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 Ranzoape, The story...... ^^
Posted: Sep 11 2009, 10:36 PM

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The cavern was dark.. The entrance covered with bones from humans and orcs together.. It was quite.. But I knew there was something in there.. Something cruel, strong, horrible.. A nightmare.. A big roar came out of the cavern.. Something was alive in there... It was moving.. It unfolded itself.. Wings came visible... It woke up.. Breathing fire.. Rising up to the sky when it stood up.. And he saw us... The ground was shaking.. And it was asif a deep dark voice fromout the center of the earth rumbled.. It spoke... YOU dare to enter my domain?? YOU.. shall perish!! Humble maggots!!!! Prepare to die!!!

Our legions were ready.. We gathered the clans of Legacy, Iron Wolves and Hellsfury to end this thread.. This abomination that feared us all.. This unholy beast.. This unbeatable dragon.. You could not kill it.. But the high council ordered it.. And we could become a Royal Clan by killing it..
It was time.. For FELANKOR!!!!!

The beginning
In the early days, when the world was still dark, when we were still young, when we were humans, when we saw our big brothers go and fight, we were noobs... We dreamed of going to big wars, we dreamed of being famous, we dreamed of being on top... We heard the stories about the knights, the ones that saved us.. The ones that were responsible for the biggest plage ever on this world....

I think it was somewhere in the year 2008 when I was like 50 years old and started playing with some friends in ardream. We didn't know what pk was. We were just playing. Trying to practice. I remember going to ardream for the first time in my live, where the Spanish and polish spammers came. Ardream.. The battle zone named after a great magician.. The zone where every new soldier made his first steps in killing orcs. I was in a small clan called alcohol back then. Not very active, not very strong, but peeps with whom I could speak my native language and we played together...


I remember seeing a bright white light one day. As if one of the Human gods or one of the heroes from this world came to me in person. He showed me the true meaning of pk and power in this world. It was Logos, the old and mighty god that showed me that there was more in live. That you can become as strong as Ronark has been. It was he who showed me the ways in this world. In this world where we are hated by orcs and even by some of our own brothers...

He came to me as a person called Nemesis.. He took me away from everything I had. I had to leave everything behind. No more fun with my old and trusted clan Alcohol. It was time to continue on my journey to become a real warrior, to become a beast, to witness cruelty, to become a hated warrior in the legions of Amarok...

It is there where I met some of the friends I still fight with, it was there where none could understand my native language and where I found out I had to take everything I had and bring it up to a new lvl of fighting, of curing, of healing. We became stronger and stronger and ardream wasnít good enough anymore to satisfy our needs.. To satisfy our hunger for blood, for victory, for glory...

To become stronger and stronger we killed many cruel beasts, did many dangerous quests, almost died several times, wanted to give up several times.. But after a new journey of more than 10 years we were stronger and ready to face a new challenge. It was time to check out the dangerous lands of Ronark Land Base..

While becoming stronger, my clan got in problems, some of us didnít want get more mature and stopped taking new quests and went back to the little kids playground in ardream. Even though I loved them, I felt betrayed by my own brethren. I stood on top, lonely, with only a few warriors with me.. We left the legions of Amarok.

Not very long after that, we met new warriors in RLB, we made friends, we made names. We raped, we got raped, victory and losses, epic battles and epic slaughters. Nemesis, still the only friend I had left, introduced me to a very special and mysterious mage called Lisstheblizz. I donít know if any of you ever had that kind of feeling, but on that day, I fell in love for the first time in my live. Such a precious being, so kind, so fucking strong!! I fought side by side with her for a long time, but unfortunately she died a long time ago.

Liss wasnít the only new thing we met, in RLB we got to know a new clan. A clan so different than everything ever seen. A clan I respected and looked up to. A clan I dreamed of. A clan that would bring me to my full potential of being a warrior in the human legions... The leader of this clan was a well respected man who has been to Hell and came back to release its fury upon the world. A man with a mission, a man with a dream. He build up a strong group of warriors taking down the ugly and filthy orcs.. We joined them and became a member of Hellsfury.

Fighting with them was as if all I have ever learned was useless, I had to get rid of all my experiences in wars and fights and battles. I had to learn new tactics, new strategies, new ways of warfare. We became well known in RLB, orcs and humans would tremble in fear if they saw us. We build up respect. We were true warriors.....

When being so well known, orcs would run, flee and never come back. Humans tried to joke us, try to steal, try to fool us... We got betrayed by our own nation. We got betrayed by our own brothers. We gave up..............

The end
We... A strong group of warriors, reaching the maximum age and skills for RLB.. It was no longer a challenge.. We.. A group of warriors.. Nem, Liss, Draven, Gummy, Ages, Jabba, Lurch, Jos and many more.. A group of warriors... Unbeatable.. Unstoppable....

Even when the gods gave power to Ronark and Girakon again, who came to RLB to fight.. We stood ground.. I remember Nemesis fighting next to Ronark and have raped a lot of orcs.. We tried to keep Ronark alive.. But we couldnít always manage.. Girakon was strong and killed many of us.. But we kept going.. We killed Girakon several times.. And we got rewarded for it... That day is a day to remember.. A day to never forget...

But.. Even the strongest nation can be teared to pieces in seconds... We found out some of our members used special skills and tricks to fool us.. They became stronger and faster than ever imagined.. They cheated on us.. They didn't want to tell us where they were... They didn't want to tell us where they became stronger.. But we learned.. And we found out the truth.. It was one of the treacherous members of the cult called snoxd... These filthy whores used their tricks to make our clan member use not allowed powers.. We cleaned it, we fixed it... Many of them were banned from our clan... No longer welcome.. And with pain in my heart I had to say goodbye to some of the best mates I had.. Guys I would give my live for.. Warriors with whom we shared so much special moments.. We.... Yes, we got betrayed.... And we gave up....

No longer, there was a purpose in live.. No longer there was any meaning of us breathing.. No longer.. We no longer released the fury of Hell.. No longer had that power that burning inside of us al.. The flame... Was gone.. The spirit was broken... We gave up...

At that time.. I felt so miserable.. Live was just waking up.. And getting drunk.. No longer polishing my shield.. No longer repairing my armor.. No longer making new and powerful potions.. No meaning in live.... I gave up.. Every day was even worse than the day before.. I lost all of my skills, lost the power to stand against any orc in RLB.. I gave up.. And after a long time of not living.. I fell asleep.. A deep, dark sleep... I wasn't hoping to wake up anymore.. Dreaming over dark ages to come.. And sometimes.. There was this little voice.. This little irritating being.. That kept reminding me of the world.. And was talking about a new chance.. A voice that didn't let me die.. That kept me alive for more than 2 weeks.. I still don't know why.. But I woke up.. With my clannies.. We were brothers.. We were 1.. And as one.. We went to Moradon to give up.. To exchange our weapons and armors.. To live as normal people.. To forget.. And maybe to forgive..

A new beginning
One last time we came together.. Gathered around a campfire.. Talking about the old days.. Talking about us.. Talking about the fury that is no longer burning in us all.. And while we sat there.. A little spark of hope, a little spark of the fury, a little spark set fire in to our hearts.. Our magicians used these sparks.. A little piece of every one of us.. They used it to create a new chance.. To create hope..

It started with a small campfire.. While we were talking and singing about our victories and losses.. Our magicians create an illusion.. We saw us fighting.. We saw of owning.. We saw us.. As we were.. The fire became bigger.. It ran out of control.. It became blue.. yellow.. red.. green.. Our horses fled.. The whores that had surrounded us started screaming.. Pulling out there eyes.. Scratching every part of their body.. And they started to run.. The sky became black.. Women were screaming.. The campfire had grown to the size of one of the mysterious balog creatures... It was all over the place.. And all we could do.. Was staring at it.. The heat didn't wake us up.. We were in trance.. It started raining.. Nothing changed.. The fire was still there.. Lightning was all around us.. Striking trees, flashing faster and faster... And all of a sudden.. It was gone.. Nothing was left.. It was dark... I finally found piece.. I died.. Didn't I??

2 days l8er we woke up.. Not knowing where we were.. We couldn't see... We couldn't hear.. We could feel each other.. And something was wrong.. Terrible wrong.. We changed.. My skin felt like leather.. My hands were like claws.. My legs had over-sized muscles.. At the end of the third day, we gathered.. Without hope again.. Everyone was quite.. No sound.. Until.. My leader.. Draven.. Spoke.. He said he could see us, he could hear us, he could smell us..
He was unconscious for 2 days and some thought he lost his mind.. While unconscious, he has seen many things.. He faced the gods of Carnac.. And 1 god, Akara was willing to help him... They talked about the old tales, the old knights, the fight between Cyper and Pathos, the fight between Ronark and Girakon.. The great things the clan had done.. The great things this clan could do.. He persuaded Akara to spare us and made us start over... He has given us a new chance.. He saw the lands were we are now.. He knew what happened.. He.. He told us the news...The gods, in all of their mercy, gave us a second chance.. A chance to own again!!! To be a true warrior again!! To pawn!! And to let those who were against us tremble in fear again!! There was one thing different though..

We were orcs...


Akara once more used her tricks... What will she have in mind for us.. We are cursed now with the black blood.. We are beasts.. Creatures we have hate all our lives.. Creatures we have chased. We have slaughtered. We have murdered... Is this what they call a second chance???

