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Daven Solo
Posted: Nov 4 2008, 01:07 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 25-October 08

The Galactic Alliance has stood for many hundreds of years now, and has faced mnay conflicts. From Mon Calamari to Bimm, the Galactic Alliance has been ruled by many species from accross the galaxy. After many civil wars, the Alliance has learned to lessen their hold on the galaxy. Many key planets such as Hapes and Corellia are given a lot of leeway to hault any rebellion. However, in 586 ABY, Saras Larol of the Royal House of Hapes took the throne. Like the ancient Queen Mother Ta'a Chume, Saras despised the Jedi and the Alliance, and declared war on the. Her followers were called the Raiders.

Under Larol's extreme rule, the Hapans rebelled against the Galactic Alliance and managed to sway many planets to their side. A year long war broke out, though with the help of the Jedi, the Galactic Alliance triumphed. Queen Mother Sarin Mehn, a Jedi sympathizer of the Royal House, later gained the throne and once again joined the Galactic Alliance.

The Mon Calamari and Kashyyyk governments have allied against the Alliance's close relationship with the Mandalorians and remants of the Empire. A large petition against Chief of State Sarhk Crevas was led by the Wookiees and Mon Calamari, though it was ignored. After the Mandalorian War, the relationship between the two alien groups and their followers and the Galactic Alliance was nearly abolished- especially after Mon Calamari was attacked by the Mandalorians.

After many wars and conflicts, the Imperial Remnant has a strong hold on their territories near the Unknown Regions. Like the Mandalorians, the Remnant had a beneficial and close relationship with the Galactic Alliance. During the Mandalorian War, the Remnant fought on the side of the Alliance in order to gain their favor. After the war, with the Alliance weakened, the Remnant declared itself- once again- and Empire and appointed Gregor Flat as their Emperor. However, unlike those such as Palpatine, Flat maintained his rule within his borders and so far has not tried to expand. However, after Flat was appointed Emperor, the Empire cut off all ties to the Galactic Alliance and the known galaxy.

The Mandalorians also had an close relationship with the Galactic Alliance under Camaasi Chief of State Tque Kl'ina, which continued over when Sarhk Crevas took over. However, under Jax Beviin's rule, the Mandalorians grew proud and arrogant, and later declared war on the Galactic Alliance. For five years the Mandalorians raided and destroyed planets and outposts, but were later overwhelmed at their final battle at Hapes. After their fleets were brutally destroyed, the High Command were sent to exile on Felucia. The common folk still live in solitude on Mandalore.

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"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
-Padme Amidala
Daven Solo
Posted: Dec 6 2008, 10:54 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 192
Member No.: 1
Joined: 25-October 08

Courtesy of Ixtren

Hutt Government:

Since the capture of Dressa Besadii Diori in the Syndicate War (333 ABY), the Gejalli clan had been the most powerful of the Hutt kajidics, with Raza Gejalli Thokka as its leader. Under Raza, the Hutts maintained an isolationist policy with the GA and in turn, the GA left them alone with only minor grievances. As far as local politics were concerned, there were serious power struggles going on within the current Hutt clans. Due to the Gejalli’s long standing feud with the Shell Hutts, Raza became the main opponent to Saul Shell Baco’s rise to power over the now substantial Hutt Fleet. Thus a military triumvirate was created to curb Saul’s swelling power. Saul served as one of the three commanding Hutt Admirals in the triumvirate. The other two were Eeda Ramesh Tai, and Waroo Anjiliac Chiera, brother to Sodora Anjiliac Chiera, the leader of the Anjiliac kajidic. Unbeknownst to the other Hutts, Eeda had allied with Saul, leaving only Waroo in his way to complete military power. After the fateful appearance of the Mandalorians with an offer of alliance to the Hutts, Saul quickly engineered the events in his favor. Not long afterwards, he eliminated his rival Waroo, and the leader of the Hutt Clans, Raza. In their absence, he declared himself Emperor of Hutt Space, and reestablished the Hutt Empire. The Hutts are now ruled by him and him alone in a military dictatorship.

