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  1. Bald eagle escapes after hole cut in enclosure at
  2. Lynx escapes from zoo
  3. Retired Big Apple Circus Animals Prepare for Their
  4. Nature Notes: Watching the world on webcams
  5. Circus camel escapes
  6. JOSEPHINE (49)
  7. Massive gator spotted in Polk County
  8. Orangutan ESCAPES from its enclosure at Zoo
  9. First gorilla born in a zoo, dies at Columbus Zoo
  10. Monkey escapes Ramat Gan Safari
  11. Cows in circus performances
  12. Japan resumes whaling
  13. Two circus lions escape
  14. Circus stranded with animals
  15. PETA buys stake in Louis Vuitton
  16. PETA buys stake in Louis Vuitton
  17. Amur tiger tied down for photos
  18. Killing Animals At The Zoo
  19. Camel killed after escape
  20. Marineland charged with six new counts of animal
  21. Watch: The pub that wants to be a zoo
  22. Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo
  23. Orphaned baby otter rescued
  24. Crocs on loose from flood-hit zoo
  25. Orca "Tilikum" passes away
  26. Prison:illegal transport of wild animals
  27. Import ban on fur & reptile skins
  28. Llama on roundabout for Xmas
  29. Ban on wild animal pets
  30. Fur farming banned
  31. Circus Protesters Say Ringling Bros. Continues to
  32. Woman bitten by croc while taking selfie
  33. Reindeer manhandled @ mall
  34. DeYoung Family Zoo reacts to PETA's lawsuit threat
  35. "Pet" rhea (5) escapes from garden
  36. Animal Webcams
  37. Queen Sofia opens big cat refuge
  38. Grandfather of National Zoo’s Panda Cubs Dies
  39. Gang breaks into London Zoo at night
  40. Black Bears
  41. Dolphin exhibit to close
  42. Bear attacks TV presenter
  43. Bumblebee nos hit by 'unsettled decade'
  44. Terminal Zoo: Inside the Heathrow holding pen that
  45. Black Bears
  46. Bear Valentin at Xmas market
  47. Manchester zoo cited for animal welfare issues
  48. Vets against wild/exotic animal circuses
  49. Exotic pet popularity soars:RSPCA
  50. Captive animal display:Xmas market

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