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 Lara Stark, Martial Artist/Psionic
Lara Stark
Posted: Oct 28 2011, 11:46 AM


Group: Veteran
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Joined: 14-October 11

Crusaders Application

Real Name: Lara Stark
Aliases: Alice Croft, Miranda Livingston, Shilo Vega, Catherine Willows, Mallory 'Mal' Rivers, Katie McKenzie, Anne Morgan, Mary Reid
Codename: Nightshade
Age: 29
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Calling: Repentant
Hinderance(s): Hateful - Human Trafficking, Crimes Against Children

Lara is 5' 9" and weighs in at around 155 lbs of toned muscle. Her eyes are blue. Her natural hair color is medium brown, but it has been known to change at a whim. She'll dye it, cut it, let it grow - whatever she feels like doing at a given time. She has been known to wear wigs on occasion for different jobs and missions, depending on how involved it is and what it consists of. As for clothing, her preference is for darker colors but it's not unheard of for her to wear bright things. Lara can fight equally well in a dress or pants, though dress-wearing is rare for her. She doesn't have an aversion to them, she's just more comfortable in pants. Nine times out of ten, Lara has a weapon of some sort hidden on her somewhere - even and maybe especially when you don't see it. Only those that know her well would know she carries hidden weapons as well as visible ones. Her skin is pale from spending so much time in the dark, and some of the less kind people she's worked with have jokingly said she's a vampire. The only time she bothers with jewelry is if she's wearing a dress. Other than that the most you'll see her with is a simple black watch.

user posted image

Actor/Actress: Milla Jovovich

Financial Status: Crusader Stipend

Initial Personality:
Lara's initial personality really depends on what mood you catch her in. If she's in a good mood, she's more likely to be friendlier. If she's in a bad mood she's more likely to just be a flat out bitch. She tends to be a bit withdrawn and is something of a loner. She encourages her team to socialize with each other outside of training and missions, though she rarely takes part in such things herself. She does have a bit of a potty mouth on her, but she tries to tone it down. Swear words do slip out from time to time, though.

How someone else treats her also has a heavy influence on her initial personality. Someone who's rude to her will get the sharp side of her tongue. Someone who's polite and reasonably civilized will get the same in return. During training and missions, Lara is a bit of a hardass, pushing her team to do better and forcing them to their limits and a little beyond. She's not one to tolerate horsing around when there's work to be done, and she's not one to put up with goofing off with weapons either - weapons are made for killing and thus are not to be taken lightly.

Underlying Personality:
A lot of Lara's harshness comes from the less than refined way she was brought up. She can put up a good show of being refined, but it never lasts long. Lara also genuinely cares about her team, and her demanding ways in training and the way she pushes them during training prepares them for missions and will hopefully keep them alive longer. She knows what's out there and knows you have to be at the top of your game to survive it. Lara knows life isn't a constant war zone, but she knows it's not all candy and sunshine either.

Lara doesn't let much of her inner personality show to strangers - which is part of why she comes off as a hardass sometimes. People who put in an effort or that she's known a long time see the laughing joking side of her too, and if they're extremely lucky they get to see some of her softer side.

She is more at home during the night and in the darkness than she is in bright light. Having spent most of her life in the shadows, Lara feels more comfortable there. Bright lights make her feel exposed and vulnerable, and she doesn't like that.

As odd as it may seem, Lara finds training and working out relaxing. The physical exertion takes her concentration, and keeps her mind from focusing too much on things that are out of her control. When she's not doing something physical, Lara can be found in a secluded spot with a book or outside somewhere staring up at the moon and stars on clear nights. She keeps it fairly hidden, but she has a liking for video games and action movies - especially when zombies or vampires are involved. And no, she does not consider Twilight to be a valid vampire story - vampires do not frakking sparkle.

Martial Arts (swords, throwing stars, whip, knives - to include throwing knives, sais, unarmed combat), assassination, poisons, lock-picking, firearms, first aid, swimming, electronic security and tracking, stealth

Music, painting, drawings more advanced than stick people, dancing (unless you count martial arts as dancing), sewing, gardening

Lara has a form of telekinesis that allows her to boost her natural abilities - strength, agility, etc. She has regenerative capability and can project that onto others to heal them. She can sense and read the emotions of others, and can control them to a degree. Lara is also resistant to mental attacks and intrusions.

Power Potential:
Lara will one day be fully immune to mental attacks and intrusions. She will one day advance in regeneration to the degree where she ages so slowly she seems to not age at all. With the emotion control, she will one day be able to target multiple people, and possibly even choose what emotion she wants them to feel.

Power Weaknesses:
Her regeneration won't work if she's in direct light - sunlight especially. She requires dimness at the least - total darkness would be better - for her regenerative power to work. Otherwise she heals as slowly as a normal person. The only way for her to currently control emotions of others is to project onto them what she's feeling at a given time.

Official History/Training/Education Prior to Joining the Crusaders:
Lara was born to a strung out druggie mother and a scheming scam-artist father. Her mother mostly ignored her, and her father was rarely around. When her mother was coherent or her father was home from one of his many failed 'get rich quick' scams, there was shouting, anger, and violence towards each other and towards Lara. When Lara was a mere nine years old, her parents were having a massive argument. She had the misfortune to walk in on it, unaware of the argument until she had already walked in and the attention was on her.

