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  1. Palm oil on beach; pet dog dies
  2. Kangaroo JAMBO escapes from circus
  3. Injured circus animals
  4. Animals in Entertainment
  5. Woman climbs into croc enclosure
  6. 20 circus animals rescued
  7. PETA blasts new CBS thriller 'Zoo' for use of wild
  8. Alaska Bear Cam
  9. 3 Primates Escape - 2 shot dead
  10. Brazil: Foie gras banned in Sao Paulo restaurants
  11. Lion loaned to Toledo Zoo by Siegfried & Roy dies
  12. Tigers, baboons, camels abandoned by circus
  13. Prince George visits petting zoo
  14. Zoo flamingo gets prosthetic leg
  15. Chattanooga Zoo to get seven chimps from Atlanta
  16. Orca 'Freya' (32/33) dies
  17. Albuquerque zoo visitors speak out against caging
  18. Tosca (c.30),mother of Knut,euthanased
  19. Dead Wallaby Leads to Investigation at Reston Zoo
  20. Zoo owner charged with mistreating animals
  21. Eastdale Mall Hosts "Family Fun Night"
  22. Giraffe and tiger euthanased
  23. Galapagos tortoise "Speed" euthanased
  24. America's Got Talent
  25. Mobile Zoo
  26. Kangaroo with arrow through head
  27. Lolita
  28. Water buffalo escapes from circus
  29. Child falls into cheetah enclosure
  30. Tigere escapes from animal hospital
  31. Shark ejected, killed after semi-truck blows tire
  32. Mumbai, India Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages
  33. Holding Strong at the Sanctuary
  34. Lion attack kills tourist
  35. Peacock attacks child (3)
  36. Snow leopard Sossy (1) found dead
  37. Zoo animals escape
  38. Giraffe dies during medical procedure
  39. Badger cull/bovine tb
  40. Want To Own A Piece of Shamu?
  41. Condor named Miracle treated at Oakland Zoo for
  42. Zoo bird caught three months after escape
  43. Cow escapes from circus
  44. Employees caring for Texas Zoo animals during
  45. Zoo worker bitten by komodo dragon
  46. Zoos to end buying Taiji dolphins
  47. Gay bull saved by Simpsons creator
  48. Child (6) bitten by baboon
  49. USDA Cites Tregembo Animal Park With Animal
  50. Shelter Animals Find Foster Homes After Being

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