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  1. Abused circus lions to be flown back to Africa on
  2. 2 orangutans escape, 1 shot
  3. Protesters target Bowmanville Zoo
  4. Grizzly bear escapes: zoo evacuated
  5. USDA Issues Report Into Hovatter's Wildlife Zoo;
  6. Eastern Puma Declared Extinct, Removed From
  7. Knut the polar bear becomes museum display
  8. Israel's Oldest Zoo Closing for Lack of Funds
  9. Birmingham Zoo closes aviary after bacteria found
  10. The Wild Animal Sanctuary
  11. Tourists plaster turtles with money
  12. Two orangutans briefly escape Metro Richmond Zoo
  13. Bears from former Honesdale zoo moved to sanctuary
  14. Last Sumatran rhino at Cincinnati Zoo going to
  15. Monterey "Zoo" Charlie Sammut
  16. Panic as tiger escapes
  17. Giraffe "Mimi" (12) dies
  18. Breaking News: Sumatran Rhinos Declared Extinct In
  19. Cockerel "Jack" dies:chased by children
  20. Blue Whale Interrupts TV Presenter At Exactly The
  21. Male Guinea Baboon Escapes
  22. Tiger Recaptured After Film Crew Loses It In
  23. Flooding sets zoo animals free
  24. Orangutan dies of heatstroke
  25. White sparrow faces survival fight
  26. Bulls kill 7 people in summer festivals
  27. Exotic animal event cancelled
  28. More Than 10 Baby Alligators Stolen From Arkansas
  29. Abducted baboon rescued and returned to zoo in
  30. Bear cubs of mother euthanized after Yellowstone
  31. Monkey escapes enclosure at Memphis Zoo
  32. Bear cub killed by tigers
  33. Flamingo dies after being stolen from Hattiesburg
  34. Stingray injures handler at Oklahoma City Zoo
  35. Baby giraffe dies in accident at Dallas Zoo
  36. 'Irreplaceable' pygmy monkeys stolen from
  37. Hippo to move. Halloween event goes
  38. 'Macademia' the agouti escapes
  39. Migaloo, the White Humpback Whale
  40. Camel escapes from circus
  41. Horse-drawn carriage driver run over
  42. Volunteers conned into raising lions for hunts
  43. Odessa animal rescue, mobile petting zoo hit hard
  44. Boa constrictor dies
  45. Seaworld Profits drop, Blackfish effect
  46. Seal, escapes, captured, killed, fed to foxes
  47. Wolf-dog escapes local petting zoo in flooding
  48. Bull Takes Revenge On President Of Bullfighting
  49. Judge Recognizes Two Chimpanzees as Legal Persons:
  50. Camel rides closed after infection

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