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 Caliope Shadow (Vixen), Martial Arts/Psionic
Caliope Shadow
Posted: Oct 27 2011, 12:26 AM


Group: Guests
Posts: 43
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Joined: 20-October 11

Crusaders Application

Real Name: Caliope Shadow
Aliases: Cali
Codename: Vixen (Vix)
Age/Date of Birth: 20 - 24/09/1990
Nationality: Australian
Marital Status: Single
Calling: Animal Nature
Hinderance(s): Pyrophobic

Caliope’s grandmother on her mother’s side was African American so she has darker than Caucasian skin but it is considered light for an African American. She has plentiful fine black hair and hazel eyes that have a fair amount of green in them. She has a lean athletic build from years of gymnastics but has a few more curves than a normal gymnast would have. She stands at around 170 cms (or 5 foot 7 inches the old terms) and weighs around 56 kilos (123 lbs 8 ounces). She has some scarring on her back and shoulders from burns obtained in an apartment fire.

user posted image

Katrina Graham

Financial Status:
Does do some motivational/stay in school speaking to Schools/Gymnastic clubs when requested. She also teaches gymnastics to those starting out when she gets a chance.

Initial Personality:
Well that really depends on if you are male or female. Male you’ll probably find a very approachable friendly and playful flirt who seems almost impossible to resist. Female well you’re probably thinking wow what a bitch. Strong willed, Stubborn, determined, snobbish, reckless, adventurous, a tease, reliable, loyal these are all words that have been used to describe Caliope depending on who you talk to. She can also comes off as slightly superior in a way that it’s not that she’s better than everyone it’s just everyone should be more like her and do things her way.

Underlying Personality:
Caliope quite often battles what has emerged as her animalistic nature with what is socially acceptable. Although she does try to toe the line when necessary she very much has an alpha female personality and is constantly out to prove that she is the best and top dog (or cat as it might be in this instance). Of course when someone puts her in her place showing themselves to be ‘superior’ then she does toe the line and is loyal and reliable, though she still does struggle to get past her own stubbornness. The truth is she is still trying to find her place in the vast world as well as make up for some of the things she did while surviving on her own. She is playful and a flirt. She does try to stay away from those that are ‘taken’ however sometimes her power of Allure combined with her empathy negates her better senses and ideals. She realises she is young and still has a lot to learn.

Reading, Listening to music, Dancing, practicing gymnastics in the gymnasium, basically anything that allows her to escape groups and have some alone time.


S: Martial Arts Weapons
A: Acrobatics, Driving, Sleight of Hand, Thievery


Cat like abilities and demeanour – Caliope is lithe and athletic and a natural gymnast. However those gymnastic abilities are taken to another level. She can balance on the thinnest of beams and wires. She can leap to a second story balcony with ease and can fall over 18 metres without injury. She also has a cat like demeanour being stealthy had having a slightly superior attitude. She also has a great deal of allure.
Allure – When it’s turned on it’s almost like she emits pheromones that make it nearly impossible for men to resist her charms. This however can get quite interesting when you add in her empathy.
Empathic – For Caliope it’s like she is swimming in a sea of emotion when around others. The emotions tickle the outer layers but don’t sink into the core. If she’s controlled she can focus in on a particular person or group and get a more defined reading on what they are feeling.
Heightened Hearing – This is a new ability for Caliope only emerging about eighteen months ago. It is still something she is learning to control. The heightened hearing allows her to hear hushed conversations in far areas of the room and sometimes in the next room (or room above depending on the thickness of the walls and ceiling). It also allows her to hear cogs in safes and locks.

Power Potential:
The combined empathy and advanced hearing could lead to her being an excellent lie detector.

Power Weaknesses:
Allure – although she seems to attract men well it is almost the opposite with women. She finds it very hard to make female friends or get on their good side. She also has difficulty turning off the allure sometimes and if she is too overwhelmed or emotional due to her other abilities she looses control of it completely.
Heightened Hearing – As it is one of her newer abilities she still has a lot to learn with it. Sounds can currently assail her when she doesn’t really want them too and she has difficult trying to focus in on a particular sound. Adding to the empathic feelings that assault her it can make her quite overwhelmed at times. Sudden loud noises can also surprise and startle her and basically leave her deaf for a few moments to 10 minutes depending on their closeness and strength.
Empathy – Although she can identify what someone is feeling she is not psychic and therefore has no clue as to the reasons behind that emotion. Therefore it’s a lot of guess work especially when it comes to emotions like guilt and jealousy.

