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IN LIGHT OF SHADOW is an original superhero rpg set in modern day New York City. Will you fight for the side of justice, shoulder to shoulder with the Legends, or are you planning world domination with the devious Syndicate? Not a super? Do you work for the government or are you jut an innocent bystander. No matter what you are, we hope you join us.
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7/10/2012 PLOT UPDATE NO 1

Legends: 5-1
Syndicate: 4-2
Rogue: 2-4
Government 1-1
Civilian 0-0
*In need of more government agents and female syndicate/legends*


”Isn’t it kind of stupid to use one of your girlfriends to avenge the other?”
--James Donovan to Yakov Myshkin (First Steps)





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 UNDERWOOD, Apollo, consulting detective
Posted: Feb 10 2012, 02:44 AM



you've been acting awful tough lately, smoking a lot of cigarettes lately. but inside, you're just a little baby. oh- you've been hangin with the unloved kids who you've never really liked and you've never trusted.

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you’re vulnerable, so vulnerable. you are not a robot. you're lovable, so lovable. but you’re just troubled. guess what, i am not a robot. guess what? i am not a r o b o t .


    A Case of Identity!nickname(s): if you're smart you'll call him apollo. polly, genius, smart ass, sherlockbirthday: december 12thage: 20face claim: pascal grobethnicity: greek & welshpower: telepathic/mind reader, “mind palace"group: governmentplace of birth: cardiff, walessexuality: borderline sociopathic soooo (experimental- leans towards homosexual)parents:alexander d’artagnan ● 41 ● business CEO diana underwood ● 38 ● fashion designersiblings:artemis underwood ● 16 ● student/modeleducation: college graduate, attended cambridge and harvard universityph.d in chemistry, minor in lawprevious residences:cardiff, walesstockholm, swedenparis, francelondon, englandvenice, italycurrent location:New York City, NYA Study in Scarlet"I consider a man's brain like an empty attic. You have to stock it with the furniture you choose. A fool takes in every bit he comes across, therefore the knowledge useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is tangled with other things- thus he has a difficulty in locating it. Now the logical man is very careful indeed in choosing what he takes into his brain-attic. He will have nothing but the tools that may help him in doing his work, but has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order. It is a mistake to think that that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. There comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before. So it is of the highest importance not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones." apollo underwood is nothing less than a prodigy. a telepath, he possesses mental capabilities that surpass his peers. for the majority of his life he was educated at home, and when he wasn’t he attended the finest of european private schools. never studying within his age group, apollo tested out of several grades before he was even supposed to be out of elementary school. of course, it wasn’t all his own doing. mind reading helped a lot. so for all those subjects he’d deemed useless, he simply used his gift to his own advantage to help him get ahead. don’t write him off as a cheater, he probably could have been just as successful if he’d given it the dedication he gives other subjects. but that would have required far too much energy than he was willing to give. he attended cambridge as an undergraduate, and later on at nineteen graduated from harvard with a Ph.D in chemistry, something he doesn’t flaunt as much as he could. why? because he knows that other “prodigies” exist that had already broken records, and they didn’t even have super powers. yes, he is a little bit bitter.Adventure of the 3 Garridebs"Underwood is a bit too scientific for my tastes. He’s almost cold-blooded. I could imagine him giving a friend a pinch of the latest alkaloid, not with harmful intent, but simply for the sake of inquiry, to have an accurate idea of the effects. In his defense, I think that he would take it himself with the same readiness. He appears to have a passion for definite and exact knowledge." - Mark Stamford (Fellow Student at Cambridge)apollo is not the most social of humans. the doctors have called him a sociopath more times than he can count. that's a lie, actually, he can count that high quite easily- and he'd have no problem telling you that. this is probably another reason why he doesn't have friends. it's not that he can't have him, he just can't keep them. people are tools to him and nothing more, subjects that he examines. he wants to learn, to discover, not linger on the drama that “friendships" often bring. obviously there's reasons behind the title his doctors have given him. he's manipulative, using his power as well as his charm to gain his own information. never for malicious reasons, of course, but for his own benefit. usually once he's through with a person he is just that, through. but there is an air of pleasantry that circles the little “freak". he's not so bad, he just doesn't know how to be anything else than himself underneath the acting, and society frowns upon this greatly."My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. I can dispense then with artificial stimulants. