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Posted by: America Sep 15 2013, 09:28 PM
Tel Aviv - August 9, 1973

Watching from afar, Alfred expected the outbreak of violence in the Middle East to subside within a short period of time. Israel was a tough country, and by that estimate the Israelis ought to be able to handle themselves. As days passed and tide showed no sign of changing in Israeli favor, Alfred and his leaders began considering a different course of action. The IDF was facing higher losses than expected, and Israel was struggling.

"This is the end of the third temple." Alfred went over the words in his head. No matter what that particular arrangement of words meant, the meaning was ominous. On one hand? The end of the third temple could mean an Israeli defeat. On the other? He was aware that 'temple' was a code word for nuclear weapons. That, combined with preparations involving atomic weapons made shortly afterward, stood out clear as day - He had to step in.

It was a long plane ride over to the Mediterranean, though Alfred somehow managed a few hours of sleep (albeit uncomfortable). He woke up with a crick in his neck, but a realization that they were nearly to their destination.

Alfred knew that there was only one course from here. Nixon was already in the process of authorizing an airlift. The Soviets were beginning to supply Egypt and Syria. Even without the nuclear threat, there was no way that he was going to leave Israel to the dogs - especially when Ivan elected to get involved with the other side.

Aviva would most likely want to contribute as much as she could to her soldiers' efforts, but he knew that she could spare a few moments to discuss their next course of action. Not only did he need to establish that aid was on the way, but he needed to know what supplies she needed. This was a discussion that could not take place on the battlefield., but still a necessary one if they wanted to ensure the best chances for an Israeli win.

Alfred walked into his assembly in Tel Aviv, glancing at his watch to make certain that he was on time. Alfred smiled. A few minutes to spare. And here other nations liked to say that he was late for everything.

Alfred navigated his way through the building, brandishing his pass a few times along the way to let it be known that he was where he was supposed to be, and not venturing into areas of the building where civilians weren't usually allowed. He finally arrived at the room that the meeting was to take place in. The door was open, though Alfred knocked on the side of the door a few times before calling out. "Aviva?" He peered inside of the room, to see if the aforementioned nation was within.

Posted by: Israel Sep 30 2013, 06:47 PM
Those bastards. Those complete and utter fucking bastards. Of all the days for them to pull something like this... Well, it was just reflective of their feelings towards her and her people, their lack of respect, that they launched an attack on the holiest day of her people's calendar. It was a despicably low blow, and one that Israel could not forgive.

This wasn't going to be allowed to pass. They would not succeed. It was tough, but Israel and her people weren't pushovers by any stretch. They'd seen difficulties before, and only a couple of decades after the most painful blow they'd ever received... No. Failure was not an option. They'd fight to the very last man if they had to, and they wouldn't regret a second of it. They'd pushed these bastards back once, and they'd do it again. They had no other choice.

Israel was not the type of person to be comfortable standing back while her soldiers fought, watching from safety while she ordered her men and women into the fire. She was in the thick of it just as much as any of them for the most part, but as a nation she had other responsibilities as well... And so she reluctantly left her soldiers to return to the (relative) safety of Tel Aviv to meet with America. As much as she hated leaving them behind, she knew this was too important to delegate to one of her human leaders.

She'd arrived early to the meeting, so unlike her normal self. If there was something Israel was known for, it was not her punctuality... She shared that trait with the rest of the Mediterranean countries. But when it came to matters of the military, of her people's safety, she took things much more seriously. She'd entered the meeting room alone and settled herself at the table, but there were soldiers nearby, plainclothes and undercover, ready to leap into action at a second's notice. Even though she trusted America and his security, one could never be too careful when they were in Israel's position. She'd learned that over, and over, and over...

When America knocked on the door and peeked in, Israel stood and gave him a tired smile. She felt a surge of relief and joy at seeing her friend's familiar face. "Alfred," she said, rounding the table with her arms outstretched to embrace him. "Good to see you."

Posted by: America Sep 30 2013, 09:25 PM
Upon setting his eyes on Aviva, he could instantly tell that this conflict was wearing on her. It was a look that he understood all too well, being in an almost perpetual state of conflict with Ivan. He did not enjoy seeing that look on Aviva's face, however, especially when he knew that he could do something about it.

First, though, Alfred returned the smaller nation's embrace. "Good to see you too. Thanks for taking the time to meet me, by the way. I know you probably didn't want to step away from the battlefield, but I thought it'd be better if we discussed this one on one instead of playing he-said-she-said. We all know how well that works out most of the time." Alfred, too, liked to fight alongside his soldiers. The only war that he opted to sit out on was his own Civil War, and for good reason. "How are you holding up?" Alfred asked her, offering her a chance to vent if she needed one.

