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  1. The Primel Metrology
  2. A System Of Measurement Based On 'pentciaday'
  3. Various "Moment" Quantities
  4. Dimensions In Exponents, Logs, Trig Functions?
  5. Off Topic
  6. Maxwell, Metavariables, Radiels Etc
  7. The Ashtrian Metrology, Take Three
  8. Quantitels
  9. Re: A System Of Measurement Based On 'pentciaday'
  10. Rotationels/angulels
  11. Dozenal Compass Rose
  12. The Phasic Metrology
  13. Pvt. Crosby, In 1161[z] (1945[d])
  14. Greg Egan's "orthogonal" Trilogy
  15. Initially Primel, then Tau vs. Pi

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