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 Bartolomeo Columbo, Strongman / Scientist
Bartolomeo Columbo
Posted: Nov 12 2011, 01:40 PM


Group: Veteran
Posts: 144
Member No.: 17
Joined: 11-November 11

Real Name: Dr. Bartolomeo Columbo
Aliases: none
Codename: Prime
Age: 35
Nationality: Italian
Marital Status: Single

Calling: Explorer.
Bartolomeo seeks the answers that he was seeking at the time of the lab accident that created his super powers. The science is lost, what is left is in his head and that’s still a bit fuzzy. Even as he slowly regains the details of his research the data required to replicate it will take time. And then there is the mystery of who destroyed the lab, and why. And other mysteries of the science of the super humans, all of which was linked to his own research. The answers will not be found in a laboratory.

Obsessive – Over his accident. What caused it? Was there a cover up? What aspect of the science did he get wrong? Who was responsible? Can the science lost be replicated, and he’ll work toward doing that and finding the other answers.
Frenzied** – Again, over the accident. It was his fault, many died, he lived. He owes it to the families and the science that they did not die in vane. And when in a similar situation of chaos and explosions and disaster all around he goes into a raging frenzy attacking enemies. (The opposite of his freezing up the first time of the accident). (somewhat of a guilt ridden hindrance)**Cured**

6’ tall, thin and trim. Dark hair and eyes.
He’s actually heavy though, 200 pounds due to density (though he looks a solid 160-170 tops).

Actor/Actress: Raoul Bove

Financial Status:
Crusaders Stipend, bonuses for scientific research when "loaned" out

Initial Personality:
One could catch him in deep thought or brooding over his past. Both would have him quite distant and unaware of anything around him. Otherwise, he’s been brought up in a fine life, good schools, good family and will be cordial and friendly. Quite the distinguished upper class gentleman.

Underlying Personality:
He’s obsessive about his work and the accident resulting from it. But when he can come down from that he’s friendly and laid back. Barto is rusting of his friends, loyal to a fault, eager to please and do well by, to and for others.

Swimming, Water Polo;
Chess, Go;
Bocce (ball);


S: Brawling
I: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemsitry, Genetics
W: Writing

Languages: German, Italian, Latin

Strength: Due to his accident he’s incredibly strong, has great endurance, and virtually indestructible. The immersion in the ‘ooze’ has left him with ‘super-cells’. He can feel sensations just as well, but even pain is difficult as his nerves have adjusted to his super body.

Indestructible? Certainly not, but he can take a beating and just keep bouncing back. He seems to shrug off both energy attacks and poisons.

Endurance: He barely tires and doesn't really need to eat or drink. And wow, he absorbs it all so... never has to go to the bathroom.

Density: He is learning to manipulate his own Density to gain Strength at the cost of Agility or vice versa. This is a new power and just starting to appear.

Power Potential:
More strength? But better application through formal fighter training: jumping, speed, and other skills he does not yet know.

Endurance and ability to exceed norms for lack of food and air. Body learns to store energy for longer and longer periods of time.

Density Control.

Power Weaknesses:
Gas. i.e. Air.
He still has to breath, and while his lungs have become incredibly adaptive to getting oxygen to supply his super abilities: not having a good source of air will leave him as weak and vulnerable as any human. While this may improve he’ll still ultimately have to have Oxygen and Food at some point.

Inexperience. He doesn’t know how to fight.
- He’s still not quite sure how things work. After getting hit by a car he wasn’t sure he should even move despite suffer no injury and hardly even being hurt. But human reaction says hold still. He’s got to get past that.
- And he’s not even sure how to work his strength, i.e. while he could breakthrough or punch through a brick wall, he’s not quite got the hang of how to leverage his mass with his strength to do that. He just sort of bounces off…

Evolving. His powers are still evolving. Dr. Columbo is getting heavier, his mass increases slow and steady, which seems to increase his strength and endurance. The actual long term affects are not known.

Official History/Training/Education Prior to Joining the Crusaders:
Parents are Bernardo and Brigita Columbo, of Venezia Italy – Med Doctor and Architect.
Older Brother Alberto – Auto Dealerships
Younger Sister Catarina – Concert Pianist
Younger Brother Donato – Pizza Chain

Universita de Bologna. Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctorate of Genetic-Biology.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Doctorate of Nanotechnology.

A brilliant Biological-Nanobiotic-Genetic researcher. He broke to the front of a new science in his late twenties and had developed a DNA enhanced stem cell that could, he hoped, cure disease and suffering for all humanity. It was based in a large degree on the biological material gained from various super powered heroes and villains, though this was not known until after the disaster.
- Sponsored by A European Consortium, someone was jealous and the lab was attacked. During the fire and explosions Bartolomeo froze up. He panicked and hid as someone killed and destroyed the lab and staff. Finally an huge explosion destroyed the entire facility.
- Only Bartolomeo survived, by being throw into a tank of the ‘ultra primordial DNA enhance ‘ooze’’. He was found with his new super body, memories scattered a bit.

Disgraced for the explosion, the officials in Europe want to keep tabs on him, but don’t want him around. So he’s been assigned to the UN teams. Barto would rather be a scientist but understands the need to make amends and follow through on meeting his responsibilities as to what he is now.

Unofficial History:
Since the lab explosion he’s tried to train on his own: boxing, shooting, but his skills have been slow to develop. He needs a more talented instructor.

Possible cause of the Laboratory Sabotage? Humanist-religious ‘villains’ that want to stop the scientific work going on to change humanity.

RP Sample:
“What do you mean a code name?”
“Dr. Columbo, all agents have a name of some kind, a designated… well, code name.” said the induction officer.
“How about…” he almost said Columbo. But it was no time to be smug, or cynical. Then he realized, all he’d done; all he’d failed to do. He was the first, the only thing that he had meant to create. Where there has been one, nature will allow another. He must just be the first, there must be more to follow, so…

“Prime. My codename is Prime.”

How Did You Hear About Us?:
I was kidnapped and forced to join by Browncoats.

(Edited to fit new format -- Caesar)

This post has been edited by Caesar Drake on Dec 20 2013, 07:51 AM

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Caesar Drake
Posted: Nov 12 2011, 02:08 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 12-October 11

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