Once they were done exchanging their greetings, Alfred settled himself into a seat across from Israel. His eyes swept over her in a cursory glance, a hint of concern reflected behind his glasses. "Your situation is dire. I've heard talks that you and your people are considering the use of very powerful weapons against your enemies." Alfred swallowed. He didn't mean to lecture Aviva on the potential complications that might arise were she to choose atomic warfare. It hardly felt like his place, not as the only nation to have used such weaponry in war.

Nevertheless, it was important to make certain that all of their other options were exhausted before even considering the option of nuclear warfare. It was a song and dance that he knew all too well, a song and dance that he was always pulled into. This was a conflict between Israel and her neighbors, yet he and Ivan were as present as ever, backing their respective allies. Alfred could hardly stand by and watch as Ivan provided aid to Egypt and Syria. He needed to even the playing board. It was too dangerous to even think of allowing Ivan the upper hand.

"I'm going to be giving you aid. My boss is giving the orders as we speak." The corners of his mouth turned up into a smile at this, hoping that said news would offer her some comfort. She no longer had to shoulder this responsibility herself. That was the hope, anyway, though there was no telling how she would actually react to the news.

"There is one issue we're having. In order to get the supplies to you, we'll have to stop and refuel at least once. Most of the countries we've talked to aren't being very helpful. Apparently they're afraid Syria and Egypt will have a fit and cut them off from oil if they so much as offer up their fuel for any craft carrying supplies for you." Alfred rolled his eyes. He didn't entirely blame them, but it certainly made for more work for him. "We're trying to work out that issue, and hopefully we'll find someone who's willing to cooperate."

Posted by: Israel Oct 14 2013, 05:44 PM
"As well as can be expected, I suppose," Aviva said with a soft sigh. "You're right about that - I didn't want to leave, but it is good to see you again. Besides, things do work out better if we can discuss them together instead of having to rely on messengers." Not to mention... It did her well to see such a close friend and ally in person. It was good to be reminded that they were not alone in the world, not even when it came to a conflict like this. Alfred was a good friend, both as America and as a person.

Aviva settled back into her chair across from him at the table and snorted when he brought up the weapons. "Where did you hear that?" she asked, reaching for one of the glasses of water they'd set out for the two of them. She wasn't sure how to feel about a rumor like that flying about. Was it a secret, or was it something openly talked about? Maybe it would encourage her enemies to fear her a little more, but that could be good or bad... Honestly, she'd been a little bit out of the loop... She took her orders and fought with her people these days, so the Big Decisions were being left to her bosses - As it was for most of them at wartime, she supposed. She took a sip of the water and set it down again, then looked up to meet Alfred's gaze.

"I appreciate it," she said, giving him a smile in return. The Soviet Union's backing of her enemies was bound to pull him in, but she appreciated it all the same. Whether it was more for her benefit or more to flex their muscles at the Soviets didn't matter to her right now - This shit needed to stop. If it helped keep her people safer against her hostile neighbors, she'd tolerate being part of a proxy battlefield for the two warring superpowers.

When he spoke of the refueling issues, Israel pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a sigh. "Yeah, I figured that would be an issue." She tried not to fault the others for being concerned with that, but it was hard not to be at least a little irritated by it. "We'll do what we can to help convince people as well. I wish those bastards didn't have such pull..."

Posted by: America Oct 17 2013, 09:24 PM
Alfred, too, wanted to see Aviva. If the two of them relied on messengers to pass their communications back and forth, he wouldn't be able to see for himself how she was doing. He wanted to check on her personally, not just to offer military support but personal support if she needed it.

When Aviva snorted, Alfred arched an eyebrow. She hadn't heard? "Huh, thought you already knew about that. Your defense minister told your boss that 'this was the end of the third temple'. I think he was talking about how much trouble you were in, but temple's also a code word for nuclear weapons, so we didn't really want to take any chances with that." He frowned. "Your boss authorized the assembly of thirteen tactical atomic weapons for Jericho missiles last night, so I dunno."

He wanted to make sure that Aviva was as up to date as possible. He hadn't taken into consideration how far removed Aviva was from the discussions in her government while she was out on the battle field. Another silly move on his part, as he knew all too well what it was like to be out on the battlefield for an extended period of time. In fact, he'd just returned home not that long before from one such extended appointment.