But we stood tall.. We were together.. And we managed to see the positive points of being a filthy orc now.. We could take revenge!!!! Somehow a small but good karusclan found us.. They knew who we were.. They knew what happened, Akara told them... We merged and trained for a long time together.. What once was my greatest enemy became one of my best friends... I met Martikos.. A sin gifted with extraordinary powers and skills.. Still he is one of my best friends.. And I try to fight as much as possible aside him... We went to Lufferson.. Gave our group a name again.. We were once more.. Hellsfury..

The karusnation was shocked.. What happened?? Are we the same guys as the Hellsfury from human side?? Human nation... Wasnít shocked.. They were.. Completely blown away when they found out.. What happened?? Time to take revenge!!!!!!

Back to RLB

HF used it tactics to roll, to own.. And we all reached for the highest lvl possible.. We were heroes.. Fighting against mighty warriors like Stan and Wendy ^^, like dukkie, like shawn.. Fighting against one of the best humans clans.. Apero.. And even though they were human and we orc... There was respect...

Our numbers grew bigger and bigger. More and more wanted to join this "new" clan. More recruits came. Strong warriors and also the biggest noobs possible. We selected them. Added their strong points to our clan. Deleted their weak points and forged an army. At the beginning we were with 36 members. More and more came. We asked Akara to bring more humans to orc side. She did it. We grew. At a moment there were almost 90 members. And even though we are not with 300 like the old knights were. We were ready to rape...

People left. People came (back). Yes.. We were rising. And now. When I think about it. Think about all the pain we had when we were human. I am glad Akara helped us out. We have everything we want. Humans flee. Orcs have respect. And we are still growing.

New guys like, Officier, Masterslave, Thegreatrober, Senbon, Belgskuh, Brew and many ore came to join us. One of our karuslords had asked us to kill 100 humans. That was done to easy and ended up being a sloughter. But still. It was a great achievement and they rewarded us with new skills and powers.


Next to killing a lot of humans and gaining more and more national points, rewarded by killing humans we became popular. People knew us. We had our clanflags on the poles in Luferson, maybe not on top, but they were there. To improve our status and to earn the right to get to acredited knights our leaders told us to go and look for a beast named Isiloon. Not knowing what this was we followed the rumors, looked everywhere. On the highest mountain, in the biggest forrest, behind every wall or house, in the deepest rivers and waters. Some of our magicians studied in the library and spent hours, days and weeks in it. Until they found out. In Luferson there is a little green mage that can make a portal to a dungeon. A dungeon where there is only one way in and one way out. He can take you in. But you can only get out by killing the creature in it. By killing Isiloon.

Nothing could have prepared my eyes for this. A creature so beautifull you would think you are dreaming. With long legs and arms, beautiful, enchanting eyes. Ahum, nice pair of breasts, and long tall hair.

BUT.. As soon as it saw us it changed. From beeing such a presious creature to a fierce creature from hell. Our mages started attacking, our duffers took down her defense powers and our sins started draining. She got mad, attacked us, almost killed several mages. Priests were healing, mages attacking, so many magic spells, the air was crackling from so much energy. Magic binding spells, dotting spells, healing spells, debuffing spells, curing spells, the sound of sins trying to drain her. She randomly attacked us, hitting us with poison that made you throw up. You felt your live draining away. Felt yourself weaker every second. But we didnt give up. Isiloon scratched and punched, but she was about to lose. When we were almost about to give up, Isiloon had to step back. That was a signal for our warriors to jump on her, smack her, stab her, she must die!! From losing the fight it changed to a win. Isiloon couldnt handle that much power and we, Hellsfury, took her down.

Our leader cut out her heart and took it too the high council. We showed them we were ready. Ready for the next phase. We, as clan, made a big step forward. We showed everyone we could handle even the strongest beasts on this planet. With this effort we got accredited knights, a new ranking for our clan. A new ranking for Hellsfury!

Ronark Land

Every kill in RLB was a next step to gain more power and wealth. Kills. Blood. Kills. Body parts. Kills. Gold. Kills. Power. We gained so much.. And at one day. I felt my powers had grown again and as if every human could smell, they ran for me, they turned around. I wasseeking help for it and asked one of the elders of the village. By killing so many humans I had reached a new lvl of experience. New things to learn, new things to explore, new ways of battle, new battlegrounds. But this was not to be found in RLB. It was time to find out new zones. It was time to leave RLB

During that time I have been in the real battle zone. RLB was nice. And we were heroes there. But. Carnac had more to offer. There was a zone called Ronark Land.. Also named after the mighty and filthy human Ronark. A corrupted soul he was. And so was his land. This zone was where the true warriors fought. Beasts, stronger than I ever could imagine. Warriors stronger than anyone ever seen. And thatís where my journey took me.

To Ronark Land!!

Ever felt like a noob? Ever got onehitted? Outclassed? Feeling useless? I did, but not when I went to CZ (thats how the people call Ronark Land). Eventho there were many many strong warriors, mages, priests and sins. I managed. I died several times, but every time a human couldnt take me down one on one was a victory. And I had many victories. I didnt pk much with my clan at this time. Not everyone was ready to go to CZ, they were still having fun in RLB. I gained some more skills and power tho and loved it.

Slowly my clan joined me in CZ, we started a new era of raping and gaining powers and skills. At some point we had more then 90 members and half of them were fighting in CZ. We started to donate our earned national points to our clan. This way we could gain more power and name for our clan. Our capes changed color again. And it was about time to go to our first rl war.

Lunar War!

On the world of carnac there are some days when you can enter a special zone. On the other days the entrance is sealed by powerful magic. This is where the real battle happens. You can get there by entering a sacret temple in the Lunar valley. When the time is right, the world of Carnac will teleport you to the war!!!

Keepers and fortresses of both nations are in there. Many, many players from both nations show up. All w8ing for that one chance. Because if you win this war, the gate to the other nations homeland is open. The gate, that will let you plunder Elmorad Castle, if you can reach it that is. The gates are hided inside the fortress of the human and orc nation. Guarded by mercenaries and strong clans.

We have managed to kill the keepers and clans that guarded these gates several times and we plundered Elmorad and his villages and castles. Gaining so much wealth and power. But on the other hand. Humans have made their way through our defense several times too and we had to defend our homeland. Eventho the war was lost, much honor and money could be gained. And trust me, we have gained much.. So much..

MOVE!!! We are almost at the gate.. Hurry.. I see humans coming.. Hurry up.. Dammit.. Keep moving.. Run maggots!! We are almost at the portal.. Watch it.. Prison doors are opening.. Here they come.. Humans came out of their prison.. The prison that keeps them locked for a small amount of time after they almost got killed in the war... Even tho there is so much slaughter.. Carnac doesnt let you die easy.. There is no easy way to escape this life..
We were close to the keeper of the portal to Elmorad.. We had to kill him to get through the portal. Humans came.. Mages were casting their deadly nova's, duffers used their skills to lower our defense and health. A new wave of warriors starting smacking at us. Humans everywhere. I was spamming my healing skills and try to cure everyone that got duffed. There were so many. Swep stood next to me trying to weaken the human, for he is a duffer too. Frank rushed in, killing every human Swep targeted. Ronin stood behind me, shooting his deadly arrows. Both officiers were at my right side. Marti somewhere stealth in front of me, Pain, our mage running for his life. But then.... They found me. First it was 1 of them, second came, third behind him. Arrows hitting me, warriors rushing in, duffers trying to weaken me. Swep saving my life. Pain tping me out, almost killing himself with that action but im save again. Running towards the both Officiers who found Frank and are smacking around. Trying to heal and cure them again. Spamming all the techniques i have learned, spamming every healing spell i have ever learned in my life. Ranzo!!! Cure me.. Its coming, hold on!! Watch it, another duffer coming, Swep duff him!!! Marti pops up behind the buffer.. Kill him!!!! Nice, good job!! Jos asking for a tp, and he shows up close to Pain. My twinbrother Master is coming in too. Beware now humans!!
Shit they got me! Help!! Warriors smacking me again, a duffer decreased my defense, others are trying to rape my armor. Scratching me, I am screaming, almost crying, they got me.. And with the last piece of breath that is in me I look at my shield and yell: Lok'tar o gar!!! As if the shield hears it, it comes alive, growing bigger and bigger.. A bright white light flashed and surrounds me.. I am save... The gab became Adamant. Blessing to the mighty blacksmith that forged this shield.. This weapon.. That saved me again and will save me many more times.. Pain tpes me out, Frank is killing the last of the humans, Marti starts taking down the keeper a strong an mighty warrior, but not strong enough!! He is dead!! Lets us plunder the lands of Elmorad now!!! We stepped through the portal.. It was dark for a second. Floating in thin air. Floating in nothing. A light becomes visible at the end of what seems to be a long, long tunnel. Suddenly im landing on my feet, trying to stay up. We made it... Welcome back to Elmorad, but not as friend, time to plunder and rape!! Time to gain our so earned welth!!!