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation."when apollo is not put to work he is in more danger than if he was left out in open fire. the worst sides of him come out at this time. boredom, you see, is his worst enemy. with no work, he shows signs of manic depression. while he shows great excitement at the strangest discoveries during his job, his mood sky-rockets downwards without such stimulation. he will refuse to leave his house for weeks on end and get himself into all sorts of trouble that not only harms himself, but occasionally others. he requires stimulants for survival, his mind’s activity often becoming too much for him to bare. but unfortunately his expectations ate too high for his own good. not just anything can keep him entertained, but by god when something does he dedicates himself to it. he will go without sleep for days, occasionally using illegal substances to keep himself going, and essentially obsesses over the subject until someone physically drives him away. this is “normal” to him, though. it’s nothing but apollo being just that, apollo.“It was worth a wound; it was worth many wounds; to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation."the doctors are wrong. apollo isn't a complete sociopath. if you are one of those few people that have managed to grab his fancy, you'll see a completely different side of apollo than what the public views. he's clingy, needy, almost childish at times, but loyal. one who sticks around long enough to reach this point will see him through his best moments and his worst(as mentioned before), and would have to be alright with that. when there is no work for him to do apollo changes again. he may not understand why the people close to him choose to remain, but he understands that there aren't very many people like this. so although he rarely acts like it, these people are more important to him than they think. A Scandal in Bohemia!MOMMY, DADDY, BABY MAKES THREE!in the beginning everything was picture perfect. the media loved them, the stocks had never been better. he was the man men wanted to be, and she was the woman women wanted to look like. alexander came from a family of businessmen, cunning and charming. he was tall dark and handsome, and soon to be married. the second half of the notorious couple was diana, a fashion designer from equally wealthy origins. their marriage was to be broadcast across countries, and put modern celebrities to shame. but like most celebrity marriages, their relationship was nothing more than a business game, and it worked. they smiled for cameras and said their vows before an audience, but when they returned home there was no love to be found. the relationship was kept alive for a long time. when they began to slip from the public’s eye, a new headline was thrown out into the fray. a pregnancy, and soon a baby boy. thus apollo came into existence. still, his family life was far from stereotypical. their son was passed to nannies as soon as the cameras were hidden away. all that mattered was that the world knew their names, so it was no surprise that such a title could be slandered so easily.UNDERWOOD GIVES BIRTH TO BASTARD CHILD!the underwoods weren’t as quick as their corporate counterparts. they couldn’t keep up with the d’artagnans. it didn’t help that diana was nothing less than a woman, who needed support that her husband couldn’t give. when the new pregnancy came into the fray the final decisions were made. the ties between them had to be cut. the divorce was finalized and the underwoods were left with the blame as well as the child. she raised her two children under the radar, keeping them out of the public eye and trying to “stay out of trouble". she didn't do a very good job of it though, diana wasn't good at much of anything besides making clothes and breaking promises. there was a new man often, and although the children were her “problem" now she still passed them on to nannies just as she had before. for quite some time this affected apollo, and in these early years he still reacted to things just as a “normal" child should. quiet, reclusive, but still capable to express emotions. as we know, this would change significantly later on.The NOT SO NOBLE Bachelor!alexander was far from heartbroken. actually his life had improved significantly. he received the pity while his ex-wife was scorned, and now he didn't have to do with either children. his son was sent to live with his mother and only called upon for special occasions in which his presence was necessary for business/media purposes. other than that he hardly ever saw him, much less knew him at all. other than these few events and holidays apollo rarely saw his father. besides, having a son running around was too risky for a “powerful" man such as himself. yes, the power behind the d'artagnan family name extended beyond the corporate world. they were a family of gifteds, the gene appearing in almost all of the males. alexander was perhaps the most powerful of them all, but least fit for the responsibility. apollo not being exposed to his father was for his own good, which he soon discovered later on in his childhood.MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!it was christmas, and at nine years-old little apollo was sent away from his home to spend two long weeks with his father. it