"Hey, no prob." Alfred responded to Aviva's gratitude with a grin and a wave of his hand. "Somebody needs to help you out. It's not fair everyone's ganging up on you, especially not with Ivan helping out your enemies." Ivan tossing in his ilk was the turning point for Alfred. Not just because Ivan was involved and he wanted to show Russia up - though that was an added bonus if they had a victory - but because it really wasn't fair to have a superpower backing up one side while the other side had no such support. Israel was a strong country, but that could only go so far against the enemies that she was facing. She needed help, and he was the best offer.

"It's the oil. Oil's a pretty powerful form of currency in today's world. It's the ace up their sleeve." Alfred let out a sigh and reached out, taking Aviva's hand into his. He gave it a small squeeze in another attempt to comfort. "Which supplies are you most in need of?" The sooner he got the tools Aviva needed to her the better.

Posted by: Israel Jan 3 2014, 01:25 AM
"I wasn't aware it was something people were really talking about openly," she said, taking another sip of her water. Of course it was a possibility, it was always a possibility, but the question was how probable it was. She didn't want to - Who would willingly invite that kind of a shitstorm? - but she knew they would if they really needed to. Her enemies were more than willing to wipe her people from the face of the Earth (some even eager, it seemed), and so if the time came to make that unthinkable decision...

History had already told Israel that there were those in the world willing to see them gone, and they wouldn't hesitate to do it. She wasn't going to let it happen again.

"Yeah," she said with a frustrated sigh when he mentioned Ivan. Ivan. She wanted to take all of her people living in his lands and bring them into her home too, wrap them safely in her arms and protect them - The thought of so many of her own at the mercy of a nation allied with those neighbors of hers made her stomach lurch uncomfortably. "Well, I do appreciate your help. Always, Alfred. It does mean a lot to me... More than just politics." She looked at him from across the table as he took her hand, the smallest of smiles crossing her face. He was a good friend. Together, they had a chance. She was sure.

When he mentioned the supplies, she sat up straight and reached into her pocket to withdraw a small list. "I actually asked around before I came down. Here," she said, handing it to him. "This would help immensely, if you can give it. I know it can be tough to get aid approved sometimes."

Posted by: America Jan 31 2014, 09:25 PM
Alfred shrugged, taking a drink as well. "They were talking about it openly enough that we managed to catch wind of it. Make of that what you will." Alfred just knew that they needed to do whatever they could before it came to that point. If it did get to that point, though, and they exhausted all of their other options, Alfred would support what Aviva decided to do. He just wanted to make it clear that he considered the use of such weaponry a last resort.

The corners of Alfred's mouth twitched upward. "You need someone in your corner. I'm not saying you can't handle yourself, because you're holding your own pretty well considering everything you're up against." In fact, he had a lot of respect for his close ally. "It just ain't fair to have that many against you and no one working with you. Those aren't good odds for anyone." Especially when one was essentially surrounded by those enemies in the way that Aviva was.

Alfred grinned when Aviva acknowledged that she came prepared. He reached out to take the list from her, reading it over. He was happy that she'd compiled this, as she was correct - Some of the items that she needed would take a lot longer to obtain than others, and the more of a head start that they had the better! "Attack planes, bombers, cargo planes, helicopters, tanks, personnel carriers, artillery, missile systems, ammunition, jamming equipment..." And more, of course. He had his work cut out for him.

Alfred pulled a pen out of his pocket and began to make marks on the list. "Some of these are gonna take longer than others to get over to ya, but we'll start as soon as we can."

He continued to make marks, commenting occasionally to himself under his breath. After a moment or so he looked back to Aviva. "I think we'll get the first shipment out to you by the 14th. How's that sound?"

As he waited for Aviva to respond, his eyes met hers. "Is there anything else I can do to help?" This time he was not asking as a nation determined to help with war efforts, but rather a friend asking if she needed comfort.

[Finished 2/25/14]

Posted by: Israel May 5 2014, 06:23 PM
Aviva considered it a last resort as well, but there was no telling for sure when, or if, that day would come. She'd rather let people think she would go that far if it kept them from pushing her too far... It was better for them to watch themselves out of fear of bringing her wrath down on their heads. An enemy who was afraid of her would be less likely to go all out, wouldn't they? That was what she hoped, at least. Still, she was fighting an enemy that seemed to operate by a different set of rules than she did. Rather than a regrettable but unavoidable aspect of warfare, death for the purposes of glory, death to see her people humiliated and destroyed seemed to be the desirable outcome for at least some of the enemies she was facing.

