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  1. Animals Bred for European Pet Trade
  2. Tiger contained at Oklahoma City Zoo
  3. Hooded vulture attacks zoo visitor
  4. Watusi escapes circus
  5. Monkey escapes from Dalton zoo
  6. Illegal experiments on tigers, deer
  7. Polar bear "Magnet" euthanased
  8. Polar bears again?
  9. Lion cub escaped/captured
  10. Man mauled to death at East London zoo
  11. Tiger Temple
  12. Girl (9) savaged by circus lion
  13. Rescued Peruvian circus monkeys relocated to
  14. Nine-year-old girl is savaged by a lion in Russian
  15. World's top zoo organisation accused of links to
  16. Goat dies in truck fire
  17. Montgomery Zoo announces birth of giraffe calf
  18. Still no action over unlicensed Malta zoo
  19. Zoo closes:uncertain future of animals
  20. Tabor-Vetrovy Zoo - 400+ animals
  21. Man climbs into orangutan exhibit
  22. Raids on illegal circuses
  23. Puerto Rico’s Capital Quickly Bans Horse-Drawn
  24. Rothschild’s giraffe calf dies
  25. "Surplus" scimitar-horned oryx killed
  26. Gorilla charges taunting toddler
  27. Young giraffe falls in moat
  28. Ricki the Bear
  29. "The Killing Agency"
  30. Death of white rhino in Kenya leaves only six
  31. Flash floods force zoo to relocate animals
  32. Corn snake fly-tipped
  33. Belfast Zoo missing monkeys: One macaque found
  34. Rowan County zoo cited for injured animals,
  35. Chimp knocks down drone
  36. Mendocino County Suspends Contract with Rogue
  37. Why barn owls and barflies don’t mix
  38. Circus camels' 'life of misery'
  39. Oxford Cambridge Goat Race
  40. Injured owl found in fishing cat exhibit at the
  41. Hundreds donate to help zoo hit by tornado
  42. Demonstrating against Courtney's/Daredevil
  43. Hamilton Zoo chimpanzee killing shocks staff,
  44. Latin American circus lion flight delayed until
  45. Woman Denied Entry At Disney’s Magic Kingdom For
  46. Giraffe is gored to death by an antelope
  47. Edinburgh Zoo refuses to comment to protesters
  48. Greater Vancouver Zoo protesters rally against
  49. Circus camel on the loose
  50. 8 animals perish in suspected arson

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