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  1. Masai giraffe "Neema" (8) dies suddenly
  2. Stressed-Out Shark Dies of Heart Attack at Russian
  3. Dolphin 'reality show' suspended
  4. Giraffe Ndale (3) dies of heart failure
  5. Zoo worker burns giraffe with blow torch
  6. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Elephants Seals At Año
  7. PUMA Returned Safely to the Wild
  8. World record Stokes alligator display
  9. Birds "fundamental right to fly"
  10. Zebra escapes from French circus
  11. Lion kills trainer at Chinese zoo
  12. Shetland pony escapes from circus
  13. ALERT!!! Theft of Callitrichids
  14. Camel rides at zoos
  15. Fire sparks at aquarium in World Wildlife Zoo
  16. Govt. shuts dolphinarium
  17. Chimpanzee on the run after escape from Zoo
  18. Zoo will not re-name macaque
  19. Cockatoos smuggled in bottles
  20. Exotic animals ‘on the loose’ after Tiger Safari
  21. Siberian tigers in circus smoke alert
  22. Circus appeal marred by captive animal performance
  23. Woman bitten by snake at Australia Zoo
  24. "Tamer" Edelstein bitten by lioness
  25. Camel escapes onto train tracks
  26. 8 llama escape from Circus Knie
  27. 10 circus camels escape
  28. Stowaway mangrove snake rehomed
  29. Lake Superior Zoo
  30. Zookeeper hits fence - not giraffe
  31. Kookaburra escapes from zoo
  32. Ill-treated circus animals rescued
  33. Zoo horror as boy is mauled by 'tame' sea lion
  34. Not all juleps & roses for the horses ...
  35. Animal campaigners want Siberian tiger caught up
  36. Runaway Carriage Horse on Streets of St. Louis:
  37. Circus Monkeys Return to Jungle
  38. Cruel K/Lynn teens kicked hedgehog
  39. Animals Bred for European Pet Trade
  40. Tiger contained at Oklahoma City Zoo
  41. Hooded vulture attacks zoo visitor
  42. Watusi escapes circus
  43. Monkey escapes from Dalton zoo
  44. Illegal experiments on tigers, deer
  45. Polar bear "Magnet" euthanased
  46. Polar bears again?
  47. Lion cub escaped/captured
  48. Man mauled to death at East London zoo
  49. Tiger Temple
  50. Girl (9) savaged by circus lion

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