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  1. The Primel Metrology
  2. Dimensions In Exponents, Logs, Trig Functions?
  3. A System Of Measurement Based On 'pentciaday'
  4. Various "Moment" Quantities
  5. Off Topic
  6. Maxwell, Metavariables, Radiels Etc
  7. The Ashtrian Metrology, Take Three
  8. Quantitels
  9. Re: A System Of Measurement Based On 'pentciaday'
  10. Rotationels/angulels
  11. Dozenal Compass Rose
  12. The Phasic Metrology
  13. Pvt. Crosby, In 1161[z] (1945[d])
  14. Greg Egan's "orthogonal" Trilogy
  15. Initially Primel, then Tau vs. Pi

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