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Posted by: Ubiquity Jul 18 2009, 01:21 AM
Because these have been released with no information provided by Ndoors (not a surprise), I will relay what little information is known about them so far.
  • Starts with a life span of 10950. (this could be game days, or regular horse lifespan)
  • Guardian Spirits have a max of 100 Affinity Points that can be refilled with Essence of Nature
  • One Essence of Nature gives 10 Affinity Points, which is +1 Vit. Max of 10 Vit.
  • In PVP, Tinky sometimes speaks and when she does it subtracts 3 Vit (equivalent to 30 Affinity points).

To obtain a Guardian Spirit, you must complete magic lamp quests;
1st sentence complete: 5 Lovelove Chocolates
3rd sentence complete: 8 Black Cocoa
5th sentence complete: 10 Rainbow Cakes
7th sentence complete: Guardian Spirit

Nothing has been said yet if this is a limited event time, or if this is a forever kind of thing. A new tab has been added to the staus window for Guardian Spirits, and it shows many slots for additional guardian spirits, which I can assume means later on, it wont be uncommon for players to own many guardian spirits. It is still unknown if there will be a way to refill life span of spirits or not. What is known is that life span of the spirits drops regarless if it is summoned out, logged in or off, it acts just the same as horse life span. The good news is, with over 10k life to start off with, these things should last about one year real time.

Special thanks to Myrami for most of this information. Please add more to this thread, and share the knowledge!

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