Then they both started yelling at her, blaming her for their troubles. Her father came towards her with his hand raised and the clear intent to beat her - as he did from time to time. This time though, Lara fought back. She struck out with her mind, forcing her fear onto him and making him stop. She struck out physically, shoving him hard and sending him flying back across the room and into the wall. Literally into it - he went through the first layer of sheetrock and stuck there. Lara had unconsciously boosted her physical strength with telekinesis. Her mother shrieked and stood there in shock. Lara took the opportunity to run, and disappear for a few days.

When she returned, her parents seemed contrite and were making a noticeable effort to be real parents to her. Something didn't seem right to her, though, and sure enough when she made an effort to read them, she picked up a sense of malice and greed in their emotions. She played along for a time, but started eavesdropping on their conversations and such. She discovered they were planning to use her and her newly manifested abilities to make money - yet another of her father's get-rich-quick schemes. She wasn't sure if they were planning to sell her or just use her as a performing monkey of sorts. Either way, she wasn't going to stick around.

Lara packed what she could easily carry of her clothes and other things, packed another bag of food, raided her father's wallet and mother's purse for what little money they contained, and made a run for it. Some effort was made to find her, but she didn't want to be found. She didn't want to go back to her parents. For nearly ten years, Lara had an ever-changing appearance and laid low and off the radar. She used aliases and changed them one after another every few years, and was constantly on the move. A far as official record goes, she was a 'missing person' until after her parents' deaths when she was nearly twenty.

Unofficial History:
During the first few weeks of her 'freedom', Lara concentrated on getting as far away from her parents as possible. She walked, she hid in the backs of trailers, she snuck into the cargo compartments on buses, she fell in with people who had large groups of children with them - whatever it took to get just a little further. She also learned more about her powers in bits and pieces, mostly by trial and error.

She was picked up by a nice-seeming couple who said they knew what she could do, and knew others like her. They told her of a place where she could go to be with others like her, and where she would be safe from her parents. They said they could help her learn to use her gifts and she would be warm and dry, and there was plenty of food. Not picking up anything bad from them, Lara chose to go with them.

They did indeed take her to a home with other children near her own age and a little older. There were maybe a dozen of them total, all with different abilities. Lara and the others were taught to use their powers and some discovered new ones, but they were also taught lock-picking, electronic security and tracking, stealth, martial arts, and other things of a similar nature, along with normal school subjects.

When Lara was fourteen, she was sent out on her first mission. By now, she and others her age had long since figured out they were being trained as thieves, spies, and assassins. Lara was one of those being trained as assassins. She couldn't say she minded, though. She would be able to kill bad people who would hurt others - or so she thought, and was led to believe at first. She didn't look too far past the information she was given, and rose quickly to be one of the best in the field in her grouping earning herself a hefty amount of money in the process.

Over the years, Lara slowly came to realize the countless people she'd been sent to kill weren't always guilty of a real crime. Even then she didn't much care until she was sent after a woman she'd been told had been wooing rich men and scamming them out of money before disappearing. It turned out the woman was an escaped sex slave who was pregnant with a child she was trying to protect. Instead of killing the woman and her unborn baby, Lara helped them escape.

That same night, Lara turned on her guardians and killed them. The others she'd grown up with turned on her as a result, and she was forced to kill them too. That night was the real turning point in her life. She still killed for money, but this time it was on her own terms. She was very careful about choosing contracts to take, and made sure the people actually deserved to die. She warned the innocents she could of their contracts and did what she could to help them escape - sometimes hunting down their potential killers or simply waiting for someone to show up with that intent.

She was almost like a female Dexter, if he had been a full-time killer and if he had been a young woman. Instead of hiding the bodies though, Lara left them were they were along with enough evidence of their crimes to show they weren't as innocent as they might appear. She knew enough about forensics and police work to avoid getting caught by such actions, and she had enough aliases she couldn't be easily tracked. It was in her early twenties that she was contacted about joining the Crusaders, and accepted their offer.

RP Sample:
It might seem odd to some people in Lara's line of work to be setting up contracts during the day in a cafe rather than at night in a darkened parking lot or something. She preferred the less clandestine approach. For one thing, those night meetings were just so overdone and cliche it wasn't even funny. Besides, if someone saw another person sneaking around to some shadowy location they would know something was up. Meeting in a cafe during the day people were less likely to pay attention to you. Especially during the busy lunch hour.

Lara had been waiting maybe ten minutes when a man walked by her table, slowed, and looked at her in confusion for a moment before continuing on. She smirked and waited, counting slowly to twenty. Sure enough, he returned and took a seat across from her. "Are you... Mal Rivers?" he asked. Lara had to resist the urge to mess with him a bit. At her nod, he continued. "Did you look over the contract?" he continued, after a moment. Lara suspected he'd been expecting a male, which amused her a little.

"I did" she replied with a brief nod. She let none of her thoughts show. Lara fell silent for a long moment, letting him wonder a bit whether or not she was going to take it. The man got fidgety and a little impatient, and it wasn't until he opened his mouth to talk that Lara cut in. "It looks like we have ourselves a deal. The man who attacked your wife will be dealt with in a fitting manner." Lara's client sagged in relief. He started to thank her, and Lara shook her head and held up a hand to forestall him. Instead he nodded slightly as Lara stood to go, sticking a dollar under her empty coffee cup for whoever cleared the table.

How Did You Hear About Us?: DP
Caesar Drake
Posted: Nov 4 2011, 01:28 PM


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"In game terms, reality is broken." - Patrick Kapera, Crafty Games, creator of Spycraft, FantasyCraft and the MasterCraft game system

War is changing. Killing, however, is constant.
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