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  2. Systematic Vigesimal Nomenclature?
  3. Naming Polytopes With Sdn
  4. Pronunciation
  5. An Interesting Precursor To Sdn
  6. Systematic Sexagesimal Nomenclature
  7. Acronyms For The Various Systematic Nomenclatures
  8. Systematic Senary (hexal) Nomenclature
  9. Systematic Unquadecimal/decanunqual Nomenclature
  10. Sesqui And Dodrant
  11. Names For Encoded Bases In Sdn
  12. Sdn Usage Questions
  13. Systematic Decimal Nomenclature
  14. New terms for Powers and Roots
  15. S D N Cardinals, Ordinals, Reciprocals, Etc
  16. S D N & On
  17. Systematic {latin, Hellenic} Dozenal Nomenclatures
  18. Non-dozenal Systematic Dozenal Nomenclature?
  19. Systematic Binary Nomenclature
  20. Clearer TGM prefix suffixes

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