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 Happy New Grossury!
Posted by Troodon - 01-1-17 15:10 - 7 comments
Happy New Grossury, everyone! Today, January 1, 1201, marks the first day of the 13th grossury of the Gregorian calendar. Since a grossury change comes only once every 100 years, and the oldest human who ever lived only lived to be, biologically ...read more
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 Current Use In Dozens
Posted by richard.chasen - 12-6-16 16:15 - 2 comments
For what it's worth Astrology does everything in sets of twelve and in 1/twelfths. Astrology charts have twelve signs, twelve houses, and distance between planets is measured in 1/twelfths of a nearly circular orbit. Time is already measure ...read more
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 Uncial Was Seen As Better Than Decimal Long Since.
Posted by Ruthe - 12-3-16 01:52 - 24 comments
An excerpt from pages 70 & 71 of a "Report upon the Weights and Measures by
John Quincy Adams, Secretary of the United States,
Prepared by Obedience to a Resolution of the Senate of the Third of
March, 1817."

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 Why Dozenal Attracts The Intelligent?
Posted by richard.chasen - 11-18-16 14:35 - 13 comments
I've noticed that everyone I've communicated here has at least above average intelligence and some people here are genius.

I personally have a metaphysical explanation that some people here will disagree with. I'm not tr ...read more
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 A Celebration Of Dozenal Calendars
Posted by Troodon - 10-30-16 03:03 - 9 comments
In the Gregorian calendar in decimal, the current year is now 2016. Meanwhile, in the Gregorian calendar in dozenal, the current year is now 1200. This places us in the final year of the zody-second grossury/biquennium (albeit the first year of the ...read more
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 Prime Factors
Posted by richard.chasen - 10-27-16 17:13 - 3 comments
One advantage of dozenal is in prime factors. I'm sure I'm not the first to write about this.
But notice how much more can be determined just looking at a dozenal number.

1. In decimal and dozenal all numbers ending in ...read more
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 Metaphysical Dozenals
Posted by richard.chasen - 10-27-16 14:46 - 12 comments
It has been my experience that counting days of an event in dozenal and taking prime factors also in dozenal results in the spiritual prosperity of said event. As a person's entire life is an extension of 2 events (conception and birth), countin ...read more
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 All You Need Is... Thirds
Posted by Treisaran - 05-9-16 17:23 - 5 comments
In order to get this:

 |---|---|---|---|---|---| ...read more
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 Dozenal Numbers
Posted by Myrtone - 05-4-16 08:44 - 0 comments
Apparently, many applied mathematicians, along with scientists and engineers, use decimal numbers as their numeric continuum. This has been especially common since the advent of electronic calculators.
Dozenal advocates seem to suggest that do ...read more
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 Dsgb Archives
Posted by Shaun - 03-23-16 18:41 - 3 comments
I've made a start on digitizing our leaflets, magazines and so on - but slowly, I'm afraid, as typing now takes a lot longer.
I'll post details of new work here as I go.

First up is a booklet by B.A.M.Moon, who was the Dir ...read more
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