Not just succes

All the time I have been with Hellsfury it wasnt just fun and everythig perfect. We had several bad days. I remember quitting once.. And I remember thinking about it several times. One when we were fightig in CZ I got so pissed off. At first is was just about the way we handled the humans. The way others used their mighty skills, or better.. Not use their skills at all. At some point you think you are the best, and rly doing the best you can, to make sure you are the best. I expect nothig less from my clanmembers. But sometimes their lack of skills or morale drives me crazy. That happend to me that day in CZ. I had some bad weeks of pk, killed humans oke, but not enough, ot the way it should be. That day I died, dying on this world isnt bad, Carnac has special powers to make sure youll be revived over and over again. But... It was the way I died, IMO it was because of the lack of skills from someone else. I got so mad, that thing was a drup that made the bucket overflow.. I stepped out of the clan I loved so much and have been in for such a long time. Panic.. Thats all I can say, panic, panic and nothing but panic... People screaming at me, whispering me, asking me, crying.. Hmm.. Even crying.. Well, it feld as if some did. Not just those who were in my clan, but many of the nation were wondering what happend.. Well, I got rly pissed off.. But.. For how long can you be mad at a clan you love so much, you have spend so much time with and have acomplished so much. Not long. I talked to my closest friends, spoke with the leader and the council... I got accepted back and it felt good!!!

That night, I have tryed to give that one guy, who IMO lacks skills, one more chance.. He didnt took it and bec of me someone left!! I made him, and it felt good. Even now, months later I think about it... And sometimes.. I wanna step out of the clan again. Knowing, that with me, others might leave and my so beloved clan might even fall apart..............

Until this day comes. I will give my blood, sweat and tears. But how long will it take til this day comes....

Who knows..

One day...

One day, it will all be over...


Close to Moradon, the big tradecity of Carnac, there is a zone called Delos. This is the zone where the old knights used to live, before they got cursed and were the refugees that started the mighty Karus kingdom! In this zone stands their mighty castle and from out of this castle they guarded Moradon. By doing this, they collected a huge amount taxes from moradon and Delos itself.
In the back of this castle is the entrance to the dungeon. A dungeon holding many fierce creatures. The 2 biggest creatures a Isiloon and a Felankor spawn in there. Both we have met before. But these are a bit weaker then the ones we killed for the high karus council. Still, killing is these is worth it because the amount of gold and items you can steal when you kill them is huge!
The dungeon and the taxes were a reason for the Knights to have their castle here. And he who owns the castle has command of the taxes ad ofc can decide who can enter the dungeon and who cant.
The Moradon council wont let you fight in the Delos zone tho. If you try so, you fail, mistyc energies wander around. You cant lift your swordarm, you cant use your bow. They wont let you! BUT! Moradon needs the strongest and best clan to defend the tradecity and to keep the Isiloon and Felankor captured inside the dungeon. So every now and then they lift this attack-block and the clans of human and karus gather! This is what we call the Castle Siege War! Every clan wants the honor and money you can get by owning the castle. Every clan, human and karus, stands on his own. You can make an alliance though and agree on a non-attack treaty. Humans did this several times and they forged rly strong alliance with some of the best clan. It was impossible for us to take it. But still we try. And we had lots of fun, got defeated several times, but what do you want. We were with , they were with 100. Not all attacking us at the same time, but still, there were enough that loved to smack us. BUT WE ARE HELLSFURY!!

Here we go, HF vs the human nation! Go for it boys, roll out! We stepped outside of the savezone to walk into the dessert that surrounds the castle. First humans already found us. Relic is here guys, letís see what they got First clash of many. Duffs incoming!! Master:cure!! Pain as usual running for his life! We as priests are not doing much then spamhealing. Healing energies all over the place. Ronin running around us shooting his deadly arrows. Frankzilla in the front raping humans, Sweppie duffing the hell out of them. More are coming!!! I see Gladiators incoming!!! (this looks weird, but I dont know how describe a TP) ZZZZZZZZZZZING!!!!!!!! Pain tped us out, heal up, cure and buff up. Ready?? GOGOGOGO More came and kept coming. There was no end in this stream of humans that kept attacking us. Coming close to the castle was possible. Getting in?? Never!!!

It was a constant fight against many. Sometimes just 8 sometimes 30/40/50 who knows? The closer we got to the castle. The more humans popped up. Any normal clan would give up, but we arenít normal, we are Hellsfury. We knew we could never ever get the castle, but we kept coming. Kept irritating them. Kept killing them. If they want to keep it, they have fight for it!!

Rush in, throw duffs, cure ourself, kill some.. Keep Painunit alive, he keeps running around, many strong warriors following him. Tank too many humans, lose some clannies. ZZZZZZZZZZING Pain tped us. And we canít start over. Gather again, buff up, cure, heal. And rush in, throw duffs, cure ourselves, kill some..

This went on for more than half an hour. You should think that when you are outnumbered by so many, you would have your bud kicked. But instead we raped them! Ofc not winning the war and killed all of them, but luring some out and kill them!!

One of the best fights ever and I think we showed everyone to not mess with us!! Eventho we are not the strongest and best clan.. This little puppy does bite!!!


One day I was rly bored, humans wouldnt come to CZ unless they were with zounds. They outnumbered us bigtime now and then. No humans to find. Nothing to do. I didnt wanna do the monsterhunts, no bountyhunting, not getting stronger. I am on this world to kill humans and to keep my brothers alive. But there werent any humans. They all stayed at their castle in El Morad.

So I was walking around, talking to some friends, old clanmembers, new "might be" clanmembers, just doing nothing. I was walking through the streets of Lufferson. Turning left, turning right, moving farther in to this big city. I did not have any target in my mind, but somehow I ended up near to a temple build for Akara. There I decided to take some time to meditate and to listen to the nature, to the world, to Carnac itself.
I locked myself up in a small dark chamber. Lighted up some candles and started meditating.

I was nothing and I was everything. I was air, I was water, I was dirt, I was fire. I could feel the worms that are crawling outside of moradon, I could feel Atila coming alive in CZ, I could feel the Trolls that are running around near Kalluga. I was 1 with the world. 1 With Carnac.

I was nothing again. Dark. Nothing. Emptyness. Reached deeper and deeper in to my mind and soul. Reached the spark that kept me alive. Reached deeper and deeper. Reaching to forbidden area's. Started feeling something scratching my neck. Asif someone wanted to draw my attention. Someone poking me. Someone annoying me. Someone that came closer. A Presence not from this world. Not alive, not dead. It wasnt there. It was next to me. I was nothing. It was everything.

A small spark started glowing, it became bigger, bigger, the size of a ball, bigger, bigger, the size of a trailerpark (huh, trailerpark, on Carnac??) It became brighter and brighter. Pulling my soul in to it. Darkness again.

Welcome Ranzoape WTF was that? Who is talking? Calm down Ranzoape, You know who I am. You have been looking for me WTF?? I wasnt looking for anything, I wanna get out, get away from here, where am I? You are no longer on Carnac, nor are you anywhere else, You are with me Who is this? And if im nowhere, then where am I? Thatís what you want to know? Thatís all You want?WTF is this bitch talking about. I just want to get away from here. Fool! Clear your mind! I will show you where you are and who I am!
Dark again. Nothing here. Where did this being go?


I am fighting, I see orcs coming, smacking me. WTF is wrong. Why are they attacking me. Dammit, use ur biggest healinspells!! Where is it? How do I cast it? I have to remember. No, they got me.


Where am I now? I see Nemesis, my friend, NEM?? Where are we? Stop!! Nem?? Did he come back to the worlds of Carnac, did he pick up his weapons again? Nem? Are you back?


Liss? Do I really see Liss? WTF is she doing? Treants? Where the hell am I? She is aoeíing Treants? Trolls in the back. I am in RLB? This cant be. Liss? The waterfall? I am in RLB! I know now. What am I doing here? Draven is here too. Swep, Pinktaco, Superbruky, Deadstroke, Andruha, Jos, Ages and even Jabba? Am I back to RLB? This cant be. And I am human again. My friendsÖ.


I am orc again. Iím running with my DS. The new recruits, The 4Tís, Master, Offi, Rober?? I am in RLB again.. Guys why are we all here? Where is my gab? Why donít I know how to cast my partycure? What is wrong Humans are coming, We rush, play smart, this is wonderful. OMG, so many humans, my team is winnig. Damnit, this is what I have been w8ing or. This is what I miss these days. These days??? I am in RLB, this cant be. I cant enter RLB anymore, I have grown too strong.


Do You like what You have seen Ranzoape? Isnt this what You want? Damnit, dark again. I was fighting, let me go back!! My friends need me!! But you have grown too strong Ranzoape, You can not enter RLB any longer I cant?? Why not?? I was fighting seconds ago!! They need me!! FOOL You are a strong warrior now, You fight in CZ now! And eventho You have become stronger than ever imagined, You want to go back to RLB? I am stronger now, I have a gab, I fight against the strongest warriors. But there arenít always humans. They donít always dare to show up. Then RLB it is Ranzoape, close your eyes


OMG, why does she do that, I think I have to throw up.
Maja, are you buffer? Maja? I am Ranzoape dude, and I am a buffer yes!!! A good one ^^!! Maja, buff us pls Yeah hold on, let me remember the spell, I know how to cast it. Hurry up dude, humans are coming Fuck, how does this work?? I donít remember anything. OMG Dammit, I donít know how to buff. Dude, do you even know how to buff?? Or are you a duffer? Duffs?? Yeah I know what duffs are, but Iím not a duffer..Humans!! Oh what is this. My hands are shaking, vibrating, I wisper the formula , HE IS MALICED!!! WTF he is a duffer, not a buffer.. I duff, I know how to duff??

