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 Site Rules
Crusader Mainframe
Posted: Oct 24 2011, 10:23 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 69
Member No.: 6
Joined: 13-October 11

These are the Site Rules for the Crusader Citadel. They are expected to be followed by all involved with the Site.

1. Everyone on this site should be treated with respect. Harassment of another member will not be tolerated. While you may not agree with everyone, conversations are expected to remain civil. All in all, we expect everyone to contribute to making this a pleasant site to not just be a part of but also for visitors to enjoy visiting.

2. Post the Intent, Not the Result. This is very important with regards to Narration and smooth flowing stories. Metagaming and, more importantly, Godmodding are forbidden from occuring. If you do so, you will be asked to edit your post to comply with this rule.

3. While we have borrowed some ideas and terms to make our take on this comicverse, wholesale plagiarism without giving credit due to the rightful owners is unacceptable. There is a difference between a concept inspired by someone else’s work, and a direct rip-off.

4. Your displayed profile name should be the same as your character's name. The only exceptions to those who may be players who are Narrating and their posts will differ from the team they are on and the team they are Narrating for.

5. You must place links to your character application and stats sheet in your signature.

6. It does not count as happening unless it occurs in a RP or is referenced as happening in a RP.

7. You only have control over one character: your own. Do not post the thoughts and actions of others. To do otherwise is considered godmoding.

8. You are expected to portray your Character as it has been constructed. Suddenly giving your Character skills or powers or a history that it does not have is a violation of our Site Rules.

9. In the freeform areas of the site, please be sure the area you wish to post to is no longer in use before posting there. If it is longer than three weeks since the last post, please consider it available to use without checking.

10. Posts should be at least four sentences long, to ensure a descriptive and well-written addition to the story. If you find yourself coming up short, please either hold off or make sure you have considered the 6 following ideas when writing: character actions, character feelings, dialogue, interaction with other characters, interaction with the environment, and observations of the environment. Quoting a previous post does NOT count when attempting to meet the minimum.

11. Don't edit your post once someone has responded to it. The only time an edit is acceptable is if you have contradicted previously posted information, and have been asked to adjust your post accordingly.

12. Do not double post. Give someone else a turn to write before you continue. If the majority of your teammates are not posting as frequently as you, please slow down. We do not mind if you have a long conversation with another player in your posts. If you find you each have exchanged three posts, please hold off and allow others to post so the thread does not become a two-person story.

13. Swearing happens but should be kept to a minimum. Feel free to swear in a foreign language put we will be monitoring content of those characters that we believe are swearing excessively and ask you to reel in it some.

14. Out of Character comments should not be posted in a story thread. There is an OOC board for every team and those locations where missions will be taking place; please use them.

15. If you know you will be unable to post for an extended period of time (72 hours or more), please let your Narrator and your teammates know so the story doesn't stall.

16. Any Character on this site which has contributed to the stories being told becomes part of the site. If the Player who controls that Character leaves the site, the Character will be made Inactive and remain unplayed, with the exception of being Narrated out of the story, until the Player's return. The only exception to this rule will be if the Character was originally a Wanted Character at which point it will be placed back up to be taken again.

17. In order to maintain continuity within the setting, any Character who is Deceased will have their PB retired from use and they will be marked as such on the Celeb Claim page.

18. Advertising for another site is not permitted outside the Advertising area. This includes advertisements in signatures. Anyone caught advertising outside that area will be asked to remove it and failure to do so will cause you to be banned and could have his or her account deleted.

This forum includes some sexual themes and violence. If you are uncomfortable in any given situation, speak with your Narrator. However, life as a superhero is often violent and often very dangerous. Your characters are rarely going to be immortal, and death is a very real possibility.
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