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  1. Wolf attacks 2-year-old girl
  2. Bald eagle deaths puzzle wildlife investigators
  3. Circus Vegas falsify applications ...
  4. PETA: Northeast Louisiana zoo should be shut down
  5. Teens in trouble after jumping zoo fence
  6. Camels' circus escape
  7. Sea lion found dead in pool
  8. Bear cub will not be euthanased
  9. UGA research monkeys to retire after 17 years
  10. NEWS: Roger Williams Park Zoo to offer camel rides
  11. Police Capture Lemur That Escapes From British Zoo
  12. Unwanted parrots find sanctuary in St. Paul
  13. Famed chimpanzee dies in Australia
  14. Horses escape circus in Hibbing
  15. 5 monkeys stolen from zoo
  16. Zoo Next Door: Malibu
  17. Gulf Coast Zoo loses four animals to flooding
  18. Against SeaWorld? Here Are 7 More Things You
  19. Adelaide Zoo and RSPCA want to know who stole
  20. Kiwi dies at the National Zoo
  21. Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
  22. Center for Great Apes - GFAS
  23. BRI Falcon Webcam
  24. Mass shooting of migratory birds
  25. Baby giraffe dies
  26. 6 - From the Dirctor of "The Cove"
  27. Tiger mauls Oklahoma zoo worker
  28. Cameras roll on peregrine falcon nest
  29. Car catches fire in lion enclosure
  30. Flyaway owl from Tacoma zoo captured in nearby
  31. Baby gorilla dies
  32. The "Blackfish" Effect: Pixar Frees Marine Park
  33. Wild Obsession
  34. Lady the osprey lays 69th egg at Perthshire
  35. Escaped chimpanzees at Kansas City Zoo back in
  36. Cheetah "Ginger" escapes
  38. Giraffe dies in surgery, heart defect
  39. Chimp "Charlie" rescued from zoo
  40. German circus tigers rescued
  41. Zebra dies in zoo accident
  42. Japan accepts ban on Antarctic whaling
  43. Now, Danish zoo kills 4 lions ...
  44. Owl survives 100-mile train trip
  45. Mongooses escape from their habitat
  46. Orangutans escape primary enclosure
  47. WATCH: California Condors Released From Big Sur
  48. Flamingo killer strikes twice at Frankfurt Zoo
  49. Zoos' Amur tiger suffers seizure, dies
  50. The Elephant in the Living Room

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