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  1. Running away FROM the circus! Bear sparks panic in
  2. SeaWorld last Polar Bear Dies
  3. Giraffe killed - hits head on low bridge
  4. Great Bull Run Coming to US
  5. Koala suvives being hit by car
  6. Captured cougar to remain under quarantine
  7. Handler bitten by tiger
  8. Addra gazelle dies
  9. 2-headed turtle dies
  10. Child scratched by circus lion
  11. Arturo, the polar bear
  12. El Paso Zoo's 28-year-old bear Inca has died
  13. Kansas City Zoos oldest male lion, Dumisani,
  14. Monkey escapes enclosure
  15. Rhino poacher jailed for 77 years
  16. Live animal smuggling
  17. Baby alligator escapes
  18. Lion beats a safari window
  19. Circus monkey's brief run at freedom over
  20. Opposition to dolphin show growing fast
  21. Second red panda cub dies at Atascadero zoo
  22. Watch: Toddler grabbed by LION on zoo visit rescue
  23. Deaths/escape/attack:resources stretched
  24. Hippo found dead
  25. 30 exotic animals seized from Warren home now
  26. Rojo, Miller Park Zoo tiger, dies
  27. Giraffe at Topeka Zoo, oldest in North America,
  28. Escaped hippo shot dead
  29. 67 giant snails seized at LA airport
  30. Pony kicks girl at Niabi Zoo, grandmother catches
  31. China admits trading in tiger skins
  32. Another death in zoo this time its a crocodile
  33. Animal Kingdom Zoo, Burlington NJ
  34. Escaped zebra knocks over cyclist
  35. Man sentenced for stealing Lincoln zoo tortoise
  36. Mill Mountain Zoo Protests
  37. No Animals In Danger After Fire Starts
  38. County Recoups All Alpaca Case Costs
  39. Palm Beach Zoo's jaguar, Muchacho, dies
  40. Sad News: Elmwood Park Zoo's Jaguar Dies
  41. Wolves break into polar bear exhibit at Winnipeg
  42. Two endangered clouded leopard cubs die at
  43. Gorilla escapes enclosure
  44. Bee Petitions
  45. Camels escape from circus
  46. Minibus full of snakes, meerkats, spiders and
  47. San Antonio Zoo dealing with unwelcome guests
  48. Cincinnati Zoo's endangered rhino dies
  49. Berkeley Squirrels Saved from gassing
  50. Petting zoo vandalized, tortoise stolen

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