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 Smugglers Run
Kiera Kenobi
Posted: Oct 7 2009, 10:35 AM

Darkness Wiki Queen/overworked admin
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Group: Paladin Jedi (Administrator)
Posts: 206
Member No.: 4
Joined: 27-October 08

Kiera was just ending the holo-transmission when the sound of Jag approaching caused her to look up and horror transformed her lovely face.

“Don’t you dare touch a thing.” She admonished as Jag looked down at his hands.

“Fine, fine, I’ll go wash them.” He pacified her. “But it’s just a little honest grime.”

“Honest or not, go wash it off. Launch bay up to your specs?” Kiera asked as she followed Jag and lounged against the refresher’s door frame while he scrubbed his hands clean.

“Finally. Who were you talking to?”

“Jena. She was getting me up to speed. It’s happened, Jag. The Order has officially split.”

Jag gave Kiera a penetrating glance. Her face was a study in mixed emotions: sadness, regret, resolve; but questioning the part she’d played in kicking the split into high gear was noticeably absent. As he dried his hands, Kiera filled Jag in on the rapid events that had propelled the Order into two separate and distinct factions.

“At least Hassel didn’t insist on Daven being brought to Coruscant for trial. Jena says Master Skywalker is going to release him from detention in a few days after the dust has settled.”

“Hassel may be misguided, but he isn’t stupid. He was never going to get a conviction on that one. ‘I had a vision’ isn’t exactly forensic evidence.” Jag remarked.

They made their way into the kitchen where they fell into a natural division of getting dinner on the table, Kiera pulling the food she’d prepped out of the processor, and Jag laying the table. It was a nice, little domestic duet set to the accompaniment of their continued discussion.

“There never is forensic evidence with a Jedi, and while I respect Master Asgard, there’s something all wrong about that vision she had.” Kiera said and paused in the process of carrying the food to the table. She chewed her lip for a bit, then came out of her preoccupation, and with a smile and a rueful shake of her head, placed dinner down.

“If you want to return to Kashyyk, I’m with you.” Jag offered, and a warm glow suffused Kiera’s face, but again she shook her head, this time emphatically.

“Nope, I’m committed to what we’re doing. Someone has to do it, and as no one else is, I guess it’s up to us. Besides, Master Skywalker doesn’t need the headache we’d be giving him if we returned.”

“True, so the question is; where do we go from here? You know we can’t stay here for long. Naboo is in the GA. As isolated as this villa is, if we linger, it’s only a matter of time before we run into another Loyalist.”

“Loyalist.” Kiera nearly spat the word out. It was grating to her that Gorlan Hassell chose that title for his faction; clever, but it was rather inclined to the inflammatory.

“Yeah, that’s not going to do anything to quell the idea that the Paladins aren’t a bunch of traitors to the GA, which I’m sure is what Hassell had in mind when he chose it. But as you Jedi say, what can’t be changed must be accepted. Anyway, Kiera, it’s time to leave. You’ve built a new lightsaber, and I think Max is more than ready to give up the job of household caretaker, so there’s really nothing to keep us here. So where do you want to go?”

“You’re the expert on smuggling; I’m just the expert on apprehending them. You decide.”

“Rishi.” Jag said as they sat in the garden watching the sun set over the lake. “Another smugglers’ base, and it’s relatively close by. We can pick up a cargo load there.”

“And where will we deliver it?”

“Unfortunately, there’s never a shortage of systems that need help. This is Wild Space we’re talking about and the GA doesn’t reach that far. Those systems are on their own.” Jag explained.

“Then that’s just the place we need to go to.” Kiera decidedly agreed. “Besides, I’ve never been to the Rishi Maze.”

“Hah!” Jag scoffed. “If you think I’m going into the Maze, guess again. Overloading my navi-computer with that tangled mess is not my idea of a good idea.”

Kiera followed Jag up the Phoenix’s ramp, but paused at the hatchway. Instead of entering, she turned around to take a last look at the villa. Funny how she’d seldom thought of it and when she did it was never with any personal connection. But that had changed; now it was – well, not a home. Haven, that was the word she was looking for, a personal retreat. Now as she said goodbye to it, she felt a pang almost as if she’d never see it again. Then she felt Jag’s arm around her.

“We’ll be back. It’s too special a place to let go of for long.”

Exchanging smiles, they turned as one and entered the ship that would take them to who knew what was next.

Accessories: silver ring with a rainbow gem; holocron
Weapons: lightsaber powered with a yellow Ilum crystal
Droid: astromech N7
Credits: 1200
Ships: The Phoenix, freighter
Current Status: Rishi Maze

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