Well Ranzoape, or should I say Maja?? You like it?? Fuck, there she is again, why wont she let me fight, those guys need me. You can fight soon enough Ranzoape Well, hurry up then. Donít be disrespectful little boy! Your time will come yeah sure, who are you again?? I forgot your name.. I didnít tell you my name Ranzoape, but if you want to know, I am Akara OMG, she again, I could have known, what did just happen? I have given you another chance Ranzoape. I have given you the power to go back to RLB, to fight there when CZ is empty So thatís what happened? I am Maja? A duffer? And I can go back to RLB?? How??

You will find out, think of me!... You will find out, think of me.. You.. find.. of me.. MeÖ

Split up

For many months have we been rising. In the RLB zone and in CZ. We invited many new warriors. People with new ideas, with new wishes, with new standards. We came to a point where we started killing Isiloon. Not just for our capes. This is the Isiloon that spawns on the last floor of the Abyss, the dungeon. A place for cruel creatures to hide. A place locked and guarded by those who are in charge of the Delos zone.
We killed Isiloon many times. And got wonderful gifts from it. We lost it many times. Humans came and took it now and then. They came down with such strong warriors and numbers.
With every drop, some of us became greedy. Wanted it all. Not thinking about those who have served the clan for a long time. People disagreed and it came to a burst. Draven, my respected and original leader decided to take back lead and make sure everything was fine again.

It failed, we all failedÖ..

We split up. Some of us left, quitted the everlasting war, or decided to step back. A new clan was made called Valiance. Those who left HF went to that new clan. And we had to move on again.

After so much glory, this was a dark age for us, us Hellsfury members! The clan dropped in ranking. Motivation dropped. And worse was about to happen.

1 night, we gathered the councilmembers and decided what to do. For at this point, Hellsfury was no longer the Hellsfury as we know it. We have become too large. Too many members, too many new guys, too many unknown guys. And we decided to remove them. Going back to the old Hellsfury. The ones that were with us from the beginning on Karus side. We downgraded again. And we were back to where we once started. Hellsfury oldstyle.

Hellsfury for life!

Now.. Years have past.. And I come to hardest part of the story... The story... That will end here and now... I can keep telling you about the awesome pk I had.. The perfect moments.. Tell you about the friends I had.. And the friends Ive lost.. Tell you about the worst moments.. Tell you.... How it all came to an end...

After we downgraded and went back to the way Hellsfury was one time.. We didnt have enough clanmembers active. Some gave up the fights.. Some used the magic powers to go to RLB.. Some didnt wanna go CZ anymore.. More and more of my clannies left or went to do other things.. They sold thier perfect armors.. They gave away their magnifecent battleskills.. They used new magic ways to create a new live and run Ardream or Ronark Land Base again... They left.. And for me... Well.. I could have tryed more.. Could have done better.. Could have done.......

There was a point when I saw some of our best warriors leaving.. While I still had the will and strength to continue.. For I wasnt done yet.. I wanted us, Hellsfury, to stay on top.. To be the best... I kept donating all of my earned nationpoints to our clan.. Keeping it up.. But others didnt... I started asking myself if this was the path to follow.. Is this what I want?? Is this what I did it for.....


It wasnt.. I made the hardest decision in my live.. I gave up on Hellsfury.. A clan I loved, and still love, so much.. The friends I made.. The memories I have.. It was over... Once more.. I asked Akara to help me.. And she did... I set up de arangements with a warrior from a Human clan.. I talked with him... He already was a good friend of mine outside the battlefield.. We talked.. And talked..

I left Hellsfury.. With tears in my eyes I left the clan.. I gave away the symbols.. The cape.. The pride.. My friends.....

The warrior from the humanside was waiting for me... Akare did what she promised.. She brought me back to the Human side.. No longer a Karus member... No longer green.. I was human again...

I joined the clan called Rampage.. They were thrilled.. Tho I wasnt.. It went so fast... To fast??? I got what I wanted.. But was it the right decision.. Was it??

The future will tell.. And who knows what the future will bring...

There is one thing.. I know.. I will never ever.. Back down on Hellsfury.. They are a beautiful clan.. Friends.. Awesome and skilled warriors.. They are everything I ever dreamed of.. Hellsfury... FOR LIFE!!!!

Return to Hell

How long has it been. It seems ages ago. Ages ago since I left Hellsfury. Ages ago since I went back human. Still the pain is fresh in my heart. It still hurts, it will probably always hurt. As if someone has cut a piece out of my heart. But after a while you find a way to handle it.

I went to Rampage, one of the highest ranked human clans. I had some friends in there and made new friends and new enemies. I was still a nub when I joined Rampage and they changed it, I killed new monsters, did new quests, got new rewards and most important, I learned new skills.

There is much or not much to tell about Rampage, they were different then Hellsfury. They had other organisation, other ways of killing, it was.. Unnatural. Didn't feel good. But they learned me new stuff, new aria's.

But after a while, that little voice in your head starts whispering. Talking about home, talking about HF. It whispers, but soon after it, it started screaming. Old friends talked to me in the mighty tradecenter Moradon, asking me to come back, back to were I belong. Back to HF........

Back to the dark side

Ah, how good does it feel to be back here... How good is it too see so many people give you a warm welcome.. A welcome.. Back to Hellsfury..
Just back in to the clan, back to my old friends.. it seems as if they have suffered some losses, but have made new friends again..

My respected leader of Hellsfury, Draven, has finally done what he always wanted to do.. Forging a huge clan of mages. A clan filled with those fragile tho powerful magicians.. All kinds of mages together. All those wise old men and women together.. Masters of the elements united..

Have you ever seen 24 nova's drop within 3 seconds? Have you ever felt the earth shaking from so many firenova's? Seeing great balls of fire erupt in to total chaos? Have you experienced complete darkness by heavy lightning storms? Not being able to move for the air is crackling you in to stun? Have you ever been surrounded by pillars of ice dropping out of the air? Freezing any moral being on this world? This is what it means to be in a mageclan. A clan filled with every possible elemental master on this wicked world. A clan thats leaves his marks everywhere they go. Leaving a trail of havoc and slaughter, burned soil, erupted landmasses, frozen plains, and craters where lightning once struck..

We took in mages form all kinds of clans, other nation, started building up again. We created a new subclan to handle this power, created a clan for day and nighttime. This world was never safe for the power we handled. We were rising again, taking over the castle in Delos, controlling the taxes and the dungeon. Farming nps and treasuries, gaining wealth and honor. We were once more rising to the top!

But as happened before.. This period of victory was only for a short time.. Once again.. We got betrayed...

Another downfall

We took in many members of a clan called Vicarious, they disbanded and came over to Hellsfury.. Ah, how lovely it was.. They brought mages, priests, warriors, sins.. And while others saw our clan rising once more, they applied.. Hellsfury was quickly building up a clan filled with mages. Hellzfury was made shortly after it, allied with Hells and together we took all the best mages on this world.. Brought them together...

The downfall came quick this time.. Some of the old Vic members couldn't handle the way we lead this clan.. How we manage everything.. A group of leaders, called the council, is in charge of the everyday goings.. These new members were strong, knew how to play, knew how to communicate.. But of course, we have members that have been in Hellsfury for some time now and are friends, but don't always have the skills, strength and gear to compete or follow the others.. Our new boys didn't like it.. They didn't like it, that they couldn't remove these players.. That they didn't have the power to command in wars and CSW.. They were just members like any other...

Their greed to power became to much and half of them left our clan within hours... They had only been with us for a couple of days / weeks.. But they left already.. Seeing them leaving made others flee too.. And we were back, to where we once were... On our own.. Hellsfury again...

At this given time we noticed that we are a strong clan ourself.. We don't need everyone to be with us.. But like other clans, who have been on this world for a long time now, we are popular, people want to join us... But now.. No need for another alliance.. We kept going.. PKing, fighting.. But more and more orcs came to the warzones.. And there were less humans to kill.. The Elmoradians had grown weak and only a few of them dared to enter CZ...

The council gathered and asked what we should do in this current situation.. Sick of some of the other clans on the server, no massive fights and no ways to grow stronger again... The gods themselves came with an answer for this..

Back again

Did we have a choice? Was there another way? Could we have done something about it? NO, we couldn't.. The gods made a decision for us. They made us do it. AGAIN! Again we used our valuable recourses, again they made us experience that horror.. Again we disbanded our clan.. We went back to humanside. Akara or what ever god made us. To restore the balance on this world.

It took us a couple of days to gather up again. Our leaders had already taken care of a new alliance and we stepped in with 2 of the strongest human clans that were running around on this world. We allied with BadFamily and with Pinkfuzzybunnies. We took in many of our old clanmembers who came over from the orcside. And yet again, we started all over.

It was nice to see what happened, other clans started fighting in CZ again, helped us. We gave new life to the battlezone, new life to "dead" clans. Humans came back stronger and stronger. But what happens when 1 clan goes to another side, others will follow. Orcs became weak pretty fast, clans fell apart, orcs came to humanside. PK was over really quick, the battle zone was dead again.

We joined an alliance with BF and PFB for CSW and made some nice money out of it. Jet one of our clannies had some problems with people in BF and soon, we lost our alliance. Not for CSW, just the clanalliance. But again, we came back and I think we came back even stronger with a new alliance. We teamed up with a clan called Madhouse, they were new, not really known on this world. And at that same time orcs had managed to pick up clans again and pk became lots and lots more active. It was fun again.

