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 Godmodding And You
Jena Skywalker
Posted: Nov 16 2008, 06:44 PM


Godmodding and Borderline Godmodding (by Kiera Antilles)

Power Lusting
Definition of Godmodding (or Godmoding)
In an online RP, Godmodding is the term used for those whom create a character that is, virtually, indestructible. This is frowned upon by other members of the RPG and is extremely annoying. This can also result in a possible ban.

Godmodding in general
Godmodding occurs when a player A describes an event, or a series of events he/she has taken against player B in the RP. The person who plays character B describes actions taken that completely nullify the original actions against them.
For example:
player A: "Joe strikes out at George firing a machine gun, launching a grenade at him and pulling down the walls around him."
player B: "Joe completely misses George as he dodges the bullets, picks up the grenade and throws it back and jumps away from the falling walls."
SOMETHING had to hurt the character, even if he only got shot in the shoulder or piled on by the wall and emerged with a broken wrist.

Godmodding is used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants. Rather than working with previously unfolded events, a player will godmod to get things going their way. It is used to make a certain character invincible.

Godmodding can also refer to where character A describes the outcome of their own actions AGAINST another character. For example, character A states: "George lashes at Joe with his sword, creating a huge gash in his cheek."

Controlling characters that ARE NOT YOURS to begin with is also godmodding.

Godmodding during fight scenes
Godmodding is. most often, used during fight scenes. While it is hard to determine what another character will do, you must always leave the option open for them to dodge, duck, run, etc. You may not state your attack directly hit them and they fell down, or anything of that kind.

Godmodding and powerplaying/powergaming are, essentially, the same thing. In short, don't do it. It annoys other people and makes you look like a fool.

The above is a clear description of what Godmodding is. Most of us know it when we see, and as the last sentence states, it's really annoying. The players I've found to be the exception when it comes to recognizing Godmodding are the godmodders themselves. It's usually very hard to get across to a godmodder what exactly it is he's doing, and why so many people are annoyed at him. This usually necessitates constant watching on the staff's part for the godmodder will usually, over time, slip right back into Godmodding. It's draining for the staff, and can kill the joy of RPing. Obviously that's not a very good solution.

The real issue is that while RPing is a collaborative effort, the godmodder isn't coming from that perspective. He or she isn't really playing on the team, feeding the other players good story, or propelling the plot along. Essentially they're RPing alone. The other players are only props for them to use to highlight how great they are. When you get two godmodders in the same story, you might as well kiss the whole thing goodbye.

Some godmodders are very good at stepping right up to the line, maybe putting a toe over it, but never quite crossing the line. They're the most frustrating to deal with because you know you're reading something that doesn't quite mesh, but you can't quite call them on it. It's like nailing jello to a tree.

The solution here is for the godmodder to change their POV. They are not the star; they are part of a team, and they need to refocus in that direction. Instead of thinking "what great thing can I do next", they need to think, "How best can I be a part of this team effort".

If you've been informed that you are a godmodder or a borderline, you are. What you need to do is start being a team player. There are no Oscars handed out for RPing, but there are bans. Eventually the staff and the other players are going to get fed up, and you'll earn a ban. Trust me, no admin looks for reasons to ban someone (okay, occasionally we do, but only when we've been pushed to the wall). We'd rather you learned how to collaboratively RP. Frankly, we like to just relax and RP ourselves. And drive the members crazy by playing around with site.
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