was there that he first discovered his power, along with his father's. the first small appearances his gift had made was when he began experiencing dreams that were not his own. at night his mind would wander to the thoughts of those he was surrounded by frequently. of course he had no way of being able to tell whether they were his dreams or not, so he kept quiet. then came the whispers. stupid brat. why doesn’t she look at me? did i flush? unintentionally, the thoughts of others crept into his brain. it frightened him, but he knew well enough to keep these thoughts secrets as well. then they evolved from distant whispers into voices that sounded like real, spoken words. it was then that it started getting him into trouble. humans are destined to become victims of their own nature. they lie, they deceive, and he began to witness this in front of his eyes. he began to point out peoples’ flaws, knowing the differences in what they said and what they truly thought. for a while he was written off as just a little boy with no filter. until, of course, his father experienced this first hand. you see, alexander was not a nice man. he may have had charm and good looks to help him on the outside, but his thought process was much more... malicious. while most of the time apollo tended to avoid him and his thoughts, there were those few times where he was forced to behave and sit calm and collected by his side. they were at the dinner table. businessmen, nobles, family members, people of importance had all come and gathered around to “rub elbows" and pretend to like each other. it was at this point, surrounded by “monsters", that apollo's filter... well, broke. a few rude comments, and a secret he was not supposed to slip. mr. d'artagnan's dinner party was ruined by a young boy who had insulted the wrong people, and he was not pleased. that night, he experienced punishment for the first time, and at the hands of a man who had no filter of his own. his father lost control and punished his son with more than just words, and let his power slip to the surface.from that point on apollo was not the same. he saw humans differently, negatively, and developed a scorn for his father that he would carry with him deep down for years. needless to say, he did not make another one of those holiday visits again. sure, he moved on, but he was different. HEIR TODAY PRODIGY TOMORROW!as mentioned earlier, apollo trekked through school at an astounding rate. when he went off to college he cut through a large portion of the remaining ties between he and his family. he had enough money, obviously, he didn’t really need to worry about living conditions or whether or not he would be alright on his own. he survived, shockingly. after attending cambridge for quite some time, he started looking for other options out of his range of experience. harvard seemed like the next best thing, so he hopped on over the great big puddle and clawed his way into an american school. considering that he was too young to be considered an adult in the united states, he was forced to live with a distant family member nearby until he was allowed into the dorms. from then on, apollo began his gradual rise to his personal goals, and quick descent even further beneath his family’s radar. as long as the money kept coming, he was doing just fine. he graduated smoothly recently, and rather than choosing to migrate back to europe from which he came, he decided to stick around in the states in make his nest in upstate new york. just enough people to keep hidden, and just enough to keep him busy.D’ARTAGNAN SPEAKS OUT ABOUT FAMILY GENE!when the legends came into existence, and the rogues rose against them, the d'artagnan family passed their scraps beneath the table to fuel the fire. being that they were already a highly organized family of gifteds, it was no surprise that they would be such strong advocates for gaining more power than they already had. apollo's father, now standing as the face of the family business, spoke out about the family “gifts” and called out to other people “like them”. he works his propaganda magic and rallies people, creating chaos and obtaining power. he wants the legends gone, he wants the power, but he wants to remain neutral among the defined groups. all and all he just wants to watch them all burn. of course this not only affected him, but everyone with the d'artagnan name. this was not a good thing for apollo. he liked his life in the lab, where he could keep himself busy and not be bothered by people with cameras. slowly people started to find out where he lived, what he'd done, and they started asking questions. this was not what he wanted. now he just wanted it to stop. while he was able to cling to his mother's last name and avoid people with cameras and microphones at all cost, seeing the face of his father on the t.v and in the papers drove him to do something most people wouldn't expect.he doesn’t care about the legends. he doesn’t care about anybody running against them. all he knows is that daddy darling doesn’t like them. which means that apollo is more or less on their side if he has to be anything. now he lives in a cluttered little apartment, casually working as a “consulting detective” for the NYPD. it's a boring job, really. but somebody has to do it.



Posted: Feb 10 2012, 04:23 AM

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