Before Saul's seizure of Hutt Space
(Clan: Leader -- Notes)
Anjiliac: Sodora Anjiliac Chiera -- The Anjiliac kajidic enjoyed a strengthened position amongst the clans with strong ties in both Black Sun and the Zann Consortium.
Besadii: Ciddes Besadii Diori -- Since the fall of Nar Shaddaa and Nal Hutta during the Yuuzhan Vong war, they have failed to recover their power.
Desilijic: Takka Desilijic Tiure -- The often bearded Desilijic clan are still fierce enemies with the Besadii and have taken over much of their business.
Faljozic: Hajja Faljozic Kalshi -- The Faljozics control Tatooine's exports are run a massive spice and slaving ring in the underworld.
Gejalli: Raza Gejalli Thokka -- The Gejalli have been resurgent as of late. They are enemies with the Shell Hutts.
H’uun: Gim’del H’uun -- The H'uuns are a low caste who had dutifully served the Hutts in their neglected role as overseers and administrators.
Jahibakti: La’Suum Jahibakti Diresto -- The Jahibakti control Tatooine's water and have invested much of their wealth into an extensive weapons ring.
Jiramma: Pollos Jiramma Preor -- The Jiramma clan has been restoring the power base very slowly over the years.
Jhank Shel: Urel Jhank Shel Diresto -- The Jhank Shel Hutts control Lira and a lucrative spice business.
Nasirii: Yuuzel Nasirii Priare -- The Nasirii control Tatoine's entertainment and pleasure dens. They have many businesses elsewhere.
Nokko: Alduuga Nokko Vimmas -- The Nokko kajidic has been quietly reorganizing their power base.
Ramesh: Orda Ramesh Aora -- The Ramesh have very little power and represent a weakened clan.
Shell: Motto Shell Baco -- The Shell Hutts are still headquartered on Circumtore and have a long reach in the gambling industry.
Trinivii: Vin’Zook Trinivii Aarrpo -- The Trinivii kajidic has a small trade in the smuggling business.
Vermilic: Mirus Vermilic Fir -- The Vermilic clan is financially poor, but their wisdom continues to play a part in the Council.
Vosadii: Rolani Vosadii Bezhin -- The Vosadii are a mediocre clan with various holdings and businesses.

*Sodora Anjiliac Chiera = Assassinated by the Mandalore on Larllo.
*Raza Gejalli Thokka = Killed by Saul during the assault on Nar Shaddaa.
*Ciddes, Takka, Hajja, Pollos, Urel, Yuuzel, Alduuga, Ordo, Motto, Vin'Zook, Mirus, and Rolani = Killed in the Council Massacre.

The New Hutt Government
Emperor: Saul Shell Baco - The Head of State of the Hutt Empire. The Emperor holds absolute power in Hutt Space.
Ambassador of Foreign Affairs: Cardeva the Hutt - In charge of all foreign relations.
First Space Lord: Admiral Eeda - In charge of all fleet operations and administration. A Hutt.
Second Space Lord: Admiral Yoto - in charge of the 1st Fleet. A Hutt.
Third Space Lord: Admiral Finn Haser - In charge of the 2nd Fleet. A Sakiyan.
Fourth Space Lord: Admiral Tirrek Morgley - In charge of the 3rd Fleet. A Gank.
Fifth Space Lord: Admiral Ussor - In charge of the Home Fleet. A Ganathan.
Field Marshal of the Hutt Empire: Nysad - Commander of all Hutt ground forces. A Nikto.
Governor of the Interior: Gim’del H’uun - Responsible for the administration of Hutt territory.

user posted image

user posted image

"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
-Padme Amidala
Posted: Jun 11 2009, 07:45 AM

Group Icon

Group: Paladin Jedi (Administrator)
Posts: 218
Member No.: 3
Joined: 27-October 08

Mandolare and the Mandalorians

The Mandalorians still reside in the Mandalorian System with Mandalore being their headquarters and capital. The old High Command and Council, along with the old Mandalore, are all in exiled on Feluica, their punishment for the Five Years War. The Mandalorian people our in a torn state of rebuilding and making due with what they have. Their loss in the war brought them down to one solitary shipyard and a small home fleet for self-defense. Their government is a small one centered on their new Mandalore, his Council, and their ambassador. Currently they have a secret alliance with the Imperial Empire and the Hutt Empire.

