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  1. Brown bear Gilberte (43) dies
  2. Battered albatross in critical condition at
  3. Have you seen the Birmingham Zoo’s missing bird
  4. Young giraffe euthanased
  5. Officials Plan to Cull Yellowstone Bison Populatio
  6. Giraffe "Willie" (12) dies
  7. "Hunt a lion" raffle prize
  8. Giraffes
  9. Crocodile freezes to death in minus 45C cold on
  10. Fooling Millions with False Conservation:
  11. Shizuoka zoo recovers missing red panda after
  12. Rhino "Hulk" dead?
  13. Panthers
  14. Dickin Medal for police dog "Diesel"
  15. Adelaide Zoo’s popular blue-and-gold macaw Manu
  16. Red panda returned to zoo
  17. Black Bears
  18. Fox-hunting:the debate goes on
  19. Live Reindeer Events 2014
  20. Beached whale in Galveston dies, necropsy planned
  21. Third Whale This Year Dies At SeaWorld San Antonio
  22. El Paso Zoo considers changes to exhibit after 3rd
  23. Hunter kills iconic lion Cecil
  24. Chimp in Wellington dies after fight
  25. Calgary Zoo offers home for cheetah spotted
  26. Man jumps into tiger enclosure
  27. Zoo fed 24 years old zebra to lions
  28. Dogs kill gazelle and 5 springbok
  29. Escaped circus tiger shot dead
  30. Macaque escapes from zoo
  31. Omnibus Bill Bars U.S.-based Horse Slaughter,
  32. Zebra deaths: stones in guts
  33. Tamer loses control of big cats
  34. Mobile Zoo
  35. Circus bear "Invictus" dies
  36. Tiger Trainer Defends Animal Shows at Santa's
  37. Grizzly Bears
  38. Circus owner in Mexico detained for alleged animal
  39. Death of red panda stuns staff at Elmwood Park Zoo
  40. Man jumps into polar bear enclosure
  41. 2 Penguins Vanish, 1 Dead at German Zoo; Police
  42. Sea lion Holly's death spurs police probe at
  43. Japan to resume whaling despite ruling
  44. Bald eagle freed from hunting trap
  45. Red Panda Escaped from the Zoo- Found Safe!
  46. Northern White Rhino, NOLA, Rest in Peace
  47. The man and the secret farm behind the animal
  48. Week-old hippo calf dies
  49. Zambi Wildlife Retreat: Luke Lewis’ wife Sonia
  50. Monkey escapes from petting zoo

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