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  1. Zoo keeper and tourist die after 236-stone walrus
  2. One of Pocatello zoo's coyotes dead, another
  3. Animals killed by intruding wild dogs at Miss. Zoo
  4. Llama escapes from circus
  5. Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because
  6. Police catch two escaped tigers near Dutch village
  7. Protester disrupts traveling zoo at Lumberton mall
  8. Orangutan MILO (13) dies from stroke
  9. RSPCA to become "less adversarial"
  10. Complaint against Circus F. Zavatta
  11. Calling the Bison Our National Mammal Is the Worst
  12. Circus: the 2 "kittens" are lions ...
  13. Australia may take in African rhinos
  14. German circus chimp to retire
  15. Grizzly Bears
  16. This Technology Could Keep Airports From
  17. The eagle has landed: Oregon Zoo tracks down eagle
  18. Hippo escapes from circus
  19. Pandas Tian Tian, Yang Guang
  20. Eagle carries off adopted kangaroo
  21. A Bombshell in the World of Rhinos
  22. Three Little Pigs Sanctuary
  23. Captive animals ordered to diet
  24. Chimpanzee in Japan captured after escaping zoo
  25. 18 animals have died at the Baton Rouge Zoo in
  26. Airlift Is Sending 33 Lions From South American
  27. Circus camel collapses and dies
  28. Man dies, gored by buffalo
  29. At Zoo Miami, a battle that pits stray cats
  30. Zebra fed to tigers in public view
  31. Zebra escapes from Circus Hungária
  32. Glastonbury is set to move to Longleat
  33. Circus blasted for ‘appalling’ treatment of its
  34. Llama escapes from circus
  35. 3 llamas escape from circus
  36. Raids on illegal circuses
  37. Keeper killed by tiger
  38. Zoo animals evacuated after quake
  39. Rhino goes through open gate
  40. Last original PG Tips chimp dies
  41. Amur tiger dies after attack
  42. World's 'oldest dog' Maggie dies at 30
  43. Deaths at Baton Rouge zoo prompt outside reviews
  44. Monkey escape causes Central Florida Zoo to close
  45. Toronto Zoo investigates after woman jumps tiger's
  46. Baboon seized from circus
  47. Eastern black rhino bites zoo staffer
  48. Stallion escapes from circus
  49. Animal trainer viciously whips tiger
  50. Ex-Longleat flamingo killed

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