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 Crescendo- Rules for Roleplaying in 600 ABY
Daven Solo
Posted: Nov 4 2008, 01:19 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 192
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Joined: 25-October 08

Here are the rules for Crescendo. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask a moderator or administrator.

1. General

1.1 Advertising
Feel free to advertise in your signature or in the Advertising forum as long as it isn’t anything inappropriate.

1.2 Treat Other Members with Respect
Crescendo is a friendly community. Please treat other members with respect and help us keep it that way so we can all have fun.

1.4 Screename
When you sign up, please sign up as your character's name. For example:

Jan Fallandro

not Cool42darksider

Also, you can include a rank in your screen name such as Master Fallandro or Captain Fallandro.

If you sign up and need to change your name, just ask an admin and we will be happy to edit it for you.

1.5 Listen to the Staff
The Staff is in charge and are here to keep the site friendly and running smoothly. Please listen to what they say and the site will remain problem free for all of us.

1.6 Miscellaneous
If ever in doubt, just ask an administrator, that's what they're here for biggrin.gif

2. PC (Personal Character)

2.1 PC Bio
As the rules state in the Character Template topic, you will need post a bio populating the fields provided in the template. Feel free to add extra things too. Once an administrator approves your bio you can start roleplaying.

2.2 Multiple Characters
We recommend that all new members start out with just one character. Later, if all goes well, you can ask an administrator if it's okay to start roleplaying with multiple characters.

2.3 Signature
We recommend keeping the following info in your signature for easy reference when roleplaying...

Current Status:

2.4 Droids
Feel free to give your character a droid, however, please treat other character's droids just as you would their character.

2.5 Off Limits
Please do not create characters that are carbon copies of existing Star Wars characters, ie. creating a Yoda species character who is basically Yoda with a different name. Also, Sith characters need to fit in with the existing storyline. (Currently there are only a handful of Sith, but as always with Star Wars you can count on a few hidden sects to be off somewhere in the galaxy, but their numbers are limited)[/b]

3. Posting

3.1 Posting Word Minimum
Please refrain from making short posts. We recommend a 50 word minimum. Avoiding short posts helps carry the stories along and gives other members more to work with in their own posts.

3.2 PG-13 Material
If you have a post that you would consider PG-13 in any subject, please put a PG-13 warning on top of the post so all members can be warned. Invisionfree does not allow anything R-rated so please keep all posts in moderation. If any post goes too far into something sexual, violent, or uses any profanity (Star Wars curse words excluded), it will be edited by an administrator or moderator.

3.3 Multiple Posting
Please refrain from double or triple posting. If you need to delete or edit a post, please ask an administrator and they will be glad to help. You can also add in your post your request, ie. OOC: Please delete the above post.

(Note: OOC stands for Out of Character)

4. Attacks

4.1 No God Modding…
Everyone has weaknesses and is capable being attacked and injured.

5. Death

5.1 Your Character And You
Please do not post that you killed someone else's character unless you have that member's permission, otherwise the post will be edited.

5.2 Starting Out With a New Character
If you allow your character to be killed, you are open to star over with a new character.

5.3 Clones and Force Ghosts
Please use common sense if you decide to clone your character or if you decide to become a Force ghost. In Star Wars, hardly anyone has a clone of themselves unless they are very powerful, and even then, they are very rare. And if your character becomes a Force ghosts, they will be able to do very little other than occasionally appearing and speaking to another character as they are incapable of moving objects. Your roleplaying options are very limited as a Force ghost.

6. Items

6.1 Displaying Your Items
You can display your items in your signature.

6.2 Droid Deaths
Even though your droid is probably not your main character, another member must have permission before they destroy it, much like your main character.

7. Force Powers

7.1 Force Persuasion
If you Force persuade another character, it will be up to the other member on whether they think the Force persuasion was successful. If necessary, the admins can make a decision on whether is was successful if the two members in question are unable to come to a resolution. In that case, the nature of the request, the setting, and the wording of the posts will be taken into account to see if fails or succeeds.

7.2 Offensive force Powers
If your character is Force sensitive, they can use offensive Force powers. Just keep in mind that god modding is not allowed so please use your powers in moderation and don't get too carried away. Everyone has their limits. Also, keep in mind that you can't use your Force powers to kill another member's character unless you have their permission.

7.3 Mind Readers
Force sensitives have the ability to read another person's mind unless they mask their thoughts. So if you're near someone who is Force sensitive, remember to post that your character is guarding their thoughts, even if your character isn't Force sensitive.

8. Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

8.1 Site NPCs
Site NPCs are controlled by the administration and are used to help move the stories and threads along. NPCs can be the leaders of important organizations and governments, or simply assassins and spies. Site NPCs are typically long term characters who will pop up often.

8.2 NJCs
Non Joined Characters are created by general site members. The purpose of these NJCs is to help move stories along and they should have a defined role in mind. NJCs have several defined roles they can play. One role would be short term use, perhaps for the existence of one thread or one short story line. Another role would be as a minor character.

Minor characters can be used in multiple threads, but their roles should be small. They can be registered and given an avatar without the bio requirement. As a general guideline, any NJC that sees a lot of use should be designated a PC (member-owned or personal character) with a complete bio. As such, NJCs will often grow into full characters.

One thread NPCs should be played in a member-owned character’s post. They should not be registered or given an avatar.

8.3 Interacting with NPCs
All NPCs, whether site NPCs or NJCs, should be treated like normal character's. All the rules for role playing apply to these character, thus they cannot be killed without the owner's permission. In the case of site NPCs, deaths require the permission of one of the administrators.

8.4 General Guidelines for NPCs
In general, NJCs should be short lived or see only short term use or should be very minor characters. If the administration sees any issues with certain NJCs, they will contact you with suggestions or talk to you about areas of concern. For example, if an NJC has developed to the point that it should become a full character, or if a member has too many NJCs or is abusing other member's NJCs.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the Administrators or Moderators and they will answer you questions. Remember that in all things, moderation is the key. Use common sense and you should be fine.

May the Force be with you all!

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"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
-Padme Amidala
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