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Title: Steady Orbit over Ralayina...

Zaga.Mar - November 24, 2008 11:42 PM (GMT)
~ Captain Person's looked over his commands with a subtle frown - for some reason, the fleet of a mere fifteen odd battle cruisers were called here to patrol the orbit of Ralayina; with their so-called leading commander of the mission, Captain Mar. Since when does a Janitor lead Kryna Forces? the man thought to himself, dropping his finger down and taping it on the screen, over and over in an annoying gesture. ~ "So they litterally sent someone to clean up this mess, eh... oh well. Why can't these god damn Eretaian take care of their fucking selves?" ~ He grumbled, hearing a "beep" from the ship com. ~ "Captain Zaga Mar has recived orders - he will arrive in a matter of two standard galatic days. You have orders to attack all vessels that seem hostile." ~ Of course they do, the Captain thought, after all, someone had to watch over this worthless planet. He reached down to his wrist, tapping the com.. ~ "Lieutenant, hold a steady orbit here, keep watch for any Zerian, or other hostile beings. I will be in my quarters.." ~ He tapped his wrist one more time, before heading toward his quarters, already embarssed a Janitor would show up for command. ~

Zaga.Mar - November 25, 2008 05:33 PM (GMT)
~ The Captain had such a good day! Less than a standard day away, he had heard that Zaga Mar had been taken' off command! And was estatic with the fact that, Kito Shiro, a man well respected amongst his men, was to lead the mission. He was still going over his updated orders as he bounced on the balls of his feet. ~ "Serve's that janitor right; sitting all day and acting like he's doing something; it's about time someone real was put in charge." ~ Captain Persons turned a page, before frowning. Still no word on what, excatly they were doing here, but it seemed Kito Shiro was arriving in a Akion Class Battle Cruiser. Quite impressive for a mere nobody - a Rouge - to have command of. ~ "Now if I'd just get the word as to why we are waiting out here..."

Zaga.Mar - November 26, 2008 09:33 PM (GMT)
(...Seeing as I hate RPing myself, I might as well, pay attention too, Tucker. It's been two standard days! RL time!) ~ The ships kept high orbit, holding a sort of flanking postion of the planet itself. It was today that Kito Shiro would arrive with word on his orders! Persons let out a heavy sigh of relife. Maybe this was just a scatter test or something..? ~
"Helmsmen, I want full reports on the Akion Battlecruisers movements, and prepare a transmission for when they enter the system, it's time we end this little charade."
~ Persons crossed his arms over his lap, and let out a weiry sigh. Two long days over this dustball...~
"Let's find out what the big mission was all about.."

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