Current Fleet Strength
1 - Chaavla
1 - Adenn
3 - Ordo
13 - Akaans
148 - Jai'galaar
300 - Al-kesh
~1000 - Bes'uliik
+ various partly completed and battle damaged hulls

Mandalore: Ixtren the Sanguine
Ambassador: Kitana Motrous
Council: Tahg, Merker, Bellos, Jener, and Stazi

Accessories: Knife, holdout blaster, lucky charm, boost thrusters
Weapons: Mythosaur staff, Baragwin assault rifle, wrist mounted chemical launcher
Droid: HK-00
Skirata's Blade - Mandalorian Battleship
Current Status: Nar Shaddaa
user posted image
Lophen Krytal
Posted: Jun 21 2010, 01:17 PM


Group: Independent
Posts: 12
Member No.: 47
Joined: 17-June 10


3,956 BBY - Ever since Revan declined the offer to join the GenoHaradan during The Jedi Civil War, the GenoHaradan Guild continued to thrive. Although Hulas, the Rodian who wanted to kill the other three Overseers and becoming the new Guildmaster, plan failed, it did not mean that their wasn’t repercussions.

40 to 127 ABY - Very little about what happened to the GenoHaradan between The Jedi Civil War and Sith-Imperial War is known, but it is known that they did survive with the Rule of Four. Four Overseers and that their identities are unknown to each other.

They did not communicate with Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order at all because they knew that any knowledge they gave Skywalker’s New Order about The Old Republic could just lead to the same mistakes that happened to them.

It surprised the GenoHaradan to know that The One Sith were manipulating the events up to the Sith-Imperial War without them knowing and were unable to stop the war that followed.

The GenoHaradan temporarily disbanded until a government that they liked and knew would keep Galactic peace was in power.

Eventually, the Galactic Alliance became the head government power and the GenoHaradan swore to help protect their interests, declaring to never help the once again Imperial Remnant.

175 ABY - During The Hutt War, the GenoHaradan put suspicious evidence against certain Hutts (Surprising, this required no murder, just credits disappearing and reappearing elsewhere) and turned them against each other, which made it easier for the Galactic Alliance to defeat them.

180 ABY - Prime Minister Nal Sen was actually a GenoHaradan Overseer and manipulated the GenoHaradan itself to help promote himself to Prime Minister in 180 ABY, which lead to The Kaminoan Uprising 20 years later…once Nal Sen was captured by the Galactic Alliance, the GenoHaradan infected him with a nano virus that targed his memory so he couldn't remember his time with the guild. He stayed in that prison for the rest of his life.

235 ABY - After Black Sun helped with The Trials of Iridonia, the GenoHaradan frowned on any affliction with the organization.

275 ABY - With The Bothan Uprising, the GenoHaradan were able to slip in and moved the election to Klau Li’Klen favor and the Bothans were not happy with this. After some Bothan agents were able to link back the election results to the GenoHaradan, the GenoHaradan had to silent these agents and so replaced those agents with agents of their own, which the Bothans never found out about.

327 ABY - The GenoHaradan kept out of The Sith Purges, not wanting to interfere with the Jedi’s job, but the GenoHaradan once again, called into question whether to follow a government that was infiltrated by the Sith once again…

330 ABY - The GenoHaradan was a part of The Syndicate War, attacking The Zann Consortium behind the scenes and giving the Galactic Alliance vital information about fleet placements.

