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Title: Intro to Eternal Promise Preparatory Academy
Description: Exposition on Roleplay/Rules/FAQ

Chelle Generico - March 27, 2014 08:32 PM (GMT)
Basic Rules
  • First and foremost, communication is key. If you have a problem with someone, talk to them or one of us about it (preferably in private). If you have a problem with us or with the roleplay, talk to one of us about it. If you have an important role in the roleplay, please keep in contact with us. Basically, communicate.
  • While your character is part of Dangan Revolution, you can not use them for independent roleplaying or in another Dangan Ronpa roleplay group at the same time. After their death or the end of the game, however, is fine. We don't want their secrets getting out prematurely, after all!
  • Don't godmode without permission from the other person[s] involved.
  • Basically, use common sense. There are a multitude of things I could put here but won't, just because they should be obvious to anyone who's ever participated in a group roleplay before. If you have questions, please contact Chelle or Abby. Just don't be a raging douche all the time and we should be fine. ==b

Game Mechanics
There are four main parts of a chapter: (Ab)normal Days, Freetime Events (FTEs), Abnormal Days, and Trials. (Ab)normal Days and FTE cycles may happen more than once during a trial, while Abnormal Days and Trials will obviously not. Sessions (with the exception of Trials) run from 5 pm EST Friday- 8pm EST Sunday.

  • Why is Skype required?
Simply put, it's easier. Easier to keep in contact with people, easier to make announcements, easier to plan roleplay-related things (murders, freetimes, etc.). There will be a Skype group chat for the roleplay as well, which we would appreciate everyone joining if at all possible. Please do not add unaffiliated people to the group chat.

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