Official History/Training/Education Prior to Joining the Crusaders:
Born 24/09/1990 at The Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide South Australia
Mother: Janice Shadow (Nee Rafter), American (13/08/65)
Father: Dominic Shadow, Australian (08/11/64)
Schooling: Immanuel College R-10
Attended Jo Sin Dojo from age 6 studying Defensive Martial Arts and progressed and specialized in the use of Sai
Attended State Gymnasium – State champion on the Balance Beam and Uneven Bars for under 13s 2001/2002/2003. Under 16s 2004/2005/2006. National Champion 2004/2005/2006
Joined national gymnastics team in 2005 was set to attend the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
2007 – Mother and Father killed in an apartment fire. No living relatives in Australia nor found in America. Put into foster care.
Ran away from care three months later missing for several years.
Early 2009 Sydney – registers for and completes high school certificate via correspondence, teaches junior gymnastics at West Shores Gymnastics.
Early 2010 – Arrested for burglar, released on probation into the care of the Crusaders.

Unofficial History:
After the fire not only did Caliope loose her parents she also lost her way in life, whereas before her life had been relatively easy she now found herself faced with a harsh reality. She became a survivor more through necessity rather than some basic nature. Or maybe it was her basic nature revealing herself through the emergence of her new abilities. Still it made her last only 3 months at her foster home before she ran away from the strictness and the scrutiny. She eventually found herself on the streets of Sydney and her abilities soon found her doing not so honourable things to survive. This was from seducing men for a place to stay (Not that she always sealed the deal with them) to becoming a cat burglar.

Her abilities leant well to the second thing and though she never hit big items or large corporations or museums, she did steal from several well off people who could never figure out how ‘the burglar’ got past the security systems. For some reason the home owners nor the cops ever related it to the young girl who their teenage son had dated or bought back from the night club several weeks ago. She was careful to making sure to never leave a calling card or identifying marks. She quickly made enough to rent a small apartment of her own and even tried getting a job at a coffee house. However the job did not pay that much but it did give her a source of finding new ‘Marks’.

Knowing she would not be able to survive this way forever once she turned 18 and would not be threatened with going back into foster care she signed up to complete her high school certificate via correspondence. She also joined the local Gymnasium where they soon enlisted her as a teacher of gymnastics to the young start up students. It gave her some more purpose in life though she still did the odd cat burglar job to keep up with her expenses. As is typical of all thieves however they are bound to get caught at some point. Caliope however had picked a harder target and unwittingly had tried to steal from a member of the Crusaders. Very quickly she found herself in their sights and after some tough questioning and interviews found herself heading off to the training centre.

RP Sample:
’Oh God I’m trapped.’ Caliope’s mind thought frantically as she saw the flames flicker underneath the door among the smoke that was pouring into the room. She backed further away from the approaching killer only to find herself backed against the wall of her bedroom. Hope was quickly fading and tears streamed down her face as she sunk to the ground.

”Mum, Dad!” She called out desperately the smoke choking her as she did so. There was no response and the room grew darker and the air thicker from the smoke. She froze momentarily covering her mouth to prevent more smoke entering her airway as the flames consumed the door which she thought was her only means of escape. A flash of light to the left reminded her that there was a window there. The problem was their apartment was on the third floor and besides she recalled something about fire and introducing oxygen. Doubts were quickly put aside however as she moved to the window deciding that death from the fall or broken bones had to be better than burning alive. Coughing she opened the window and it was like the fire surged beside her. She was not sure if she jumped or if the exploding flames behind her pushed her out of the window but the ground three levels below her was fast approaching. Years of gymnastics had taught her motion control and how to lessen an impact, however even she was surprised when she seemed to land gracefully feet first on the ground. She did not lock her knees allowing them to bend and for her to roll forward. She felt no pain other than that on her back and shoulders.

As her smoke filled eyes cleared she noticed sirens and lights. Someone came over to her and wrapped a blanket around her patting her back and shoulders. ”I need a medic over here now.” Said an unknown voice. ”how did you do that? You’re okay now.” The person tried to move her away but she was frozen staring transfixed at the burning building in front of her. The fire must have reached a gas line or some other explosive as the apartment suddenly erupted from an explosion. Callie was not sure if it was the explosion or the shock from the certainty that her parents had not survived but the world suddenly went black as she passed out.

(If this isn’t satisfactory I can add a more interactive one that is closer to the time of Caliope joining the Crusaders.)

How Did You Hear About Us?: Through Caesar Drake/Ronin

(Edited to fit new format -- Caesar)

This post has been edited by Caesar Drake on Feb 8 2013, 10:59 AM

Caesar Drake
Posted: Oct 27 2011, 09:20 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 12-October 11

user posted image

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