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Posted by legendofxix - 07-30-09 01:36 - 0 comments
All new members please read.
Hello everyone, this is your captain speaking.
I'm sure that the people who are on 24/7 have noticed we have ohmy.gif spambots in our forum.
No idea how they are doing it (crappy security from IPB image verification) but it really has to stop. Our beloved moderators have much better things to do than to remove the posts of these automated annoyance machines.

So in an effort to cut down on spambots while at the same time encouraging communication from new members I've devised a scheme to combat spam + get participation.

We've never had an introduction forum or thread even.
So this kind of works out pretty well.

Here is the link to the new forum, si more
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 Guardian Spirits
Posted by Ubiquity - 07-18-09 01:21 - 0 comments
Because these have been released with no information provided by Ndoors (not a surprise), I will relay what little information is known about them so far.
  • Starts with a life span of 10950. (this could be game days, or regular horse lifespan)
  • Guardian Spirits have a max of 100 Affinity Points that can be refilled with Essence of Nature
  • One Essence of Nature gives 10 Affinity Points, which is +1 Vit. Max of 10 Vit.
  • In PVP, Tinky sometimes speaks and when she does it subtracts 3 Vit (equivalent to 30 Affinity points).

To obtain a Guardian Spirit, you must complete magic lamp quests;
1st sentence complete: 5 Lovelove Chocolates
3rd sentence complete: 8 Black Cocoa
5th sentenc more
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 Free Gcoins? Try it for yourself..
Posted by Ubiquity - 07-16-09 14:25 - 26 comments
So there is a new promotion going on where you can get free Gcoins simply by filling out a servey(s) with Peanut Labs (I hope your not allergic). I have not tried this yet, but I will later on in the day and see how much of it is BS or if this thing is really real and simple (usually these things never are).
All you have to do is login to the main site, and find the link for free Gcoins under NDOOR's billing site which you can get to when you go to purchaise Gcoins like usual (
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 Go Fish Event
Posted by Ubiquity - 06-24-09 16:34 - 18 comments
Taken from main site:

With its quiet solitude, fishing is a time you can spend pondering life and what it all means. Well, fishing in the Global Luminary world is a chance for you to tap into the secrets of wise men ... and also gain some valuable items.

Go fishing in Luminary with a fishing pole you build with Wise Man's Stones and you might catch something more prized than fish - an Old Box. What's inside the Old Box is not known, but rumor has it there will be something valuable in there. So fish to find out!

Go Fish Event Dates:
June 21 - August 21

1. Manufacture a Fishing Pole using seven (7) Wise Man's Stones. (750 gcoin more
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 Two new moderators chose
Posted by legendofxix - 06-5-09 02:34 - 18 comments
So I've finally decided after reviewing past posts, the overall "flow" of the forum.
The two new moderators will be.....


Its a demanding job and I know they'll be up for it. Lets give them all the support we can and behave as much as possible.
I'm sure they will get used to the job and be responsible with their powers.
Until any problems arise, which I hope they do not, I hope to see them assist in turning the forum and community into a greater place than it already is.

Now I will promote one of the current moderators into a super moderator.
I'll decide sometime in the coming week. If any of the current moderators more
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