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  1. Lady the osprey lays 69th egg at Perthshire
  2. Escaped chimpanzees at Kansas City Zoo back in
  3. Cheetah "Ginger" escapes
  5. Giraffe dies in surgery, heart defect
  6. Chimp "Charlie" rescued from zoo
  7. Badger cull/bovine tb
  8. German circus tigers rescued
  9. Zebra dies in zoo accident
  10. Japan accepts ban on Antarctic whaling
  11. Now, Danish zoo kills 4 lions ...
  12. Owl survives 100-mile train trip
  13. Mongooses escape from their habitat
  14. Orangutans escape primary enclosure
  15. WATCH: California Condors Released From Big Sur
  16. Flamingo killer strikes twice at Frankfurt Zoo
  17. Zoos' Amur tiger suffers seizure, dies
  18. The Elephant in the Living Room
  19. Sea Shepherd 2014/2015
  20. Crocodile suffocates during mating
  21. PA Falcon Cam
  22. Reward offered after whooping cranes shot
  23. Camels escape from Circus Arnardo
  24. Croatia’s second city to close ‘worst zoo in the
  25. A death trap for animals?
  26. Zoo closes due to rising water
  27. Lion killed by lioness
  28. Orcas
  29. Red panda found dead
  30. Dogs kill 5 kangaroos
  31. FWC finds a dozen pelican carcasses
  32. Big Island donkeys find new home
  33. Polar Bears Star In Google's Street View Of
  34. Endangered Whooping Cranes
  35. International Victories For Animals In 2013
  36. Koala that escaped from enclosure at San Diego Zoo
  37. Blackwater Eagle & Osprey Cams 2014
  38. Yes, we had to kill lions
  39. Sandhill Cranes Heading North
  40. Awakening to Compassion for Animals
  41. 2014 Genesis Award Winners
  42. Panda dies suddenly:mistreatment claims
  43. Closure of popular Scots zoo leaves dozens of
  44. Zoo feeding upsets young patron
  45. Man climbs into tiger enclosure
  46. Giant octopus "Pandora" dies
  47. Polar bear swallows jacket, dies
  48. German Tour Operator Boycotts Tours to Marine Park
  49. Donkey Ball game in Brunswick has been canceled
  50. c. 1 billion birds p/a killed hitting buildings

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