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Posted by: legendofxix Jul 30 2009, 01:36 AM
All new members please read.
Hello everyone, this is your captain speaking.
I'm sure that the people who are on 24/7 have noticed we have ohmy.gif spambots in our forum.
No idea how they are doing it (crappy security from IPB image verification) but it really has to stop. Our beloved moderators have much better things to do than to remove the posts of these automated annoyance machines.

So in an effort to cut down on spambots while at the same time encouraging communication from new members I've devised a scheme to combat spam + get participation.

We've never had an introduction forum or thread even.
So this kind of works out pretty well.

Here is the link to the new forum, simply make two posts.
One in each thread and then you will be free to post in all other forums/make new threads.
Intruduction forum

All existing members shouldn't see any change except for their forum rank
Goonzu Player -> Goonzu Adventurer

New players now start off as Spambots laugh.gif

Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful time here (and continue to for existing members reading this).

If you encounter any problems, please feel free email me.
I can be reached at:
goonzuonline at

**Replace at with @, make into 1 email address.

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