of a pumpkin So, after saving both the Human World and Demon World from total destruction, what's an Ex Spirit-Detective like me to do? Retire? Hell no. I may not be under orders from the diaper-brat anymore, but I don't have any intentions of kicking back and relaxing while demons are able to hop to and from my world as they please. Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei seem like they feel the same way, too. So, while Koenma trains his new group of Spirit Detectives, we'll be hanging out along the side-lines, just waiting for demons to come challenge us to a good round of ass kicking. - Yusuke


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 Fatal Fist;; Augus Hood*
Posted: Mar 7 2012, 07:14 PM

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Group: Human
Posts: 5
Member No.: 4
Joined: 2-March 12

you dismantle me
    NAME/ALIAS :: HopsinRAW
    AGE :: 19
    EXPERIENCE :: 3 - 4 Years
    CONTACT INFO :: PM|C-box

. . . . . . . . .

Augus Hood
user posted image

a fraction of who i once believed
    SPECIES :: HumanPhysic
    CLASS :: C-Class
    DATE OF BIRTH :: 12/29/1993
    GENDER :: Male
    SEXUAL ORIENTATION :: Heterosexual
    OCCUPATION :: Mercenary
opinions i would try and rewrite

    - - - -

    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 187Ibs

    - - - -

    Augus stands at a height of 6'4 with a very toned muscular build. The physical traits within his heritage are very well recognizable. Black colored skin, full lips, and big hands with even bigger feet. Augus' face remains virtually hairless and smooth - aside from massively overgrown side burns.

    Augus could be seen in a wide variety of outfits. One day he may be seen within casual clothes - tee-shirt with matching jeans. While the next day he could easily be seen in a Martial-Arts Gi. It just really depends on the day, and his next location.
play your song

    - - - -

    Technique Name: Devastation
    Domain: Physical|Spiritual
    Range: 0 - 5 Meters(Close)
    Description: Great strength lies within Augus - both physical and spiritual. But by combining both of them together, he obtains a powerful punch of pure and utter devastation. He focuses a small amount of spiritual energy within his entire dominate arm (Left), which in turn produces a mighty and powerful blue pulsating glow. This takes no longer than a second so the process is fairly quick, and could easily catch a enemy off guard if one isn't paying attention. When the punch is released, a powerful force carriers the fist forward - capable of snapping bone like small twigs, and blowing away a nice sized portion of a large stone. This technique is simple, yet very dangerous.
    Drawback: ---

    Technique Name: Supiritto Sattou (Spirit Rush)
    Domain: Spiritual
    Range: 0 - 1 Meters(Self)
    Description: A technique still being developed and mastered - one deadly in skill and also deadly to Augus himself. This technique grants Augus enhanced endurance, speed, and physical strength for a short period of time. Using this ability takes a lot of spiritual energy, and normally leaves Augus in a weakened state afterwards. The way this ability works is: Augus releases a mighty wave of spiritual energy from the pours of his body. While doing this, the energy empowers his muscles and brain giving him a slightly larger appearance - which is barely noticeable. This technique takes awhile to fully pull off (A Full Turn IC) leaving Augus vulnerable to attacks and counters.
    Drawback: Two post duration|Four post cooling period

    Technique Name: Supiritto Suji Benso (Spirit Muscle Defense)
    Domain: Spiritual
    Range: 0 - 1 Meters(Self)
    Description: One of the very few defensive technique with Augus' arsenal. This ability is fairly simple - yet has a great payout, for it grants him greater defense - defense stronger than any man made armor can provide, but it only lasts for a short period of time. The mechanics of this technique are as so: Augus applies the same principle as "Spirit Rush" but instead of applying the energy for a greater offense, he does it for the defense - which in turns forms his body into a rock hard defense. While his spirit energy is pumping, slashing damage and blunt damage are greatly reduced to the point where it's virtually useless against him. But if the opponent applies spirit energy of their own to a strike, then the attack would go through normally - as if his body was back to normal.
    Drawback: Two post duration|Four post cooling period

    Technique Name: Unorthodox Movement
    Domain: Physical
    Range: 0 - 100 Meters(All)
    Description: No origin, no meaning, no real purpose. This technique is one of a kind, but it varies from user to user. The technique allows Augus to trick his opponent(s) into seeing the after-image of a attack which really wasn't there - leaving them open for a counter attack if the opponent(s) takes the bait. Starting off: Augus slowly sways his body back and forward - finding a easy rhythm to follow. If anyone attacks during this time, Augus can dodge their strikes more easily, and his eyes can follow the speedy movements of a faster opponent. Once the rhythm is found (which takes one turn IC). Augus' next few attacks leave behind a trail of after-images. This images aren't easily deciphered, which makes for the perfect distraction.
    Drawback: Four post duration(Can only be used once per thread|Battle)

