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  1. Man Tried To Enter Bronx Zoo's Snow Leopard
  2. Giant panda gives birth to twins
  3. Black Bears
  4. No monkey business: 12-pound primate escapes
  5. Fox cubs 'put into hounds' kennels'
  6. Bear cub SNOWY killed by car
  7. Jaguar Is Shot Dead in Brazilian Zoo After Olympic
  8. Circus bear BESSY euthanased
  9. Kangaroo escapes from circus
  10. N. Korea a safe haven for birds
  11. Ringling Protests
  12. Watch: Oregon Zoo lion's tail severed in hydraulic
  13. Camel escapes from circus
  14. Rest in peace, Dunia (10)
  15. Rest in Peace TATU (41)
  16. Alligator drags boy (2) into water
  17. Nine camels escape from circus
  18. National Aquarium expects to maintain visitor
  19. 2 racehorses died before Preakness, but rich and
  20. Dingo attacks Peel Zoo staff
  21. Flooding sets zoo animals free
  22. Dublin Zoo's much-loved gorilla HARRY passes away
  23. Ohio zoo’s gorilla death spurs review of
  24. Bramble Park Zoo
  25. Live owls go from Harry Potter play
  26. Tri-State Zoo in Cumberland, Maryland
  27. Lions etc. on display in shopping centre
  28. Vulture "Arthur" missing 4 days
  29. Lion attack on child
  30. Leopard Briefly Gets Loose at Hogle Zoo in Utah
  31. Tiger Paw Exotics
  32. 5 of the Most Addictive Wildlife Cams on the Web
  33. Manatees
  34. Underwater World Singapore to close Jun 26
  35. Orca beaches herself
  36. Camel collapses after rides
  37. Pregnant sea lion dies
  38. LA Zoo officials respond to fears stemming from
  39. Gorillas at Disney's Animal Kingdom
  40. Blind man, guide dog turned away
  41. Woman on night swim taken by croc
  42. Circus worker in Sweden throws poo at animal right
  43. Circuses struggling to get a place
  44. Riverside Discovery Center Zoo
  45. Queen Sofia opens big cat refuge
  46. Sanctuary for 3 bear cubs
  47. Other Animals at The Greenville Zoo
  48. Chimpanzee Kiko Documentary at Sundance
  49. 'Suicide by LION'
  50. BBC Debate "Nim the Chimp & Animal Rights

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