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Posted by: Chelle Generico Mar 27 2014, 02:58 PM
Freetime Events are much the same as they were in the games: namely, small interactions between two (or more) characters that take place between sessions. Freetimes run from the end of the last session (8pm EST Sundays) to shortly before the next session (Fridays at 5pm EST). During FTES, you do not need to PM to move, though if you're planning to spend or search for Monocoins, you do need to PM about that. You are allowed to explore anywhere on the map that has been made available to you and isn't explicitly closed off. You may set up FTEs over Skype/PMs/wherever, and while having ones ready beforehand isn't necessary, it's often a good idea. While there is not a set chronological timeline for FTEs, please make sure none of them overlap! Don't have your character talking with Jane Doe in the kitchen in the same time frame they're chatting it up with John Dough in the dorm area.

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