right now. She wondered if she could stop that bad shit from going down if she needed to. She then turned back to Paul wondering if he would ever need saving. For some odd reason she told herself that he could probably handle himself. There was something about him… he seemed like a smooth enough talker. He could probably get himself out of anything. TAGGED FOR Paul / 809 WORDS / hehe, served drinks! SCORE XP / OUTFIT.NICK @ ATF & CAUTION 2.0
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I Love You So, That's What You'll'll tell me baby, baby, please don't go away."Oh, I'll take your word for it." Paul chuckled in response to her statements. "You could probably take me on no problem." He joked, but the idea wasn't that far fetching to him. For all he knew she probably could take him on with one arm tied behind her back. He could do things that weren't exactly normal, hell there were probably hundreds of people living in New York alone with abilities not possessed by the common man. So would it have really been that hard to believe that the young woman walking alongside him could do amazing things, even if she looked like your everyday girl? Why not? He was identical in almost every way to his twin Peter, and based on looks alone who would ever be able to tell what he could do? And so while Paul may have joked about it, part of him would never fully dismiss the chance of another being able to do amazing things like he could. Running a hand through his hair Paul was reminded that he had gone weeks since his previous haircut. He was going to have to do something about that before the monotony of it being the same way for too long got to him. The length of his hair really didn't bother him; although he could hear his twins voice in his head making some sort of a comment about how the length made him look like a hippy or wanna be rockstar or something, and he couldn't help but smile at the thought. Paul's smile grew a bit more when Cassadee mentioned she was interested in hearing what bar he worked at. "It's called Sway, it's at 305 Spring Street in Manhattan. Paul replied without much hesitation. He would have even given her a business card for the bar had he been the type to carry them. Cass, for the time being, was going to have to rely on memory. At the mention of not letting her get shitfaced Paul laughed. "Hey, I still have some sense of responsibility and desire to keep my job." And conscience. His moral compass, although somewhat skewed at times, simply would not allow him to serve Cassadee enough drinks to actually get her drunk. Had she been of age that might have been a different story, but once again Paul knew it wouldn't sit well with him if something had happened to her after he had given her too many drinks. "My favorite drink to make?" Paul repeated the question, mulling it over in his mind. There were actually a few drinks he enjoyed making, simply because of how they looked in the end, the taste only a small afterthought. But there was one drink that came to mind that he thought both looked and tasted amazing. "Gotta say the Twilight Zone is one of my favorites. It looks just as out there as it sounds and it has coconut cream and rum in it." And Paul really like coconut. It didn't matter to Paul if mixed drinks were thought of as the more feminine type of drinks. He liked both beer and the more flavorful mixed drinks, and truth be told he had a good number of returning male customers that enjoyed them as well. "I'll have to fix one for you some time if you drop by. And Paul meant it. He'd rather she get alcohol from him in a safe place than trying to go out and party with a much less safe crowd. Cassadee seemed like a really energetic and fun kinda girl, and Paul could only smile as he talked with her. Had they been closer in age he had no doubt that he would have already been flirting with her. Grated there were those who might have thought that Paul offering Cass his jacket might have been borderline flirting, but that thought had never crossed his mind. "Fight club, huh? I think we have one of those under the bar I work at. Not supposed to talk about it though..." He joked. Paul couldn't help it, he had been a fan of the movie when it came out, he even went so far as to dye his hair blond for a month to look like one of the characters in the movie when he had first seen it. Hmm blond...he hadn't done that color in a while "Just don't go and get caught for assault." He grinned, it didn't even register to him that she might have been serious about wanting to kick some ass after they split ways. "Yeah, home had been the original plan." He nodded slightly in response to her question. Although had he been completely honest with himself he would have acknowledged the fact that he didn't want to be home at this very second. He would have taken the faster route home if that were the case. "You've no idea. Alcohol and crazy people are a combination that mixes far more often than they should." He admitted, dozens of stories already popping into his mind. Half of the events that happened in some of his stories he wouldn't have believed himself had he not been there to witness them. Glancing over to his walking companion, Paul could tell that time was running out. Odds were she was going to be tossing him his jacket back soon. Not that he could say much, there wasn't much left of central park to walk through, and he couldn't say anything if she claimed one fo the nearby exits was where she was headed to. Instead Paul began to dig through his pants pockets, pulling out his cell alongside with a piece of paper. A receipt for something he figured, the feel of the paper telling him as much. "Wouldn't happen to have a pen on ya?" He asked. "Check my jacket?" He added, trying to recall if he'd stolen one from work or not. He was going to give her his number just in case she was serious about possibly wanting drinks. That and the idea of hanging out with her in a less questionable situation wasn't exactly too unappealing, even if she was a good deal younger than him. "Or do you have a cell on you? That might be the easiest way to give you my number, huh?" He laughed slightly as he waited for her reply.
