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 Ships of the Mandalorian Fleet
Posted: Feb 10 2009, 10:47 AM

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Group: Paladin Jedi (Administrator)
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Bes'uliik (v3)

Affiliation: Mandalore
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 15 meters
Weaponry: 4 medium laser canons, 2 missile tubes (12 drones/missiles total)
Crew: 1
Flight Characteristics: Fast speed, medium shielding, heavy hull (beskar)
Design Philosophy: The Bes'uliik is designed to be fast and heavily armored with an armament on par with anything else in the field. The Bes'uliik is faster than the GA's XT4's and more heavily armored, though they have equal firepower. This advantage has made it exceedingly difficult for XT4 pilots to take on Bes'uliiks in battle and win.
user posted image

Al’kesh assault bomber

Affiliation: Mandalore
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 25 meters
Weaponry: 1 turbolaser turret (located below), 2 ion/baradium bomb chutes (20 Baradium bombs or 30 ion bombs), 2 quad laser turrets (On the top right and left)
Crew: 1 pilot, 4 gunners, 1 bombardier
Flight Characteristics: Medium slow speed, medium-heavy shielding, heavy hull (beskar)
Design Philosophy: The Al'kesh is a stylish heavy bomber designed for assaults on enemy capital ships or installations.
Video Reference
user posted image

Jai'galaar-class Gunship

Affiliation: Mandalore
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 21.5 meters
Weaponry: 2 prow medium laser cannons, 4 medium laser cannon turrets, 1 forward light turbolaser, 2 missile tubes (15 drones total)
Crew: 7 plus 10 passengers
Flight Characteristics: Medium-fast speed, medium shielding, medium-heavy hull
Design Philosophy: An evolution and redesign of the classic Firespray. This gunship is designed for high speed, close pursuit combat against enemy fighters, bombers, or for ground support operations.
user posted image


*Note: The layout of Mandalorian capital ship bridges is as follows...

"Unlike the Star Destroyers, the Mandalorian ships didn't have crew pits or elevated walkways on the bridge. Nor was their a single captain's chair dominating the deck. Instead there was three circular levels descended as you reached the main viewport. The lowest level was the 'operations floor.' It was there that crews actually flew the ship, operated life support systems, communications, and the bridge gunnery controls. The next level was the 'observation floor' where all the readouts were monitored. The upper level was the 'command floor.' From here the commanders had a view of every screen and officer. There was a dozen chairs so observers could attend the bridge without interfering with the crew's duties. The central chair was reserved for the ship's permanent captain. According to Mandalorian doctrine, the chair to the captain's right was reserved the for the ship's ranking officer, while the chair to the left was for the second ranking officer. Afterwards all chairs could be filled out for whoever, regardless of rank."

Akaan-class Frigate

Affiliation: Mandalore
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 300 meters
Weaponry: 35 LRT’s
Complement: 1 squadron
Flight Characteristics: Medium speed, heavy shielding, heavy armor
Design Philosophy: The Akaan is the sole long range unit of the Mandalorian Fleet. It was designed to support the charge of the other vessels while the Akaans kept their distance. The long range batteries on the Akaan’s make them extremely vulnerable in close-in battles, though their fighter support offers some protection.
Variations: None.
user posted image

Ordo-class Cruiser

Affiliation: Mandalore
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 752 meters
Weaponry: 45 SRT's, 45 MT's
Compliment: 2 squadrons
Flight Characteristics: Fast speed, medium shielding, medium weaponry, heavy hull (beskar)
Design Philosophy: The Ordo class is a classical Mando design from start to finish. The ship is built with beskar and equipped with standard range, heavy weaponry. It is designed to pierce and enemy fleet and demolish it from the inside, using its shields and hull to survive.
user posted image

Adenn-class Carrier
Affiliation: Mandalore
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 600 meters
Weaponry: 50 LRT’s, 20 quad laser cannons
Complement: 8 squadrons
Flight Characteristics: Fast speed, heavy shielding, heavy armor
Design Philosophy: The Adenn-class carrier was a rare site on battlefield. MandalMotors only produced four of the elusive vessels, but the performance on the battlefield would be long remembered. The Adenn was designed to sit back with the Akaan-class frigates and provide long range support for the bulk of the Mandalorian fleet. With hangar capacity for 8 squadrons, which was often overloaded to 12, the Adenn could provide immense starfighter support to any battle. The Adenn’s excellent speed also made it a vicious raiding ship. Only one Adenn survived the onslaught of the Mandalorian War.
Variations: None.
user posted image

Chaavla-class Battleship
-Note: Chaavla means “rough, unruly, of the criminal underclass (by Mando standards, which is very rough indeed)”

Affiliation: Mandalore
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 1,950 meters
Weaponry: 140 SRT's, 92 missile tubes
Compliment: 2 squadrons
Flight Characteristics: Medium speed, heavy weaponry, medium shielding, heavy hull (beskar)
Design Philosophy: The Chaavla is a Mandalorian ship through and through. The ship is armed to the teeth, designed for close combat and heavily armored. Even more so than the Ordo class, the Chaavla will pierce and enemy fleet and decimate it from the inside (this is what happened during the beginning of the GA-Mando War).
user posted image


‘Morut’ Siege Walker

Affiliation: Mandalorians
Producer: MandalMotors
Size: 40 meters long, 20 meters tall
Weaponry: Two turbo laser cannons, 15 blaster cannons, 10 concussion grenade launchers
Crew: 5
Ground Characteristics: Slow speed, heavily armed and armored, maneuverable
Design Philosophy: In Mando’a Morut means guardian or stronghold and that’s exactly what the siege walker was designed to be. Encased in heavy beskar armor, the Morut is a mobile fortress and the Mandalorians use them as garrisons. The Morut also carries a shield generator for combat support.

user posted image

Accessories: Knife, holdout blaster, lucky charm, boost thrusters
Weapons: Mythosaur staff, Baragwin assault rifle, wrist mounted chemical launcher
Droid: HK-00
Skirata's Blade - Mandalorian Battleship
Current Status: Nar Shaddaa
user posted image
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