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 Kaz Banefire
Posted: Apr 23 2010, 08:29 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 45
Joined: 23-April 10

Name: Kazelle Emeric Banefire

Alias: Kaz


Date of Birth: 582 ABY

Homeworld: Mirial

Species: Mirial

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Red, Streaked with Dark Blue, and Silver

Eye Color: Black

Scars/Disfigurements: Mirialan Tatooings across face shoulders and chest

user posted image

Clothes/Armor: Kaz is not one to worry about fashion he prefers functionality. He wears maily dark non-descript cloaks, robes, or pseudo-military cut uniforms. Though henhe is expecting a tough fight, and has time to prepare in advance he may wear what he effectionately calls his "Battle Armor", which is little better then re-inforced blaster resistant flimsi-plas over a weave of soft and hardend leather.

Force Sensitive: yes

Credits: (1200 MAX) 794

Gand Mist Fighter
Weaponry: 1 ion cannons, 2 laser cannons, 1 missile tube
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 astromech
retrofitted with oxygen atmosphere and a small holding cell for any prisoners.

Droid: small astromech (copilot): RB3-G8 Gate

Weapons: Blaster Carbine, Hevy Blaster Pistol, Kaimot's Talisman and Force imbued sword, as well as his birth mothers (broken) lightsaber

Accessories: Back holster for Carbine, (right) thigh holster for Blaster, and (left side) sheath for sword, as well as a re-breather mask and googles for inhospitable climates (as well as mask to hide his face).

Faction: Independant

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Rank: Novice Hunter (Novice Force Training)

Personality: Brash and abbrasive. Kaz has little to no patience for anyone or anything. But he is loyal to those that can show their dominance over him. He does not however have the stomach for being a "team" player, and balks at the idea unless it furthers his own personal agenda.

Kaz was born on Mirial, the son of a priestess, a parishioneer of a small, reclusive sect of force users, and who's father was an Aristocratic nobleman with dreams of grandeur and a small petty empire to call his own.

When Kaz was the tender age of seven, and his mother had just begun to teach him the secrets of the force the way she practiced them. His father, being easily swayed and with a weak mind, had decided that his mothers influence was getting too strong and threatening his position, and His rise to power. She was slaughtered by a band of nightsisters who had deemed it prudent to sell their services. And his father gladly paid the price to slaughter the woman with whom he had sired a child with, to establish a stronger hold onto his position. Within a fortnight his father married the leader of the witch trio responsible for his mother untimely death, thus fully securing his power. The wedding present his father offered her was the one thing in the world he could stand to part with, his only living heir. The Shade excepted and they were wed.

Kaimot, or "Mother" as she insisted that Kaz called her, Adopted him and in her own way she loved him. She broke his spirit and the love for his true mother as he grew older. Years of dark whispers of power into the young ears of a succeptible boy who grew up with the nightmares of watching his mother's flesh torn from her bones bit by bit and knowing that he was powerless to prevent it, finally broke him.

By the age of 14 Kaz had fully accepted Kaimot as his surrogate mother and followed her teachings. She was his first true master and Lord. He gave up any vestiges of will and self preservation to follow her word, even so far as to murder his own father when the whim struck her in a fit of madness. But to keep her position in the aristocratic ways of the government, she must be married, and to a nobleman. So by the age of sixteen Kaz was betrothed and wed to his step mother and Master.

Kaz was never found guilty of the murder of his father, three of the priests that had served under his true mother, and survived the subsequent blood bath during the expulsion of her reclusive sect, were convicted of the conspiracy and murder that he himself had committed. They were the last rivals stopping his step mother from assuming full control, as it were, of Mirialan Citystate government. Their deaths benefited his ascension to his fathers seat, and in such his Masters and wifes' as it were.

Not two weeks after the marriage had become official, he walked into his bed chamber to find his wife in bed with a senator from a neighboring planet. Consumed with rage against the women he feared and loved, and had devoted his life to, he stuck them both down. For the first time in his life he truly felt the power of the force and it was good. He thirsted for more.

When Kaz came to the next morning, not a soul lived in the large house aside from himself. He slew everything he could get close to from rodent and vermin, to servant and senator. When he realised that his life was moot at this point he regained his will to live, but only so he could feel the force like that again. He was addicted to it's power. Without waiting for clearance off planet or the hails of the officials trying to take him in, he fled. His sights set on the one place he knew could feed his hunger, his addiction. He headed to Sith space, where he knew home was, at the feet of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

To fund his journey to the Dark lords service Kaz took on the mantle of a ragtag Bounty hunter. He had no training in the art of bounty hunting, but he had a great ally on his side that most hunters didn't. He had the force. It seemed to tug and push, pull and harangue him into going to where his quarry was. He began to learn to trust in the force more than any tip at a cantina and let it show him the path in front of him.

Likes:Power and the thrill of a chase

Dislikes: Ignorance and waiting

Strengths: Mirialans are very flexible and agile, making them fast and formidable foes

Weaknesses: A tendency for rash decisions and action as well as not knowing when to hold his tongue.

Fears: Black holes, lizard monkeys, and the re-incarnation of Kaimot

user posted image
Posted: Apr 23 2010, 10:25 AM

Group Icon

Group: Paladin Jedi (Administrator)
Posts: 218
Member No.: 3
Joined: 27-October 08

Accepted and Approved.

Welcome to the site Kaz! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the chat, one of the threads, or in a PM to me or Kiera. cool.gif

Accessories: Knife, holdout blaster, lucky charm, boost thrusters
Weapons: Mythosaur staff, Baragwin assault rifle, wrist mounted chemical launcher
Droid: HK-00
Skirata's Blade - Mandalorian Battleship
Current Status: Nar Shaddaa
user posted image
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