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  1. From the Rollrights to Stonehenge
  2. Pyramid Of The Sun, Teotihuacan
  3. Predicting Eclipses
  4. Stonehenge speculation
  5. The Harris And Stockdale Megalithic Foot
  6. Egyptian Pyramid Design Speculation
  7. Overcoming The Irrationality Of Root 2
  8. Update On Scottish Stone Circles
  9. Pyramid Of The Sun Teotihuacan
  10. Ancient Measures
  11. Re Cracking The Megalithic Code David Kenworthy
  12. The Ancient Barleycorn Unit
  13. Ancient Units
  14. The Duplication Of A Sphere The Earth
  15. Neanderthal Dozenalists
  16. Is Intelligence A Survival Factor?
  17. Numbers And Evolution
  18. The Metric System *is* English!
  19. Miles And Other Units
  20. Hide 360 Acres
  21. The Great Pyramid And Time
  22. Very Old Song
  23. Historical Units Connected
  24. Afw's Collection Of Rulers
  25. Thomas Jefferson metrology
  26. Historical Systems
  27. Historical Units Converted To Si And Tgm

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