    Technique Name: 霊感 Reikan (High Spirit Awareness)
    Domain: Spiritual
    Range: 0-100 Meters(All)
    Description: A special talent Augus discovered when he was a little child. He was born with the ability to sense and even speak to the ghosts around him. But this leaves Augus as a very easy target for ghosts with evil intentions - for his body is more likely to be possessed do to such a high awareness, but doing such a thing would never be easy. Being able to communicate with the dead isn't the only ability high spirit awareness gives Augus. He can also pinpoint and follow powerful spirit pressure along with read and measure it's limits. His spirit awareness is defiantly strong, and could easily be considered one of the very best for his age.
    Drawback: ---

    - - - -


    - - - -

  • Lack of Spirit Control
  • Limited to close combat
  • Easy target for evil spirits
  • Mercenary
  • Inexperienced

    - - - -


    - - - -

  • Ambitious: Being a young man, Augus has a burning ambition that could never be extinguished. Which quickly molds into passion - passion for himself, passion for the world around him, and passion for his line of work. He wants nothing more but to push his body past it's limits, but doing something such as that carriers heavy consequences.

  • Kind: Mercenary work is never easy on the body or soul, but this intense line of work hasn't changed Augus' personality one bit - he still remains a friendly and kind individual. He'll happily help children retrieve a ball stuck high within a tree, or even a old frail lady with her bags. He may be a killer by a trade, but he will forever hold tightly to his humanity.

  • Blunt: Augus isn't the type to beat around the bush, nor is he the type to constantly lie to a persons face - he'll tell the truth even if it's nothing but horrible bad news. Augus prides himself on his ability to remain honest and true to himself - thus giving the young male a very blunt personality trait. He's quick to speak his mind, and many people don't like that. It normally causes him to come off as rude and hostile, but one shouldn't take to much offense to it - but that's much easier said than done.

  • Sarcastic: Every word this man speaks, may it be sold truth, or a small little rant obviously carriers a dose of sarcasm. Being serious and taking something serious are two things Augus cannot do. Only when times of extreme and utter importance happens is when his serious side appears. This sarcasm normally makes him look like a jerk in the eyes of many. Even the people who know and trust this man still think that from time to time - even though they know that's far from the truth. It's just Augus' sarcasm is that thick and bothersome.

  • Flirtatious: Women! He can't get enough. Words can't describe how much this man enjoys female company. No matter the day, time, or situation. Augus can make time for females - or at least try. A typical man with typical man thoughts about creatures of the opposite sex.

    - - - -
i've tried to escape you, but the orchestra plays on
    HISTORY ::

    - - - -

    The past is the past - memories filled with pain and anguish - pain that could cause even the strongest warriors to cut their own lives short. But if a person can fight through the hardship, a great warrior can be born - a warrior named Augus Hood. His birth was a expected one - but no one wanted him around - not even his own parents. He is the youngest out of ten siblings - five brothers and five sisters. But his family isn't a normal one - each possesses great skill within the Spiritual-Art. Augus discovered his ability at a young age while walking home from school one day. The young Augus witnessed a child ghost playing with a ball. He wasn't scared, nor was he concerned. It all felt so right and natural to the child. From that day onward, his knowledge of the spirit world grew greater and greater.

    Growing up gaining control over his spirit energy was quite difficult. His father put him through intense and life threatening training, but it wasn't just Augus who went through this hell - his brothers and sisters suffered also, but they had much greater skill and potential. Augus was quickly left behind to suffer for being so mediocre. But he wouldn't give up, the boy pushed his body everyday, wanting nothing more but to close the seemingly impossible power gap between himself and his other siblings. His father did nothing but watch as his youngest child slowly killed himself, deep down, he was quite proud. But wouldn't interfere - this was something he went through as a child, and something Augus himself had to go through in order to truly find his true power. This training went on for years, but the gap in power only widen - leaving Augus physically and mentally strong, but still the weakest member within his family.

    On his Eighteenth birthday, Augus came to a decisive decision - the decision to leave his family and find his own way. It was obvious - no matter how hard he tried, Augus would never catch up with his siblings under his fathers guidance, so leaving seemed like the best thing. He didn't look back, he felt no sadness, no pain. The only thing he felt was anger and rejection. He wanted to prove he was strong - not to just his family, but to also himself. Augus didn't hate them for what he went through - for it only made his stronger in the end. He simply locked the bad memories away and pressed forward - looking towards a greater future.

    A year has past, and Augus has gained considerably stronger. The memories of his father and siblings no longer haunt him. But secretly, within both the demon and human world, this young man has gained quite a name for himself - the name of a ruthless Mercenary. He kills for money and challenge - leaving behind nothing but a wake of devastation and destruction. Within the human world he lives a normal life - the life of a normal nineteen year old. Training - honing his body to peek perfection. But within the demon world, his known as Fatal Fist - the money hungry Mercenary ready to kill for the right price...

    - - - -
lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through
    RP SAMPLE ::

    - - - -


    - - - -

Anastasia Volkov
Posted: Mar 8 2012, 07:19 AM

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Group: Admin
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Joined: 27-December 11

user posted image

Because you have bitchin' music. wink.gif
Welcome to Hakusho Fever!
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