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  1. Alligators
  2. Giraffe dies after breaking leg
  3. Still no action over unlicensed Malta zoo
  4. DEW Haven wild animal preserve
  5. Panther
  6. Ranthambore "Man-Eater" Sentenced to Life in Zoo
  7. Man charged with wildlife offences
  8. Driver stunned to hit CAMEL in Swedish road after
  9. Riviera flood: Marineland park under sea of mud
  10. Call for laws to protect animals in mobile zoos
  11. Camel fleeing zoo caught by police
  12. Don't Buy Rabbits Over Easter
  13. Eagles
  14. Ramos Bros. Circus (No Elephants)
  15. Stricter punishment for horse hobblers
  16. Chinese Demand for Ivory Alternative Threatens
  17. Zebras Spotted Running Loose In East Oakland
  18. Rhino "Brewster" (33) euthanized
  19. Zebra dies in golf course lake
  20. Wizard World petting zoo under fire for treatment
  21. Orangutan "JoJo" dies
  22. Giraffes "Hope" and "Mopani" die
  23. Eagles
  24. No Ponies for Village Fiesta
  25. Siamang escapes - zoo in lockdown
  26. SeaWorld to end orca breeding programme
  27. 2 polar bears breach containment area
  28. Swan in custody after take-off bid
  29. 2 racehorses lose their lives
  30. Drunk circus worker walks tiger cub at mall
  31. Lennon Bros. Circus - (No Elephants)
  32. Dead Wallaby Leads to Investigation at Reston Zoo
  33. Chinese tourists invade drained lake at zoo to
  34. 4 circus camels escape
  35. Dog deliberately killed by snow-mobile
  36. Circus Gerbola
  37. Qatar commuters startled as escaped tiger appears
  38. Escape from Monkey Mountain: Nine macaques make a
  39. Lion killed after escaping Papanack Zoo enclosure
  40. African Lioness Sandy - Rest in Peace
  41. "Blackfish", Film abt SeaWorld's Tilikum
  42. Sneaky Rhino Escapes From Israeli Zoo
  43. Godavari retirement home for donkeys
  44. Camels espace from circus
  45. National Zoo Closes Attraction After E. Coli
  46. Camel rides at zoos
  47. Trainer attacked by white rhino Kunta
  48. Dog locked up 2 years without exercise
  49. Village goose "Gertie" 'shot'
  50. Lemur found in backyard

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