I, myself, gained more experience was close to hitting the 80th level of experience and was ready to gain new skills, and become even stronger. Other clanmembers got geared up, we killed many bosses, Troll King, Harpy Queen, Lobo and lots and lots of other bosses. I got my complete set of Krowaz armor, changed my Chittengearset, had this wonderfull shield of Gab, the might Holy Animor. I got strong!!!

The CSW didn't went on pretty long, BF decided to not pay our alliance for helping it to defend, because there was no one to defend against. We quit that alliance and tried taking the castle for ourself. We tried... But didn't succeed in it tho. BF was a strong clan and was not easily defeated, yet.. Till today, we try it again and again and again. And we see more and more clans gathering with BF to defend.. We are only 2 clans, Madhouse and Hellsfury, yet they bring 4 or 5 clans against us, to defend.. Does that say anything??

We are on track again, got Grade 2 with our clan, going up in rankings, more known.. We will get there again.. But the question is.. For how long can we keep it??


Lots have I told about this world already, but you might want to have some more inside information about this world. It was created and destroyed by the gods. A world where you can not be killed. Not?? No. Every being on this world is immortal. Yet we try to kill each other over and over. People are not being killed. Magic energy patterns protect you from dying. The gods love the worship of the inhabitants of this world so much, that they prevent you from dying, tho they punish you.

If you die by the hand of a monster, you will feel as if you have lost something.. Feel as if you forgot something. Do this too much and you will lose a level of experience. By every monster you kill, you gain more intelligence, more knowledge about this world, about the energies that flow, about skills to use, about life itself. Tho, if one of the monsters kill you, you will lose a bit of this information. So instead of dying you will be set back in your experience, your knowledge. It is a way of telling you, you are incompetent and not worthy of reaching a new level of experience.

If you die in one of the battlezones the gods have another punishment for you. The one that has killed you, will rob you of earned nationpoints and money. If you, or someone in the party you are with, kill someone, you can loot him as well. Hereby gaining, or in case of death, losing nationpoints and money.

Yet.. You still do not die.. The energypatterns will move your body back to a so called save zone. A startingpoint. You will be revived there and ready to go back in action. You will respawn. Over.. And over.. And over.. And over again.. You will suffer the loss of points and money.. But.. You can never die on this world..

Royal Knights!!!!

Not long has it been, that we took over with Madhouse. We took over what was ours. We took lead in wars, we took lead in pk, our symbol was on the flagpoles in EMC as being one of the strongest clans on the Human side. We were proud El Moradians. Our clan was ranked 5th now. Our members were gaining lots of points and money. Together with our allianceclan, Madhouse, we took the castle in the Delos zone. We took Isiloon, the one that spawns in the Dungeon.

We reached a point were we asked the Council of El Morad to give us a new task to become a royal knights clan. A clan taking the next step in its lifespan.

To become royal we have to do, what we have once done before. We have to kill the mighty Felankor. A monster hidden in a deep dark cave. A cave filled with the bone of those who failed. A place where nothing is alive except this unholy beast.

In the back of EMC there is this dark magician. An old man who talks in riddles, who wanders the shadows and knows many dark secrets. He is one of the beings who have been given life by the gods themselves. He is the man that judges your clan, that can give you new ranks, that can promote you. A man that laughs at you when you ask him how to get a higher grade. A man with sinister ideas and missions. He was the one we had to persuade and get us in to the secret chamber of the Felankor.

Persuading him wasn't that hard, we, Hellsfury had grown strong again. We were there with many. And since we defeated a mysterious monster like the Felankor before, we knew what we were up against. Yet every time when you enter that cave, every time you step in to the dark, every time you go there...
You stumble upon your feet... You stand still for a second and do ask if this might be the end. Are you strong enough to take this dragon down?

We went in with only 18 people, the day crew of Hellsfury came and we would give it a shot. Parties were made, buffers were there, sins had their drains ready, mages ready to dot, mighty warriors to jump him and duffers to decrease his defense and lifepoints.

Felankor was laughing at us.. 18 so small beings, against this huge dragon. We thought we could win?? Ow yes we would!!!

Sirnetoo started his countdown, Crabman and Jolly duffed the dragon, sins drained, warriors jumped him. Slowly the dragon had to face another mighty clan. He does not give up easily and keeps hitting you with his firerains and beastly attacks. Many times did our healers save us, many times did the Felankor strike back. But he.. Was not strong enough for these warriors. Warriors forged in battle, friends, warriors that would do what was necessary to defeat him. And even after a short amount of time he had to let go. The Felankor did a last strike, a last firerain, but his destiny was sealed.. He was dead.. Giving us the emblem of his death..

After killing it we went back outside to EMC and handed in the emblem. We gave even more nation points and the council of El Morad rewarded us with the status of Royal Knights!!

Beware Carnac, for we are here!!! None can stop us. We faced Caitharos, we faced Isiloon and even the mighty Felankor wasn't strong enough to stop us.. You think you can????

Nova Town

A blanket of red is covering my sight these days. A red tidlewave of destruction and plunder. 16 to 24 members of Hellsfury and MadHouse together to fight the everlasting war in Ronark Land. All grouped together to withstand any Karusian force that is in there.

S0Cl0se, bring us to the side of orcbase and make sure they can't see you! The mage runs, on his own, an easy victim. He runs up to orcbase, runs to the side, just out of range of the towers. None sees him. It is quiet, we are waiting his call. Orcs are sitting in their base, they don't know what is comming.
I hear Duffman asking if Dunkenkobold is ready. He takes out his blessed shield, asks for new buffs and one of our other mages gives him Fireresistance.
All of a sudden I miss Zolten, Sickness is gone too, Sexybeast is gone, next will be sludge and last will be Duffman and me. We are on the side of orcbase. Ready to rush in and bring destruction.
Duffman makes the call GOGOGOGOGOGO, warrior tank the towers!! Mages release your deadly nova's, let us plunder and gain wealth!!!
Drunkenkobolt runs out of his hidingplace, towards the centre of orcbase. They are still sitting there. None is moving. We are behind Drunken, waiting for him to run in far enough. The first defensetowers are on him, we priests keep him up. I see Zolten next to me casting his first spells, more of them mages start mumbling.
The first clouds of thunder erupt, massive icepillars fall down, fireballs burn the earth. The next attack wave is ready and drops in, more nova's are falling from the sky. Orcs die without even noticing we were here. Sludge is picking the ones up, that are out of our mages their range. One by one they are getting raped.
OUT OUT!! We took our kills, our money, our wealth, time to move out before they unite and are against us. We cross the hill again and fall down to the river. Regrouping and checking out our kills..
2 minutes later and the red wirlwind is gone, a wirlwind of nova's and destruction. Peace has returned for a while again...

Tales from the past

Some time ago I used the power of the gods to let my body rest and changed to the body of Maja. I woke up in her coffin and I was scared a bit. Every time I do this is feels weird and unnatural. I have to get used to this body, this level of experience, knowing the highest lvl buffskills, but not being able to cast them. Maja is on the 68th experience lvl now, I should almost be able to cast a new extra defense skill, I know the skill, but can't seem to remember the words and movement used for it. Anyway, that was not what I wanted to tell.
Maja is capable of going to Ronark Land Base (RLB), it is a zone for warrior who didn't hit the 70th experience lvl yet. With the armor from Ranzoape it is fun to go there, compared to other warriors in the RLB zone I am kinda strong.
So I joined up with some random people and run towards the bowl, meanwhile I was being spamming by people asking for all kinds of buffs while they ran off. I asked for an extra bit of speed, yet some rogues seem to have forgotten what they can give others. But they do want me to give them everything I have. Anyway, even without that extra bit of speed I can manage, I use these special potions which can give you extra speed for an amount of time.
As we ran in to the bowl, some Tuarek showed up and we jumped in to the battle. As mentioned before, with the armor from Ranzoape I can play hard to get. Which works fine untill some of my fellow warriors run out of range and start screaming for me to regenerate their lives. That's my job, so I try to do it, but... They run off.. Anyway, some died, more Tuarek died and they left pretty quick or started hiding in their base.
We chase them a bit, I run straight through the towers and we kill them. This is what we do for a while and then we run back to the bowl because we forgot to take the RLB monument (something I will tell you more about another day). After that I wanted to run to their base again and see what the Tuarek were up to. My fellow warriors start screaming at me that I had to go up a hill. They ensure me it is the best tactic. So we run up this hill and they try to explain me what will happen next. Orcs will run out, they will go past the gate, we run off the hill and come from behind me. These guys don't know who Maja is, so they try to persuade me to stay up, because they are always doing this and it really works.....
Do these people not know that we used to call it Hellsfuryhill? That we always did this? Luring people out, then jump them?? Do they think they really discovered this tactic?? Bah, selfish bastards!! It was us who rolled RLB and till this day, I am sure there is no other Clan which could roll RLB like we did. RLB was our home. We knew every inch of the zone. We were the once that came up with that tactic!! Bah.. Brave humans, without strength trying to tell me what to do. Even when I tell them who I really am, they have never heard of me nor my clan. Bah.. Some of them have to join my campfire one day, so I can tell them how it works. Tell them one of the tales I am telling you now...

Last words By Luomu (Ruuti)

After another battle, from many of them, after the slaughter of our enemyes, we weīre collecting our broken swords,healing our wounds and looking in to the silent battlefield after a victory from our enemyes. Suddenly we heard our leader Ranzoape calling us to gather around. The man who had led us to yet another victory, was standing still and looking far away to the horizon, helding hes broken helmet on other hand, sweaping mix of blood and sweat from hes forehead with other.

