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  2. Systematic Vigesimal Nomenclature?
  3. Systematic Sexagesimal Nomenclature
  4. Acronyms For The Various Systematic Nomenclatures
  5. Pronunciation
  6. Systematic Senary (hexal) Nomenclature
  7. Systematic Unquadecimal/decanunqual Nomenclature
  8. Sesqui And Dodrant
  9. Names For Encoded Bases In Sdn
  10. Sdn Usage Questions
  11. Systematic Decimal Nomenclature
  12. New terms for Powers and Roots
  13. S D N Cardinals, Ordinals, Reciprocals, Etc
  14. S D N & On
  15. Systematic {latin, Hellenic} Dozenal Nomenclatures
  16. Non-dozenal Systematic Dozenal Nomenclature?
  17. Systematic Binary Nomenclature
  18. Clearer TGM prefix suffixes

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