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  1. Zebras escape from circus
  2. Zoo kills gorilla to protect small child in
  3. Orangutan boxing matches at zoo
  4. Circus bear at large
  5. Sea Sheperd
  6. Zoo Animals Die of Hunger, Diseases
  7. Mei Lun and Mei Huan B, July 15, 2013
  8. Jordan’s Al Ma’wa Wildlife Reserve
  9. Frogging – a new activity in South Africa’s
  10. RSPCA:stripped of prosecution powers?
  11. Trio of New Zealand Cows Rescued After Earthquake
  12. Escaped Memphis Zoo monkey to return to exhibit
  13. Polar bear "Pizza" offered new home
  14. Police dog petition reaches 100,000+
  15. Giraffe dies:slipped on concrete floor
  16. Hunter kills iconic lion Cecil
  17. Zoo dolphin found dead
  18. Puma & 4 baboons rescued from circus abuse
  19. British tourist bitten by sealion
  20. 3 bears rescued from circus:Vier Pfoten
  21. Judge declares chimp has rights
  22. Circus Nelly Orfei animals: raid
  23. Baby koala found in backpack
  24. Last circus bears confiscated
  25. Charles and Camilla begin tour
  26. Zoo animal shows must end
  27. Falling out of love with hunting
  28. Circus camel stolen by 5 youths
  29. Dolphin therapy to end
  30. Panda wrestles with intruder
  31. Mayor asked: protect dolphins, badgers
  32. Tiger attacks "trainer"
  33. World wildlife 'falls by 58% in 40 years'
  34. Otter drowns at Pueblo Zoo
  35. Marabou stock escapes from zoo
  36. Gorilla escapes from enclosure
  37. PETA wants Dade City zoo investigated
  38. Hurricane Matthew Destroyed at Least 800 Turtle
  39. Tamer bitten by lion
  40. Rebuilding in a time of war
  41. Mesker Park Zoo
  42. Camels escape from circus
  43. Mike The Tiger - LSU Mascot
  44. Rare tree frog euthanized
  45. Tr. hunting ban:bears,wolves,lynx,cats
  46. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological
  47. Vet wires broken jaw of gazelle that escaped Zoo
  48. Phoenix-area boy bitten by stingray at zoo now
  49. South Florida Wildlife Center
  50. Camel on the loose startles Hammond commuters

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