Ranzoape, heīs name had strong reputation, elder people told heroic storyes from the battles of him to young pupils, bards wrote songs from hes glorious victoryes, every children wanted to be him in theyr plays, but what comes to heīs enemyes, name Ranzoape was whispered in fear, like he could hear you even from thousands of miles away. But still, wherever you went, they all sayd hes name with high respect.

We gathered around him, allthough we were all brothers in battlefield, but everyone layd down to theyr knees on circle around him.
You could see that he was tired from the position he was standing. He looked up each one of us and nodded. Heīs eyes, once full of fire, fire that trembled everyone who stood against him, even the most dangerous opponents we had encountered, were now empty, something was gone.
He began to spoke with hes strong voice that could carry over mountains:

"Brothers, every man has hes own destiny, the path that only he can walk. Sometimes our paths combine and we can walk together. But that will never
last forever. The path we have walked together, hasīnt been the easyest one. Many have fallen in our way, loved brothers and sisters, but this road has
been chosen by us. Thats why, dont have any remorse nor regret, because, this path we walked together, we will remember forever."

First noneone knew what to say, we weīre just looking into each others, like we didīnt understand what he ment. We all had noticed change in him, maybe we didīnt want to admit it even to our selfīs but we all still knew what he ment. The path had come to a crossroad, where we had to separate again. I could see men shaking theyr head in misbelieve, trying to turn it as a cruel joke but when they realized it, I could see even the strongest warriors turn theyr head down with an tear in theyr eyes.

I had no words. What can you really say, no words could explain how I felt, how wrong it made me feel when I realized we are losing someone you thought would be always there.
So I raised my sword, we all did, and I swear, even orc hordes could hear us in theyr land when we hailed our loved brother for the last time.

He looked us with sadness but understanding in hes eyes, dropped heīs bloody sword and our clan armour, looked each one of us again and just walked away.

The man we all looked up was gone. Farewell Ranzoape.

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Cant stop, can never stop

My dear...

It was 5 in the morning, we were sleeping.. Well, you were.. I was watching you, looking at your body, proud of what belongs to me. I follow the shape of your body with my hands, I remember last night when those hands were everywhere... I slowly take away some of sheets covering your breasts and I stare at them. I see the reflection of the moonlight on your hips.

I wish I could have enjoyed longer that moment. But I got called once more. You never noticed me leaving, you never heard me leaving the room, you did not see the terror happening outside. I wish you will never ever see, hear or feel any of this terror. That is why I had to leave again. Had to go back to my brothers in arms. Back to my family.

When I look back at that time of peace, a time with you, a time without fights. I think, that somewhere in the back of my mind, I always knew I would go back. And now, while they are plundering El Morad and killing my friends I feel the anger and spirit inside me. I can hear my brothers calling for me, calling me in their fight against the Tuarek.

I am sorry my dear, one day I hope I will see you again. But right now, I can not lay next to you and know my brothers need me. One day I hope I will find my peace, one day...

You are always with me,



I see a lone man standing on top of the hill. Covered in blood, sweat and mud. His armor looks broken, his shield scratched, his weapons hanging around his sides. He oversees the last battle he fought, a last battle against the Tuarek and himself. The outcome... A glorious victory on the battlefield, a loss for himself.

He looks down to his weapons, looks at his armor and touches his long cape. Memories are passing by as he asks himself how long he has his mighty shield, the Blessing of Gab. A shield first created by a nobel lord during the times Krowaz wrecked this world. Long has he used it, but even longer had he longed for it. His brain takes him back to the past, back to his childhood, back to Amarok, Alcohol and other clans. Running around in lower tier armor and without a decent shield. Not knowing all the magic healing spells he had learned now. Not knowing all the magic buff spells he had learned now. Running around in Ardream as an unknown priest, a newbie in the eternal battle between the Tuarek and ElMoradians. Remembering his first fight against Isiloon, Caitharos, Felankor and more. Remembering joining his most beloved clan and family. Remember his first steps in Hellsfury, playing in RLB as a shy new guy. He smiles and thinks about the times he was shy, that absolutely didn't take long to change.

Once again he looks at him self, a proud warrior, a priest to pay respect to, a leader of Hellsfury. A leader of Hellsfury, that already should make the Tuarek tremble in fear. One of the core members of a neverending Clan, one of the longest fighting members, one of the well known members, one of the members that contributed almost everything for his clan. Hellsfury, more has been told about it yet, more is there to be told, but no longer by him.

He looks down at the battlefield and recognizes his clanmembers, others wild the bold red cape, others who survived. With them he done it all, done almost anything possible on this world. Fighting the wars in the Lunar zones, terrorizing Lufferson and also El Morad Castle. Fighting in the Delos wars, gaining control over the castle and its incomes, killilng Felankor, Isiloon, Krowaz and even Pathos. Together they did it all, together they will do it again, for Hellsfury is never to die.

He reaches his backpack and start looking for some old cloths to wipe off the blood and mud. His eyes light up for a moment when he finds something in his backpack, something unexpected. He takes out a mysterious item, packed in cloth and leather. He unwrapped it and a beautiful scepter shows up, shining bright en surrounding him with even more memories. The scepter, a token of kingship, together with this wings of kingship and the white long cape. The signs of a king, he remembers, walking around with these items, walking around as a king.
The kingship brings back special moments, brings back a time of victory. Hellsfury on the flagpoles for their outstanding rating and bravery. At the same time we had the castle of Delos. Won by destroying the center artifact during the Siege wars. A war fought between clans and they won at that time. Massive battles, immense nova's from mages, crackling air from the healingspells, mighty warriors clashing and assassins doing their dirty work in the shadows. The Siege wars, many times he had won, many times he had lost, but never given up. He remembers running as king to Lufferson Castle, guiding his people towards plunder and terror, bringing his clan to the centre of the Tuarek nation. He remembers commanding the El Moradian legions when they were defeated in war and the filthy Tuarek started invading El Morad Castle. Running around his troops to support them and to encourage them to keep fighting.

He looks at his clanmembers again, wondering how they would feel, how they would react. Would he be missed, would any child ever know about his deeds? Would people sing songs about him around the campfires? He wonders how to tell them, should he tell them? Or should he leave, leave in peace. Leave quietly like the way he came to this clan. He packed his bag, polished his shield and turned around. He walked away from the battlefield, he walked away from pain, he walked away from the family he had, he walked away....

In the fires of the abyss dungeon he stands. One step away from freedom, one step away from eternal life. One step away from the fury, one step away from home. The lavastream hungers for him, calling him, willing to take him home. Waiting for one of its sons to return to the core, accepting him. He steps in, the fire embraces him, he turns around, knows someone is looking, he holds his head high, raises his hammer and shield and smiles.. He is home, back to the fury, back to hell..

Random CSW

Another boring chapter about a CSW that we didn't win!! Vicarious kept it.. So.. That was the result.. No need to read any further... If you do keep reading.. This is the tale of what happened...

It was warday.. A day that the gods would open up the gates of Lunar Valley, the gate that can bring you to 1 of the battlefields. One of the battlefields of death and destruction. I came just in time, my clannies already calling me to come and buff them for war.

Yes, I am a buffer. A buffer in his 80th experience lvl, I have the powers to cast the partyhealing skills, the power to cast the extra defense and life for all my partymembers at once. I have the power to cure everyone of any duff and I have the power to withstand any duff for 10 seconds. Who am I? I am Ranzoape, one of the leaders of the clan called Hellsfury. One of the leaders in one of the strongest alliances on this world. A former king (still have to tell that story) of the El Morad Nation and a known warrior fighting the everlasting battle between the filthy Tuarek and El Moradians.

Anyway, we gathered at the Lunar Gates. Only a couple of us were here and some of our alliance clan Madhouse were waiting as well. We created a party to fight and create havoc. The gates opened up and we arrived at the battlefield. Our sins already running for the Tuareks their mighty keepers to kill em as fast as possible! We took em down, second keeper was taken by another clan. The orcs took 1 of our keepers and we started running towards the orcbase. Halfway I got transformed in to a leader on a hors and gained extra speed and the powers to command the El Morad nation. The gods give it to the leaders of the 5 highest ranked clans on each side. The rush was fun, making many kills but boy.. Playing around in the Orc base is not funny when their prisongates open up and a bunch of em start chasing you. We couldn't get the gatekeeper down and got defeated, returning to jail.

After rebuffing and stuff, the gates opened up again and we ran towards our own keeper. Word was out, that former BBP clan was defending it. We started helping em and together we drove off the orcs several times. It was an almost easy war. The orcs did take our second keeper after a while, but we made more kills then they did and the gods decided in our favor and we got the chance to plunder Luferson!
We captured all of the monuments there were in Luferson Lands and we could teleport straight in to Loan camp, from there it is just a small rush to Luferson, so even the less stronger warriors could come in and gain wealth and plunder the lands of the Tuarek!

It was fun, but.. CSW was after. The Deloszone would be transformed in to one big battlefields and the clanwars would start. We were with 3, 4... 5 when it started. Vicarious owns the castle and we were planning to take it! But.. With 5 members online, we couldn't really do much. Ah well, who cares. We kept trying and one of our warrios, 0fficier, decided to try and touch the innergates. I wish he never did that. Our mage, S1ckness thought of it to be a good idea and started running with him. We bought catapultkeys, ramkeys, laddertruckkeys and I even bought a leaderweagon key. Time to play around.