340 ABY - Ido Vex, the hired assassin that the Zann Consortium was going to be approached by the GenoHaradan before the Zann Consortium got him first and used him to assassinate Jedi. Later on, the GenoHaradan was glad the Zann Consortium took him because it showed the corruption of Daliph.

594 ABY - During The Five Year War, the GenoHaradan instead of using assassination helped the Galactic Alliance by helping them improve their technology against the Galactic Alliance.

After the many wars that have plagued the galaxy in 600 years, the GenoHaradan did change one thing and that is the four Overseers know each other…sort of: The four Overseers, once every six months, appear to each other in hologram form (Though most either use decoys, disguises, or voice changers to hide their appearance) and discuss the changing galaxy and how they could help it.


1. Svent Trusk; Devaronian; specializes in arms dealing and extortion. Her base is on his homeworld of Devaron. She sometimes smuggles for the Hutts.

2. Oki Chandra; Skakoan: specializes in economics. He lives on the money-rich world of Onderon where he helps move the money to factions across the galaxy.

3. Irkaniel Saretti; Selkath; specializes in assassination and kidnapping. Living on Coruscant itself, Irkaniel acts as the Senator of Manaan and gets info on the Senate.

4. Na’ya Zatoq; Pau’an; specializes in information. Localized on Ord Mantell, she is the leader of a small gang of freedom-fighters, although none of them know her true allegiance.


(Note: Each Overseer’s opinion of the governments may each be a bit different, but this a majority ruling)

The Galactic Alliance: The GenoHaradan have followed in the Galactic Alliance’s shadow for hundreds of years now. They use members of their guild to help safeguard the GA from any outsiding threats and even threats from within. Most of the GenoHaradan’s work is used to help the GA.

The Jedi Order (As a whole): The GenoHaradan respect the Jedi Order. They feel that they are similar in their goals, but they do what the GA tells them to and the GenoHaradan feels that it limits their power. Some members of the Jedi Order may know about them, but they haven’t been approached as of yet

The Paladins: Although agreeing with their philosophy, the GenoHaradan doesn’t
like the fact that the public supports them because it means that they are losing
faith in the GA.

The Loyalists: The GenoHaradan are hesitant when it comes to the Loyalists. They
believe that if the GA government were to become corrupt, the Jedi would go with

The Galactic Empire: After the Sith-Imperial War, the GenoHaradan refused to aid the Empire at all, after all they have done to the galaxy over the years

The Mandalorians: The Mandalorians were too focused on battle to be more than anything but hired brutes for the GenoHaradan, but since Mandalore the Sanguine’s rise, the GenoHaradan have taken a second look.

The Hutt Empire: With Saul the Hutt’s recent power grab, the GenoHaradan have sent a couple of agents into the Hutt Empire to make sure Saul or any Hutt for that matter, gains too much power.

Black Sun: The GenoHaradan frown on any activity involved with Black Sun since The Trials of Iridonia.

Zann Consortium: The GenoHaradan always underestimate the Zann Consortium, even back in the Galactic Civil War, but since they haven’t done anything drastic in years. They have moved on to watching the Hutts instead.

Hapan Consortium: The Hapans are greedy, dirty, and use tactics like the GenoHaradan…which is why some members of the Hapan Consortium have joined the GenoHaradan.
Posted: Jun 30 2010, 01:22 PM

Group Icon

Group: Paladin Jedi (Administrator)
Posts: 218
Member No.: 3
Joined: 27-October 08

The Coalition

Key Members
1. Paladin Order - Led by Jedi Master Alex Skywalker, the Paladins represent roughly one half of the Jedi Order with their base of operations being the Rishi Maze.

2. Kashyyyk - led by a tribal Council, the Wookiees are perhaps the most devoted allies of the Paladin Jedi. Kashyyyk also possess significant shipyards, though their naval strength is relatively weak.

3. Mon Calamari - Ambassador Ishmar represents Dac's voice in the Coalition. With their extensive shipyards they are a vital asset to the Coalition, however, like Kashyyyk, they also lack any significant naval force.

