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 Influential Members of the Galaxy
Daniel Solo
Posted: Jan 18 2010, 06:19 PM

Jedi Operative (Paladin)

Group: Admin
Posts: 214
Member No.: 29
Joined: 9-July 09

The following is a list of influential and key members of the galaxy that have participated in high profile skirmishes or wars from the Legacy Comic Series to now.

The Hutt War (175 ABY)

1. Borga Diori- Famous Hutt, hired a bounty hunter to murder Ulysses Vein. Later killed in retaliation by Rouge Jedi Knight Class Vein.

2. Torvo Vox- Famous Bounty Hunter of the time, murdered Ulysses Vein. Later tracked down during the Hutt War by Class Vein and murdered.

3. Class Vein- A powerful and influential Jedi Knight from the world of Tey, Class Vein lost his mother when he was only fifteen years old. When Vein was twenty-four years old, Borga Diori the Hutt had his father, Ulysses Vein, murdered after he failed to repay a debt she had lent him. Vein, unwilling to accept the loss of yet another family member, murdered the Hutt in cold blood and sparked the Hutt uprising of 175 ABY. Vein was expelled from the Jedi Order and disappeared from the face of the galaxy, though he took refuge on Nar Shaddaa. Overtime, Class Vein accepted his dark deeds and overcame them, but in 180 ABY, he was taken prisoner by Kaminoan Prime Minister Nal Sen. There he was made the unwilling host to an army of clones that Nal Sen then unleashed upon the galaxy 20 years later. Class Vein, unwilling to plunge the galaxy into yet another war, warned the Jedi ahead of time and the Kaminoans were defeated. Class's act, in the eyes of the Jedi, redeemed him for his past wrongs and he was allowed to take residence on the peaceful world of Caamas to live out his days with his partner Loran and their two children, Jorja and Kenti.

4. Bran- Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance during the Hutt War. A Gran from Malastare, Bran won in a very close election and was removed from office soon after the conflict when the Waterholo Scandal became public.

The Kaminoan Uprising (200 ABY-202 ABY)

1. Nal Sen- A native from Kamino, Nal Sen became the Kaminoan Prime Minister in 180 ABY. Later led the Kaminoans to war with the Galactic Alliance in 200 ABY, and two years later was captured by Jedi Knight Class Vein. He was imprisoned on Coruscant for the remainder of his life.

2. Tu Kala- A Kaminoan, Tu Kala was Nal Sen's lover, though she left him during the war. It was due to her information on her former love that the Jedi were able to capture him.

3. Class Vein- See "Class Vein"

4. Tumok Lamure- A wealthy business man, Tumok Lamure of Doan was elected to the office of Chief of State in 198 ABY. He would serve for two full terms.

The Trials of Iridonia (235 ABY)

1. Whok Turne- Elected to office ten years after the Kaminoan War, Whok Turne was highly respected a Chief of State until his death in 235 ABY. Turne was murdered by a Iridonian Rebel Cell known as the Avengers. His death later became the catalyst for the Iridonian Uprising.

2. Fluer Li'klen- Elected to replace Whok Turne, the Caamasi's appointment greatly upset the Iridonian people, as did her passive attitude. The Iridonian people soon revealed their allegiance with Black Sun, sparking a war that the Galactic Alliance later won.

3. Cellian Rovei- A human female from Kuat, Cellian Rovei was the descendant of Class Vein. When Black Sun allied with the Iridonian Rebels to overcome the galaxy in 235 ABY, Cellian Rovei became a household name by warning the Galactic Alliance ahead of time and capturing Black Sun's leader, Kire Arland. As her career expanded, Cellian fell in love with Jedi Knight Jace Juhan, and the two wed in 250 ABY. As the years wore on, Cellian was appointed the Jedi Grand Master and became the sole leader of the Jedi Order. However, in 274 ABY, Jace Juhan fell to the Dark Side and murdered Cellian, though this was not discovered until after the Bothan Uprising.

4. Kire Arland- The leader of Black Sun during the time of the Iridonian Uprising, Kire Arland was later apprehended by Jedi Knight Cellian Rovei.

"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
-Padme Amidala, Revenge of the Sith
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