The orcs must have thought we were going crazy or something. We started running around them. Coming from the side, quickly transforming and running to the doors. Did we actually tried to get in?? Nah, we didn't, we decided to have some fun. It became a touch-the-gate-game. And we, Hellsfury, the 5 of us, kept running, riding and floating in. 0fficier was the first to reach the door and actually attack it, damnit it dropped like 5%, we had a long way to go. Skullcruncher joined in, S1ckness started running and I transformed as well. Because it could not be, that a warrior of my clan could touch that gate and I couldn't. To make a long story short, we all touched the gates, we all used like 5 ramkeys, 2 catakeys and more while playing around. We got killed like a dozen times and lost like 600 nps.

We couldn't do doodoo, we lost NPs, we got ****d, but does it matter??
No, it doesn't, because we had fun! Thnx for the NPs is what people said to us, well, TY for the fun we had!!

P.S. For those asking if the door went down?? No, 0fficier was the only to hit it once or twice. Believe Skill hit it once. But it did not go down! Ah well, maybe next time!

Random Maja chapter.. Unfinished Story

Her body got ripped appart in a thousand pieces, she saw her body, her being, expending in to nothing while moving through, through nothing. Asif a thousand knifes had cut her in to little pieces which were floating through thin air, they were moving towards some point in the distance. She got scared, saw her body, but knew for sure, she was still alive. This can't be, she should be dead now. A thousand pieces became a million, nothing was left of her body, she couldnt see anymore, it was dark, yet she felt her being slipping towards that point, and she knew her body was scattered but following. They came closer, it felt asif they had been flying there for ages. Where did the strange man go, Shande'll?? What did he do to her. A circle showed up in front of her. A massive circle of light and she was on a collisioncourse towards it. It grew and grew asif if was persistend to catch her, to grab her, to not let her get away. She couldnt escape, there was no exit, the midle of the circle felt as a dark, turning gravitypoint and she got sucked into it. The center reached for her, grabbing her, pulling her in to it. With a big flash she landed on her feed again. She fell down on her knees, throwing up, crying. WTF was that, how could she survive that. She looked at her hands, seeing them again, she moved her fingers, it were her hands. Did she dream then?

Shande'll knew he should have told her the horrors of the first journey throught the portal. They were the portals through space and time and ripped everything that is. He had seen many magic things, knew some tricks himself, but these portals were such a force of power. They were in Moradon, on foot it would take more then 2 weeks to get here, yet through the portal it was a second. He saw people running by and smiling upon the girl, she was no longer a virgin and made her first jump with a portal, a teleporter. He layed his hand on her head and turned it upwards, he smiled upon her. "Welcome my child", he said, "welcome to Moradon". He spread his arms and showed her the welth and glory this town had to offer. She did take a quick look around, but dit not expect something like this. This place was.. It was.. Huge..

Moradon, the tradecity of Carnac, build by Logos, ruled by Kaishan, named by Akara. The centre of peace, a place where Tuarek and Elmoradian could walk side by side. Hundreds, thousands of people were here from both nations. And fierce guards from both nations were everywhere. This city was a city of peace, a small place on Carnac where Tuarek and Elmorad would be able to trade and walk alongside each other. Guards of both nations made sure there was no evil done here, not to Tuarek, not to Elmoradian, criminals would face a guaranteed deathpenalty here! You'd better follow the rules or Moradon would spit you out like an abused pig and a dead one too!

But Shande'll forgot to tell all of this to the girl and when she saw a green man, she started screaming, the horror returned. Even tho she was a small child, she had gained her fathers strength and she ran towards the first Tuarek she saw, ready to do what was necessarry to stay alive!! She had seen her mother getting killed by these filthy being, her father being killed at te very moment he was about to rescue her. Why did Shande'll take her to this place and why werent others attacking the Tuarek. Before she could make one step towards the Tuarek, Shande'll grabbed her and told her to stand still, to not move. He looked around, asif he was searching for someone, he was on the look out. They had to be close and must have seen him already, yet none showed up yet. Fromout the crowd 2 mages came towards them, 2 of his brothers, The Brotherhood was always close. They frowned when they saw the little girl he was holding. But they were tought not to ask questions in public. Shande'll greeted them and told the girl to walk with him and to not look up to anyone, or run away.

Did Shande'll not know where he was? Why did he let those Tuarek live? And who were those other 2 guys walking behind them. Shande'll saved her from a certain death, but had he taken her to a new hell?

Another Maja Chapter

Shanda'll had to leave again, meaning she would have to stay with that evil woman Betty again. Why did Shanda'll not believe her, this woman only wanted his money, money he paid her for the sex they had. With tears in her eyes she saw him leaving again, leaving her behind. Alone again, everytime he left it felt asif a part of her died. As if she was abandoned again and the memories she feared came back again.

"Go and hide dear, where mammy and daddy tought you to go. Go in to the closet, mammy is playing a game and as you know, don't say anything, don't make a sound." That was the last time she saw mammy, many years ago now. Still she would wake up screaming in the night, for the horror would never be forgotten.

Shanda'll had given her some tasks to do and made her do lots of homework and she had to practice a new spell he tought her. With this spell she would be able to increase her own powers, to increase her strength when needed in battle. She trained as hard as she could, practising on the scarecrows in front of Moradon, she did her best to help out that Betty woman, but made sure to never stay to long. She really didnt trust that bitch!

Days went by and Maja was able to cast the strength increasing spell now very quickly and she mastered it now. Tho Shanda'll hadn't returned yet and it frightened her. He rarely stays a way that long without a word or a letter. Days turned to weaks, weaks in to months and still no word from Shanda'll. What had happened? Where was he. The evil woman Betty started to watch Maja more and more closely and she noticed that several of her costumers were quite interested in the girl. Maja had become a real woman by now and her body was perfect.

One night Betty set up a trap for Maja and brought some of her so called friends. Maja went to the little chamber where she always went to get some sleep. A savespot for her own, Shanda'll had given her this room for he knew she needed a place for her own. Maja noticed something was wrong, but what? A little voice in her head told her to not go up. Something is wrong. "I must be going crazy, the training must have exhousted me too much" When she opened the door to her room she realized she should have listened, Betty was here. "What are you doing here??" Betty smiled upon her snapt her fingers. Several brutes came towards Maja and she turned around, hoping to flee. Behind her were 2 more man and she saw there was no way out. She didn't see the fist comming that knocked her out of her consiousness, she didn't feel the men taking her cloths of, she didn't see the face of 4 hungry man looking upon her body. She woke up when someone threw a bucket full of water in her face. Where was she?? What had happened? "Betty!!!", she remembered.

Betty spoke: "She is all yours boys, show this girl what it takes to become a real woman".

PK rage

Ke, I am back in to the clan and I am proud to see the activity of the members, many players getting ready to hit that almost unreachable lvl 80. But some seem to get there and others are on their way. With those lvls comes more power and ofcourse the pk, where we all do it for. This game is about pk and nothing else, farming and grinding sucks, it is the pvp that counts. And pvp is something you need to learn, I have enough ego to say that I know how to pk and I dare to say, that I am good at it. With the gear, but more important, with skills.

How do you pk? Do you know what others can do? Do you know the weak spots of your fellow partymembers? Do you know the strong points of your partymembers?

There are some unwritten rules in pk, rules wich must be obayed to succeed in killing those from the opposite nation. Rules wich maybe not everyone understands or not knows. Then, what are these rules? And what are the rules in Hellsfury?

Let me state my rules. For me as a priest, as the one with the bufffs and cure. I am the key to succes, together with a duffer. I am tankbuild, as is almost every priest. We take lots of hits, have less HP and AC as warriors, but we can heal ourselfs and therefor we are tanks. We are the onces who will try and stay alive, not because of the nps, but if we die, the party dies. No acceptions made. I am in the center of the group, my duffer running in front of me, he is the one leading the party, he calls the names, he makes the choises on whom to kill. I am behind him, already spamhealing him, for he is the one taking the first hits of an incoming raging army.

The duffer throws the first duffs and falls back, he will keep throwing duffs and as we all know, he will heal from time to time. Most duffers don't know how to heal or when to. Their maintask is to duff, many of them can't seem to find a way to heal a lot too. I have played duffer myself too and I know that it is hard to do. Duffing just takes a lot of time and with the speed of pk, you have to keep duffing over and over and over. The only time you actually heal is when you are taking hits and the other priest can't heal you, or when you stop duffing and mainly focus on healing. A way to do both is hard (IMO) and not many priests know how to do it.

Back to the pk zone, the duffer has thrown his first duffs, but so did the duffer from the other nation, now what to do? Cure? Heal? Incomming sins that want to spike the mages, whom are duffed. What to do. My rule is to use the 10k partyheal next, the time between throwing duffs and taking the first hits is realy short. I know that curing and rebuffing will take more time then using that 10k partyheal and might even save the life of a mage or other sin. So I use that partyheal, then cure, small partyheal and then the party ac skill. Easy as hell, not hard to do. But then.... The first sins are already out of my range, warrios are moving forward and are at the edge of my range, I have to stay here to keep the mage alive. A dead mage is no problem, but if I die after him, the party is screwed and their chances to servive have become a lot less. BUt the sins and warriors are already out of range. What to do???