How did one defeat an enemy like that? They could only hope that those sorts were outnumbered by their more logical colleagues, but she wasn't sure she could count on that anymore.

When Alfred mentioned being surrounded by enemies, Aviva couldn't help but crack a wry smile. "We're used to it," she said with a dry laugh, neglecting to elaborate any further. He knew as much. It was sort of the reality of not only her own history, but the history of her people in many ways throughout time. "But I do appreciate your help, more than I can really tell you. I have no doubt we'll get through this if you're on our side." They didn't really have a choice either way, did they? When it came to warfare for her people, it was win or perish - There wasn't really any other option.

"The 14th..." She mulled it over in her head. Sooner would be better, but the 14th should work just fine. She'd have to report back to her bosses about it. No doubt they'd be pleased. With Alfred in their corner, things would be considerably easier... Hopefully. "I think that'll be fine. Thank you again, Alfred. I know it's a lot to ask but I'm sure you understand my position."

The look in his eyes caused Aviva's own expression to soften, and she took a deep breath and was silent for a long moment before responding. Was there anything else he could do?

"...I'd like a beer after this, to be honest, if you wouldn't mind." She gave him a lopsided sort of grin.

Posted by: America May 21 2014, 06:39 PM
Alfred understood far too well the use of nuclear power as a deterrent. It was, in fact, the main reason why Alfred still continued to add to his nuclear stockpile, despite knowing that he probably had enough in his arsenal to take Ivan off of the map several times over. He needed more. He needed to stay on top. He couldn't let Ivan have the advantage over him. He didn't have any plans to be the first to attack, but what if Ivan attacked first? Well, Ivan would be less likely to consider that course of action knowing that Alfred would be able to strike back with ease.

"I know you'd prefer the supplies sooner, but you know how these things go." Alfred wasn't very patient at the best of times, and this by no means fell under that heading, especially Aviva. However, there was certain protocol to follow when it came to sending supplies to aid other countries. Alfred might have wanted to push said protocol aside in special cases such as these, but it was all there for a reason, and if he didn't follow protocol now he'd likely regret it later on.

"We're used to it." Indeed, Aviva did not need to elaborate further. He already knew that most of her neighbors had it out for her. Alfred smiled at Aviva's vote of confidence.

"Exactly! With the two of us working together, we'll push 'em back in no time!" At the very least, it would be a more fair fight. Ivan was bolstering up the other side, it was only fair that Aviva receive similar assistance.

"I do, and I'm going to try to get this stuff to you as soon as possible. I promise supplies'll be coming to you by the 14th. Maybe even before the 14th if I can manage it. "

The blond nation let out a sigh. "The major issue is finding a place to land, not getting the supplies. If it weren't for that issue, we could probably get the supplies to you in a couple of days."

If he could do something for her now, though, he would. He knew how stressful wars could be, still coming out of one himself. Even a short break could do wonders.

Her response caused a grin to light up his features.

"A beer? Now that one shouldn't be too hard. We don't have to wait until the 14th for that." He stated with a grin. "Is there anything else you wanted to discuss or should we go out for drinks?"

Technically, so long as they didn't discuss matters too in-depth in front of the wrong people, they could still have a discussion over drinks. It was just a matter of what Aviva wanted to do.

Posted by: Israel Oct 9 2014, 06:51 PM
As devoted as she was to their cause, right now Aviva felt as if she'd already checked out for the day. The ache of war spread through her limbs and throbbed in a headache behind her eyes. Even as a nation, she could only be 'on' for so long. Alfred's reassurances and agreement to help had released some of the tension in her nerves, and right here in this moment there wasn't anything more she could do. Tomorrow she had more meetings, more discussions with her bosses, and then the next day she'd be back out in the thick of it - Where she belonged, risking herself along with her soldiers. Standing side by side with her people, her soul split into each individual. She felt better there, with them.

Since there was nothing more to do here today, and despite her guilt for wanting it, Aviva stood and shook her head. All she wanted at this moment was an hour to take in a bit of relaxation, then to go home and collapse into bed for a couple of hours of (hopefully) dreamless sleep. No more talk about work, at least nothing too serious. That would come tomorrow, and tomorrow she would be prepared to go back to it.

"No, nothing more for now. I'll be in touch with you as much as I can, but for now it's as it always seems to be - Just keep going until we get there." Here her expression changed to a soft smile. "But I want to thank you again. It's a load off my mind to know that I - we - aren't alone here. We'll make it through as we always have. So let's go get a drink, then - I haven't talked to you, Alfred, in what feels like ages."

Posted by: America Oct 31 2014, 05:26 PM
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