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 My Work Schedule Is Shifting
Posted by Caesar Drake - 10-16-15 04:04 - 3 comments
Hey all,

So tonight, it turns out, is my last night on graveyards! My new schedule is going to be M-F 6AM to 2:30PM which means no more middle of the night posting anymore and Narrations will be on Saturday AZ time from this point fo more
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 Academy Changes
Posted by Caesar Drake - 08-30-15 05:17 - 0 comments
Okay, folks, per the poll here:

The Academy will be undergoin more
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 CBox Party the Friday of Labor Day Weekend!
Posted by Caesar Drake - 08-15-15 13:44 - 8 comments
That's right, folks!

September 4th is the Friday of Labor Day Weekend and we are going to have a CBox party! For those outside the US, Labor Day is a national holiday here where those who are employed are given off a mandate d more
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 Academy Survey Needs Responses
Posted by Caesar Drake - 07-8-15 06:27 - 0 comments
Okay so I made a new post in the Surveys area about the Academy that is a must read and replies are certainly welcome.

http:// more
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 No Narrations in June 2015
Posted by Caesar Drake - 05-29-15 20:32 - 8 comments
Hey all ...

This is not meant to be a scary topic. Given everything that has been going on offsite for me, especially in the past 2-3 weeks and factoring in my move into my father's place, I will not be doing any Narrations in June w more
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 New Narrators!
Posted by Caesar Drake - 02-7-15 06:51 - 3 comments
Hey all,

So you may have noticed the sidebar has changed slightly. In fact, a small change has occurred across the site. .. The Academy Staff position is no longer in existence and both Hikari as Rhoslyn and Jenny as Estrella are now Nar more
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 Students: Spring 2015 Registration
Posted by Caesar Drake - 01-22-15 06:53 - 0 comments
To all Students, you have until January 30th to get all of your Student Registration done for the Spring Semester!
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 A New Narrator!
Posted by Caesar Drake - 01-18-15 15:02 - 2 comments
Hey all,

Please give a big round of applause to Dimitri for taking on the challenge of being a Narrator in the Training Center. He'll be working with Giga to keep things rolling and not just in the Training Sessions.

CONG more
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 Must Ban
Posted by Caesar Drake - 10-11-14 16:10 - 0 comments
With regret I must ban someone for copying word for word documentation from the Crusaders Citadel. I do not put up with it, especially when it is my words they have copied.

As a result, certain adjustments are being made to effect this ch more
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 IMPORTANT: Staff Positions Applications
Posted by Caesar Drake - 08-3-14 15:55 - 0 comments

Anyone interested in being a Team Leader, Academy Staff or Narrator must fill out an Application in one of the three forums above. Please copy the template and post it into a new reply in the correct foru more
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