4. Hapes Consortium - led by the new Queen Mother, Hapes is one of the few members of the Coalition that possess significant naval strength.

5. The Hutt Empire - led by Emperor Saul Shell Baco, the Hutts posses both shipyards and fleets, however their loyalty to the Paladins is the weakest among among the Coalition members.

Accessories: Knife, holdout blaster, lucky charm, boost thrusters
Weapons: Mythosaur staff, Baragwin assault rifle, wrist mounted chemical launcher
Droid: HK-00
Skirata's Blade - Mandalorian Battleship
Current Status: Nar Shaddaa
user posted image
Posted: Nov 9 2010, 10:55 AM

Chief of State

Group: Galactic Alliance
Posts: 15
Member No.: 39
Joined: 14-October 09

The Galactic Alliance Senate

Known Senators...

Ando: Senator Varr

Astral Sector: Senator Craden

Bothawui: Senator Borik, Senator Salen

Hapes: Senator Lyra Mein

Kashyyyk: Torvokka

Mon Calamari: Senator Halabar Baraka, Senator Gial Gahan

Naboo: Senator Shmi Naberri

Seswenna Sector: Senator Keldon Truger

Trandosha: Senator Corilesh

Unknown: Senator Cutter - Chairman of Outer Rim Treaties Committee

President of the Senate
Senator Shmi Naberri of Naboo

Senate Security Council
user posted image
1. (Ryn Delegation) Senator Casha (male) does not represent a world but the collective Ryn Delegation, the scattered Ryn clans, reknown for his ability to haggle any issue into his favor and often adding petty amendments to various bills without relevancy
2. (Onderon) Senator Stas Malaay (female)
3. (Ando) Senator Varr (male) not as seasoned as Senator Salen, but well known, has broken many of the prejudices of his species, strong determination and extremely open minded
4. (Columus) Senator Zain Xzow (male) representative for Columus for almost 100 years, an eccentric, moody, prone to outbursts and unmatched stubborness
5. (Corellia) Senator Nev Jyordin (female) starfighter wing commander in Five Year War and three time ace, later came under fire after husband's murder, though charges were cleared against her
6. (Bothawui) Senator Salen (male) elder senator who has represented his planet for over three decades
7. (Astal Sector) Senator Craden (female) somewhat flamboyant with a knack for ending up in the headlines, well liked with strong public support. "The Chief might be at war with the Paladins, but the Senate is still at peace with the Jedi."
Kiera Antilles
Posted: Jul 9 2011, 07:10 PM

Darkness Wiki Queen/overworked admin
Group Icon

Group: Paladin Jedi (Administrator)
Posts: 206
Member No.: 4
Joined: 27-October 08

The installation of Gregor Flat as emperor began an era of isolationism and secrecy in the Imperial Empire. Unknown to the greater galaxy, ex-empress Leia Fel foresaw that the Fel dynasty and the Imperial Knights were in grave danger. She sensed the dark side at work, and ordered her knights to hide themselves as Gregor Flat ascended to power with the aid of the Moffs. The IK intended to scatter throughout the galaxy in both the known and unknown regions, however they were caught in a sudden purge unleashed by the new Emperor. Never as numerous as the Jedi Knights, Fel and her knights had intended to turn to the GA and the Jedi for assistance in regaining control of the Remnant yet the timing could not have been worse.

While Flat hunted the IK down, and ex-empress Fel reached out for help, the Jedi order was in all out civil war. With the galaxy distracted, the IK were left on their own. Many Imperial Knights were killed in the purge while others rallied to the ex-empress and went into deep seclusion. While the Imperial Knights did escape the Flat's Purge, and are fighting a guerilla war, the rest of the galaxy is unaware of the situation. Flat is keeping Imperial space under lockdown and his propaganda machine continues to report that the IK are dead.

Accessories: silver ring with a rainbow gem; holocron
Weapons: lightsaber powered with a yellow Ilum crystal
Droid: astromech N7
Credits: 1200
Ships: The Phoenix, freighter
Current Status: Rishi Maze

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