The battle continues and I keep healing, curing and rebuffing. Rebuffing.. Why am I doing that, don't we all pk on scrolls? Why do people ask for swift in a warparty? Why do people not use scrolls? Isn't it a clanrule? How can I ask someone new to use scrolls if we dont do so ourselfs? It will make my job a lot easier, but that is not the mainreason. When pking on buffs, a buffer has to cure and rebuff, time and time again. Sometimes this just takes too long. Using scrolls is a way to keep your party alive, you give priests more time to heal, or more focus on heal, less buffing, more healing. I am not saying to make it more easier for me, but I am saying it to keep us alive a lot longer. Scrolls are IMO a must, no heavy pk without. Do understand that I don't mind buffing, I chose to get those partybuffs just so it would be easier for us in pk. But when fighting large crowds like in war, it realy is a must.

Today we3 had a normal war party, balanced, 3 priests (love it), 1 warrior, 2 sins and 2 mages. In the beginning of the war we were kinda wondering around. I was hoping for our duffer to take the lead, unfortunatly he didn't. Doesn't matter, maybe in the near future he will. A mage (clanleader) took lead and I felt sorry, that I had to tell people to follow him. Just running around like a bunch of chickens without a head. If you do that, there will be no way you'll be able to gain nps. The mage took lead and at the time I had to leave, we made more then 5k nps. That is the way it should be done!!
I must say tho, orcs have great numbers, there were many of us. Rushing in to EMC, the leader from JP on orse actually usiong commanderchat to tell people where to go. The king was using his command to help direct people to taking the monuments in the boatmap. It was kinda perfect, even after a slow start.

Buffing went well, lot of peeps not on scrolls again but on buffs, lucky for me I was on scrolls (OMG so much ego in this little writing today) If I had to rebuff meself too everytime, we wouldn't have last as long as we did. The mages nova'ing the shit out of people is realy nice. 1 Warrior tank in front does help too. And 2 sins picking up tose who are left beind is even better.

This war we had 3 priests, something I realy enjoy, 1 duffer, 1 main buffer and a second buffer helping out, but specially healing a lot. That is the way that makes pk possible. Not 2, but 3 priests, that is the way it should be. Help me remind that for laiter on.

The Council

The council...

The Hellsfury clans are lead by a council... The council is the organ, that controls the clans, allows new people to enter, kick members, tell members what someone his weak points are, what someone his stronger points are... The council, not a single leader, but several. A group of warriors who have proven to have a burning heart, a heart that inhabits the pure soul of the Hellsfury clans.. It is that group that keeps the fire burning.. In good.... And in bad times..

I am a part of the council too.. Ranzoape, one of the leaders, one of the assistents, one of those who can make the decisions.. And decisions we make.. On a daily base we talk and argue about members, about strategies, about clanapplications and more.. None of the members realizes it, none can see it. Yet half of the time we are online we are thinking and talking about it.. Not just with other councilmembers, but also with other members in our clan, people outside of the clan, leaders of other clans.. Talking about things that happen and what happened.. Talking about alliances..

It was years ago, when I was one of the active fighting members in our clan. Many times in the heat of the battle and I fought 2 out of 3 wars possible.. With our clan being more and more active, with our flag on the poles and with gaining on ranks, we were one of the clans who would take lead in war. The 5 best clans were granted leadership in war, meaning you would get extra abilities and you would be able to give commands to everyone in the field... Many times did Hobo or Marti take lead, but at some points I got it.. It was granted to me by the council.. That and other things made me go up in rankings inside our clan. Got more prestige, more power, more to say.. Till the final day came and I got invited to this select group of people.. Invited to this select group of leaders.. The council!!

Some people ask why we have a council, why doesn't one single man take lead. Haven't we tryed that once with KD and his gang. He took lead, eventho the council was still active, he was the one who could make the decisions. But.. Well, we have been there.. The council is a good way to work with daily stuff. Gather people their opinions, no dictatorship, but a parlement.. Altho we have no elections or our members can point new council members. The council controls itself and invites new people if needed or if people have left or members have proven to be worthy to join the council.. Worthy, aren't we all worthy to join, to say how we think about it? To organize things? Yes we all are, but it is this group of leaders that make the final decisions. We are all the same, no veto.. Well.. I think Draven has veto, or lets say, he is the first amoungst equals, for he is the founder of the Hellsfury clans.

Sometimes I wonder if people know who we are, members outside our clans don't understand how it works en even new members don't get it... They see leadership being swapped and wonder what is happening. Our actions do not always tell who we are. Somemtimes we don't say anything, yet in the council everything is being discussed. Some of us are more men of deeds, other are more men of words. I do know for myself, that I am a man of words, not of actions. I leave kicking to others, I do not argue with members, I let them fight their wars..

Do people even know that I am one of the leaders? Do my actions tell I am a leader? Is it possible in this world, that other actually listen to you?

Krowaz and the land of Draki

Now with the excistence of Krowaz on the mortal planes of Carnac changes started to happen. The once beautiful citadel of Hellsgarem and its surroundings were changed into a desolate place of horror. Krowaz started to build up his armies and defences. The land was filled with stronger creatures ever seen on this planet, traps all over the place. Dangerous gasfields , killingblades in the ground wich cut thgrough your bones as if they are paper, deatchtraps in a long corridors with boulders dropping every second. He turned the place in to a big landscape of horror. His throne wouldnt be reached easily.

He created new beings, beings from the wicked and perverted fantasy of his mind. He captured the queenspider Cuffbinder and her family and lured them into the land. This creature was filled with evil and madness and would try to kill, together with her sons, everyone that dared to come close to her.
Krowaz experimented with the bodies of dead karus and elmorad together and brew a creature known as a Gigahammer. This being has a mutaded arm wich can crush anyone with a single blow and is full of anger for he holds the tortured souls of many beings.

His citadel was the grandprize of his creation and would be the last one defences to pass. He turned the citadel of Hellsgarm into a maze of dead. Souls would get lost in here, without even finding Krowaz. The traps in the maze were the same wicked ones as he put in his land. Gasfields and razorblades everywhere, a Cuffbinderbeing and a Gigahammer patrolling around.

If a man would ever servive these traps and creatures you would have to find Krowaz himself. The entry to the room were Krowaz resides is guarded by a Benshar, A prophet of the undead and hard to kill. Only by killing him the true door to Krowaz his holdingplace is shown.

He set up his defence and now it was time to conquer this world. A world of flesh and blood, a world filled with life, a world soon to be scared of the terror they welcomed.


Between the lands of Elmorad and Krowaz was small and piecefull land inhabited by old and wise beings. These beings were known as the Drakians. The Drakians were a mixture of man and dragon and they guarded their land with brute force. As the Drakians were a true, evolving race. Always searching for knowledge and owners of huge amounts of gold and power. There were 2 kinds of Drakians, the guardians and the Draki, the Draki were the intelligent onces and the guardians were those breeded for the soul purpose to defend the lands. The guardians were a breed of dragons, not able to talk, only to have hate for everything that walks this world. Krowaz was more then interrested in these beings for their hidden power and knowledge so he started to attack these lands. Not ever seen such a powerfull and evil being the Drakians were no match for Krowaz and his armies of undead they got wiped form this world easily.

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Posted: Sep 12 2009, 05:54 AM

#1 indian

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am i that irritating annoying voice???? biggrin.gif
Posted: Sep 12 2009, 05:59 AM

"Are you talking to me?"

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SHHHHHH.... I want to know more...
Posted: Sep 12 2009, 10:46 AM

The Evil Twin

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thats my evil twin bro..... i wanna read more... gogogo
Posted: Sep 12 2009, 02:33 PM

Forum watchdog

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I am editing it now and then... Shaping the story... Not finished yet...
Posted: Sep 12 2009, 03:33 PM

Screw you, i'm going home

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gave me the chills, but also lol'ed at the whore part biggrin.gif
Posted: Sep 12 2009, 03:41 PM

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ur quite the storyteller Ranzo! ahahaha....

waiting on the next part sleep.gif
Posted: Sep 12 2009, 03:50 PM

The Old Legend

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Add the part which you got raped by me...
Posted: Sep 12 2009, 09:28 PM

"Are you talking to me?"

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In shuch an epic who cares about defeats? It's the carachter, the heroes risen in the midst of pain and glory, forged like fine wepons that generations remember.

smile.gif come on, it's a cool story wub.gif
Posted: Sep 13 2009, 03:21 AM

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QUOTE (Thurian @ Sep 12 2009, 08:28 PM)
In shuch an epic who cares about defeats? It's the carachter, the heroes risen in the midst of pain and glory, forged like fine wepons that generations remember.

smile.gif come on, it's a cool story wub.gif

T thurian.. Im doing the best i can...

I woke up one day.. Knowing.. It was my time... This time.. Akara wouldnt save me.. This time.. There was no new chance.. This time... It was the end.. And this time.. I earned 1500 usd.. And I uninstalled this game....
Posted: Sep 13 2009, 04:07 AM

Screw you, i'm going home

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thats a nice ending ^^

btw check msn aswell made a small list there
Posted: Sep 13 2009, 02:17 PM

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Its not over Jos ^^.. I just gave ya a possible ending... Edited again...
Posted: Sep 13 2009, 03:23 PM

Screw you, i'm going home

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i gave u a good ending on msn today
USE IT tongue.gif
Posted: Sep 14 2009, 10:35 AM

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nice ranzo , keep it coming laugh.gif
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