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 The "dozenite System"
Posted by Shaun - 08-9-17 12:31 - 5 comments
Received this week, Punya Pranava Pasumarty has sent us details of his ideas for a complete dozenal system - numbers, names, etc. He writes:

"Since when I had come across this website (DSGB) a couple of years
ago, my interest in ...read more
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 Dozenal Gambling
Posted by Dan - 06-13-17 05:14 - 28 comments
(All numerals dozenal unless marked otherwise.)

Imagine that the members of this forum somehow acquire an octquadollar, and decide that the best way to promote base-twelve numbering with it is to...build a casino in Las Vegas! But wh ...read more
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 Rounding, Surrogates, And Auxiliaries
Posted by DavidKennedy - 05-30-17 12:58 - 4 comments
Existing decimal tools or implements, instruments of measurement, scales, or rulers and gradations can be adapted to dozenal by conversion and recording of a reading directly into dozenal by the following conversion processes.

Table: R ...read more
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 One Thing That Bothers Me About 12
Posted by schildkroete - 05-14-17 22:48 - 2 comments
Its not square. Im not sure why, but aesthetically it bothers me. Of course, that is ridiculous when it comes to a useful base, but it still sticks out a bit. Ten is even worse on that front.

Looking at the options:
1 - LOL its just ...read more
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 My Metrology Proposal
Posted by - 01-1-70 00:00 - 0 comments
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 Dozens Are Magical
Posted by GG-Doz - 03-28-17 22:36 - 3 comments
Ok, we want the binary fractions 1/2 and 1/4, and why not throw 1/3 in there too?
If we multiply 4 and 3 we get... 12!
Okay, we have the prime factors 1,2, 2, and 3.
That means we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12! So many factors ...read more
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 Happy New Grossury!
Posted by Troodon - 01-1-17 15:10 - 7 comments
Happy New Grossury, everyone! Today, January 1, 1201, marks the first day of the 13th grossury of the Gregorian calendar. Since a grossury change comes only once every 100 years, and the oldest human who ever lived only lived to be, biologically ...read more
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 Current Use In Dozens
Posted by richard.chasen - 12-6-16 16:15 - 2 comments
For what it's worth Astrology does everything in sets of twelve and in 1/twelfths. Astrology charts have twelve signs, twelve houses, and distance between planets is measured in 1/twelfths of a nearly circular orbit. Time is already measure ...read more
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 Uncial Was Seen As Better Than Decimal Long Since.
Posted by Ruthe - 12-3-16 01:52 - 24 comments
An excerpt from pages 70 & 71 of a "Report upon the Weights and Measures" by
John Quincy Adams, Secretary of the United States,
Prepared by Obedience to a Resolution of the Senate of the Third of
March, 1817."
read more
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 Why Dozenal Attracts The Intelligent?
Posted by richard.chasen - 11-18-16 14:35 - 19 comments
I've noticed that everyone I've communicated here has at least above average intelligence and some people here are genius.

I personally have a metaphysical explanation that some people here will disagree with. I'm not tr ...read more
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