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 Galactic History- The Opening Crawl
Daven Solo
Posted: Nov 4 2008, 01:14 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 25-October 08

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

It is 600 ABY and the galaxy is controlled by the Galactic Alliance once again. It is being run by former Kel Dor military leader admiral and diplomat, Kas Haan. The Hapan Consortium is the Galactic Alliance's most trusted and needed ally, and the Hapan Queen Mother is Sarin Mehn. The Jedi Order is once again an ally of the Galactic Alliance, and is being run by Mon Calamari Grand Master Ahdar Grae. However, to know the present, you must know the past:

Many diplomats and senators are nervous that another war will erupt like the bloody 5-year war between the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorians. The war began in 594 ABY. The Mandalore- Jax Beviin- had grown to accustomed to the power he held, and had declared war on the Galactic Alliance. Galactic Alliance Chief of State Sarhk Crevas, who had still been in power at the time, had reacted swiftly and efficiently, though was unable to prevent or end the war.

For a year it seemed as if the Mandalorians would overthrow the Galactic Alliance- especially since the Jedi Order refused to aide the Galactic Alliance. The Jedi's Grand Master, Bail Solo, had been murdered by the Nightsisters on Dathomir in 591 ABY, by trying to protect his son, Daven, and his death had thrown the Jedi into a non-violent civil war. The Master's Council all believed themselves to be the best candidate to run the Jedi Order, and their indecision thrust them into a four-year long power struggle that rendered them comatose.

However, in 595 ABY, the Jedi finally selected their new Grand Master- Mon Calamari Master Ahdar Grae. His appointment caused many Jedi to begin to question their role and loyalty to the Jedi Order, for his decision to bring the Jedi into the war on the side of the Galactic Alliance was not favored by many. The Jedi, having been needed and then destroyed by their governments, were willing to stay out of government affairs and police themselves.

Ahdar Grae, however, ignored the Jedi's protests and fought with Sarhk Crevas to end the war against the Mandalorians. Within the next 4 years, Jedi missions amounted to the increasingly disastrous downfall of the Mandalorians. Jena Skywalker and Daven Solo, descendants of the powerful line of Jedi, despite their age, were hailed heroes to the Galactic Alliance. Despite multiple successes, the Mandalorians brutally attacked and enslaved many planets- like Mon Calamari and Ennth.

Finally, in 599 ABY, the Mandalorians were made their critical mistake at Hapes. The Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet, led by Admiral Kas Haan, along with the aid of the Hapans, led personally by the Queen Mother Sarin Mehn, cornered the Mandalorian fleet in the Transitory Mists. The Mandalorian High Command, which had accompanied their fleet, were captured by the Hapans.

Chief of State Sarhk Crevas ordered the Mandalorian leaders killed, and then ordered Kas Haan and the Hapans to destroy the remains of the Mandalorian fleet. When Kas Haan and Sarin Mehn refused to commit such an atrocity, for the Mandalorians had surrendered, Crevas ordered them arrested for disobeying a direct command. Within a matter of hours Crevas had placed human admiral Fenir Klasun in command of the Galactic Alliance fleet, and Klasun destroyed the Mandalorian fleet.

Before the Mandalorian High Command could be executed, however, Daven Solo and his Master Baye Rothe rescued them and had them detained in the Jedi Academy on Kashyyyk. Crevas then declared that the Jedi were traitors and attempted to attack their temple, but his mad reign was put to an end by Kas Haan and Sarin Mehn. They had their people arrest Crevas and the Rodian was tried for war crimes and an abuse of power. Kas Haan was later instated as Chief of State, and he banished the Mandalorian High Command to Felucia.

After the war, Jena Skywalker left the Jedi Order- feeling that Ahdar Grae's misjudgment about the Galactic Alliance would be the Jedi's downfall. Grae still supported the Galactic Alliance, stating that Kas Haan would protect them. Meanwhile, many Jedi fear that Ahdar Grae does not have the cooperation or insight to be Grand Master, and a staunch opposer of his rule is Daven Solo.

Solo and the other Jedi who follow him represent a large number of the Jedi Order, and are backed up by the Galactic Alliance senator from Kashyyyk- Atteshack, or Shack for short. By 600 ABY, many planets are rallying against the Galactic Alliance despite Kas Haan's pleas for peace, in fear that the Alliance would commit an atrocity again.

The lines are drawn and tensions are rising, and like always, a Skywalker and Solo are in the thick of things....

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"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
-Padme Amidala
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