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Alice has returned to wonderland!
Sorry to All Potential Members! Darkness in Wonderland has Closed! Our Affiliates However are Still Open and Would Love to See You!

Where madness reigns supreme...
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Posted: Dec 27 2011, 11:35 AM


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Fool (The)

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Name: Fool
Birthday: The date of the Corruption
Weapon of Choice: Wit
Race: Wonderlander

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Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: Non Sired
Siblings: Unknown

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Height: 187 Cm (6.1 feet)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Grey
Playby: Google Search

Fool is not an impressive man, rather his lithe build suggests anything other then physical strength. Yet rumours surrounding him have given the impression that he holds a far greater strength than assumed. Feats such as leaping over a wall almost thrice his height and lifting of a block of steel with only one hand have been alluded to. Wether these rumours were started by Fool or not is under considerable scrutiny it is clear that the lean form is stronger then appearances would lead one to believe.

With his androgynous features Fool is more then happy to conform to either role and complimented with a natural ability with his voice can portray either sex equally and often without discrimination. Perhaps the most noticeable features is that his eyes never smile. The lack of warmth and emotion often contradicts the smug grin plastered on his face and leads inferences that perhaps some great hurt was dealt to him in the past that his very soul was scarred.

Making full use of various inks and paints to direct all attention to his relentless gaze the markings on his face all increase the sharpness of his glance. Often a lesser man will simply balk then try and stare down Fool. The Black and White motely splits equally across his person represent neutrality and the mere ascepts of light and dark. So Fool maintains. However one could infer further that the Chaos applied so prominantly with such a combination is a more truthful representation.

user posted image

✤ Wordplay
✤ Chaos
✤ Flowers
✤ Organisation
✤ Those who lack the ability of rapport
✤ Alice
✤ Improvisational talent
✤ The ability to talk the legs of a chair
✤ Direct Confrontation
✤ Chesire Cat
General Personality:

Fool comes across as an intelligent being and unlike most of his first impressions this is a truth. A skilled linguist in his own right and with a charismatic air about his person it is very hard to keep a straight face.

However behind this benign brightness lies a ruthless streak. Unfortunatly blessed with the corruption as he puts it Fool is tormented by his own design. One who was born from the darkness must follow his calling. Deeply tormented by his hybrid nature Fool represents the very nature of Chaotic Neutrality; the only thing truley reliable is his unreliability. Even despite this he is fuelled by an uncanny desire to play people off against each other. Often to the ends of their lives.

A lover of banter and performance it doesn't take Fool much nudging to launch into a highly fictional account of an adventure he recently undertook, highlighting his impressive abilities and downplaying those around him. It's clear that the pathological nature of his lying is one of his greater abilities.

However for all of his darker aspects Fool is an entertaining being. Careful never to fully reveal his darker nature and more then happy pretending to be one of the more altruistic members of the society he has found himself in. A staunch advocate for drinking and feasting along with poem and song. His wit is far beyond what someone would expect of his station.

user posted image

Fool himself is not sure of his humble beginnings however his earliest memories are of that surrounding the corruption. In truth he was a young Orphan from London whose stumbling across Wonderland was a complete accident. Twas only a looking glass he murmered before entering the void. The next time he opened his eyes he was something more...

Standing on a plain with no recollection of where or whence he had come. Naturally such a virgin experience of Wonderland is not for the faint hearted yet the 'birth' of The Fool a child of corruption was compelling. Exploration was high on his priorities.

Thus he did. Avoiding the lands of the Red, White and Blue he travelled, claiming to have slain more Jabberwockies then Alice ever had. Amoung with other highly exagerated claims. However the truth as to wether Fool had infact slain it or another incarnation of the Jabberwocky is unknown as the Fool himself refuses to dwell on it himself.

As his adventures continued his understanding of how the world and more importantant people worked. With effort and time Fool discovered that intergration was something of ease. Flirt with the right woman, tell the right story to the right man. But a growing resentment was growing inside of him. Why did HE have to be the tormented one? Why couldn't HE be allowed to have his lust for life without wanting to destroy all that surrounded him. In a fashion his own anger fuelled the relentless nature that surrounded him.

Whilst his actions were never callous or vindictive in nature, they were born of curiousity. Would two men fight over a woman they believe had a heart set on each other. Would Royalty ever allow him into their court. All answered with varying degree's of success his passion was his key and his nature his shield.

Yet a growing depression was welling. Fool for all his design and love of mockery was not happy with this existance. Too proud to end his own life and not one to simply walk into danger unprepared there was only a few paths he could take and ironically the only paths he had refused to consider. His desire turned to the sources of his problems. Liddel and the Chesire Cat. Perhaps if he could end the life of whom he deemed ultimately responsible for his inception things would return to normal. What ever normality was. Barring that a grim showdown against the Feline Deity itself would be only method dramatic enough to serve his own failing

Worthy of a poem or ballad. One which Fool is currently composing in his spare time.

As the months rolled on, Fool simply watched; nothing more nothing less. The trivial adventures of those around him simply that. Occassionally helping where he deemed needed and more often then not watching silently as others failed. With an air of finality and the attitude of one falling victim to his own design Fool made his move and entered the public eye for the first time in months.

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Name: Sykes
Gender: Male
Age: Old enough.
How you found us: Googleish
Any Previous Characters:

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Posted: Dec 28 2011, 11:28 AM


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