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Posted by: Chelle Generico Mar 25 2014, 10:14 PM
If you have a question that isn't on here, please feel free to PM/Skype either of the admins for an answer!

  • How active are we expected to be?
First off, please do not sign up if you don't intend to be active. By 'active' we mean at least 2-3 posts per session, if not more! But we know that most of you won't sign up with the intent to be inactive, so please make sure if you are going to have to be less active or drop for whatever reason, alert the admins as soon as possible!
  • What's this about critique?
We are indeed offering character critiques when you submit your characters, if you would like! It's completely optional, but to get a critique, simply state in the PMed portion of the application that you'd like one, and Monobear will PM you back after we've looked over it. Critique will stay constructive but might possibly come across as harsh.
  • Where in the world does Dangan Revolution take place?
Eternal Promise Preparatory Academy is located in Washington D.C. in the good ol' US of A, but they accept students from all over the world. However, if you submit a Japanese character, you need to have a very good reason as to why they didn't attend Hope's Peak.
  • What kind of SHSL titles are you looking for/are allowed/are disallowed?
The Academy (and ourselves) are not particularly picky when it comes to talents, but there are some they just can't allow. We won't list off specific ones not to use, but please use common sense, and if you're unsure on a potential title, feel free to talk to us about it via PM or Skype. Please make sure to research your character's chosen title thoroughly.
  • How many boys/girls are you accepting?
We don't have a set number (though we are accepting 16 people total!), but we'd like to keep a rough gender balance. E.g. 9:7 would be fine but 4:11 wouldn't be. Despite the wording of this question, we are definitely accepting nonbinary characters!
  • What are you looking for in the RP Sample?
The RP Sample is intended to be both a chance for us to see your character in action, and a testament to the breadth of your roleplaying skills. We firmly believe that being able to write well is not the only indicator of one's roleplaying skills, so we want to see your creativity as well. It can be anything as long as it gives us a chance to see how your character functions in daily life. Introductions are discouraged for this reason. Have you ever met someone and then realized that, the more time you spent with them, you had an entirely wrong impression of them? That is exactly what we want to avoid. However, if you can manage to make a very exciting introduction, more power to you!
  • Are we allowed to submit more than one character?
Yes! In fact, if you're unsure about a character, or are submitting a girl when there are already lots of girls submitted (or vice versa), then submitting another character would probably be a good idea, just in case!

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