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I SPEAK FAST AND I'M NOT GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF SO LISTEN CAREFULLY TO EVERY SINGLE WORD I SAYShe kept he mouth shut at his joke. All she did was smile. The smile was a knowing smile, though. She probably could take him as long as he wasn’t some pyro super. Just thinking of fire freaked her out. She really needed to get over that fear but she wasn’t sure whether or not it would happen in this life. All she knew was that she was going to need to get over that fear if she ever wanted to save someone from a burning building. The thought of someone dying while Cassadee around made her face turn pale. She was starting to feel sick and began to get lost in her thoughts.That was another fear wasn’t it? Having people die around her—Cassadee hated how she felt a few years after what had happened to the Jenkins. She blamed herself, it was her fault because she could have saved them if only she had known of the fire before it took to the master bedroom. Luckily enough, Cassadee was pulled out of her morbid thoughts. “Sway?” She questioned. She began to laugh. “Like the song?” She began to dance smoothly moving her hips to the song in her head. She sung a few bars of the song softly—knowing her voice wasn’t the best. “Or is it to describe how the patrons of the bar is like after a few drinks?” She replaced dancing with a staggered movement swaying in front of Paul and stumbling back to where she once was walking. “S-Shh-sure iss f-fn-funn.” She slurred her words as if she were drunk before she straightened up and began to laugh slightly to herself.Sometimes she found it pathetic that she would laugh at her own jokes and stupidity. Maybe she was just some pathetic type of girl—she didn’t care much because if you can’t laugh at yourself then you really shouldn’t be laughing at anyone else. Regardless, Cassadee was going to have to remember the name; which would be easy because it was pretty straight forward. She didn’t exactly need to remember the address for she had a laptop and she could easily just google it. She chuckled, “Of course you would have some sense of responsibility, it’s like you’re some knight in shiny armor.” The red head teased him. She still had no idea why she took his jacket—it was nice though, she sure wasn’t used to wearing jackets while out at night.She may possibly have to add a nice leather jacket to her attire, even if this was a simple hoody.Cassadee knew of a lot of drinks, but she had never heard of the Twilight Zone before. She did like the taste of coconut and rum so she was pretty sure she would like it. “Yeah, you might just have to. Never heard of that before, is it a common drink people order?” The bars she’s gotten into thanks to Jimmy did not serve those type of drinks as far as she knew. Maybe it was a hidden gem or a diamond in a rough. She may actually find herself a new drink instead of a Midori sour—okay so maybe that was unlikely. Mann, she could really go for a Midori sour right about now. “DUDE!” Cassadee suddenly yelled out. “You’re breaking the first and second freakin’ rule!” her face was shocked, “You’re gonna get your ass kicked!” She joked placing her hands over her mouth as if she was afraid and shocked for him. “I don’t get caught so you don’t have to worry about that Paul.” Cassadee was quite curious about the stories. Cassadee was a good listener and she loved a good story. The only stories she really heard throughout the days were her coworkers complaining about things that they found so important but in retrospect were quite stupid. Then again, Cassadee was the same way—at least she knew though. “Has anyone thought they could fly after drinking so much? There was this one time where my foster cousin got shit faced. She climbed on top of the deck at her house. It was like a fifteen foot drop. It was hysterical, she would’ve broken her neck if I wasn’t there to catch her.” She would never let Jessica live that down—actually if she were to go to her wedding Cassadee would definitely bring that up. She looked at Paul and chuckled a little. “Is your hair easy to manage?” She asked randomly realizing that it was kind of long. It didn’t look bad, actually it fit him pretty well. He seemed like a really laid back guy. “I mean, my hair is a bitch, it can be rather untamable, and sometimes I just don’t give a damn. Which is why my hair is normally a freakin lions mane at times.” Laughing, Cassadee cracked her knuckles and stretched a bit. Surprising enough she kind of liking the conversation she was having with this bartender. It was kind of odd that they were hitting it off well considering they were walking with each other through Central Park in the wee hours of the morning. Could it possibly be possible that Cassadee could make another friend? Well, Cassadee had friends, you know the type that she would say hi to while passing on the streets but none of them really knew Cassadee to the point where she would actually consider those people true friends. The only true friend she had was Jimmy, even he didn’t know everything about the girl. “Pen? Damn, I’m not sure.” She checked her pockets and frowned. Yeah, she was figuring it was a little out there. She did have her phone though. She didn’t want to check Paul’s pockets. It felt rude even if she was given permission to do so. The girl opened her bag, her hand going past her mask and wig to grab onto her iPhone. She lifted it out and zipped up her bag again. She stared at the uncased phone before unlocking it with her password. She didn’t think much of getting his phone number. It would be some sort of connection. Besides, Paul seemed decent, and Cassadee was a good judge of character (so she thought.) She handed the guy her phone and chuckled. “I suppose I’ll text you so you can have my number?”They continued to walk and Cassadee saw an opening for her to leave. She could just easily say that that path lead to her home. She stopped suddenly and took her bag off of her. She held the bag with her teeth, an odd thing that Cassadee had grown accustomed to, and slipped off Paul’s jacket. She handed it to him before slipping her messenger bag over her body once more. “This is where I leave so…” She motioned to the path. “Happy Trails to you, you know… Till we meet again, Chivalrous Paul.” Why not? She waited for her cellphone. TAGGED FOR Paul / 1163 WORDS / happy trails to youuuu until we meet agaiinn ♪ / OUTFIT.NICK @ ATF & CAUTION 2.0
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