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  1. Travel risky for giraffes, experts say in wake of
  2. Lemurs lurch toward extinction
  3. Sick Capuchin on set of Pirates of the
  4. Emoya Sanctuary, 2 lions murdered
  5. Stolen hedgehogs returned to Michigan petting zoo
  6. Official: Man Climbs Into Central Park Zoo Aviary
  7. Drowning Polar Bear Caught In Net Saved By Alaskan
  8. Appalachian Bear Rescue - Tennessee
  9. Rehabbed bear released into wild with two cubs
  10. Romania bans trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves
  11. Roaming Bear? Caution But Don’t Be Alarmed
  12. New York Blood Center Caves in to Global Pressure,
  13. Tender moment captured between mother bear and cub
  14. Beaver return 'benefits environment'
  15. Animals, birds removed from 'sanctuary'
  16. Mermaid daubed in whale protest
  17. Internet sale of bear cub prevented
  18. Hippo escapes from circus
  19. Turtle disaster avoided:roadkill rescue
  20. Nile crocodiles identified in South Florida,
  21. Charlestown Wildlife Refuge Faces Backlash
  22. Circus bear attacks audience
  23. BBC Debate "Nim the Chimp & Animal Rights
  24. Henk and Eso
  25. Gov. Sununu Stops Plan to Euthanize Bears in
  26. Animal Legal Defense Fund Objects to Export of
  27. Escaped jaguar attacks spider monkey at
  28. Bonobo throws concrete block toward family at
  29. Reversed:40-yr ban on reptiles as pets
  30. Carriage Horses
  31. Chimp RICARDO drowns at zoo
  32. Camel escapes from circus
  33. Chimp escapes enclosure at Honolulu Zoo, prompting
  34. Circus tiger retired to "Crocodile Park"
  35. Lion attacks "tamer"
  36. 33 reptiles dead at Zoo Knoxville
  37. Beloved falcon flies off-course during show at zoo
  38. German circus chimp to retire
  39. Zebra captured after running wild in Wimauma
  40. Camels escape from circus
  41. Carnival Cruise Line accused of ‘turning a blind
  42. Tourist attacked by komodo dragon
  43. Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds of Florida
  44. Radar trap against circus llamas
  45. Albino orangutan rescued
  46. Tension at SF Zoo exposed in conflict over cancer-
  47. Wild coyote prompts temporary shutdown at the
  48. Racehorse "saves" his life by painting
  49. Monkey trio escapes zoo enclosure, attacks two
  50. Hippo "Gustavito" killed at zoo

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